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Finally Posting New Chapter For Brotherhood!!!

Well folks...I've added an additional chapter to BROTHERHOOD posted here. At the present time all my stories are completely  current as I have their respective stories at present. I've been dealing with life and things, so I've been too busy to keep things moving along as fast as I would like.. Thanks again for all your support and patience.

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Well it's been created - Whew!

Well for all my readers, I wanted to get this set up before anything happned to Y-gallery. This way those of you who would like to follow in a similar way the stories much like on the site may still be able to do so. Feel free to comment or whatever. Those of you who want to follow The Brotherhood series will still be able to in the future on this site. If or when if neccesary Y-gallery has to move due to the childish tantrums I will re-post these stories on the new site if they allow it.

Thirsty Boy Chapter One?

The Thirsty Boy  (A sci-fi fantasy.) 

     Mike had heard the stories about the boy down the street. 
     The cute 13 year old boy had always caught Mike’s eye when he saw him playing with the other kids in the neighborhood.  With his light brown hair, piercing green eyes, and perfectly tan skin.  The sight of the boy playing with the other kids in the neighborhood, always made Mike’s cock stiffen up. 
     But the one feature that fascinated Mike the most, was the undeniably large bulge the boy had developed in his shorts lately.  Puberty was really hitting the kid hard.
     “How can a boy that age have a cock that big?” He thought to himself.
      Then Mike started hearing strange stories of a sexual kind that began to spread about the boy amongst the men in the neighborhood.  Just whispers here and there.  Vague stories would slip out about the boy   His male neighbor friends would get a dreamy look on their faces as they mentioned their encounters.  But when Mike would press for more information, the men would clam up and change the subject.  Even though he was married and never considered himself attracted to men, Mike always felt sexually attracted to the boy. He had to get to the bottom of these stories and find out for himself. 
      Mike’s opportunity came on an unbearably hot mundane summer day.  Mike was out in his front yard, half watering his lawn, half staying cool by spraying himself with the hose when he saw the mystery boy coming toward him on his skateboard.  Wearing nothing but a pair of those loose, shiny, knee length basketball shorts, Mike couldn’t help stare at the boy as he rode his skateboard towards him.  He could see the impressive boy cock shift from side to side as the boy pumped his skateboard.  
     Mike was hypnotized by the bulge.  The boy was obviously free balling on this hot summer day.  Mike was so wrapped up in staring at the kids bulge that he was startled out of his stare as the boy came to a sudden stop in front of Mike.  His eyes worked its way up the boy’s sweaty defined tan chest, until he was looking into the boy’s smiling face. 
     “Hey mister.” the boy said in his still adolescent voice.
     “Hi.” Mike replied his mouth went dry with a look of a deer caught in the headlights.
     “I’ve seen you around, was wondering if I could mow your lawn or somethin’, make some extra money?” said the boy confidently with a smile and a tilt to his head.
     “S…sure.” Mike stumbled in response.
     “My name is Julian.” said the boy, as he extended his hand for a shake.   Mike’s cock started to harden as he shook Julian’s hand.
     “Mike…Mike Duncan” the sweaty man replied.  Mike couldn’t help stare at this boy’s gorgeous green eyes.  Mike felt strangely attracted to this neighborhood boy named Julian.
     “Could I have my hand back Mister Duncan?” the sound of Julian’s voice popped Mike out of his daydream as he released Julian’s hand as Mike came back into reality.
     “Sorry, must be the heat.” Mike stumbled in response.
     “No problem.” the boy smiled back.
     “Aren’t you a bit young to be looking for work?” Mike asked with a questioning look.
     “I’m 13; I think I’m old enough to handle any job you got for me.” Julian said with a sly smirk as he gave a tug at his large boy bulge in his basketball shorts.  Mike could have sworn the boy’s bulge had gotten larger.
     “Alright Julian, would you like to start next week and mow the lawn?” the man replied.
     “That’d be great Mister Duncan, thanks.” Julian smiled confidently.  Mike noticed both of them were now sweating profusely standing in the dead still heat.
     “You want something to drink.  I feel like I’ve sweated out a gallon of water just talking to you.” asked Mike.
     “Thanks, I could use a drink of something.”  The boy replied with another coy smirk.
     Mike’s cock twitched at the sound of the boy’s reply but quickly forced any sexual thoughts out of his head as they headed into Mike’s house. 
     “Take your shoes off; I don’t have anyone wear shoes inside.  Keeps the floors clean.”  Mike stated to the boy as he slipped out of his sneakers and walked barefoot to the kitchen.
     Julian quickly flipped his shoes off and placed them on top of his skateboard by the front door as the barefoot boy followed Mike into the kitchen.
     “What would you like to drink?  Soda, juice, water?” asked Mike.
     “Just water, thank you.” Julian replied politely as he stood in the kitchen watching Mike busy himself with getting the water.  Mike could feel Julian’s eyes on him, like the boy was undressing him.  Mike handed Julian one of the glasses of water and they both looked at each other as they drank the first few swallows.
     “You want me don’t you Mister Duncan?” Mike suddenly heard in his head.  Mike looked confused as he looked at Julian who was still drinking. 
     “I can read your mind.” The boy’s voice said in Mike’s mind.  “Every dirty thought you’ve been thinking about me.”  the boy’s voice continued as Julian finished off the water.  “You like looking at me, my body.  You’d love to have me in your bed wouldn’t you Mister Duncan?“  Mike started to sweat as he realized he was starting to get hard. 
     “I don’t really have to read your mind to see that you want me.  But now that I‘ve made contact with you, I can see you imagining us together, naked, our hard cocks and bodies rubbing against each other.” Mike continued to hear in his head.  Julian just smiled at him as he set his empty glass down on the counter never breaking eye contact with Mike.
     Mike noticed the boy’s cock looked longer and was starting to tent his shorts out.  Mike’s face felt flush at being asked such a direct question from this walking wet dream.  His heart started beating faster as he tried to restrain all the dirty thoughts he wanted to do to this boy and what he wanted the boy to do to him.  The more he tried to hide his thoughts, the more he thought about them.
     “You can‘t hide your thoughts from me Mister Duncan.  You want to know how this feels inside you don‘t you?” Julian said in Mike’s head in a more husky tone as he watched Julian start to rub his impressive bulge that was now snaking down the leg of his basketball shorts.  Mike couldn’t respond, but the look on his face spoke volumes plus Mike’s cock was now completely hard in his shorts
     “I…I’m married.” Mike croaked, almost in a fearful whisper. 
     “I’m not looking for a boyfriend.” Julian finally giggled out loud as he stepped closer to Mike.
      “I just want your cum Mister Duncan.” Julian said with a smile as he reached out and cupped Mike’s now rock hard cock in his shorts.  Mike let out a low moan as Julian started to rub the man’s stiff member up and down.  Mike had never felt so alive and at the hands of this sexy thirteen year old boy.  Julian stared lustfully at Mike as the boy groped the excited grown man in his own kitchen.
     “Let me show you what I can do.” said the boy in Mike‘s head.  “You won’t regret it.” as Mike watched Julian step back and untie his board shorts, letting them drop to the kitchen floor.  Julian kicked his shorts to the side with his foot as he now stood completely naked in front of the stunned man.
     The boy was hot with clothes on; but fully naked, he was a work of art.  Like a perfectly sculpted statue, the only glaring difference was the large cock this boy had.  Which was still growing larger by the second as it began to arch up into a very impressive erection.
     Mike’s breathing increased as his excitement level kicked up a notch.  He wanted this boy so bad and his wife wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.  Mike slowly reached out and gently took hole of the boy’s, now hard 8 inch member. 
     “Wow, this boy is big!” thought Mike.
     “Mmmm thanks mister, I’m glad you like my cock.” he heard the boy reply in his head.  Julian had a look of pure bliss on his face as he enjoyed Mike’s manipulations.
     “I forgot you can hear me my sexy boy.” Mike smiled in a daze.  “Your such a beautiful boy Julian.” as Mike continued to stoke Julian‘s hard cock.
     “Thanks Mister Duncan.” Julian thought back as he smiled blissfully at the handsome man.
     “Take me now.” Julian spoke softly using his voice.
     “I’d love to.” replied Mike in a daze.  Julian reached forward and pulled down Mike’s shorts revealing he was going commando too, his hard 6.5 inch cock popped up slapping against his stomach.  Mike kicked his shorts off and led Julian back to his master bedroom while gently holding the boy’s hard cock in his hand. 
     Once in the bedroom, Mike and Julian climbed onto the bed and kneeled facing each other.  Their cocks standing at attention as they both lightly stroked each other’s bodies while they took in the sight of each other’s throbbing cocks.  Julian’s enormous cock was quite impressive and looked like it was Photo shopped onto his small 13 year old body.
     “You’re so beautiful.” Mike thought as he leaned into the boy for a kiss.  “Such tender young lips.” As his lips brushed against the boy‘s lips, sending sparks through both their bodies.   Their cocks touching then rubbing against each other like dueling swords.  Then they embraced bringing their bodies together as their cocks became trapped between their torsos.
      Julian couldn’t hold out any longer and started to kiss Mike like a crazy boy.  Emotions of pure lust filled Mike’s head as he kissed back. 
     They were both now grinding their throbbing cocks against each other, locked in a passionate kiss.  Julian had one hand behind Mike’s head while Mike’s hand gripped both cocks as the man stroked them together.  Mike couldn’t get enough of the boy as his other hand went up and down Julian’s back, down to his soft, firm ass and back up again.  Then Mike started to feel a strange sensation on his chest.  He broke off kissing and looked down and noticed Julian’s nipple had transformed into a small set of lips looking for something to suck.  Julian’s other nipple had also transformed.  The boy pulled Mike forward as one of Julian’s nipples started to suck on one of Mike’s nipples. 
     Mike let out a gasp as the sensation of Julian’s nipple sucking overcame the man.  He should have been afraid but Mike was so turned on he hugged Julian even tighter as the sucking of his nipple increased and the two started to passionately kiss again.  Then as they were kissing he heard Julian’s voice in his head.
     “You love seeing us like this, don‘t you?” as the sucking and kissing continued.
     All Mike could do was let out an acknowledged grunt as his body was in sexual overload.  He had never felt so turned on his life, not even the best night with his wife compared to this. 
     “I want you so bad!” Mike thought in his head as his tongue dueled with the boy‘s.
     Julian broke of kissing and looked at Mike with a lustful smile on his face.  Mike watched in awe as the boy had a hold of both their cocks and was now vigorously rubbing them together with both of his hands, working them both into a dripping pre-cummy mess.  Julian’s eight inch cock dwarfed Mike’s normal sized six and half inch sized penis.   Then Julian said something that made Mike’s heart beat faster.
     “Ever fuck a cock before?”
     “N…no, never.” Mike replied, unsure where this was going.  But the idea was making him even harder, if that was possible.
     “You’re going to find out now.” Julian said in Mike’s head.  The boy just smiled back at Mike as he glanced down between their bodies and saw him rubbing the tip of my cock against Mike’s engorged head.  His piss slit oozing pre-cum as it anticipated the man’s penetration.
     “The inside of my cock feels so very good and tight.” Julian continued to say in Mike’s mind as he started to push his shaft against Mike’s cock.  “The other daddies and men on the street loved it.“  Mike watched as the tip of his mushroom head started to slowly slip into the opening of Julian’s sticky piss slit.
     “Push it into me Mister Duncan!” Mike heard the boy think in a pleading tone.  He could hear the lust and want in Julian’s thought as Mike started to apply pressure against the boy‘s piss slit.  Mike pushed and watched in amazement as his cock was slowly enveloped into the boy’s cock.  It felt so tight and silky smooth as Mike’s cock slipped deeper and deeper into Julian‘s urethra. 
     “Ooooh god….this feels wonderful!” Mike thought as he moaned loudly with the sensation of bottoming out in the boy‘s now distended cock.  Mike pulled Julian to him and they started to lustfully kiss again, but this time his cock was now buried to the hilt inside this 13 year old boy’s piss tube. 
     “Fuck!  This is so hot!” as they lost themselves kissing passionately in each other’s arms.  Mike’s hands made their way down to Julian’s hips as he held on to them and started to fuck himself in and out of Julian‘s cock.. 
     “Put your hands on my ass!  Feel my ass Mike!” Julian thought to Mike.  Mike obliged Julian and felt up his smooth 13 year old boy ass while Mike continued to fuck his enormous cock.  Mike could feel Julian’s pre-cum leaking out around my cock as he picked up speed. 
     Mike and Julian hugged tightly as Mike fucked wildly into the boy, their mouths locked in a frantic tongue duel.  Mike felt Julian’s tongue move deeper into his throat as they continued to kiss.  It almost felt like a penis in his mouth.  Mike pulled back from the kiss and saw the boy’s tongue had actually become a penis. 
     “What are you?”  Mike said out loud to Julian.
     “Your wildest fantasy” Julian responded in his head as his enormous boy cock squeezed Mike‘s engulfed cock shaft.  Mike suddenly felt a huge rush of lust wash over him as he succumbed to the sexual urges the boy sent into his mind. 
     Mike was so turned on by the sudden endorphin rush that he leaned forward and started to suck on Julian’s tongue cock in earnest.  The more Mike sucked on it the deeper it filled Mike’s mouth until it started to penetrate Mike’s throat.  Deeper and deeper the cock slithered down his throat, but Mike never had the urge to gag or choke.  It was a weird fantasy that Mike had always dreamed of but never thought in his wildest dreams would happen.  He was now physically joined by the mouth with his hot 13 year old neighbor boy.  Then Mike started to feel something nudge at his piss slit from inside Julian‘s cock.
     “What the hell is that?!” Mike thought just as he started to feel something push into his urethra, long and  thin, almost like a finger.  Shocked, Mike started to panic and struggle, but Julian was way too strong for Mike to break free.
     “Relax Mister Duncan; I’m becoming one with you.”  Julian’s seductive thoughts echoed in Mike’s head.
     Mike felt whatever was probing his piss slit start to push into and down his urethra.  It felt like a small finger was fucking into the deepest part of his cock.  But the finger didn’t hurt; it actually stimulated the inside of his cock making Mike’s cock even harder.  The finger like tentacle continued to travel up his piss slit as Mike started to feel Julian‘s cock suck on the outside of his cock with increasing pressure. With each thrust, the small probing tube went deeper and deeper until Mike could feel it pushing against his prostate muscle.  It then started to stimulate his prostate sending tingling sensations throughout his groin.
     Mike rubbed his hands up and down Julian’s smooth ass as his passion increased.  But then Mike felt the boy’s ass cheeks being pushed apart as a tentacle like thing started to snake out of the boy’s ass.  It was another penis like tentacle!  Mike stroked it’s length, making Julian moan as it elongated out of the boy’s ass making its way underneath, as if it were searching for something.  Then Mike felt the tip of the penis like tentacle nudge between his butt checks until it started to push against his sphincter.  All of a sudden it slid into his ass.  Mike’s body tensed at the intrusion as it snaked up into his colon, pressing against his prostate.  Mike could feel his body on the edge of orgasm.  He wanted to cum so bad. 
     “Oh shit!”  Thought Mike.  “This is too wild!”  Mike hugged the boy tightly as he and Julian clung to each other.  He was now Impaled and being fucked in all three of his holes! 
     “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, so close to cumming!” Mike thought as all these sensations rocked his body all at once.  And all being brought to him by the neighborhood boy down the street.   
     “No, you won’t.  Not yet.”  Mike heard Julian say in his head.  Mike felt Julian grasp onto his body a bit tighter, pinning his arms to his sides as Julian’s throat fucking got more passionate.  The boy laid him back on the bed as Mike started to suck desperately on the tentacle like tube lodged in his throat.  The boy was now lying on top of the man as Julian started to simultaneously increase his fucking all three of Mike’s holes.
     “Yeah, cum for me.  Let me have your cum!”  That thought reverberate in his head as the grown man’s mind spun out of control. 
     “Uuuugh, what are you doing to me?”  Mike thought, but he got no response as Julian was too busy concentrating on ravishing Mike’s body
     Mike couldn’t hold out anymore and started to orgasm.  Julian had taken over his body completely.  Julian held on to the quivering Mike as the man was racked with his first large orgasm.  The tube that was buried up his piss slit sucked Mike’s cum load directly out of his balls as it fired out of his prostate gland.  Julian’s body kicked into over drive as Mike felt the tentacle in his ass press against his prostate while the tube inside his penis sucked out the man’s cum like a straw.
     “Oh shit!  I’m being milked!”  Mike thought weakly through the sexual haze he was now in. 
     “You taste so delicious Mister Duncan.”  Julian thought to Mike.
     After Mike had emptied his balls and couldn’t shoot out anymore cum, Julian increased his fucking on the man.
     “You’re mine now Mike. Body and soul.” said the 13 year old boy as his body undulated over the grown man as Julian fucked the helpless man silly on his own king sized bed.  Mike felt one orgasm after another wash over him as he slowly drifted off in a state of pure bliss.
     Mike’s body went limp and started to automatically convulse as he then had multiple dry orgasms as all the cocks manipulated his body.  Julian’s body started to spasm as he started filling Mike’s body up with his own boy cum as the boy drained the last of Mike’s balls from the inside.  The boy continued to drain him like a leach while filling him with cum.  The sounds of heavy breathing through noses and loud wet slurping sounds filled the master bedroom as the boy and man exchanged fluids.
     Mike was in pure bliss as the boy sucked him dry.  He opened his eyes and stared into Julian’s beautiful hypnotic green eyes, their mouths mashed together. 
     “You belong to me now Mike; He heard the boy’s voice say in his head.”  As they locked eyes.
     “Am I dying?  Is this death?”  He thought.  Julian’s voice popped up in his head.
     “No silly.  You belong to me.  Now sleep and dream of me…..”  Julian’s voice trailed off as Mike’s eyes grew heavy and he  fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued…..?

Watching the Boys Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Watching the Boys - Part One

     My name is Frank, and I’m a successful business man in my mid forties.  I have two sons, nine year old Bryan, and fourteen year old Ben.  My wife passed away a year ago, and I’ve tried to be there for my sons as much as I can since their mother's passing.  But with my busy schedule as the head of my own company, I‘ve had to travel a lot.  This took me away from my sons, and I needed to find someone to watch over them, as well as my large house in Calabasas, while I’m gone during my extended business trips.  I put an ad on Craigslist looking for someone who could watch after my two boys, and my house.  After looking at a few responses I found what looked to be the perfect answer to what I was seeking. 
     His name was Jamal, and was available to move into the house for an extended period of time.   He was a professional body guard and worked for a lot of high profile clients in the music industry.  His resume was impressive and he had previous experience working with children as clients. 
     After a few emails back and forth, I finally invited Jamal over to the house to meet him in person, and to have him meet my youngest boy, Bryan.  I greeted Jamal at the door and was impressed by his physical presence when first seeing him.  Jamal towered over me with his 6’ 2 inch muscular frame, but his warm smile and gentle handshake eased the imposing image of him as I invited the strikingly good looking African American man into the house. 
     Jamal followed behind me as I lead him into the spacious living room were Bryan was waiting.  Bryan’s eyes got wide as he saw the impressive man standing in the foyer looking around. 
     “Jamal, this is my youngest son Bryan.”  I said,  Jamal walked up to Bryan, who then reached out for a friendly hand shake with the boy.  Bryan gently shook Jamal’s hand as Bryan, still sitting on the couch,  strained his neck up to look at the towering man’s warm smiling face.  “Hi Bryan, nice to meet you” said Jamal in his low bass voice.  “Hi.“ Bryan squeaked out with a shy smile and blushed slightly.  The small nine year old in awe at the man standing in front of him.
     Jamal took a seat on the couch next to Bryan.  “My other son, Ben is away at camp and won’t be back for a few weeks.”  I said as  I sat across from him to go over the arrangements about the house and the boys.  As I went over the details of what was expected, I noticed his pants showed off , what looked to be, an impressive bulge.  I couldn’t help but glance at it when I thought he wasn’t looking.  Getting my mind out of the gutter, I refocused at the business at hand and finished up going over the final details.
     “Let me give you a tour of the house.” I showed Jamal around the expansive house with Bryan quietly following us.(removed word in)  I gave Jamal a tour of the kitchen and the dinning room, which was just off of the living room.  As we left the kitchen I pointed out the pool and spa out in the backyard, and the vast, beautifully manicured lawn behind it.  As we headed to go upstairs I pointed out my office, where the computer was set up and my own personal entertainment center stationed around my equally impressive executive desk.
     I showed him the upstairs, were all the bedrooms were located.  The boys each had their own rooms and Jamal would be staying in the guest room next to the boy’s rooms and across from the bathroom.  Jamal didn’t mind sharing the large bathroom with the boys.  The main feature was the large shower encased in glass, with several shower heads along one wall.  Large enough for several people to fit in.  An impressive shower for an impressive house.
     The final room on the second floor was the master bedroom, that had it’s own equally impressive bathroom with separate tub and shower.  “If you get tired of the guest room you can always crash in here.” I said to Jamal.
     The highlight of the tour though was the basement, a combination screening room and workout gym.  The screening room had three rows of reclining leather couches situated in front of a large screen with a top of the line HD projector mounted to the ceiling.  The room was painted black for that movie theatre experience.  The back wall was actually a room divider and I slide it open to reveal a top of the line work out gym.  The walls lined with mirrors from floor to ceiling.  On the left was  another bathroom complete with a shower and a small sauna.  Everything for an executive of his own company to have. 
     After the tour I gave Jamal a set of house keys and the code to the house security system.  As we said our goodbye’s, Jamal shook Bryan’s hand and said “It was nice meeting you young man, I hope we get along better than two peas in a pod.”  Bryan didn’t answer, just smiled shyly and blushed again as he shook his head yes.
     “See you tomorrow.”  I said as he walked out to his car.
     I had Jamal stay at the house a few days before I had to leave on my trip to help get him settle in.  Bryan warmed up to Jamal and it looked like the little guy liked having a new friend around the house.  Jamal was great with him, and it was nice to see Bryan act like a normal kid again.  Bryan had become somewhat reclusive after the loss his mom.  And I wondered if that spell of depression would ever be lifted.  My older son Ben handled it better than Bry, and I was thankful that Ben was supportive to both me and his little brother during that time.  With Ben away at camp, having Jamal around was a nice relief for Bryan.
     For my last night at the house before the big trip, the three of us had a fabulous bar-be-cue dinner then retired to the screening room to watch one of Bryan’s favorite films, the 2003 live action version of Peter Pan.  It was also one of my favorites as I secretly lusted after the actor who played Peter, Jeremy Sumpter.  A hot boy in my book.
     As we got comfortable on the big leather recliners, Bryan hopped up on Jamal’s lap.  I had noticed over the last few days the two had been getting closer and closer, and seeing Bryan on Jamal’s lap sent dirty thoughts racing through my mind.  I quickly snapped out of my dirty day dream and settled back to watch the film.
     My attention quickly returned to the man and boy sitting to my left as high pitched boy screams and laughing filled the room.  Jamal was tickling my son, trying to get the remote out of the young boys hands.  Bryan had his arms straight up in the air, holding the remote as high as he could , but also giving Jamal easy access to the boy’s smooth body.  Jamal took advantage of this, and had slide his hands up under my sons shirt, and it looked like he was feeling up my sons smooth body more than tickling.  Then I noticed Jamal making small thrusts with his hips as the boy continued to wiggle against the hunky African American man.  Bryan, leaning back against the strong frame of the man, was giggling uncontrollably while also grinding his boy ass down against the thrusts of the mans hips.  My son yelled “I give up!  I give up!”  while gasping for air, as he finally handed over the remote.  “You shouldn’t disobey me!”  Jamal said jokingly, as he made one more thrust up into the boy to give his words some exclamation.  The boy giggled and wiggled his hips some more on Jamal.  I thought I saw Jamal gasp as my boy did this, but sometimes boys can be a little rough.
      Jamal dimmed the lights with a push of the remote and the movie started.  About half way through the film I glanced over and noticed the two looking very relaxed.  Jamal must have put his hands up under Bryan’s shirt again as I saw slow movement of my son’s shirt as the glow from the screen lit them up.  Bryan had a relaxed look on his face as he leaned back against Jamal. Bryan’s eyes looked heavy.  Almost as if he was on the verge of falling asleep.
     The movie ended and the lights slowly dimmed up.  Bryan looked like he was asleep, still sitting on Jamal’s lap.  We both started to get up, Jamal started to rise while picking up Bryan to carry the sleepy boy upstairs.  That’s when I noticed a noticeable bulge in Jamal’s sweat pants.  Then it hit me.  Was Bryan sitting on his hard cock through the whole movie? 
     Bryan stirred as Jamal lifted him up in his arms.  “You promised milk and cookies before bed.” said the sleepy boy.  “Uh oh, well I guess I did didn‘t I?” chuckled Jamal.
     I replied "You boys, can have some cookies, I need to get up early to catch my flight." 
     “Aw, O.K. daddy.”  said a disappointed Bryan.  As Jamal turned while holding Bryan, I thought I saw Jamal’s bulge shift in his sweat pants.  It looked like his cock was rock hard(,) but with the dim lighting I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I over hear Jamal say "You go get ready for bed and I'll bring the milk and cookies up to your room."  “Yay!’ Bryan yells with new energy, and darts up the basement stairs  to his room.  I follow Jamal up the stairs as he heads toward the kitchen, and I head for my room for the night. 
     I stop by my son’s room and peek in and see Bryan sliding off his board shorts revealing his hot little body.  I stare at the epitome of boy as my eyes take in the sight before me.  Long smooth legs, tight boy ass, smooth skin, topped off with beautiful mop of straight brown hair.   I start to harden but quickly snap myself out of my hypnotic state. “Hey Bry, can I get a kiss before I go to bed?”  Bryan turns to me and smiles “Yes daddy!” and runs over, still in just his cute Superman underwear, and gives me a huge hug and a kiss on my cheek.  I can feel his hard boy nail as he presses it against me.  “Good night dad.” he whispers.  “Good night son, see you in the morning.” I reply, and head for my bedroom.
     After closing the door I hear Jamal coming up the stairs and announce “Who’s ready for cookies and milk?”  Immediately I hear Bryan say excitedly “I do! I do!”  I hear them continue talking but it becomes muffled as the door to Bryan’s room closes.
     I shower and take a sleeping pill to make sure I fall asleep, and check my bag one more time.  After double checking everything, I finally climbed into bed.  As I slowly drift(remove s) off to sleep I hear low moaning from down the hall, and then some excited giggles.  I’m glad Jamal and my son are connecting so well.  I drift(remove s) off to sleep to the continued sounds of grunts and high pitched squeals as Jamal and my son enjoy each others company.
     The alarm goes off!  I blink.  My blurry eyes open and try to shake off the effects of the sleeping pill I took last night.  I roll out of bed and quickly stumble into the bathroom to take a quick wake me up shower and get myself together for the airport.  I quickly dress and stumble down stairs to the kitchen. The smell of a fresh made pot of coffee greets me like a welcome friend as I enter the kitchen.  Jamal is sitting at the counter reading the morning paper.  “Good morning Frank.”  Jamal said with friendly a chipper voice
     “Oh thank god you made coffee!  So need this right now!”  As I pour myself a cup, I glance at my watch, “the airport van will be here any moment” I say to myself. 
     “Let me wake up Bryan so he can say good bye before you leave.” Jamal says, as he rises out of his chair towards the stairs.  “No, don’t wake him if he’s sleeping.” I reply.  “Don’t be silly, he’d love to say good bye to you.” as Jamal goes upstairs to get Bryan.
     Just then my cell phone goes off, alerting me that the airport van is outside.  I grabbed my bag, take one final drink of my coffee, then head out to the front door.  As I’m heading for the front door, I spot my sleepy son making his way down the stair.  Still dressed in his Superman underwear, he groggily smiles as he see’s me and catches up to me as I stop at the open front door.  He jumps up into my arms and hugs me, I take in his young boy smell as we share a moment.  I also catch a whiff of something I can’t quite put my finger on. 
     Bryan pulls back from the hug as I cup his cute little boy ass in my hands.  “I’ll miss you daddy.” he says quietly.  Bryan leans in and kisses me on the lips, but I feel his tongue push against my lips and before my sleepy mind can register what’s going on we start to French kiss like long lost lovers.   My mind pops back to reality and I pull back from my son, slightly shocked as to what has just happened between us.  “Where did you learn that?“ I gasp.  Bryan looks at me with a big smile and says “That’s how people who really love each other say goodbye.”  I also start to feel his little boy nail poking me in stomach.
     “O.K. son, but we need to talk about that later.”  I say in my best fatherly tone.  Bryan nods, still smiling at me as I lower him to the ground.  I gather my things and make a mad dash for the airport shuttle.  I look out the van window at my son, with Jamal now standing behind him.  We both wave at each other as I watch my boy and Jamal waving goodbye in the doorway of my beautiful house.  “I hope Jamal and my son can keep each other company and not drive each other crazy” I think to myself.  Then I refocus my energy on my trip and what lies ahead.
     It’s been a long day of traveling and I finally get into my hotel room.  Exhausted, I barely have enough energy to set up my computer and log on to the hotels wi-fi.  I decide to get some much needed sleep and crash(,) so I have enough energy for the next couple of days and adjust for the time change. 
     After a restful nights sleep and a couple of good meetings during the day with clients, I get back to my hotel room and log on to the computer.  The house Skype is online and I send an IM to see who’s online. 
     Jamal responds “Hi Frank, how’s the trip going ?  I type back “Going great!  I hope Bryan hasn’t been driving you crazy?”   “No, he’s a great boy, let me get him and I’ll turn the cam on.” 
     The web cam connects and I see Bryan and Jamal sitting in my home office. Bryan looks like he’s sitting on Jamal’s lap, it must be a typical hot day in Calabasas, both Jamal and Bryan are bare-chested. 
     “Hi Bry, how are you doing son?” I ask.  “Great dad!  Jamal and I are having a great time!” the boy says with a beaming smile.  “Don’t get too hyper on Jamal.”  I say with a smile.  Bryan rolls his eyes and giggles “I won’t dad.”  “That’s good son.  Make sure you do whatever Jamal tells you to do.”  I respond.  “I will dad!” Bryan say’s with a big smile.  “Now, Jamal and I need to talk grown up stuff O.K.?” I add. 
     “Sure dad, Love you!” he says beaming.  “I love you too son!“  I respond.  Bryan slides off Jamal’s lap and starts for the outer hallway.  As he exit’s the office I notice he’s wearing a white skimpy speedo that hugs his ass like a glove.  I‘ve never seen him wear anything like that before.  I re-focus my attention back to Jamal who now has a lustful wicked smile on his face as he see‘s my reaction to Bryan‘s new attire. 
     “What was my son wearing?” I asked Jamal. 
     “He’s now becoming one of my boys.” he replied. 
     “One of YOUR boys?!” I say slightly panicked.  “I don’t think you’ll mind Frank, especially with all the boy porn I found on your computer.  You should hide that stuff better you know.”  A cold sweat washed over me and my mouth went dry.
     “What have you done to my son?” I ask breathlessly.  “Oh, I think you’ll like it.  I sent you a clip for you to enjoy.  But right now I have other things to attend to.  And thank you for being such a generous host.” Jamal said with the most lustful grin I ever saw. 
     Jamal then called out, “Bryan!  Time for some fun!”  I watched as I saw my nine year old son reappeared in the door way of my office, still wearing that tight Speedo, his little boy nail was hard and pushing against the front of the tight white speedos.  Then I noticed Jamal stand up.  He was completely naked with a massively hard cock jutting out from his perfectly sculpted body.  The last thing I saw was Jamal’s perfectly shaped ass as he turned to my son and my son saying in his high pitched boy voice “TRY AND CATCH ME!”  Then the video feed went dead.  Shocked, I stared at the screen.  Unable to comprehend what I had just seen.
     I hated what I just saw, but I also hated the fact that I was now completely hard and couldn’t get the image of my son and Jamal naked and alone in my house.  What have they been up to?  I did have a sexual attraction to boys but I always tried to keep my sons out of my fantasies.  But after the Skype session, my head was flooded with all the stored sexual images of my sons that I’d kept repressed in the back of my mind  for years.
     As I sat staring at the blank image of the Skype screen, my hard cock straining in my pants, the laptop suddenly chimed, snapping me out of my lustful daydream about my sons.  I opened my account, and saw it had one new email labeled “MILK AND COOKIES” with a video file attached to it.
     I clicked on the file and the video player pops up on the screen.  The image is dark and the sound muffled at first, then I hear Jamal‘s voice “Time for Milk and Cookies!“  which is immediately followed by  “Yay!” from Bryan.
     Whatever is recording the image is placed down and the image settles.  I immediately recognize it as Bryan’s bedroom, specifically a view of Bryan’s bed.  Bryan is sitting on the bed looking excited as Jamal comes into frame holding a tray with a tall glass of milk and a giant chocolate chip cookie on it.  Jamal joins Bryan on the bed and set’s the tray with the milk and the giant cookie down between them. 
     Bryan looks at the large cookie and say’s, with a curious look , “What‘s that stuff on top?” 
     Jamal smiles “This cookie has a special frosting on top.” as he picks up the giant cookie.
     “I call it my special love frosting.” Jamal continues, raising it up to Bryan’s lips.  The boy opens his mouth and starts to take large bites out of the cookie.
     “I only make it for special boys, like you.” say’s Jamal, as the boy chews the bites he took. 
     “Mmmm, that’s yummy!”  the boy say’s between chews and continues to eat the rest of the cookie out of Jamal’s hand.  “I liked the frosting!  It was yummy!”  As Bryan drank some milk to wash down the cookie. 
     “I’m glad you liked it.  I made the frosting while we were watching the movie.  And you helped me make it”  states Jamal. 
     With a milk mustache still fresh on his face, Bryan tilts his head, with a confused look on his face “How did I help you make it?”  Jamal smiles and leans back on his arms displaying a large bulge in his sweat pants.  Bryan’s eyes grow wide as he stares at it in awe. 
     Jamal rubs his hand over the growing bulge “Remember feeling this as you sat on my lap during the movie?”  Bryan nods still staring at the bulge.  “This is where the special frosting comes from.  Do you want to see how I make it?” Jamal asks. 
     Bryan smirks with a far away look on his face and whispers “Yeah”.  Jamal smiles, “First we need to take our clothes off.” 
     Bryan pops out of his stare and looks at Jamal with a questioning look “Why?”
     “Because I don’t want us to get our clothes dirty if we spill it.”  Jamal says with a fatherly tone as he removes his shirt.  Bryan watches the African American man strip in font of him.  He can’t help but stare at the muscular torso of the man as my son slowly removes his Superman underwear.  Jamal pauses to watch my son move his underwear down his coltish legs, then drops them on the floor.  My son is now completely naked and totally vulnerable as Jamal eyes his prize. 
     Jamal then starts to remove his sweat pants, his large cock springs free and slaps against his washboard stomach,  Jamal continues to push his sweat pants down and off till both Jamal and my son now sit completely naked on the bed.
     Bryan’s eyes go wide as he finally sees Jamal’s member in all it’s glory.  My son, always a curious boy, leans in to take a closer look at Jamal’s impressive 8 inch cock.  “This is where my special love frosting comes from.” says Jamal, as he lightly strokes the base of his cock. 
     “But that’s your we we?  How can it come from your we we?” Bryan responds, his face all scrunched up. 
     “Let me show you.  And it‘s not called a we we, this is called your cock.” Jamal says as he starts to stoke his thick cock more forcefully.  Bryan continues to watch in awe as a clear fluid begin to leak out of the massive black flesh tube.  After a few long strokes, Jamal takes some of the accumulated pre-cum with his finger and puts it up to my son’s lips. 
     “Taste it.”  Jamal calmly says.
     Bryan looks at Jamal’s finger cautiously for a moment, then starts to lick the liquid off the dark finger.  Bryan is soon sucking Jamal’s finger, only pulling back when the boy felt the finger was clean.
     “How was that?” Jamal asks my son.
     “It was O.K., but not as good as the stuff on the cookie.” replied Bryan.
     “That’s because I need some extra help to make my special love frosting come out.  And you can help me make it come out.”  Jamal says still stroking his cock.
     Bryan looks at Jamal curiously  “How can I help?”
     “First we need to share some love, to get my special love frosting tasting the best it can be for you.”  Jamal says “And to do that, I need to show you how to kiss, like you really love someone.  You wanna try and make a batch with me Bry?”  Jamal asks.
     Bryan smiles “Yeah!  What do I have to do?”
     Jamal removes the tray and lays back on my son’s bed.
     “Go ahead and climb up and lay down on top of me.” says Jamal.  Bryan climbs on top of Jamal, his boy legs on either side of Jamal’s waist.  Jamal and my son are now gazing into each other’s eyes like lost lovers as Jamal run’s his hand up and down Bryan’s smooth back.  I can barely make out what Jamal is saying as he whispers to my son.
     “I love you Bry, like my own son.”  Jamal then gently kisses Bry on the lips, sending a shiver through my young son‘s body.  “This is how two people kiss if they really love each other, just follow my lead O.K.?” Jamal say’s reassuringly.  Bryan nods his head.
     Jamal leans in and kisses Bryan again, Bryan’s head jerks slightly as he feels Jamal’s tongue gently press against his lips.  Then Bryan’s body relaxes as he opens his mouth to accept Jamal‘s tongue into his.  Like a switch being turned on, Bryan and Jamal start to kiss like mad, both moaning loudly.  My boy starts to grind his hips against Jamal as their tongues duel with each other and their breathing increases.  Jamal can’t get enough of my son as his hands caress my boy all over. 
     The image of my nine year old son, his white smooth boy skin, contrasting with Jamal’s toned dark skin, was so erotic to watch as they lost themselves in wanting lust.  I watch Jamal’s hands center their attention on my boy’s smooth shapely ass.  Running his fingers up and down my son’s crack.  Each pass of his fingers going a bit deeper in between those perfect boy mounds. 
     As Jamal and Bryan continued to French kiss, I watch as Jamal’s fingers start to rub something in slow circular motions.  I watch Jamal take one of his hands and rub it on the tip of his, now profusely leaking cock.  He then takes his lubed up fingers and joins his other hand that’s rubbing Bryan’s ass.  His lubed up hand disappears between the boys mounds.  Jamal’s slick finger’s must have found Bryan’s boy hole as Bryan emit’s a loud moan and his ass starts to arch up.  Bryan’s kissing intensifies and his breathing goes up a notch.  Jamal’s finger starts to disappear from view as my boy is skewered on the black man’s finger(remove s).
     As I watched my nine year old son enjoy his very first moments of anal stimulation of his young life.  I couldn’t resist the thought of  pulling out my cock and jerking off.   I quickly unzipped my pants and started to stroke my rock hard cock to the sounds and images of my son being deflowered in his own room.
     Back on the screen, Jamal broke his kiss with my son and asked breathlessly “Are you ready for some fresh love frosting?”  Bryan smiled and nodded with Jamal’s saliva still stringing  down off his mouth. “Yeah”
     “Good, cause I feel a batch ready to come out” smiles Jamal.  “Go ahead and get between my legs and start licking my cock like a popsicle.”  The eager boy slides down Jamal’s body and takes a hold of Jamal’s cock and starts to lick the purple head like it’s his favorite ice cream cone. 
     Frank moans as he watches his son’s tongue dance all over the black man’s bulbous cock head.  Jamal’s head tilts back and he lets out a loud moan.
     Jamal moans “Ohhhh, fuck yeah Bry!  Start sucking on it!”.  Bryan starts to take Jamal’s cock into his pre-pubescent boy mouth.   “Suck that frosting out baby boy!  Get that fresh love frosting out of my cock!” 
     Encouraged by the sounds Jamal is making, my boy starts to suck harder, and takes the black cock deeper into his mouth.  Bryan gets about three inches of it into his mouth before he gags, as the large head hit’s the back of his throat.
     “Mmmmm….. it’s O.K. baby boy….….you don’t have to take any more than you can handle tonight.”  as Jamal strokes my son’s hair, comforting him, Bryan continues his sucking. 
      “I’ll teach you how to suck on daddy’s cock and take it deep soon enough.” as Jamal watches my son’s head enthusiastically bob up and down on his hard cock. 
     “Yeah, keep sucking!” Jamal grunts as Bryan grabs the black cock with both hands.  “The love frosting is almost ready!  Stroke it out of me son!“ Bryan starts to suck faster on Jamal’s cock while stroking the thick base with his small boy hands.
     “Oh fuck son!”  Jamal moans.  “Your doing a great job!” grunts Jamal, as he starts to make little upward thrust into my sons stretched mouth.  Bryan intensified his sucking, concentrating on Jamal’s hard bulbous head, as Jamal neared his climax.
     "Ohhhhhhh yeah, take it baby, you're about to get a fresh full load of my love frosting." 
     Bryan then surprised Jamal by shoving as much of Jamal’s cock as he could get into his mouth.  The boy sucking and swallowing hard on the end of the black swollen member.   This pushed Jamal over the edge as his cock was messaged by the nine year olds virgin mouth.
     "Yessssssssssss!" Jamal yells. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhh baby!!!" as Jamal feels his cum start to erupt up his shaft.   Bryan can feel Jamal’s cock become hard as steel, then he hears Jamal grunt loudly, then his mouth is flooded with the familiar taste he had earlier when eating the cookie.  But this time it’s warm and fresh, but there’s so much more of it!
     Bryan tries to swallow as fast as Jamal is shooting, but it’s a losing battle, as Bryan’s mouth is quickly overloaded with love frosting.  Bryan swallows a few mouth full’s of Jamal’s cum, but pulls off, as Jamal’s special love frosting continues to fire out of the top of Jamal’s hard tool.  A few shot’s land in Bryan’s hair and on his face as Bryan catches his breath and watches Jamal’s cock ejaculate in his hands.
     “Oh fuck baby boy!” moans Jamal, “Don’t let my love frosting go to waste.”
     Bryan smiles, his face coated with cum, as Jamal guides his spurting cock back into Bryan’s mouth.  Bryan starts to suck on Jamal’s cock again, like a straw, as Bryan hungrily swallows the rest of Jamal’s load.  Jamal continues to moan out as he feels the little nymph slide his tongue all around his head, collecting Jamal’s cum with his boy tongue and swallowing it.
     Jamal makes a final moan and collapses back on the boys bed as Bryan cleans Jamal’s cock with his tongue.  “Fuck son, that was great.”  Jamal say’s glancing down at Bryan, panting like a race horse.  Bryan giggles, happy that he gave his new friend so much pleasure. 
     “Did you like my love frosting?” Jamal asks. 
     “Yes!” Bryan smiles wide with his face still covered in cum, “It was yummy!”
     “You can have as much of my special love frosting as you like son.” Jamal say lovingly, as he stokes Bryan’s cum coated hair.
     “Now come here and give your new daddy a kiss.” Jamal says with a smile.  Bryan proceeds to climb up and rest his small boyish frame on Jamal’s sweaty body,  The two kiss passionately as the man and boy thrust tongues against one another sharing  Jamal's creamy load that covered Bryan's innocent face. 
     “O.K. son, let me kiss your we we and make you feel as good as you did to me.” 
     Bryan eagerly works his way up till he’s sitting on Jamal’s chest, I watch Jamal’s face lower down in between Bryan’s legs as Bryan looks on.  Bryan suddenly intakes a slight breath as Jamal makes contact with my son’s little boy nail.  Bryan moans and grabs hold of Jamal’s head and starts to grind his hips into the man’s face.  I then see Jamal take his fingers, lubed with some of his cum,  and start to work them into Bryan’s boy hole.  Bryan moans even louder as Jamal finds the boys prostate.  My hotel room fills with the loud boyish moans of my son as Jamal ravishes and manipulates my son’s body. 
     I see Jamal’s cock start to harden again.  Then Jamal slowly turns his body away from the camera taking my son with him and hiding my son from view.  All I can see is Jamal’s back and my boy’s legs sticking out from the sides of Jamal’s head.  The sounds of my boy’s moans intensifies as what ever Jamal is doing is really driving my boy to the edge.  I see Bry’s legs wrap around Jamal’s head and the unmistakable sounds of my boy experiencing his first intense orgasm.  Then the screen goes blank.
     Frank stares at his laptop, unable to comprehend what he just saw.  But his body is on autopilot as he continues to stroke his leaking cock.  He closes his eyes and lets out a long moan as the images he just witnessed played back in his head.  It takes a few pulls for Frank to cum all over him self in one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever had.  As he comes down from his high, Frank feels guilty for getting off on seeing his son take his first load from Jamal. 
     “Oh shit.”  Frank says to himself as he realizes the situation he‘s in.

Watching the Boys - Part 2

I tried to get some sleep, but the images of my son sucking down his first load of cum out of Jamal’s huge member, were now forever burned into my brain.  I had a restless night’s sleep, and wondered what else had happened between Jamal and my son.  I so desperately wanted to get back to the house and deal with Jamal, but the meetings I had were too important to my company and I couldn’t delay or ignore them.

     I had to watch the video again first thing in the morning.  Just to make sure I didn‘t dream it.  But I didn’t dream it, and everything I remembered was on display again.  The giant cookie with the special love frosting, my son’s mouth stuffed with cock, his face being covered in cum as Jamal ejaculated all over it and hearing the unmistakable moans of my son at the end of the video.  Bryan’s smooth boy legs, the only part of him visible, as Jamal’s body blocked me from what he was doing to my son.  Hearing my boy experiencing his first dry orgasm pushed me to cum like I never had before.

     I was again distracted through all my meetings but managed get through them.  I finally made it back to my hotel room and quickly booted up my laptop to see if I could Skype Jamal.  I had to try to talk him out of doing any thing else with my Bry.  I now felt guilty leaving my boy with a complete stranger, who now had complete access to my son and his sexy boy body.  Did I want him to stop?  Did I want to see more?  I was conflicted with guilt.

     I checked my email seeing only the usual junk mail until I noticed one sent from the house computer with a file attached to it.  It was an mp4 file labeled “B’s Cherry (sneak peek 1)”.  My heart started to beat faster and my dick started to harden.  What was happening to me?  Did I really want to see more of my boy getting used again?  What did Jamal send me?

     I clicked on the file and my video player popped on.  I was immediately bombarded by the image of a pair of large black hands stroking a smooth white small torso; the camera followed the hands upward as they worked up the chest to show my son’s face.  But his face had a look I’d never seen before, a look of pure pleasure shown on it unlike any other time in the past.  Bry’s eyelids were half closed with drool coming out of the side of his mouth.  Long low boyish moans could be heard coming from my boy as the hands moved up his neck and caressed his face.  One of Jamal’s thumbs entered Bryan’s mouth and my boy started to suck on it like a cock.  Bryan, moaning, uncontrollably all the while doing so.  Then the video abruptly came to an end.  My cock was so hard after seeing that.  What the hell did I just see?   Thirty seconds of my son in pure bliss.  And I had no idea what Jamal was up to or what he had done to my son!

     I tried the house Skype account but it was off line.  I had to get back to California as soon as I could, but I still had one more day of meetings that I couldn’t get out of.  I called my airline and changed my flight for a red eye the following day.  This would get me back to California in two days.  It was the earliest I could get.  I ordered room service and watched the “Milk and Cookies” and “Cherry” video clips again.  I couldn’t help but cum several times to them that night.

     After another sleepless night, I woke up early and packed my bags for my quick escape to the airport.  Then I had my meetings, made it back to the hotel and checked out.  I got to the airport made it through security.  Now began the long wait for my plane to board.  I went to a restaurant inside the terminal and had a meal.  While eating, I decided to check my email and brought out my iPad.  Another email had been sent from Jamal with a video file attached to it.  My mouth went dry and I started to get a tingly sensation in my groin.  Did I dare look at it, right there, in a busy airport restaurant?  I was sitting in the back of the restaurant so I could see if anyone approached me then I clicked on the file.

     The screen lit up with an extreme close up of my son’s face as he lay on his back.  His eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open and his hair was wet with sweat.  I quickly lowered the sound as my boy’s moans quickly filled the booth.  Then I noticed his head moving back and forth timed with his high pitched boy moans.  That’s when I heard Jamal’s voice.

     “You like daddy Jamal’s cock?” Jamal grunts out, “You like your new daddy’s cock?”  Jamal says off camera.

     Bryan moaned out “Yesssss!“ a look of pleasure and pain showed on his young face.  I realized my boy is being fucked and my cock went rock hard in my pants.  Then the tempo of Jamal’s fucking picked up speed as Bryan’s moans got louder and my son’s face undulated faster.  Bryan turned away from the camera as a look of ecstasy came across his face then the screen went dark.

     “He looks like I do when I play with my Uncle.” a young voice said next to me.  Snapping me out of my trance,  I quickly glanced to my left and I’m face to face with a boy that looks the same age as my nine year old son.  He smiled at me as I noticed him squeezing his crotch.

     “Let’s go Brandon!” he ran off towards a middle-aged woman, probably his mother.  I watched the boy’s ass, wondering what the boy would look like naked.  As the boy and his mother walked out of the restaurant, he stopped and turned, smiling at me as he grabbed and squeezed his hard boy nail again.  He then waved at me and ran out of view.

     “Get a hold of yourself!” I thought to myself.  “Your’re starting to perv out on strange boys in airports!”  I had to stay seated in the booth a bit longer to let my cock deflate.  I then made my way to my gate to wait for my boarding time.

     After a long wait in the terminal, I finally got on the plane back to California.  I managed to get a seat in the back of the plane next to the restrooms.  The flight wasn’t crowded, so I get a row to myself.  Shortly after takeoff, the lights dimmed as most of the passengers tried to get some sleep.

     About an hour into the flight I was drowsing in and out of sleep.  Awakened I noticed two people heading back to the restrooms.  It looked like a boy followed closely by a man, probably father and son heading to the bathroom.  I made a note of it and didn’t think anything more about it, until I saw the boy pass by my row.  It was Brandon!   The boy from the restaurant, followed by a man, maybe his Uncle I thought.  I was instantly awake as I watched them pass by my row and head back to the bathrooms.  I thought I saw the man behind Brandon with a substantial hard on running down the pant leg of his jeans.  But the cabin was dark so I couldn’t get a real clear look.

     I peeked around the seats and watched the boy head into one of the many closet sized bathrooms immediately followed by the man.  The door closed and I heard the door latch as the occupied sign became visible.

     My mind was reeling, and my cock went instantly hard from what I had just witnessed.  The innocent 9 year old I had met earlier in the restaurant was possibly joining the mile high club just feet from where I sat.  My mind became flooded with Images of my son and Jamal.  “Have I been blind to what has really been going on around me all this time?”, I thought.  I broke out in a cold sweat, as I thought of what was happening to Brandon a few feet away from me and what was happening to my son back in California.

     As I was thinking about the events of the past couple of days I started to hear faint, high pitched moaning, but it was difficult to hear over the sound of the plane’s engines.  Soon after the moaning started, light thumps could be heard that were in sync with the moaning.  The images of the boy named Brandon getting fucked by a monster cock in the bathroom of the plane sent my mind spinning.  I had to jerk off.

     I quickly looked around the sleeping cabin.  Seeing as the coast was clear, whipped out my leaking cock and started to stroke it to the sounds of the man and boy behind me.  The images of the boy being fucked danced in my head.  The last few days had been overwhelming and it didn’t take long to fire off several shots of my own love frosting all over me.

     I could still hear fucking going on behind me, but I was too tired to care.  I cleaned myself up as best I could and tucked my softening cock back in my pants.  I dozed off to the sounds of a boy in ecstasy.

     CLICK!  The sound of the bathroom door latch opening woke me from my light sleep.  I glanced at my watch; I’d been out for an hour.  I then noticed Brandon slowly walk by, his hair all disheveled, with a look of sheer exhaustion on his face.  The man followed right behind the boy with a wide smile on his face.  The man and I made eye contact.  He winked at me while he and the boy slowly walked back to their seats.  The hard tube in his pants was now gone, replaced with just a mild bulge.  The man and boy had fucked for over an hour and I wondered how many loads the boy had taken up his hole.   Then I wondered how many loads my son had taken so far.  I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind of all the nasty, dirty thoughts I had swimming around inside my head.  “Just get me home.”  I thought.

     I finally landed at LAX, and as I departed the plane, I noticed a tired looking Brandon walking with his mother to the baggage claim area.  The stranger I saw Brandon with was nowhere to be seen.  That boy fucked a complete stranger?  So that wasn’t his uncle after all.

     I grabbed my bags and made my way to the airport shuttle stop.  It was 5 in the morning and not too many people were around at that time.  But I preferred the quietness of the nearly deserted airport as I thought about what I was going to say and do to get Jamal out of my house.  The shuttle trip back to Calabasas felt longer than usual as my nervousness mounted.

     By the time I got back to the house it was 6 in the morning; the house and the neighborhood looked peaceful and quiet.  The sun was just starting to rise as I let myself into the house.  I decided to wait for everyone to wake up before I made my way upstairs.  Jamal and Bryan weren’t expecting me back for at least another day, so I didn’t want to make a scene this early in the morning.  I went into my office and sat at my desk, thinking about what I was going to do.  I dozed off for a bit but was awakened by noises coming from upstairs.  I looked at the clock and noticed it was now 8 in the morning.  I heard small footsteps coming down the stairs followed by heavier steps right after.

     “You hungry little man?” I heard Jamal say.

     “Yes!” replied a perky Bryan.

     “What would you like to eat for breakfast, son?” asked Jamal, as I heard them entering the kitchen.

     “I want some waffles!” I heard Bryan giggle.  I quietly moved to the door of my office to listen in on their conversation.  I didn’t want them to know I was here yet so I could see for myself what was really going on.

     “Waffles?  Is that all you want?” replied Jamal, with a playful tone in his voice.

     “Yes!” Bryan replied, and then added “With your special love frosting on top!”  I started to get hard hearing the lust in Bryan’s voice.

     “You want some more of my frosting boy?” Jamal said challengingly to my son.

     “Uh huh” Bryan said, almost mumbling.  I could tell from Bry’s subdued response that he was staring at Jamal’s cock, almost drooling at the sight of it.  Then the kitchen got quiet and after a few moments, the subtle sounds of wet sucking started to emanate out of the kitchen.

     I had to see what they were doing for myself, so  I got down on my hands and knees and crawled on the floor towards the kitchen.  I tried to make the least amount of noise as possible.  While I was slowly crawling into place for a better view, I heard their conversation continue.

     “Is that all you want?”  Jamal continued

     “I also want some sausage.” Bryan giggled deviously, followed by more sucking sounds.  I couldn’t tell if they were kissing or doing something else.  But I was about to find out as I slowly peeked around the corner into the kitchen.  What I saw made me hard instantly.

     My nine year old son was sitting on the kitchen counter with Jamal standing in front of him.  Both of them were completely naked.  Bry had his smooth boy legs wrapped around Jamal’s waist, man and boy lip locked in a passionate embrace.

     Bryan’s smooth boy skin contrasted against Jamal’s dark muscular frame as the boy clung to Jamal while they kissed.

     I noticed Jamal’s huge 8 inch cock, sandwiched between him and my son.  As the two bodies ground against each other, I would occasionally lose sight of Jamal’s throbbing cock.  Then it would pop back out on either side of them, leaking large amounts of pre-cum down their sides.  My son and Jamal were making wet sucking and moaning noises as they became lost in each other’s arms.

     My mouth went dry at the sight before me.  The image of my nine year old son, so uninhibited with showing his sexual side, sharing it with Jamal so freely, made my cock start to leak.

     Jamal pulled off my son’s mouth, their faces still touching as he breathed lustfully “I know what I want for breakfast!”

     Jamal leaned my son back on the counter and untangled himself from my boy’s legs.  Bryan’s boy feet planted on the counter, left Bryan’s legs spread wide open.  Jamal then went to the cabinet and retrieved the maple syrup.  He also grabbed a tub of butter from the counter and returned to his position in front of the reclining boy’s wide open legs.  Jamal then grabbed Bryan’s legs and rested them on his shoulders as my boy was now reclined all the way on to his back.

     “I like syrup with my breakfast’ smiled Jamal, as he started to pour maple syrup all over my son’s prepubescent  groin and chest.  Bryan giggled at the feeling of being covered in syrup.

     Once the boy was covered with a nice coating of the sticky stuff, Jamal smiled with a wicked grin.

     “Mmmm, what a delicious looking boy for my breakfast.” Jamal said as his head went down on my young son.  He started to lick the sugary goo off the nine year old with Bryan squirming and laughing uncontrollably as Jamal’s tongue danced all over Bryan’s body.  Jamal pinned down Bryan’s flailing arms as he worked his way down the young boy’s body. The sounds of sucking and slurping filled the kitchen, accompanied by the boyish gasping and giggling of Bryan.

     Soon, Jamal’s head made it to down to my son’s groin.   The man’s head buried between my boy’s smooth thighs, focusing all of his attention there.

     “He must be really manipulating my son’s little cocklet” I thought, as Jamal held down the squirming and flailing boy while continuing to suck on him.  Bryan’s giggles turned to moans as a look of determined lust appeared on my son‘s face.  His legs bent down, planting his boy feet against Jamal’s back, forcing as much of his groin against Jamal’s sucking mouth.  Bryan and Jamal soon developed a rhythm.  Moaning and grunting in time with the thrusting of my son’s hips.  Then, with a loud moan from my boy,  Bryan took one large thrust upward as his body was shaken by a powerful, dry orgasm.

     Jamal continued to manipulate the boy’s penis and balls as Bryan‘s body continued to be rocked by endless waves of orgasmic pleasure.  His small frame rocked over and over again with multiple dry orgasms.  Bryan’s loud moaning and panting, echoing through the house.

     Jamal finally eased his assault on my boy, and withdrew his mouth from my boy’s penis.  Bryan’s body went limp on the counter, gasping for air, as his body recovered from his ordeal.

     Without missing a beat, Jamal raised Bryan’s legs up and back to my boy’s shoulders and started to eat him out like a starved man.  After the multiple orgasms Bryan had just experienced, the spent boy could only respond with a low guttural moan as he felt Jamal’s tongue start to explore his boy hole.  Jamal was really going to town on my son’s asshole and Bryan was giving it to him freely.  Suddenly Jamal stopped and looked up at my boy.

     “Do you still want some sausage for breakfast?” asked Jamal.

     All Bryan could answer was a weak “uh huh.”

     Jamal reached for the tub of butter and scooped up a dab with his fingers and started to rub the butter up and down his hard, 8 inch cock.  His cock glistened as it reflected the early morning sunlight coming through the kitchen windows.

     Jamal lined up his buttered, black, man sausage with Bryan’s well worked sphincter and slowly started to apply pressure.  I thought there was no way Bryan’s small body could take Jamal’s monster cock, but I watched with amazement as the hard throbbing cock slowly disappeared into my boy.  Bryan hardly made a sound as the cock continued to slide further in.  As Jamal slowly bottomed out in my boy, Bryan’s eyes closed, and his mouth slowly opened as he felt Jamal‘s groin make contact with his ass.  Bryan, my nine year old pride and joy,  now had 8 inches of hard, thick, man cock in him.

     Jamal leaned down, and the two embraced in a passionate kiss as Jamal’s body covered the small boy.  Bry’s white, smooth arms and legs contrasted against the muscular black man‘s skin.

     Then it hit me!  With the ease Jamal had sliding his cock into my boy, this was not the first time Bryan had taken Jamal’s cock.  Shocked at this thought, I watched in stunned silence from the dark hallway as Jamal started to slowly move his cock in and out of my boy.  Bryan was moaning louder and louder as Jamal increased his undulations.  Bryan’s arms and legs were wrapped around Jamal’s thrusting body as Jamal continued to pick up the pace of his fucking.  Then he made a hard thrust into my boy and held it there.

     “You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal said lustfully, as he pulled his cock out almost all the way, then shoved it back in to the hilt, making Bry moan out loudly.

     “You like my big sausage up your boy pussy, son?” Jamal continued, as he pulled out and thrust in again.  Bryan moaned something I couldn’t quite make out.

     “Speak up, Daddy can’t hear you son.” Jamal said starting to slowly long dick my boy.

     Bryan moaned out loudly  “UUUH, I LO…LOVE  YYOOUR…..COOOOCK DA…DADDY!” as Bryan felt the sensations of Jamal’s cock as it wracked his boy colon.

     “Yeah, you like your new daddy’s cock, don’t cha?”  As Jamal pounded my boy, Bryan just moaned uncontrollably as the fucking continued.  Suddenly, Jamal buried his cock, balls deep and left it there.  He stroked my sweaty son’s face as the two made eye contact.

     “I’d like to finish my breakfast at the table.”  Jamal, then lifted the boy up in his arms, with my son still impaled and clinging to him, and exited the kitchen towards the dining room.  I quietly made my way to the other side of the hallway to peek into the dining room and watched Jamal lying my boy down on the far end of the long dining room table.  Jamal was laying on top of Bryan making small hunching movement with his hips.

     “Are you ready for my breakfast love frosting son?” Jamal asked as he gazed into Bryan‘s eyes.

     “YES!” replied Bryan, in a high lusty tone.

     “Then get ready son.  I’m gonna to give you a fresh batch.” as Jamal stood up, holding Bryan’s coltish legs wide open.  Bryan grabbed on to the sides of the table as he braced himself for the onslaught he was about to receive.  I watched Jamal start to thrust in and out of my son who’s now laid out like the main course of a meal.  His loud moaning and the creaking of the dining room table echo across the room as Jamal’s thrusts start to get longer and faster.

     I watched the spectacle before me, hypnotized by the image of my nine year old son being fucked wildly by this muscular black man, on my dining room table, in my own house!  I started to stoke myself in time with Jamal’s thrusts.  Then I noticed Jamal looking right at me with a wild devilish grin on his face.

     “You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal asked Bryan even as his eyes stayed focused on mine and kicked his fucking up a notch.

     “Mmm…YEAH….mmmmm…UUHHH!” Bryan tried to answer as Jamal started to rabbit fuck the boy.  The table sounded like it was going to collapse at any minute, and so did Bryan for that matter.


     Jamal kept his eyes locked with mine as I continued to stroke my cock faster and faster from my position in the outer hallway.

     Then Jamal closed his eyes as his head tilted back, still holding my boys legs wide open.  His mouth in a silent wail as his long thrusts went to a short, deep grinding motion against my boy‘s ass.

     Then Jamal made one last thrust forward as he let out a loud roar.

     “AAAAaaaaaahh……..FFFUUUCK!” Jamal yelled out as his body convulsed, pumping shot after shot of cum into my boy.  Bryan made small moaning sounds as he felt Jamal’s seed flood his boy colon.

     The sights and sounds of man fucking boy were too much for me as I started to cum uncontrollably all over myself.  Then I heard a deep voice speak from the top of the stairs.

     “Damn, Jamal, heard you clear up here!  Woke me up with that one.”  I glanced up to see another large muscular black man, standing naked at the top of the stairs, stroking his large cock.

     “Looks like someone else is wide awake now too.”  As the mysterious new guest glanced down at his impressive nine inch cock, hardening up as he continued to stroke it.

     “We were gonna have some breakfast but we got distracted.” chuckled Jamal “Stay there, we’ll be right up, we need to wash off some of the breakfast.” as Jamal lifted my son off the dinning room table.  Bryan clung to Jamal’s muscular, sticky body as the two headed towards the stairs.  Bryan still impaled on Jamal’s cock, which was still hard as a rock after that amazing cum he just experienced.

     “What is that, cum?” asked the stranger as Jamal and Bryan made it to the top of the stairs.

     “No, maple syrup.” laughed Jamal.

     “You are a kinky dude, Jamal.” said the stranger.

     “You know what’s even kinkier?” asked Jamal as he nodded in my direction.  The stranger spotted me lying in the hallway, covered in my own cum.

     “Damn, is that….?” responded the stranger.

     “Yup, let’s go clean my boy up, and get him ready for breakfast.”  Jamal headed into the bathroom with the stranger following closely behind.

     I sat there and watched the bathroom door close and then heard the door lock.  My head was spinning as I stuffed my softening cock back into my soiled pants.  I slowly stood up and tried to clear my mind.  I glanced over at the dining room table, the sight of where Jamal and my son had consummated their lustful passion.  I noticed a puddle of cum on the table left over from the fucking my son just took, along with, what looked like, a large half full plate of uneaten brownies loosely covered with plastic wrap.

     I made my way over to the far end of the dining room table and stood there looking at the evidence left over from the event I just witnessed.  I reached down and scooped up some of Jamal’s cum with my fingers, I paused to look at it.  I contemplated this fresh pool of cum that had leaked out of my boy.  I put my cum soaked fingers in my mouth and savored the flavor of Jamal’s love frosting mixed in with my son’s ass juices.  The salty taste invaded my taste buds.

     I slowly made my way up the stairs and stood at the entrance of the second floor hallway.  I walked up to the bathroom door to my left and put my ear to the door.  I could hear the shower running intermixed with a mixture of man and boy moans, and the occasional grunt from one of the men.  I also heard the distinct sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.  I could hear the two men talking, probably encouraging my boy.  But I couldn’t make out what they were saying.  I tried the door handle, but it was still locked.

     I glanced over to Bryan’s bedroom which was across the hall from the bathroom.  His bed was disheveled with wet spots all over it and the room had the distinct smell of sex coming from it.  This was an unusual smell to find in a nine year old boy’s room.

     I grew weak in the knees as I realized a lot more had gone on with my son than what I was shown on the videos Jamal had sent me.  And who was this other guy with him?  I needed to lie down and gather my strength from all the overwhelming events of the last few days.

     As I headed down the hallway to the master bedroom I passed the open door of Ben’s room.  Then it dawned on me, what was going to happen when my 14 year old son returned from summer camp?  Would Jamal do anything to  Ben?  How would Ben take all this?  Luckily Ben wouldn’t be home for a few days and I might still be able to get rid of Jamal before he gets home.

     I headed to my room, opened the door and saw that my bed was in the same condition as my son’s bed.  I spotted Bryan’s stretchy lycra superman outfit on the floor at the foot of the bed.  The covers and comforter of the king size bed had been pushed off the bed completely and where lying off to the side.  I also noticed what looked like a DVD case with a red bow on it sitting in the middle of the bed.  It was lying on top of Bryan’s red Superman cape, which was covered with a crust of dried cum.  I went over to the bed and picked it up.  The cover had a picture of my son smiling on it  with the title “B’s Cherry” across the top.  Next to the bow on the case was a card that had, written in red crayon in Bryan‘s hand writing,

To: Frank

From: Bryan

“Oh shit” I thought.

Watching the Boys - Part 3

 My cock was hard again.  What was on this DVD?  I had to know.  I opened up the DVD case and put the disk in the player.  I had a high end entertainment center installed across from my king size bed so I could watch movies.  I sat back on the bed and clicked on the flat screen with the remote and waited for the DVD to start playing.
     The screen lit up with the red colored title card, “B’s Cherry” then faded out.  Then the screen faded up with the image of Bryan standing in the classic superhero pose, his hands on his hips wearing the Superman costume I bought for him last Halloween.  The stretchy spandex one piece was a tight for the boy, even when I bought it for him a year ago.  But I bought it so it would show off his cute sexy boy body, and Bryan loved the feel of the spandex so he didn‘t complain.  But Bryan has grown since then and now the costume fits really snug on him.  Then I hear Jamal’s voice off camera as the image roams over the tight outfit.

     “Here is our hero, ready to fight the evil plans of his arch enemy Lex Luthor.  A villian who fights dirty and knows all of Superman’s weaknesses.”

     “I’m Superboy, not Superman!” Bryan giggles at the camera.

     “Oh, sorry.  Superboy!” Jamal replies.

     “And especially how Kryptonite will leave our hero powerless and begging for mercy.” As Jamal holds up a small white piece of rock like substance in front of the camera.

     “What’s that?” asks Bryan.

     “Kryptonite silly boy, but that’s for later.” Jamal continues as the camera refocuses on Bryan.  The boy giggled at how well Jamal is playing along with the game.

     “Now fly away and Lex Luthor will try and capture you.” Jamal says.  Bryan smiles widely and does his best flying pose.

     “Up, up and away!” yells Bryan, as the boy runs out of frame with his red cape following him.

     The image immediately jumps to a shaky hand held image as the camera chases Jamal and a giggling Bryan around the house.  His red cape flashing brief glimpses of the tight spandex costume as it strains against the sexy boy body inside it.  Jamal is only wearing a loose pair of shorts, his bulge clearly viable down the pant leg of the nylon shorts in some shots. Jamal chases the goggling boy out of the room as the camera stays on a wide shot of the dining room.  The camera must have been held by the mysterious man a saw go into the bathroom with my son earlier.

     A boyish giggling scream can be heard off camera as Jamal captures the boy and brings him back into the dining room.    He places the boy in a chair at the end of the dinning room table and ties the boy to the chair.  Bryan giggling the whole time.
    “O.K.  Superboy, you’ll now tell me how the secret to your super powers!”  Jamal said in a corny dramatic tone.

     “Never!  I’ll never reveal my secret to you Lex Luthor!” giggled Bryan.

     “Then I’ll have to loosen your tongue boy!” Jamal replied

     Jamal headed off to the kitchen and shortly brought back, what looked liked, a plate of brownies wrapped with plastic wrap, a small black canister of something, and a tall glass of milk.  He placed them down in front of the tied up boy on the dining room table.

     “These truth brownies will help loosen your tongue boy!” Jamal says in a playful way.

     “Ha!  Your brownies will have no effect on me Lex Luthor!” smiled the brown haired cutie.

     “These are special brownies Superboy, and you won’t be able to resist me after you’ve had one!” as Jamal takes a large brownie out of the plastic wrap.  He then takes the small canister and unscrews it, then taps out some yellowish white powder on top of the brownie.   Jamal sprinkles the fine powder all over the top.

     “What’s that?” asks Bryan.

     “It will help me get the truth out of you Superboy!” replied a smiling Jamal as he put the powdered brownie  up to Bryan’s mouth.

     “Truth stuff won’t work on me Lex Luthor!” smiled a defiant Bryan as the boy tried to avoid the brownie by turning his head playfully.

     After a few attempts, Jamal took Bryan’s head and pushed the powdered brownie against the boys lips.  Bryan playfully giggled, then opened his mouth and started to eat the brownie.

     With his mouth full of what was left of the brownie Bryan comments “The brownie tastes funny, but I like it.” as Bryan continued to swallow the rest of the chocolate concoction.  Jamal brought the glass of milk up to Bryan’s lips.

     “Drink up boy!  I’ll get the truth out of you one way or another!” replied Jamal as Bryan started to drink the milk.

     Bryan washed the rest of the brownie down and smiled at the camera with a fresh milk mustache.

     “Did you get all that Uncle Dee?” Bryan said looking to the someone just off camera.

     “I sure did little guy.”  the other voice said from off camera.  This Uncle Dee must be the guy working the video camera and the guy I saw going into the bathroom with Jamal and my son.  What have these two men been up to with my son?

     “Now, will you cooperate with me or do I have to get tough with you?” Jamal continued.

     “Let’s see if you can catch me again!” as Bryan suddenly pulled free from the loosely tied ropes and dashed out of frame, as Jamal unsuccessfully tried to grab the fast boy, with the camera quickly following.  Jamal chased the boy around the house, and after several near catches, Bryan finally fell back onto the couch exhausted with Jamal collapsing next to the panting, smiling boy.

     “How you feeling son?” asked Jamal.

     “I feel gooooood.” replied a slightly woozy Bryan, as he stretched out like a cat.  The Superman costume straining against his nimble frame.  Whatever was in, and sprinkled on, that brownie was starting to kick in.

     “I feel sooooo gooood!”  Bryan smiled wide with his eyelids now looking heavy.

     “Come sit on daddy’s lap son” Jamal said to the relaxed boy.  Bryan slid over onto Jamal’s lap and reclined back on to the muscular black man’s chest.  Jamal started to slowly run his hands up and down the spandex covered boy.  Bryan lightly moaned as the large black hands manipulated the boys body.  The camera followed Jamal’s hands as they stroked every inch of my nine year old son.  A noticeable boy bulge was showing as Bryan became aroused by Jamal’s manipulations.

     “Feels like you’re the boy of steel.” Jamal whispered into Bryan’s ear, as he centered his attention on  Bryan’s hard boy cock. The camera focused in on the two strong black hands, as it manipulated the hard boy nail through the tight spandex.  Bryan let out small grunting and groaning sounds as the sensations rippled through his body.

     “Your now mine to do whatever I want, Superboy.” as Jamal continued to whisper into my boy’s ear.  The camera continued to follow Jamal’s other hand as it moved up and started to pinch and massage Bryan’s hard boy nipples through the tight spandex.  Bryan moaned out louder this time, as both sensations overwhelmed him.

     “I shall know your deepest secrets and take them from you.” as Jamal licked Bryan’s ear, which sent shivers through the boy’s young body.

     “I think it’s time for you to see Lex Luthor’s truth probe.”

     Jamal then started to work his shorts down while holding Bry in place on top of him.  Once released from his baggy shorts, Jamal’s cock immediately flopped up and stood attention between Bryan’s silky spandex covered boy legs.  Three inches of Jamal’s eight inch, thick black cock, could be seen rising above Bryan’s hard crotch.

     “Henchman Dee, you should do the same.”  Jamal says to the camera.  The camera wobbles a bit as Uncle Dee removed his shorts and tossed them onto the couch next to Bryan and Jamal.

     “Ooooh, I love your truth probe.” smiled Bryan, as the boy clamped the erect black cock between his silky spandex covered boy thighs.  The camera went wide as Bryan reached down with both hands and gently stroked Jamal’s throbbing cock head.  Jamal let out a long guttural moan as the boy’s small hands manipulated his sensitive cock head.

     “Yeah baby, stroke that probe.”  Jamal says lustfully.  Bryan tilts his head back and the two start to kiss madly.  Jamal and Bryan’s hands are a flurry of movement as they start to stoke each others bodies uncontrollably and lust takes hold of them both.  The camera pans up and down the two writhing bodies, catching groping hands and excited flesh.  Jamal pauses his kissing and looks at the camera.

     “I think it’s time to take Superboy here up to my secret lair.”  Jamal then smiles a wicked grin and the naked Jamal rises up off the couch, lifting up and carrying my limp son towards the stairs and the upstairs bedrooms.  The camera following the action the whole way.

     The screen then cut to a wide shot of my master bedroom with a naked Jamal carrying my son.  I see two other video cameras mounted on tripods around the bed.  The video then cut to the hand held camera, as Jamal gently lowered Bryan onto the center of the giant king size bed.  I also notice a set of four fur lined cuffs attached to chains draped along the top of the bed.  Bryan stretched out like a cat, as Jamal laid down next to my boy as he continued to rub his hands up and down the boy’s spandex clad body.  Bryan’s lithe body standing out against the bright satin red cape.

     “I feel warm…” Bryan said with spacey smile.

     “Superboy is warm huh?  Well lets just take off you super suit then.” replied Jamal.

     Jamal rolled the stretched out boy over on his side and slowly unzipped the back zipper on the boy’s tight spandex Superman suit.  Bryan’s sexy back opened up to Jamal and the camera as the zipper was slowly lowered, all the way down, to just above the beginning of the boy’s tight ass.

     “Time to get Superboy more comfortable.” as Jamal ran his strong hands inside each sleeve of Bryan’s restrictive costume, removing each of Bryan’s arms.  Jamal then slowly lowered the restrictive spandex Superman one piece down until the boy was topless with the top part of the costume bunched up around the boy‘s waist.

     Jamal rolled my son back over, so he was face up again with a dreamy smile on his face.  The camera captured Jamal’s hands roam all over the exposed boy’s chest as it gently moved up and down as he breathed.

        “I now have you in my evil clutches Superboy.” Jamal said seductively as he continued to move his hands up the boy’s out stretched body.  The picture cut to a wide shot of Jamal as he Gently grabbed hold of the boys wrists and moved the boys arms up over his head.  He then placed a black, fur covered cuff on each the boys wrists, stretching Bryan’s arms over his head.  The video cut back to a close up as Jamal leaned down to the boys face and muttered to the restrained boy:

     “And you are now powerless to escape me.”  as Jamal brought his lips down to the boy’s lips.  Bryan and Jamal started to kiss passionately as my son gave no resistance to the black man’s invading tongue.  I was so hard from watching my son give himself so freely to the muscular black man.  Even after ejaculating just a few minutes ago downstairs, I couldn‘t help but whip out my hard cock and start stroking again.

     As Jamal continued to duel tongues with my boy, the camera followed his large black hand down, as it slowly made it’s way to the boy’s straining spandex package.  Jamal used the palm of his hand, and started to lightly rub in  small circular motions over the hard boy nail causing Bryan to sharply inhale and groan through his nose as they kissed.

     “Mmmmm…aaammmph…mmmmph!“ The boy could be heard moaning in the background as he tried to force his tongue as deeply as he could into Jamal’s mouth.  The camera still focused on his little boy hips grinding upward into Jamal’s palm.

     The video then went to a shot of the two on the bed as Jamal lifted his hand off the boy.  They continued to kiss as  Bryan moaned in disappointment, the boy straining against the restraints while still trying to thrust up and maintain contact with Jamal’s hand.  Jamal then started to stoke Bryan’s tummy, his fingers slowly teasing entry into the boys costume.  The camera cut to a close up as Jamal pulled back from Bryan’s eager kissing.

     “You ready Superboy?  Are you ready to reveal your super secret powers to me?” Jamal muttered breathlessly to the boy.

     “Uh uh” was all Bryan could respond as he slowly shook his head no.  The lustful, glazed over look in Bryan’s  eyes said everything Jamal needed to know.

     “Then you leave me no choice Superboy,” as the video cut to Jamal’s hand, as it slid down inside the waist of the boy’s tight costume.  Bryan moaned out as Jamal’s hand softly gripped the boy’s cock and balls directly.  The boy’s high pitched moans became muffled as Jamal thrust his tongue back into Bryan’s small mouth.  The muscular man and my nine year old boy began to kiss passionately again.

     Jamal’s large hand obscenely stretched out the spandex material as he stroked and manipulated my sons hard boy nail.  Bryan spread his legs wider as the camera focused on the obscene undulating bulge that moved erotically over the boy’s crotch.  Bryan’s hips moved hypnotically with each movement as the boy pulled against the restraints for better leverage.  The video went to a wide shot of the two as I watched Jamal play my son like a fine musical instrument.  I slowly stroked myself to the lustful words Jamal muttered to my son.

     “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?  You super boy.” as Jamal continued with his stoking.  Bryan was really worked up now.

     “Uuuhhh…mmmmmm…yyy…yeahhh…,” Bryan squeaked out.  His body damp with sweat.

     “Time to get you ready for my truth probe, and find out what you know,” Jamal muttered to Bryan as he moved down to Bryan’s waist.  Jamal grabbed the sides of the spandex costume and slowly worked the tight fitting outfit down the boy‘s legs.  The camera captured Jamal’s hands feeling down Bryan‘s smooth boy legs until Bryan was lying stretched out on his back, completely naked, except for his red cape underneath him.

     The camera admired the sight of the boy stretched out on the king sized bed .  His arms restrained above his head with his nude body laid out over his red satiny Superman cape.  His little boy cock hard and throbbing as Bryan smiled with a lustful look in his eyes at the camera.

     Then the camera shifted to the side as Jamal sat between the boys outstretched boy legs with a bottle of lube and what looked like a similar black canister to the one he had in the dining room.  Jamal’s cock looked hard as steel as it jutted out from his crotch.  He set the items down and took the boy’s legs and placed them on his shoulders.

     The camera followed Jamal’s large black hands as they stroked up and down the length of the boy’s creamy legs and thighs.  Jamal’s hands working their way down until they settled on Bryan’s hard boy cock, stroking and fondling the boy with his large, strong hands.  Bryan moaned as the weed and ecstasy laced brownie amplified the feelings of Jamal’s stroking.

     “Are you ready to tell me the secret to your powers Superboy?” Bryan smiled back through his haze and shook his head back and forth.

     “Nnn…no…you won’t….mmm…get anything…uhhh…out of me….Luthor,” smiled the horny boy.

     “So be it, son of Jor-El,” Jamal smiled as he leaned forward with Bryan’s ankles in his hands.  Jamal stretched the flexible nine year old boy’s legs back until the boy’s legs were against his shoulders.  Jamal then clamped the other two fur lined cuffs to the boy’s ankles pinning the boy’s legs back.  Jamal leaned back to admire his work, leaving my son’s ass and hard, hairless boy cock obscenely open and exposed for the camera to see.

     “Now that is a super view,” Jamal said to the camera as he ran his large black hands all over my son’s white creamy thighs and down to my boy’s small white ass.  I groaned and squeezed my cock as I watched Jamal run one of his large fingers up and down Bryan’s exposed boy pussy.  The camera pushed in tight on Jamal’s finger as he slowly circled the small hole with the tip of his finger.  His finger dwarfed Bryan’s almost nonexistent virgin boy hole.

     “Looks like I’ll need some Kryptonite to weaken you,”  Jamal chuckles off camera, “So you can handle my truth probe.”

     “But first, let’s get you loosened up with some lube.”

     The camera went to side shot as Jamal lowered his head and began to lick Bryan’s asshole with wild abandon.  My son began to moan out while trying to force his hips upward.  Jamal grasped Bryan’s waist and helped force the boy’s torso upward against Jamal’s outstretched mouth.  Suddenly, Bryan let out a gasp followed by a low guttural moan which I figured meant that Jamal’s tongue had made entry into the boys tight pussy.

     Bryan’s moans became louder and louder with the rhythm of Jamal’s head movements.  His mouth was stretched out wide over Bryan’s ass, and I could only imagine how far his fat tongue was jammed up my boy’s loosening pucker.

     Jamal then pulled back, and the camera caught a brief glimpse of my boy’s hole as it stayed open for a few seconds then closed up like a flower.

     Jamal smirked as he grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed out a dab of clear goop onto his fingers.  The video cut to a view looking over Jamal’s shoulder, down onto Bryan’s exposed ass as he applied the lube to Bryan’s not so tight boy pussy.

     Jamal spread the clear gel in small circular motions around the wet pucker until he finally centered a finger on the boy’s sphincter, and made small circular motions while applying pressure against the straining muscle.  Slowly, Jamal’s finger sunk all the way into Bryan’s tight hole, eliciting a quick gasp from my boy.  Jamal kept his finger in the boy’s ass for a moment, but then Bryan’s eyes got wide, his body flinched against the restraints holding him in place, and he started to breath faster.

     “AAAAHH…my butt….UUUUUH…it…feeeelss…HOT…UUUNGG!” exclaimed Bryan, with a look of panic on his face.

     “That’s just the lube Superboy, it has real Kryptonite in it,” chuckled Jamal “Just give the lube a minute to work and your butt will feel even better than before.” smiled Jamal, as he slowly wiggled his finger inside the boys ass.  All the restrained boy could do was moan, as he felt the building sensations that were starting to emanate from his butt.

     Jamal watched as the look of pain slowly subsided from the boy’s face and was replaced with a look of lust.  Jamal took the bottle and spread more lube directly around his inserted finger as he started to work that finger in and out of the boy.  Jamal could feel Bryan’s ass loosen up even more and took advantage of it by sliding a second finger into the boy’s tight hole.  Bryan’s eyes closed, his mouth opened with a gasp, as the feeling of the second finger being added overwhelmed his body.

     Jamal suddenly removed his fingers, leaving Bryan’s ass wide open.  He then quickly took the lube, and squirted a generous amount directly into the boy’s gaping hole.  The sudden feeling of the warming Kryptonite laced lube caused Bryan to moan out.  His sphincter closed up tight, sealing in a large amount of lube in his quivering boy hole.  Bryan breathed heavily as his arms and legs strained against the restraints.

     “That was just the first stage Superboy, now I’ll weaken your ass with real Kryptonite.” said Jamal as he grabbed the black canister and took out, what looked like, a small white rock.

     He then slid his lubed up finger back into the boy, followed quickly by a second finger.  A look of pure lust flashed across my boy’s face as the large black fingers stimulated his boy colon.  Jamal noticed Bryan’s hole was significantly looser this time too.  The Kryptonite laced lube was doing it’s job.

     Jamal removed his fingers and placed the white rock on the boy’s quivering pucker.  The camera captured him slowly push the Kryptonite into the boy’s ass with his two lubed up fingers, burying them deep into Bryan’s boy pussy.  Bryan started to moan and wail as Jamal worked the nugget of the dissolving Kryptonite against the walls of Bryan’s boy pussy.  

     “AHHH!…JJJAMAL…IT REALLLY BURNSSS!!! Cried out Bryan.  The camera captures his body really straining and flexing against the restraints.

     “Sssshhh baby Superboy, that’s the Kryptonite draining your powers, and to make it ready for my truth probe.”

     After a few minutes of Jamal’s manipulations, Bryan’s demeanor changed from discomfort to overwhelming lust as the boy tried to push back against Jamal’s finger.  The nugget had now been completely dissolved inside the well lubed boy pussy, which was now loose and pliable enough for Jamal to side in a third finger.  Bryan grunted lustfully at the growing fullness in his ass.

     “You like that now boy?” Jamal asked huskily.

     The only reply was “Dddon’t …stop.”

     The video cut to Bryan, his eyes closed with a look of pleasure on his face as Jamal rotated his three large black fingers inside the boy.  Jamal could feel Bryan’s ass opening up like a flower as the boy moaned louder in lustful pleasure.

     “I think your ready for my truth probe Superboy.”

     The camera pulled wide as Jamal continued to stimulate Bryan’s ass as with his fingers, stroking his hard, eight inch cock with his other hand.  Jamal quickly removed his fingers while he leaned forward on his knees as he positioned his cock over the boy’s open hole.  Jamal then lowered his cock until the large mushroom shaped dome was nudging against Bryan’s opening.

     “The moment of truth Superboy!” Jamal announced as Bryan groaned with a look of anticipation.

     Bryan had been able to get three of Jamal’s large fingers in him, but I didn’t think that my nine year old boy would be able to tackle the monster that  Jamal was packing.

     Jamal started to lean his weight forward as the large shaft started to press against the boy’s loosened hole.  The image cut to the hand held camera as it showed Jamal’s hard cock slowly enter the boy’s tight ass.

     “Unnnnnnaaaaahh! Bryan moaned out as he felt Jamal’s cock slowly slide into him.   Jamal couldn’t believe how nice and tight the boy felt as he continued to slowly push himself into the restrained boy.  The camera cut to a wide shot as Jamal’s body got down closer and closer to the moaning boy.  Until Jamal’s body was tightly pressed against Bryan‘s small boy body.  Bryan let out a loud moan as Jamal bottomed out in him.

     The video then cut to the hand held camera, as it focused in on Jamal’s balls, now pressed firmly against the boy‘s ass.  His hard eight inches now fully inserted into the small nine year old body below him.  The camera cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed.  I could only see my son's restrained arms and legs jutting out from the top, the rest of him hidden by this large grown man leaning over him.

     The video cut to a close profile of Jamal and Bryan’s faces.  Jamal purred into Bryan’s ear “Mmmmmm…the truth probe is completely in you now Super Bry.”  Jamal groaned out as he felt the boy’s pussy grip his hard eight inches in response.

     “Such a tight, special boy.”

     The video cut back to Jamal’s cock, as it started to slowly pull out of the boy.  Bryan could be heard gasping from the withdrawal of Jamal’s large member as it slowly rubbed against the walls of Bryan’s tight boy hole.  Sending fantastic sensations coursing through his young, restrained body.

     “You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal can be heard in the background, as the camera captured his thick black cock sinking back into the boy, to the hilt.

     “Yyyy…yeeessssss…J…Jamal!” Bryan moaned out as the camera cut to a wide shot, showing his arms and legs pulling against the restraints.  The picture then cut to a side close up shot of Jamal and Bryan’s faces as Jamal continued his dirty talk.

     “No baby Bry, I’m your daddy now.” as Jamal maintained a slow thrusting rhythm in and out of the boy.

     “Say it for me son, call me daddy.” Jamal replied inches from my gasping boy’s face. Bryan’s eyes and mouth were wide open as Jamal started to thrust hard and deep into the boy.  The motion of Jamal’s body, looked like he was crushing my son underneath him, as I heard my boy grunt with each thrust.

     Overwhelmed by the fucking he was getting from Jamal’s hard eight inches, Bryan finally blurted out:


    Jamal smiled and passionately kissed the boy as he started to really hammer his cock into Bryan.  Their tongues dueled between gasps of air, as the two lost themselves in their lustful coupling.

     “YOUR”RE MY DAAADDY!  YOOOUR”RE MY DADDY!  YOUR”RE MMMY DAAADDY!”  Bryan yelled out in time with each hard thrust of Jamal’s cock.  I continued to stroke my rock hard cock to the sounds of my son’s verbal betrayal.  I felt disgusted with myself, but too turned on to stop, as I continued to watch the unrelenting deflowering of my son.

     The video changed to a wide shot of Jamal as he pounded my boy, the wet sloppy sounds of sex echoed though out the master bedroom.  The sounds only interrupted by the voices of Jamal and my boy as Jamal continued to seduce my son.

     “Frank never plays with you does he?” Jamal said, as the picture switched to a close up of Jamal and Bryan.
     “Nnn…NO!” Bryan gasped.

     “Frank’s never home, never here for you, is he?” as Jamal continued with his deep thrust.

     “NNNO! Bryan said with a look of longing.

     “Frank doesn't like you hanging around when his business friends are here does he?” Jamal continued.
     “UUUH!  NNNO!” Bryan responded.

     “UUUH! You like feeling like this, don’t you my son?” Jamal continued as tingling sensations began to build behind his balls.

     “YYYES!” Bryan replied with pleading eyes.

     “My friends will always want to play with you…MMMM…and make you feel good and special…OOOOH...and loved.  Would you like that my boy?“  Jamal said as he raised his upper body off the boy for better leverage as he continued to pound his hips into my boy.

     “MMMYYYEESSS DADDY!” Bryan groaned out.

     Jamal suddenly thrust forward and stopped, as he buried his hard eight inches completely inside the boy.  Looking down on my son, Jamal smiled at the boy impaled on his cock.

     ‘Will you give yourself to me?  Will you be my son, sexy boy?” Jamal said, as he slowly ground his hips into the boy.

      “YEEAH!  UUUH!  MOOORE!” was all Bryan could answer.

     “Yeah what boy?” Jamal replied with a hard grind against Bryan’s ass, making the boy grunt sharply then groaned out.


    “You’ll be my bitch boy?” as Jamal jabbed and ground his cock into Bryan again as he said it.

     YYYEEESSSS!  DADDDYYY!   YESSSSS!” Bryan moaned out breathlessly.
     Jamal then glanced at the camera and motioned with his head to the top of the bed.

     “O.K. Dee, unhook my son so he can give himself to me freely.”

     The image cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed with Jamal and Bryan lying on it, the silky red Superman cape spread out under them.  Uncle Dee went up to where Bryan’s arms and legs were latched to the chains and unhooked all four cuffs, releasing Bryan.  The black fur lined cuffs remained on my son’s ankles and wrists.

     As soon as Bryan’s arms and legs were released, they immediately wrapped around the dominate black man’s waist and shoulders.  Bryan’s Superman cape clung to the boy’s sweaty body as he hugged Jamal, trying to get more of Jamal’s black cock in him.

     Jamal lowered himself back down on the boy as the side camera captured the two contrasting bodies grind against each other.  The black man and the nine year old kissed passionately again, tongues dueling in a wild show of unbridled lust.

     Jamal picked up the pace of his ass pounding, and really started to pump into Bryan.  The sounds of  slapping flesh increased.  Jamal started to mutter uncontrollably to Bryan as his oncoming climax approached.  The next few moments were like a blur as I watched Jamal fuck my son.  I was as close to cumming as Jamal was.


     “YEESSS!  YESSS!  HARDER DADDY! Bryan yelled out.

     “AAAH!  YOU“RE MY SON NOW BOY!” as Jamal’s hips were a blur.

     “AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” My son screamed out as Jamal rabbit fucked Bryan with all eight of his steely hard inches.

     “OOOH  SHIT!  FUUUCK!  TAKE MY LOVE FROSTING BOY!” Jamal grunted as he slammed into the boy as his cock erupted deep inside the boy’s battered bowls.  Bryan’s legs gripped harder against Jamal’s lower back as the boy forced himself back onto the erupting cock.

     “That’s right my boy.  My new son.  Take my seed.” Jamal said, out of breath as he continued to flood the insides of my boy with his sperm.
     I started to cum all over myself as I watched Jamal’s ass muscles flex and clench as he pumped his love frosting into my son. My stomach sank as I just realized I lost my son to Jamal’s monster cock, as it claimed my boy with it‘s sperm.

     The image on the screen became still as the two spent bodies recovered from their amazing coupling.  Jamal and the boy locked in a passionate embrace on the king sized bed .  The image then cut to side shot of the two as they kissed and cuddled with each other, each covered in a layer of sweat.

     “How you feeling son?” Jamal inquired.
     “I’m thirsty Ja….” Jamal puts a finger to Bryan’s lips as he interupts the boy.

     “Who am I?” Jamal asks.  Bryan pauses, then a wide smile comes across his face.


     “That’s right son,” replied Jamal.

     Keeping his hard cock inside the boy, Jamal reached over and grabbed a water bottle and a blue pill off the side table.  It looked like a Viagra pill.

     “Swallow this, it will help give you energy,” as Jamal popped the large pill in his mouth and gave my son some water from the sports bottle.  Bryan swallowed the water like a dying man in the desert.

     “How was that?” Jamal asked, as he stroked back the boys sweat soaked hair.

     “Mmmm…good…thanks daddy,” said my well fucked son with a smile.

     “You liked daddies cock?” Jamal smiled

     “Mmmm…Yeah, it feels good.” Bryan replied as the camera captured my son, as he still clung to Jamal’s body.  It looked like my son still craved for more from Jamal‘s cock.

     “You want more cock my little bro?” Jamal asked as he cuddled the gripping boy.

     “Oooooh…Yes daddy.” Bryan pleaded.

      The video cut to the hand held camera as it looked down the front of Uncle Dee’s body.  His hard nine inch black cock sticking straight out from his body as he leaned to over Bryan’s face.  Bryan’s eyes lit up with a greedy look as he took in the sight of Uncle Dee’s massive tool.  

     “You want to taste Uncle Dee’s love frosting son?” Jamal asked.  Bryan nodded yes as Uncle Dee lowered his cock to just above Bryan’s face.

     “Why don’t you go ahead and show your Uncle how much you love his cock.” Jamal said as he sat back giving Uncle Dee room to play with Bryan.  The boy, still impaled on Jamal’s slowly deflating cock.

     For the second time I heard this Uncle Dee speak.

     “You like my cock, boy?” Uncle Dee said with commanding tone, his voice sounded deeper than Jamal’s

     “Yes Uncle Dee, I like your cock.” as Uncle Dee started to rub the tip of his cock all over Bryan’s giggling face, leaving a trail of pre-cum.

     “You just like it?” Asked Uncle Dee quizzically, as he circled Bryan’s lips with his purple cock head.  The camera, angled down on the boy from Uncle Dee’s point of view.

     “Mmmmm, I LOVE it!” blurted out a smiling Bryan.

     “Show your Uncle Dee how much you love his cock.” replied Uncle Dee off camera.

     Bryan stuck out his tongue as he tried to capture the bulbous head in his mouth.  Uncle Dee teased Bryan with his fat cock as he slapped it against the boy’s outstretched tongue.  The boy had a look of pure desperation as he tried to lick the large head with his tongue.

     The video cut to a wide shot of the bed, showing Jamal as he removed his now deflated cock from the boy, and quickly replaced it with three of his fingers.  Bryan let out a loud gasp as the thick fingers sunk into him.

     “Aaaaaammmmph!”   Uncle Dee took advantage of Bryan’s wide open mouth and stuffed his cock head inside, stifling Bryan’s gasp.

     Then the video cut back to Uncle Dee’s hand held camera looking down on the boy as Bryan’s mouth was stretched obscenely wide to accommodate Uncle Dee’s fat cock head

     “You love your Uncle’s cock, don’t you?” Uncle Dee said in a husky voice as the first few inches of his cock started to briefly dip down into the boy’s mouth,  Bryan gagged briefly as Uncle Dee’s cock hit the back of the boy’s throat.  Then Uncle Dee would pulled out to the head , then dipped it back in again.

     “Mmmm… huuumph” Bryan responded with a lustful look in his eyes as the cock hit the back of his throat again..

     “Fuck you have a hot mouth boy.” Uncle Dee said with a shudder.

     “You wanna have Uncle Dee’s love frosting in you, boy?” Uncle Dee asked.

     “Mmmm… huuumph” Bryan muffled back.

     “You want me to add my Love frosting with yo daddy’s?” Uncle Dee continued.

     “Mmmmm…hhhuuummmph” replied the stuffed Bryan.

     “All right boy, turn over and stick yo ass in the air.” commanded Uncle Dee as his cock popped out of Bryan’s mouth.  The boy gingerly moved onto his hands and knees as Jamal kept his fingers deep inside the boy.  One of the side cameras captured Jamal as he admired the upturned boy’s smooth ass, running his free hand over the boy’s creamy white butt cheeks.  Bryan let out a moan as his over stimulated ass responded to Jamal‘s hand and fingers.

     “You ready for this Dee?” smirked Jamal, as he glanced at Uncle Dee then gestured with his head toward Bryan.  The boy was now on all fours on the bed in front of Jamal, with his chest pressed against the bed and his ass raised high in the air, like a cat in heat.

     “I sure is.” Uncle Dee replied huskily, as he stood next to Jamal, stroking his hard nine inches.

     “I think it’s time for me to bump the boy hard.” said Uncle Dee as he picked up the black canister and fished out another nugget of white Kryptonite.  Jamal removed his fingers from Bryan’s upturned ass.  Dee immediately popped the white nugget into the boy’s wide open hole and watched it disappear down inside the boy’s well lubed colon.

     “Let’s make sure that‘s nice and deep.” as Uncle Dee stood behind Bryan and guided his cock to the boy’s hole.

    “Ummmmnnnh!  Uncle Dee, I feel something hot in my butt!” Bryan groaned out.

     That’s nothing boy, feel this…” as Uncle Dee started to push his large cock head against Bryan’s already stretched boy hole.  Jamal had fucked Bryan well,  but I could tell that Uncle Dee’s cock was really going to test the limits of my son.

     Ummmmmaaaaaaagh! Bryan yelled out as the boy’s senses were overwhelmed by the combination of Uncle Dee’s large cock sliding into him and the burning sensations of the dissolving Kryptonite.

     The video switched to the hand held camera that Dee had passed off to Jamal.  The screen showed a close up of Uncle Dee’s hard nine inches as it slowly slide in to Bryan’s upturned ass.  Uncle Dee didn’t stop still he had all nine inches buried, balls deep into the boy.

     “AAAAHHH!  UNCLE DEE!  UUUUUUUUNNNGH!  SOOOOO BIGGG!” as Bryan strained against the large black flesh tube buried in him.

     “Fuck, baby boy.  That’s what’s gonna happen to you now. Can you say that for me boy?” Uncle Dee said with a devious smile as he pulled out an inch and slammed back in.  Bryan grunted from the thrust.

     “Say Fuck for me boy.” as Uncle Dee grabbed hold of Bryan’s hips and gave another slight nudge with his hips.

     “Say you want to be fucked.” said Uncle Dee again, as he pulled out a bit further and thrust back in more forcefully, causing Bryan to finally moan out.

     “Fffuck Uncle Dee.”

     The video cut to the side as Uncle Dee started to slowly move his cock in and out.  Bryan had his eyes closed with his mouth open, gasping for air as he gripped the pillow beneath him, his red Superman cape bunched up around his shoulders.

     “I can’t hear you boy!  Fuck what?!” as Uncle Dee could feel the boy’s ass loosen up with each jab of his cock.

     “Ffffuck!   Uncle Deeeee!  FUUUCK MMMEEE!  UUUNGH!” Bryan finally moaned out as his body started to feel the effects of the dissolving Kryptonite in his ass kicked in.


     Uncle Dee felt the boy start to push back against his ever increasing thrusts.  The boy’s lust started to take over as he drove his stimulated ass back onto Dee’s nine inches.  The gripping sensations of Bryan’s boy  pussy caused Uncle Dee to ground his hips against the boy every time he bottomed out.

     “You like that boy?!” said Uncle Dee as his voice became low and husky.


     “You like my black cock boy?” grunted Uncle Dee, “You like it filling you up?” Said Uncle Dee as he started to fuck the boy faster.

     YYYEEAAHHH!  FFFFUUU…CK!  UUUUNNNH! HHHAARDER!” Bryan cried out lustfully.

     “Yeah, take it like a bitch boy!“ Uncle Dee’s pelvis was now smacking into Bryan’s hot ass each time he slammed into the boy.

     “UUUUGGH!   FUUCK ME!  FUUUCK ME!  FFFUUUCK MEEE!”  Bryan wailed out as Uncle Dee held onto Bryan’s small upturned waist as he went to town on the boy’s hole.

     The video quickly cut to a hand held shot showing Uncle Dee’s heavy balls as they smacked the boy’s underside as Uncle Dee drove into the boy hard and fast.  I could also see Bryan’s boy cock in the shot, as hard as steel as it bounced with the rhythm of the hard fucking.

     “YEAH, THAT”S IT BOY!  MMMM!  YOUR SUCH A GOOD FUCK!”  Uncle Dee yelled out with his head tilted back in ecstasy as he thrust into the boy like a mad man.

     SLAP!  SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Was all I heard, mixed in with the sounds of Uncle Dee and Bryan’s moans and grunts.  The side camera captured Bryan, as he tried to hold his ground, but Uncle Dee started to push the boy across the bed as he fucked him.

     “FUCK BOY!  TAKE MY COCK!” Uncle Dee moaned out loudly as his thrust became short and quick.

     “TAKE MY FROSTING BOY!  AAAAAGGGH!  YEAAAAHHHH!” as Dee slammed his hips into the boy with one final thrust.  Bryan grunted as he felt Uncle Dee’s hard nine inches stretch the deepest depths of his boy pussy as the man’s monster cock started to fire shot after shot into Bryan.  Uncle Dee was hunched over Bryan, his ass muscular black ass clinched and contracted as Uncle Dee pumped his cum into the spent boy.

     Off camera a cell phone went off and I heard Jamal’s voice as the image stayed on the motionless bodies of the man and boy on the bed.

     “Yeah, were upstairs.  The front door is open.”  there was a brief pause in the conversation, “Yeah, he’s been bumped,” I heard Jamal say.

     “He’ll be good for a few hours.” chuckled Jamal’s voice, “Yeah, upstairs.” added Jamal, as he finished the conversation.

     The video changed to a wide shot of the bedroom as a quite hush fell over the room.  The man and boy on the bed trying to catch their breath.

     Heavy footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs and towards the bedroom.  Then there was a knock on the bedroom door.  Jamal opened the door and four more large muscular black men entered the bedroom.  They greeted Jamal with hugs and first bumps.

     Uncle Dee looked up with a smile on his face, still mounted on the boy.

     “Yo bros,  you gotta try this kid out.”  as Uncle Dee slowly lifted himself off Bryan.

     “He’s one hot fuck!” as Uncle Dee slid his deflating cock out of the boy’s upturned ass.  Bryan let out a slight whimper at the loss of Uncle Dee’s cock.  Bryan rolled over onto his back with a dreamy look on his face.

     Bryan’s legs were pushed back as the hand held camera pushed in on a close up of Bryan’s well fucked boy pussy as it oozed out cum.

     “Damn, look at that hole!” said one of the new guys off camera.  A hand entered the shot as two fingers entered the boy’s leaking hole.  I could hear Bryan moan with pleasure as his drugged up ass was stimulated with two large fingers, then quickly followed by a third.

     The video cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed, which was now surrounded by four large naked muscular black men stroking impressive 8 to 9 inch hard cocks.  I could see Bryan with a big smile on his face as he glanced around to all the men surrounding the bed.

     “O.K. Bros, he’s all your.” I heard Jamal say off camera.

     The four black men slowly moved onto the bed and started to kiss and stroke my boy all over.  I saw the one guy with his fingers in my boy, lower his head down and start to eat the boy out, resting my son’s legs on his shoulders.  Another of the men buried his head into my boy’s crotch, sucking on the hard boy nail.  The other two blocked my view of my boy, but it looked like one guy had feed his hard cock to my boy’s mouth as the other guy caressed the boy all over.

     The screen was filled with four black bodies, with Bryan’s legs sticking up, the only visible part of his body showing.  The sounds of sucking and Bryan moaning and grunting uncontrollably filled the master bedroom.

     My cock was so hard now.  I hit the pause button on the remote.  I had to stop watching this.  I closed my eyes and tried to regain my composure and clear my head of the images of my son being fucked.  I opened my eyes and looked at the frozen image of my son’s legs sticking out of a pile of naked black men.  Then I noticed the time still left on the dvd.  There was still another four hours left on the time bar at the bottom of the screen.

     “Oh my god!”  I thought to myself. “My boy was fucked for another four hours?!”

     I quickly turned off the flat screen and just sat there in shock.  What happened in my house since I’ve been gone?  I’d seen Jamal and Bryan fucking like old lovers in the kitchen and the dining room first thing this morning.  Then saw Jamal and Uncle Dee take my boy into the upstairs bathroom to probably fuck him some more in the shower.  And then after watching the DVD, my head was spinning.

     I looked around my bedroom, the scene of my young son’s loss of innocence.  His spandex Superman costume in a ball in the corner, the cum soaked red cape still laid out in the middle of the king sized bed.  I hated myself for being so turned on at the sight of my boy being turned into such a boy slut.

     As I sat there trying to figure out how to handle my feelings, and the situation my boy was in, I heard a faint high pitched boy moan come from down the hallway.  My hard cock ached at the thought of what new sexual situation could be going on with my son.

     I was now thinking with my cock as I followed the lustful sounds of my boy as they reverberated through the dark upstairs hallway.  The sounds became clearer as I neared the doorway of my younger son’s room.

     I peeked around the door way and there on the bed was Uncle Dee and Bryan.  Bryan was sitting naked on Dee’s lap, with Uncle Dee holding my boy in a gentle hug as he sat back against the headboard of my son’s bed.  His large body looked out of proportion for the boy sized bed.

     Bryan was facing away from me but I could see Uncle Dee’s face, his eyes closed, his large black hands rubbed up and down on Bryan’s smooth white back as he enjoyed the closeness of my son’s body.  Bryan had his feet planted on either side of Uncle Dee’s legs, like he was squatting.

     An unusual position I thought to myself as I watched them in that position for a few minutes, as the man and my son enjoyed each others bodies.  Then I heard Bryan make a low guttural moan, the same moan that drew me to his bedroom.

     My mouth opened in awe as I realized why he had made that sound.  I saw my boy slowly raise himself up off Uncle Dee‘s lap, as Uncle Dee’s thick hard nine inches started to slid out of my boy’s ass.  He had been sitting on it, fully impaled, the whole time I was watching him!

     “Oh yeah baby boy, work your Uncle’s dick.” I heard Dee whisper into my boy’s ear.

     Bryan raised himself half way up the stiff black pole before lowering himself back down onto Dee’s massive nine inch black cock.  Bryan let out another low, guttural moan as he lowered his boy pussy back down onto Uncle Dee’s massive cock.  Burying it up his boy hole again.  My cock ached in my boxers as I watched my boy slowly ride up and down Uncle Dee’s thick nine inches.

     As I stood there in the hallway spying on my boy, transfixed with the show that Uncle Dee and Bryan were putting on, I felt two large arms wrap around me.  I was so distracted by the image of my son being fucked, that I didn’t notice Jamal come up behind me.  He reached around and grabbed my hard cock through my boxers and it took all my strength to stifle a moan.  I could feel his muscular body as it pressed against my back.

     “Yeah, you like watching your boy getting fucked don’t you Frank?” Jamal whispered into my ear as he pushed my boxers down and started to stroke my bare hard cock.

     I could feel him rub his hard eight inches against my bare ass.  I wanted him to stop, but I was so worked up I couldn’t help myself and gave in to the sensations Jamal was giving me as I continued to watch my son ride Uncle Dee’s hard pole.

     “Your boy loves black cock Frank, but you probably figured that out already.” said Jamal as he continued to slowly stroke me.  Soft wet squelching sounds were now coming from the bed as Bryan picked up his pace on Dee’s hard nine inches.  Each time my boy bottomed out he made a soft high pitched groan.

     “Your boy sounds so sexy when he gets into a fuck.” Jamal said as he licked my ear.  “ I wonder if it’s like that for the father too?”

     I could feel Jamal’s hard shaft start to poke at my butt crack trying to find my tight sphincter.  His cock felt wet against my ass, like it was pre-lubed.  Then I felt him push his cock hard against my hole.  I started to panic as he applied pressure against my hole, but he held on to my hard cock with one hand and clamp his other hand over my mouth as he slowly worked his cock into my ass.  I let out a muffled grunt as I felt Jamal’s cock enter me.

     My ass felt like it was on fire as Jamal slid into me, the lube helped a bit.  But then lube felt like it was burning my ass.  Jamal continued to make short hunching movements as he worked more and more of his eight inches into me.

     “Yeah, that’s right Frank, your ass is now mine.” Jamal whispered lustfully into my ear as he forced the rest of his cock into me.

     Fuck, I felt so full!  “How did my boy do it?” I thought to myself as I watched my son, who was now easily bouncing up and down on Dee’s cock.  His ass a blur, as he bottomed out on Uncle Dee’s thick nine inches each time.  Both man and boy now moaning loudly as they fucked.  How the hell was my boy able to fit Uncle Dee’s nine inches into his small nine year old body?

     “He’s mine now Frank, your boy now belongs to me.” Jamal said as he started to slowly pull out and thrust back in to my burning ass.  The sensations changed in my ass as Jamal fucked me.  I had the overwhelming urge to push back on his cock.

     “Yeah, you like the booty bump.” Jamal grunted into my ear as I couldn’t help but work my ass against his hard cock as Jamal’s cock started to move faster and deeper into my ass.

     “Bryan is now my son, he belongs to my cock, as do you boy,” as Jamal increased his thrusts.  “Your now mine,” as Jamal jabbed deep onto me, banging against my prostate as he milked my leaking cock with his hand.

     I then noticed Uncle Dee staring straight at me as my boy rode his cock.  He smiled and started to thrust up hard into my former son’s ass each time Bryan bottomed out.  Bryan’s moans got louder as Uncle Dee‘s pace increased.

     “He’s my boy now Frank, and all my friends love fucking him.” Jamal gasped as he fucked harder into me, his climax slowly building in his balls.  I moaned into his hand at the thought of my boy being dominated by all the sexy black men I remembered seeing on the video.

     The sensations in my ass felt so good as I pushed back to get as much of Jamal‘s cock in my ass.  I couldn’t understand why I was enjoying this, my ass couldn‘t get enough of Jamal‘s cock.

     “Looks like daddy likes being booty bumped too.” smiled Jamal.

     I watched Uncle Dee grab Bryan’s hips and start to use the boy like a human flesh light.  Ramming unmercifully into my boy.  Bryan started to yell out in a daze.

     “UUUNNGH!  UUUNCLE DDDEEE!  FFFUUUCK MMMEEE!  UUUNGH!   UUUNGH!  UUUNGH!” Bryan wailed as he braced himself on Uncle Dee‘s shoulders.

     “He was your son Frank, but now he‘s mine,” Jamal whispered breathlessly in my ear. “My new son is such a good boy slut, he loves cock so much.”  Jamal repeated as his thrusts started to pick up and he started to twist my cock in his hand.  I was so close to popping.

     Suddenly Uncle Dee let out a large roar, as he thrust up hard into Bryan and impaled the boy completely down on his cock.  Uncle Dee’s grunts and groans signaled he was pumping my boy full of his love frosting.

     Uncle Dee stared at me with a smug smile on his face as he shot load after load in to my boy.  This sent me over the edge and I started to cum all over the carpet.  My gripping ass sent Jamal over the edge as he unloaded his cum into my not so virgin ass.  As Jamal came down from his climax he whispered some final cryptic words in my ear.

     “You’ll never touch your boy sexually.  He belongs to me now.  He’ll enjoy servicing me and my friends from now on.” Jamal said coolly.

     I felt Jamal’s cock slip out of me as he released me.  I slumped to the floor in the hallway, exhausted and used as I felt Jamal’s cum start to leak out of my sore ass.

     “Go clean yourself up boy, I have unfinished business with my new son.” Jamal said as he stepped over me and entered Bryan’s room and closed the door.

     I felt utterly dominated and powerless.  My youngest son had been turned into a boy slut.  And now I had been fucked by Jamal while I watched my son get fucked in his own room.  What was I going to do when Ben get’s home?  Would Jamal leave him alone? How would Ben react it he found out about what’s happened in the house since he’s been gone?  My situation had not improved.

     “Oh shit” I thought.    

Watching the Boys - part 4

     I woke up with a start!  My body was in a cold sweat.  I felt disoriented as I looked around the room.  I was in my king sized bed in my own bedroom.  Was that all just a dream?  My son getting fucked by all those black men?
     I looked around the master bedroom and everything looked normal.  No signs of what I had witnessed on the DVD I thought I watched earlier.  The room looked like it normally did.  I began to seriously doubt my sanity.  Was I going crazy?  I couldn’t have been, my ass still ached from Jamal’s cock fucking me.

     I jumped out of the bed a hit the eject button on the DVD player.  Empty!  Maybe it was a dream.  But my cock grew hard as my mind played back the images of what I thought I’d seen.  I felt guilty for my cocks betrayal.  How could I get so turned on watching my son get deflowered by so many large cocks?  He was my boy, my flesh and blood.

     What time was it?  I’d lost all track of time.  I glanced at the nightstand, the clock radio said 2:30 P.M.  With the blinds closed I didn’t know whether it was day or night.

     I stumbled out of my room and slowly walked down the hallway, the fucking I thought I got from Jamal made me walk slightly funny.  Or did he fuck me?  It was all a blur, I couldn‘t remember.  I stopped at Bryan’s now open bedroom door.  I looked in and everything looked normal.  The bed was made, the toys were all put away, the sheets on his bed were clean.  No signs of the fucking I saw Bryan receive earlier this morning.  I looked around on the hallway floor in front of Bryan’s room looking for signs of my cum on the rug.  Nothing.  What the hell?  My ass couldn’t be lying to me?!

     I made my way downstairs to my office, passing through the dining room and past the kitchen.  The images of Jamal and Bryan fucking on the table and on the kitchen counter filled my mind.  Still there were no visible signs that any kind of debauchery happened there.  But remembering the images made my cock hard.  I had to make sure that what I saw this morning really happened.

     Finally making it to my office, I wanted to check my computer and make sure I hadn’t hallucinated all this.  I logged into my computer and checked my email for the videos Jamal had sent me.  But I couldn’t find them!  My mind felt like it was in a fog and in a state of confusion..

     Heading back into the kitchen, I poured myself a glass of Orange Juice and tried to compose myself.  Then I heard the high pitched squeals of laughter and splashing coming from the pool in the backyard.  I walked to the sliding glass doors and looked out at the pool.  I could see Jamal, shirtless in pair of board shorts and sun glasses, sitting in one of the deck chairs relaxing with his iPad in his lap.  Bryan and his friend, Jeffy were splashing and playing around in the pool.  Such a contrast to what I thought I saw Bryan doing a few hours ago.

     I came out of the house into the bright Southern California afternoon sunlight.  Jamal glanced up and smiled at me as Bryan spotted me and immediately hopped out of the pool wearing a pair of board shorts with a big smile on his face.

     “DADDY!  YOU’RE HOME!” yelled Bryan.  The wet boy jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug.  I started to chub up a bit as I felt his smooth wet skin rub up against me.  Images of him being fucked popped into my mind.  Bryan pulled back grinning at me with a big smile on his face.

     “Glad you’re home daddy.” Bryan said with a smile, he then leaned in and kissed me on the lips, his boy tongue darted into my mouth.   I couldn‘t help it as I started to suck on his tongue a bit but I pulled back after a moment with a slightly shocked look on my face.  My cock got rock hard following Bryan’s kiss.  Bryan just smiled innocently at me as he hung onto me.

     “Can Jeffy stay for Pizza?” Bryan asked enthusiastically.

     “Sure, just have Jeffy clear it with his mom first.” I replied as I walked over to where Jamal was sitting, Bryan clinging to my frame.

     “He already has, just wanted to see if you’d say yes!” Bryan giggled.  I was such a sucker for my son.  I would do anything for him.  I also realized I loved seeing him in the throes of sexual pleasure.  I felt so guilty looking over at Jamal who continued to have a wide grin on his face.  His sunglasses disguised his true thoughts.  But I knew they were nothing pure.

     “Hey Jeffy!  Dad said it was cool!” Bryan yelled to Jeffy as I released Bryan out of my hug and my boy stood next to Jamal.

     “Yay!“ yelled out Jeffy, as the nine year old hopped out of the pool.  He was about the same height as  Bryan but had long wavy dirty blond hair, a slender frame, and beautiful brown eyes.  He also had an amazing tan from spending so much time out in the sun.  He stood next to Bryan as I drooled over the boy’s cute wet body.  I stood behind one of the high backed deck chairs to hide my hardening cock.

     “How was Bryan while I was gone?” I asked Jamal, my cock was now completely hard in my boxers thinking of the double meaning I just asked him.  I glanced down and saw Jamal’s hard cock lying flat against his stomach inside his shorts, the purple cock head just peeking out of the top.

     “Did he behave himself?” I asked as my heart sped up a bit from seeing this.

     “The boy was fine.” Jamal stated, as he reached out and took my boy’s hand and guided him back onto his lap.

     “He behaved himself and did everything I asked.”  My mouth went dry as I watched my boy sit on Jamal’s lap, right on top of Jamal’s hard cock.  Bryan grinned, a wide smile on his face, but didn’t even flinch at the feeling of Jamal’s hard flesh tube he was now sitting on.

     “Your boy is very special.” continued Jamal as my son made slight grinding motions on Jamal’s lap.  I swore I heard them both moan slightly as Bryan did it.

     “Aren’t you Bry?” asked Jamal as he had Bryan lean back against Jamal’s muscular frame.

     “Yeah….“ Bryan said with a dreamy look on his face.  Even those oversized board shorts couldn’t hide the growing boner that Bryan was getting as Jamal rubbed his hand up and down Bryan’s chest.  Jamal grinned at me as he fondled my boy right in front of me.

          Jeffy watched the two of them with a distant smile on his face.  Then I notice him start to unconsciously rub his little hardening boy cock as he watched Jamal fondled Bryan.  Jeffy moved closer to the couple until he was leaning against Jamal, his hard boy cock pressed against Jamal’s upper arm.

     “I wanna play tag again.” Jeffy said almost pleading, as his hips slowly humped  Jamal’s arm.  Jamal smiled at me as I watched the two boys succumb to him right in front of me.  My cock was so hard at that moment.  Thank goodness I was standing behind the deck chair.

     “You want me to tag you boy?” Jamal said with a sly smirk at Jeffy.  The boy grinned back with a devilish look on his face, his hips pushed a bit firmer as the boy mashed his hard boy nail against Jamal’s muscular arm.

     “Bet you can’t get me this time.” the boy taunted.

     “We’ll see about that.” as Jamal tossed his sunglasses on the table, grabbed Bryan and started to chase after the giggling Jeffy carrying Bryan in his arms as both boys screamed in delight.  I caught a brief glimpse of Jeffy’s tented out board shorts before they disappeared with a splash into the pool.  Jamal launched Bryan into the pool, with his board shorts showing a nice tent as well.  Jamal tuned toward me with a lustful smile on his face, his long cock showing prominently in his shorts.

     “Your boy is in good hands Frank, I can’t wait to meet Ben.” Jamal said with that shit eating grin on his face.  He jumped in after the screaming boys.  I watched the boys attack Jamal in the pool as they climbed and groped over Jamal’s glistening black flesh.

     I was so hard, not having moved from my position from behind the deck chair.  As I turned away from the pool to head back into the house I noticed the same plate of brownies I saw in the video sitting on the patio table.  It looked like a few more of the brownies had disappeared from what I remembered from the video.  Then it hit me.  It wasn’t a dream and the video was real, and the boys in the pool were high.  My cock ached from all the images that I’d seen over the last few days.  I needed to jack off so bad at that moment.  I retreated to my office to compose myself as I left Jamal and the boys frolicking in the pool.

     Just as I headed into the house and was closing the sliding closed the patio door,  I heard Bryan yell out  “I got your shorts!”  But I didn’t stick around to find out who he was talking to.  I was too horny to care.  As I sat in my office I thought about what I was going to do.  Did I try and regain control of my family and my home?  Or was I to continue to be ruled by my lust and my cock.  Hooked on watching how far my boy could be taken down this sexual rabbit hole.

     I opened my boy porn file and started to flip through the images I had collected over the years.  But none of them gave me any satisfaction, I had seen my son get fucked by several large cocks and get used like the boy slut he was.  I guiltily admitted to myself that I wanted to see more of my boy getting used.

     I leaned back in my leather office chair and slowly stroked myself as I thought about all the things I had experienced over the last few days.  Remembering the clips and videos with my boy in them, the boy in the airport and on the plane and the sounds of him being fucked, and seeing Uncle Dee fuck my boy while Jamal fucked me, soon pushed me to the edge. I started squirting cum all over myself as the images overloaded my brain.

     After an amazing ejaculation I nodded off and slept until I heard my new email notification go off on my computer.  How long was I out for?  The sun looked like it had just set as I glanced out the window.  Then I noticed I was all crusty from the dried cum.  I wiped my hands off and opened my email; it was marked urgent from one of my business partners.  There was a problem with one of our accounts and I would have to fly out to Miami to take care of it as soon as possible.

     “Shit!  I just got home and I still haven’t dealt with Jamal.” I thought to myself.  But I also needed to take care of this client.  He was one of the most important clients our firm had.  But the client wouldn’t be able to meet me until the weekend.  Then I got an idea.  I’ll take Bryan with me and we could spend the weekend together, get him away from Jamal.  Maybe I could have a father son talk with him and get him to see what Jamal and him were dong was wrong.

     I had to admit I was turned on with what I had thought I’d seen in the last few days but this had to stop.  What kind of father would I be if I let this continue?  I quickly made all the arrangements for the hotel and the flight for both Bryan and I.  As I was checking the confirmation numbers for the trip I heard the doorbell ring.

     I quickly pulled up my boxers and made my way to the front door looking a bit disheveled.  I opened the front door and was greeted by another vision of boy hood.  Standing in front of me in nothing more than a baby blur Speedo, a cut off t-shirt and a pair of flip flops was Jeffy’s 14 year old brother Jonny.  He was Ben’s best friend and fantasy material for many of my jack off sessions.  He was an older looking version of Jeffy.  Long, tan legs, nice tight body from being a competitive swimmer, and also played on the same soccer team with Ben.  His had long wavy dirty blonde hair, a nice bulge in his suit and a gorgeous smile.

     “Hey Mr. Thompson, here to get Jeffy,”  he said with a smile.

     “I think they’re out back by the pool.” I said to Jonny as I gestured for him to come in.  It was a normal hot summer night in southern California, so seeing this boy in nothing more than a revealing Speedo was not surprising since Jonny and Jeffy’s family were known nudists in the neighborhood.

     “Thanks Mr. Thompson, when does Ben get home from camp tomorrow?” Jonny asked as we made our way through the house to the pool.

     “What do you mean?” I replied with a  confused look on my face.

     “He’s said he’d be back  on Thursday, tomorrow is Thursday.” he said with a laugh.

     “Oh shit!  I completely forgot about that.  I must have gotten the dates mixed up.” I’d been so caught up with the situation with Jamal and Bryan that I got Ben’s travel dates wrong.

     “That’s all right Mr. Thompson, Ben says you’re always busy with work.” Jonny said with a smile.  I suddenly felt guilty when Jonny said always.  Guilty for not being around more for Ben and Bry, and paying attention to them.  Johnny didn’t notice my sudden look of guilt as he opened the sliding glass door and headed to the pool.  Jamal and the boys were horsing around when Jonny made his presence known.

     “Come on Jeffy!  Mom says it’s time to head home!” Johnny said with a smile.  Bryan, Jeffy and Jamal stopped the horse play and looked at Jonny.

     “Why don’t you come and make me get out?!” Jeffy said sticking out his tongue at his older brother. All three of them started to laugh hysterically.

     “Alright, you asked for it!” Johnny said with a wicked smile.  Always up for challenge, Jonny kicked off his flip flops and pulled off his top and dove into the pool.  Then there were two hot boys, a teen and Jamal, all wrestling with each other.  The pool lights weren’t turned on so I couldn’t really see what was going on under the water.  

     Then I saw something flying right at my face and hit me in the head.  It was wet!  I heard laughing as I realized it was Jonny’s baby blue Speedo.

     “You can put it next to my board shorts Mr. Thompson!” giggled Jeffy. “I got my brother where I want him.” as the wrestling continued.  I looked over and noticed three other pairs of board shorts on the edge of the pool deck.  One adult sized one and two boy sizes.  Shit!  They’re all naked in there!

     I sat down in one of the deck chairs and continued to watch them horse play with an occasional yelp or squeal coming from the boys when Jamal was wrestling with them.  Jonny even made a few yelps and a moan when Jamal started wrestled with him.  My cock got hard at the thought of all the touching and more that was going on under the surface.

     The I heard Bryan yell out “Underwater!” and all the heads disappeared under the surface with just bubbles and the occasional pair of feet kicking out from the surface.  Then a head would pop up and breath and then dive back down.  This lasted about five minutes then everyone surfaced again.

     “O.K. Jeffy, it’s really time to go home.  Mom will kill me if we don’t get back.” Jonny finally said after catching his breath.

     “O.K.” Jeffy said in a defeatist tone.

     I watched the boys and Jamal swim to the side of the pool and hop out.  Their wet erections, all bobbed up and down as they grabbed their shorts.  My mouth went dry and my cock went rock hard in my boxers as I watched them all put their board shorts on.  But I loved watching Jonny try and slide his Speedo on the most.  I also noticed that both boys had no visible tan lines, I guess their family really were nudists.

     “Wow, you have a big one Mister.” Jonny said to Jamal as Jonny tried to adjust his hard cock in his Speedos.

     “Thanks Jonny, I get no complaints.” smiled Jamal as Jonny watched him stroke that huge piece of meat before shoving it inside his board shorts.  I could have sworn I saw Jonny’s cock twitch in his Speedo as the watched Jamal handle his cock.

     “My name is Jamal.  I take care of the Bry and Ben now.” Jamal said with wink and a smile as he shook Jonny’s hand.  Jonny looked like he was blushing, but it was dark, so I couldn’t tell for sure.  Was he making a move on my fantasy boy?

     “Jamal, I have to leave for an emergency business trip and I’m taking Bryan with me.” I spoke up breaking the moment between them.  Bryan looked at me funny, probably because I never took him on any of my business trips before.

     “Really?!”  Bryan said excitedly.  “Where are we going?!”

     “I have to fly out on Friday to Miami, we’ll be staying at a nice resort hotel and everything.” I added  “And Jamal, I got the dates mixed up, Ben is coming home tomorrow, so you’ll still have some company while I’m gone.”

     “It will be a pleasure meeting him I’m sure.” Jamal said with a smile while adjusting his cock in his board shorts.

     “It was cool meeting you Jamal.” young Jeffy replied with a wide smile.

     “Yeah, nice meeting you.” smiled Jonny. “Come on kiddo, mom is going to kill us if we don’t get back, like right now.”  I followed the boys back into the house and walked them to the door watching Jonny’s tight teen ass as it flexed in his baby blue Speedo.  Oh how I wanted that boys ass so badly.  I said good night to the boys and closed the front door.  As I exited the foyer a tired looking Bryan with Jamal closely behind him heading up the stairs.

     “Going to call it a night Bry?” I asked my son.

     “Nope, gonna to call it a chair.” he giggled

     “Funny, I’ll be up in a minute to tuck you in.” I replied.

     “O.K., here I go!” Bryan said as he used the last bit of his boy energy to sprint to the top of the stairs in his flying Superman pose disappearing down the hallway, followed by the sound of his bedroom door closing.

     “Boys.” Jamal laughed as he paused at the top of the stairs looking down on me.  He smiled a devilish smile then turned and headed to his room across the hall from Byran’s bedroom.

     I knew I should have said something to Jamal at that moment, but I was in awe of Jamal, and how he was able to manipulate boys so easily.  My cock hardened at the thoughts of all the sexual images and situations that I’d witnessed for the last few days.  I decided to head to bed myself as well, shutting off all the downstairs lights, I headed upstairs to Bryan’s room to say goodnight.

     As I entered Bryan’s room he was already in bed lightly sleeping.  I went over to his bed and kneeled down to give him a good night kiss.  I looked at my beautiful nine year old boy and took in his boyish face.  He was so handsome and sexy.  His lips looked so inviting.  I leaned down and lightly brushed my lips on his, enjoying the smooth softness of his sweet boy lips.

     “I love you Bry.” I whispered to him.

     “I love you to Jamal.” as Bryan’s arm wrapped around my neck and he drew me into a kiss.  His tongue searched for mine.  What did he say?!  But the hot feeling of my boy French kissing me in a sleep induced haze pushed that thought out of my mind as I returned the kiss.  Our tongue’s dueled as I shared a hot passionate kiss with my young nine year old boy.  But it was over as fast as it begun as Bryan rolled out of the kiss on to his side away from me.

     “Night daddy J.” Bryan mumbled as he drifted off into a deep sleep.  I was in shock and my heart sunk as I realized that Jamal’s hold on my boy was a lot deeper than I first thought.  Maybe the trip this weekend would help me build the bond with my son again.

     I slowly made my way to the master bedroom and collapsed on the bed.  I felt like I’d ran a marathon.  But after tossing and turning for nearly an hour I realized I couldn’t sleep.  I got up and headed down to my office and started to surf the internet to occupy my mind, and maybe help me fall asleep.

     I’d been surfing the net for awhile, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It sounded like Jamal was still up and heading down to the kitchen.  I was in the office with the lights off so I’m sure he thought I was in my bedroom sleeping.  Then I heard the sliding glass door open and close.  Jamal was going outside?  Maybe he needed some air or something.
     I continued surfing the net when I heard the distinct sound of little feet coming down the stairs.  Bryan was up?  I glanced at the clock and it was 1 in the morning.  Maybe he was thirsty and was going to the kitchen for a drink of water?  Yeah right.

     After the sounds of him descending the stairs stopped I heard the light slaps of his little boy feet as they made their way across the tile floor, getting further and further away.  Then I heard the same sound of the sliding glass door slowly open then close.

     Now my curiosity really peaked up.  What were those two up to?  I quietly made my way out of my office and through the darkened house into the living room.  There I had a clear view of the spa and pool.  Hidden from sight, I could both watch and hear through the open windows.  Thank goodness I left the windows open to let in the cool evening air.

     I could see Jamal sitting in the sunken hot tub.  The hot tub lights where on and illuminated Jamal’s wet muscular body as he sat in the frothy bubbles.  Bryan still looked cute as a button, even with his bed hair as he stood on the lawn looking at Jamal  All Bryan was wearing were the same baggy board shorts he wore early, with a slight lustful smirk on his face.

     Bryan strolled across the lawn as he slowly started to untie his board shorts.  I was anticipating seeing my boy naked as he let the loose shorts slowly slip off his hips.  But Bryan wasn’t naked as he  revealed he was wearing a pair of tight white Speedos.  It was the same pair I had seen him wearing in one of the earlier videos Jamal had sent me.  Bryan let his shorts slip all the way down then kicked them off to the side as he approached the edge of the spa.  The suit fit his shapely body like a glove with his boy cock making a nice tent in them.

     “Show daddy your hot body boy.” I heard Jamal say over the noise of the bubbles.  Bryan smiled and started to slowly sway his boy hips seductively back and forth as Bryan’s boy cock hardened in his suit.

     “Come sit in the spa with daddy.” said Jamal.

     I watched my boy kneel down and slide into the hot bubbling water.  Bryan let out an audible groan as the hot water enveloped his body, relaxing him.  Jamal reached over and opened a box I hadn’t noticed before and pulled out a joint.  Lighting it up, he took a long drag off it and blew out the smoke.

     “Come sit on daddies lap.” Jamal said as Bryan moved across the spa and sat on Jamal’s lap.  The muscular man took another long hit off the joint.  Bryan leaned in and opened his mouth like a wanting baby bird.  Jamal and Bryan mashed their open mouths against each other as Jamal shot gunned the hit into the boy’s mouth.  The smoke slowly escaped as the exchange of the hit turned into a passionate kiss between the man and boy.  Jamal’s free hand running up and down Bryan’s smooth back.

     Yeah, my boy has a tight little body.” Jamal said right before he took another long drag and proceeded to shotgun again with Bryan followed by another long tongue duel with my boy.  I was so turned on watching the wet tan skin of Bryan rubbing against the muscular form of Jamal as they ground against each other.  I couldn’t help pushing my shorts down and stroking my cock in earnest at the hot scene before me.

     I watched them finish off the joint, with Jamal and Bryan sharing every hit that was taken.  Both of them where high now as they continued to feel each other up while lip locked in a passionate kiss.

     “Stand up and show daddy your hot body.” Jamal urged my boy.  Bryan stood up, the wet white Speedo made the boy look almost naked as he started shaking his hips right in front of Jamal’s face.

     “Such a nice boy bulge you have there, son.” Jamal said as he leaned forward with a devilish a smirk.  He then covered the boy’s straining boy cock with his mouth and started to suck on it through the wet see through Speedo.  Bryan let out a high pitched boy moan as he grabbed the back of Jamal’s head and started to grind his hips against Jamal’s mouth and tongue.  Bryan was totally lost in lust.

     Then Jamal grabbed the sides of the Speedo and pulled them down until Bryan’s boy cock popped out and stood at attention in front of Jamal’s smiling face.  Jamal quickly enveloped my boy’s cock and started to suck him with wild abandon.  Jamal continued to lower the Speedo down and off my boy’s legs as he continued his assault on Bryan’s cock.

     Jamal then widened his mouth further, sucking Bryan’s balls into his mouth, causing Bryan to let out an even louder moan.  It looked like Jamal’s mouth was now physically attached to Bryan’s crotch with Bryan leaning over Jamal’s head, grinding his hips against it.  Jamal continued to suck on my boy as he picked him up, turned, and place Bryan on the side of the spa.  Bryan was now lying back on the deck with Jamal still in the spa as he continued to suck on Bryan’s groin.  My boy had his eyes closed and had a look of pure pleasure on his face.

     Jamal pulled back from sucking Bryan’s cock and balls spread the boy’s slim legs up and back, exposing his tight sphincter.  Jamal leaned in and started to dart his tongue into the boy, making Bryan squeal with delight while his body wiggled and squirmed as Jamal‘s expert tongue worked its way in.

     While Jamal continued his attack on Bryan’s boy hole, he reached over into that Pandora’s box of his and pulled out a white nugget similar to what I remembered seeing in the video.  He pulled his face off of Bryan’s ass bringing the white rock up to Bryan’s hole and started to push it in.  After applying pressure for a few seconds, Bryan’s hole yielded and the rock popped inside, followed by half of Jamal’s finger.

     Bryan’s body flinched as Jamal continued to slowly slide his finger deeper into the boy until his digit was completely buried in the boy’s gripping hole.  Bryan let out a low moan as Jamal started working his finger inside the boy.

     “Oh, Jamal…ungh…it’s starting to burn again.” Bryan moaned out.

     “What do you call me now Bry?” as Jamal pushed in deep with his finger.

     “Mmmugh…dddaddy.” replied Bryan weakly.

     “That’s right, I’m your daddy now.  And what do you call your old daddy?” Jamal said with a smile.

     “He’s mmmy….heee’s Frannk” Bryan squeaked out.  “Oh daddy, it’s starting to feel gooooood…” as Jamal slipped in a second finger.  Bryan spread his legs wider as he opened his ass and his body to Jamal as he started to feel the effects of the Kryptonite.

     I was crushed as Jamal stripped me of my role as father to Bryan.  But I wanted to see my boy be dominated and take Jamal’s cock.  I felt whipped.  My cock was overruling my judgment as I continued to stroke and watch Jamal take my boy to new heights of depravity.

     Bryan arched his back as his ass reacted to Jamal’s twisting and turning fingers mixed in with the desolved Kryponite..

     “Oh fuck daddy!  I need your cock!”  Gasped Bryan.

     “You want daddy’s cock my son?” Jamal replied.  His fingers were now moving faster in and out of the boy.

     “Yyyeeessss…daaaaaddy!” moaned the now drooling Bryan.

     Jamal raised himself up out of the bubbling water revealing his 8 inch hard monster.  He kept his fingers buried in Bryan as he aimed his blunt cock head at the boys finger stuffed ass.

     “What do ya want me to do son?” asked Jamal as he teased Bryan’s hole with his fingers.

     “Stick it in me daddy!” Bryan squealed.

     “Like this?” as Jamal eased in a third finger.  Bryan moaned out as his hole stretched wider.

     “Mmm…yeeeah.” Bryan gasped.

     “You still haven’t told me what you want boy?” Jamal said with a drugged up smile.

     “I…I want you to fuck me daddy.” Bryan finally said in a pleading voice as he wiggled his ass on Jamal’s fingers.

     “What’s the magic word son?” Jamal said as he continued to twist his three fingers.  Bryan’s body twisted and flexed as his body begged for Jamal’s cock.

     “Pleeease…” Bryan said.

     “No, that’s not the word I’m looking for son.” as Jamal jammed his fingers as deep as he could go, eliciting a groan from his new boy.

     “FFuck!” Bryan gasped.

     “Yeah , that’s the word.  Tell daddy again.” as Jamal pushed and pulled his fingers in deep long strokes.

     “Fuuuck daddy!  I wwwant you tooo Fuck me” as Bryan spread his legs as far as he could, presenting his groin to his new daddy.

Jamal quickly pulled his fingers out of the boy and moved his cock up to the gapping boy hole.  Jamal nudged his cock into Bry’s opening and slowly started to push the head of his cock inside the boy’s hole.

     Bryan made a slight grunt as he felt the head break past the opening muscle.  Then I watched, again in amazement, as Jamal slowly pushed his 8 inch cock up into Bryan’s willing body.  Jamal held the boy’s legs wide open by the ankles as inch by inch of Jamal’s cock disappeared into the boy.

     Bryan made a series of grunts and groans as Jamal continued to make small thrusts with his large cock as he worked more of it into the boy.  I was still amazed at how Bryan could take a cock that size.  Before I knew it, Jamal had all of his cock lodged inside my boy.

     “You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal said as he held his cock fully inserted into the boy.

     “Uh huh.” was all Bryan could grunt out.

     Jamal slowly pulled his cock half way out then pushed back in.  Bryan moaned as he tried to push back on the massive tube.  I stroked my hard cock as Jamal started to slowly fuck my boy with his dominating member.  Bryan’s legs where now on Jamal’s shoulders as Jamal leaned forward and really started to fuck into the boy.

     The grunts and groans from both man and boy where increasing with the fucking.  Bryan mouth was wide open as he gasped at the sensations of the fucking he was receiving.  Suddenly Jamal thrust forward and stopped.

     He leaned over into his little box and pulled out a something that looked like a white bracelet made out of Puka shells.  He then leaned down over Bryan and whispered something to Bryan that I couldn’t hear.  He then pulled back and took hold of Bryan’s right ankle and placed the boy’s foot on his chest.  Jamal then put the bracelet on the boy’s ankle.

     “You’re my boy now Bry.” Jamal said with a smile as his large hands moved down Bryan‘s leg.  Bryan smiled back with a wide lustful grin.

     “Make me feel good daddy.  Fuck me!” Bryan replied.

     Jamal leaned down again, with his cock still fully lodged inside Bryan, and kissed his new son passionately.  Jamal then started to thrust hard into Bryan, making Bryan grunt into Jamal’s mouth as the boy sucked on Jamal‘s tongue.  I could see the white Puka bracelet featured prominently on Bryan’s right ankle as his upturned legs jerked with each thrust from Jamal.  Man and boy where joined at both ends as they humped each other with pure lust on the deck of the spa.

     Jamal started to hammer his 8 inch cock into my, hopefully not, ex-son.  Which caused Bryan to break from the kissing and let out a moan so loud, I thought for sure it would wake the neighbors.  Bryan clung to Jamal’s strong frame with his arms and legs wrapped around Jamal as the strong man continued pounding into the boy.

     Fuck….fuck…fuck…fuck…UUNGH of fuck DADDY!”  Bryan said with each thrust form Jamal.

     As I watched from the living room I stroked my cock in time with Jamal’s thrusts.  I don’t know what was hotter, seeing my boy get fucked by an 8 inch monster cock?  Or hearing my nine year old curse like a sailor from the fucking he was receiving.  I was so close to cumming as I watched them fuck.

     Jamal thrust forward and stopped, then he lifted the boy up so that Jamal was now standing in the spa with Bryan mounted on his cock.  Bryan’s legs where wrapped tightly around Jamal’s waist and he had his arms around Jamal’s neck. I could hear muffled moans emanate from Bryan as he kept his head buried in Jamal‘s chest while Jamal grabbed Bryan by the waist and bounced the boy up and down on his throbbing member.

     “Take Daddy’s cock boy!  Yeah you like daddy’s cock?!” Jamal grunted with each thrust.

     “Mmmph  fuck me daddy.” Bryan breathlessly replied.

     My boy was being used like a human flesh light Bryan and Jamal talked dirty to each other.

     “I love you son!  So glad I met you and you’re my boy now!”

     “Fuck…daddy…fuck…daddy…fuck…daddy!” Bryan repeated as their motions got more frantic.

     “Oh fuck baby boy!  Take my load!” Jamal gasped as he started to slam the boy hard on his cock.  He made a final grunt, as he lunged upward pulling Bryan down on his cock.  Jamal shoved his tongue into Bryan’s gasping mouth as they both shared a passionate kiss, with muffled grunts and groans escaping as I watched Jamal’s balls pump his load into his new boy.  Jamal ejaculated so much into Bry that I could see his cum start to leak out from Bryan’s ass.

     I continued to stroke faster and faster until I unloaded all over the living room floor.   Even after blowing my wad I kept on stroking my cock.

     As Jamal continued to slowly fuck my boy, he stumbled back and they both sunk back into the spa.  I watched their heads bob up and down as the two worked up a pretty good sweat as they continued to fuck with the steam rising up around them.  Bryan and Jamal looked like they weren’t going to stop any time soon.  And after a few more thrusts I lost sight of them as they sunk even lower in the hot tub.  I did hear the occasional high pitched boy grunt or groan as water splashed out every now and then.  I’m sure Jamal was fucking his boy real good now underwater.

     “His boy.”  My heart sank as I realized I called Bryan his boy in my head.  I had to win my boy back during the trip to Miami.  Or I could never call myself a good father.  Good father?  I wasn’t a good father.  My past record with my boys was not stellar to begin with, with my job and business always dominating my life.  Now a man named Jamal was dominating my son.

     No.  Bryan was now his son.  But with Ben coming home tomorrow, I had to figure out what to do.

     “Oh shit” I thought.  

Watching The Boys - part 5

    I had a hard time sleeping as I tossed and turned, my mind  filled with images of Bryan and Jamal fucking like rabbits in the spa.  Of course I had seen them fucking like there was no tomorrow all over the house by now.  As I laid in bed my thoughts where racing a mile a minute.

     “I must be crazy letting Jamal take advantage of my son like that.  My son!  He was my son!”  I thought to myself.  “But, I loved watching my boy take black cock.  I hated to admit it, but I loved watching it.  It made me so hard.  I wanted to see more!  I wanted to see him moan and beg for it!  God, I’m getting hard thinking about it.” I thought as I started to rub my hardening cock.

     “No!  I can’t think this way!  What kind of father would I be if I let him be used and exploited like that.  The trip to Maimi will help me get Bryan away from Jamal and his influence.  Also it would help me clear my mind.

     “Ben should be able to handle himself.  He’s older.  He‘s never showed any signs of being gay or ever being curious about another boy.  He should be fine with Jamal.” I thought to myself.

     I continued to reason out my feelings as the sleeping pills I took finally started to kick in and I began to drift off to sleep.  But as I dreamed, the images of thrusting black hips slapping against young white boy flesh filled my dream state.  The sounds of boys moaning and mature black limbs and young boy parts rubbing against each other in a pit of moving flesh filled my dreaming mind.  

     Then Bryan appeared standing in front of me, naked and smiling.  His little boy cock was rock hard.  He turned towards the thrusting, undulating mixture of man and boy limbs beginning to walk towards it.  I tried to call out to him but I realized I didn’t have a mouth and I couldn‘t move my body.

     Bryan reached the edge of the pit of moaning, heaving limbs and stepped down into it.  Big black muscular arms reached out and took hold of my boy as he was slowly pulled down into the pit of squirming flesh.  He turned and looked back at me with a look of wild lust as big black hands roamed all over his smooth boy skin.

     Sinking up to his chest amongst the roaming hands, he closed his eyes as his body started to undulate with the moving flesh.  Bryan moaned out in ecstasy as his body was stimulated by all the contact he was receiving as he continued to sink deeper.

     Then Jamal’s head rose up out of the moving body parts behind my boy.  His face grinned with a devilish smile.

     “He’s my boy now.”  said Jamal as he leaned Bryan’s head back.  Jamal’s tongue extend out like a snake as Bryan opened his mouth and allowing the snake like tongue to enter his mouth.   I watched in shock as Jamal’s tongue worked it’s way down into my boy’s throat, causing it to distend out.  Jamal worked his tongue into my boy’s throat until they where lip locked with Jamal’s snake like tongue buried down my son’s throat.  Then their faces started merge and melt together as I watched them sink down together into the moving hoards of flesh.  Just before Bryan’s head disappearing from view he let out a long low moan from his stuffed throat that was cut short as his head disappeared down into the flesh.

     I woke with a start!  “BRYAN?!”

     I glanced around the room and realized I was still in my bedroom.  I was drenched in sweat.  I also noticed that my crotch felt wet.  I lifted up the sheets and noticed that I had ejaculated all over myself.

     “What the hell just happened?” I thought to myself.  “Did that dream make me cum?  Fuck, what is wrong with me?!”

     I glanced over at the clock, it was 8 in the morning.  I stumbled out of bed and grabbed a hand towel out of the bathroom to clean myself up.  I needed a cup of coffee bad.  I needed to figure out what the hell is happening to me and what I was going to tell Ben.

     I made my way out of the bedroom and down the hall, passing Ben’s room and then Bryan’s room.  Both bedroom doors where open and I glanced into Bryan’s room and his bed was empty.

     “Probably already up.”  I thought, sounds of cartoons coming from downstairs.

     As I came out onto the second floor landing over looking the dining room, I could see Bryan sitting on Jamal’s lap as they both watched something on an ipad as they ate bowls of cereal.  I groggily made my way down the stairs and past Jamal and Bryan.  Jamal and Bryan looked up from the ipad as they both grinned at me.

     “Morning Frank.” Jamal said cheerfully.   Bryan looked up and copied Jamal’s greeting as well.

     “Mor’ing Fwank.” my boy said with mouth full of cereal, giggling as he said it.

     I weakly smiled and grunted as I continued to shuffle past them into the kitchen.  I could still feel the Ambein in my system slowing my mind down.  I needed coffee in the worst way.  I could smell the freshly brewed coffee as I went to the cabinet to get a coffee cup.  As I poured the coffee I heard Bryan giggle then give a faint grunt then a low boyish moan.

     “Oh god, are they at it again?” I thought to myself.  I peeked around the corner into the dining room and could see them sitting at the table.  But this time the scene was far different than what I’d just past a minute ago.

     Bryan and Jamal where leaning back in the chair with Bryan’s legs spread over the outside of Jamal’s thighs as Jamal’s hands roamed up and down my boys smooth torso.  I realized that they where both now completely naked.

     Jamal leaned my boy’s head back like in the dream I had and started to passionately kiss Bryan.  But he did it with such ferocious passion that I thought Jamal was going to eat my boy alive.

     Then Jamal started to do small upward thrusts into my limp boy making Bryan grunt and moan through his nose as they stayed lip locked together.  Bryan’s small nine year old arms and legs flailing with each upward thrust from Jamal’s undulating hips as Jamal continued to stroke my boy‘s smooth body.  The sounds of sloppy sex and boy moans echoed off the  walls of the cavernous dining room.  Jammal’s tongue was jammed down into Bryan’s mouth as his hard eight inches pounded into my boy’s loose ass.

     “Shit!, my boy’s being skewered at both ends!“ I thought to myself as I watched man and boy lose themselves in their private world of lust.  I was wide awake now, and so was my cock as I started to rub it through my still wet pajama bottoms.  I was so hypnotized with watching Jamal’s muscular body ravage my boy I didn’t even notice him staring at me.

     Our eyes met as he continued to kiss and fuck Bryan on his lap.  His eyes burned into my soul as we stared at each other.  Jamal gripped my boy in his muscular arms as he increased his fucking up into his boy’s hole while still staring at me.  Bryan’s muffled moans grew louder and more intense with the increased speed.

     I was so hard now.  I could feel my cock leaking as Jamal violated my boy, or was  he Jamal’s boy, right in front of me.  I couldn’t help it any longer as I whipped out my painfully hard cock and started furiously stroking it.  Jamal lifted his mouth off Bryan and smiled.  He then grabbed hold of my boy and stood up, placing Bryan on the dining room table.  He never slid out as he did it.  Bryan was now face down on the table, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he moaned loudly from the rapid thrusts he was receiving from Jamal.

     I continued to stroke my cock as I watched Jamal brace himself over my boy and take him on the dining room table.    Jamal grunted with each thrust as the sounds of slapping flesh and Bryan’s moans filled the room.  I had to admit that watching the two of them fuck was amazing!

     I noticed Bryan’s eyes had opened slightly and he was looking at me.  He had a look of pure bliss on his face as his head bobbed back and forth from the fucking he was getting from Jamal.  He smiled at me as he watched me stroking my cock.

     “You like daddy’s cock?!” Jamal said in a commanding voice.

     “AH…UH…Mmmyeah” Bryan finally said as he smiled at me through half closed eyes.  Jamal’s thick, eight inch cock pistoning in and out of Bryan’s smooth boy ass, making my boy drool on the table.

     “And who’s…” Jamal said as he slammed hard into Bryan and kept it buried balls deep, making Bryan groan.

     “…your daddy?!” Jamal continued as he drew back and slammed forward again, keeping his large cock still buried to the hilt as both Jamal and Bryan where now looking at me as I stroked my cock.

     “Aaah….you daddy!” Bryan squeaked out as my former boy continued watching me as I stroked my cock faster.  I was so close to cumming again.  Jamal leaned down onto Bryan starting to lick my boy’s ear as he started to make short stabbing movements into Bryan.  Jamal started to mumble into Bryan’s ear.

     “Yeah, take my cock!  You love my cock boy!?  You love getting fucked don’t you son!?” Jamal moaned out as the wet slurping  sounds of Jamal’s fucking grew louder in the room.  Bryan’s face grimaced as Jamal’s cock hammered away at his boy colon.  The intense sensations overloading his young body.

     “Iaaaah ….yaaagh  …..aaaah….aaaagh” was all Bryan could do to respond.  Now lost in a world of overwhelming sensations.

     “Your’re going to make daddy cum son!” Jamal said breathlessly in Bryan’s ear.

     “You want my load boy!?  You want to be filled with my love frosting!?” Jamal said with a more urgent tone in his voice.   Bryan’s answer was to arch his ass higher as he intertwined his small boy legs around Jamal’s powerful legs as he tried to get more of his new daddy into him.

     “UUUUGH!  FUCK BOY!  HERE IT COMES!” Jamal roared as he slammed forward and ground his hips against Bryan’s ass.  A shudder went through Jamal as man and boy stayed locked together, their legs tightly interlocked as Jamal emptied his load into his boy.

     “Fuck yeah son, milk my cock with your ass!” as Jamal stood up, holding Bryan by his hips as he continued to thrust and mash his hips against Bryan’s ass.

     I stifled a weak moan as I started to shoot my built up load all over the kitchen floor.  I couldn’t imagine a more fantastic sight watching Jamal breed Bryan.  But as I came down from my high, I felt guilty and ashamed of what I had let happen to my son in my own house.  I quickly pulled up my pajama’s and quietly retreated back into the kitchen out of sight.

     “Get cleaned up and ready for your brother.”  He heard Jamal tell Bryan in a fatherly tone.  I then heard the sounds of little feet running up the stairs.
     I retreated to my office to catch my breath.  I realized I had crossed a line with Bryan.  He now knows I’ve seen him getting fucked by Jamal, and I don’t think he cares.  In fact it was almost like he enjoyed being watched by me.

     “How am I going to deal with this?” I thought to myself as I slumped into my office chair.  Jamal was right I did like seeing my son, no correct that my former son being fucked by Jamal.  I was starting to think of Bry like the boys on my pc, but this was up close and even better.  Bry loved getting fucked by black dick and couldn't seem to get enough.  “My addiction to watching my boy get fucked is definitely my weakness.” I reasoned with myself.    And with Ben coming home today, how will he deal with this situation?  How was I going to deal with this? As dirty, nasty and hot as it was I knew I needed to stop this.

     What would Ben think of all this?  His own father letting his little brother being fucked by hot muscular black men.  I hoped once Bry was away from Jamal and Dee I could get my boy to think of me as his father again.  Ben was strong willed enough I really didn't there was any problem with Jamal being here.  Ben would ignore him and hopefully just think Bry was just infatuated with the thought of having someone older here to play with.  Ben was a typical teenager, anyone over 18 was ancient and to be ignored.  I doubted Jamal would try anything with Bry while Ben was here. It would be too big of a risk that Ben would report him to the police.

     “Yes, the best thing was to get Bry out of here and then things would get back to normal.” I thought to myself as I sipped my now cold coffee.

     After stewing in my thoughts for a few more minutes I headed upstairs to shower and get dressed.  As I headed back through the house, I noticed it was eerily quiet.  As I approached the second floor landing I noticed all the doors to the rooms where closed.  I wondered where Bryan and Jamal were?  I’d already had an overwhelming amount of stimulation this morning, so trying to find them and seeing what they where up to didn’t interest me at that point.  I just wanted to get ready for Ben coming home.

     I headed back down to my office after showering and getting dressed .  Jamal and Bryan were no where to be seen.  I stopped in the kitchen and poured myself a fresh cup of coffee then headed back to my office.  I had to check in with my flight and print out the boarding passes for Bryan and myself.  As well as making sure the airport shuttle had the correct pick up time.  I hope Bryan would have fun on the trip and we could connect again like a father and son should.

     After doing what I needed to accomplish for the trip I surfed the web, looking at various Tumblr pages of boys and cute teens.  As I checked out a new Tumblr page about boys the door bell rang.

     “Who can that be?  Ben’s not suppose to be home for another hour?” I thought to myself as I glanced at my watch.  It was just past eleven.  I didn’t hear anyone coming down from the upstairs to answer the door.

     “Where the hell is everyone?” I thought.  The door bell rang again as I gruffly got up to answer it.  I opened the door, ready to rebuff whatever salesman I was about to encounter.  But standing in front of me where those two beautiful  specimens of boy, Jeffy and Jonny.
     “Hi Mr. Thompson!  We’re here!” Jeffy said with a smile.
     My demeanor changed immediately as these two stunning beauties overwhelmed me as they stood before me, wearing only their Speedos and towels draped over their shoulders.  Both of their small, tight suits where the same baby blue color I had seen Jonny wearing yesterday.  His younger brother had a matching pair that showed off his little boy bulge nicely.

     My mind slipped back to the day before when I saw these two brothers naked and hard beside my pool.  I wondered how Jeffy would look on Jamal's hard cock.  Did Jamal finger my boy's best friend while they swam and horse played in the pool. I had no doubt Bry had been fingered and suspected if he had been so was Jeffy.  I throbbed at the thought of Jeffy moaning and begging like Bry for Jamal's cock in him.

     Jonny, who I had lusted for so long I knew would feel so good riding my cock. He looked so flexible, I just wanted to bend his legs back and pound his sweet little virgin ass. The thoughts of these two brothers made me ooze pre-cum. I wondered why they were here and dressed is such a sexy way.

     “Hello?! Mr. Thompson?” Jonny said as his reply broke me out of my daydream.

     “We’re here for the surprise party for Ben?”  He said with a bemused smile  I stood there with a blank look on my face.

     “What surprise party?” I replied.  Then Bryan popped up beside me wearing those revealing white Speedos I’d seen him in last night.

     “Cool, you’re here!” Bryan said happily as he ushered the boys past me.  I was hypnotized watching those two perfect boy asses walk past me in nothing more than a thin layer of baby blue nylon spandex.  I totally perved out on all three boys as they walked back to the pool area.  I overheard the boys talking.

     “That’s a cool Speedo.  Where’s you get it?  I‘ve always wanted one like it.” asked Jonny.

     “It’s a special gift I got from Jamal.” I heard Bryan reply.  “ Maybe he'll let you have one too. He mentioned he thought you were cool when we were playing in the pool yesterday.”

     “Jeffy and I really liked playing with him too.” Jonny replied.

     “Yeah Daddy J, oops I mean Jamal is a lot of fun to play with.” I heard Bryan giggle as they rounded the corner out of view.

     My cock was definitely hard from seeing all three boys in their tight little suits.  I took a deep breath to regain my composure.  Reminding myself that I’m the adult here and needed to show some restraint.  I went back to my office and continued to surf the web.  But a few minutes later the door bell rang again.  I figured the boys where in the backyard so I got up to answer it.

     As I stood up I saw Bry run past my office door to answer it.  He must have heard the door bell this time.  I peeked my head out to see who it was as Bryan opened the door.  Filling up the entire frame of the door with his large muscular body was Uncle Dee, wearing a ‘Kiss the Chef“ shirt.

     Bryan shouted out “Uncle Dee!” as he leapt up into Uncle Dee’s arms, wrapping his smooth boy body around Dee as the two shared a passionate, tongue dueling kiss.  Uncle Dee’s hands cupping Bry’s white Speedo covered ass as Bry clung to Uncle Dee.

     They were really getting into it as Uncle Dee slide one of his hands down inside the back of Bry’s white Speedo followed shortly by a grunt from Bry as Uncle Dee found his target.  I watched in amazement as Uncle Dee’s hand moved under the stretched white nylon as he finger fucked Bry right there in the front door of my house.  Uncle Dee must have found Bryan’s prostate as the boy started to emit small moans as the bulge caused by Dee’s hand moved further down into Bryan’s tiny suit.  Uncle Dee pulled back from the kiss

     . “O.K. horny boy, there’s plenty of time fo that later .” he said to Bryan as he lowered the boy back down to the ground, removing his hand from my boy’s backside.  “Where’s Jamal?  I need to get the grill ready before the rest of your friends show up.”

     “He’s out back.” Bryan said with a smile as he pulled Uncle Dee by the arm as he guided the large black man through the house.  I watched them both go by as I stayed in the shadows of my office.  I heard my boy whisper to Dee as they passed by.

     “I hope I get to play with the snake?” Bryan said with a wide grin.  Uncle Dee whispered back.

     “I think we can find a nice quiet place to…” I couldn’t hear the rest of the sentence as Uncle Dee and Bryan walked away.  I made a mental note to keep an eye on those two and see what they get up to later.

     I went back to my desk and got stuff ready for the emergency meeting I was going to have this weekend.  As I continued to take care of business in my office I heard the rest of Bryan and Ben’s friends show up over the next 30 minutes.  They arrived through the side gate so I didn’t have to deal with the front door.  I was wrapping up my work when I heard someone working keys into the front door lock. I looked at my watch.  It must be Ben.

     I quickly headed to the front door and opened it, there stood my oldest son Ben surrounded by his bags.  He glanced up at me and smiled.  Ben is an extremely handsome boy for a 14 year old, he has brown eyes and longish brown hair, not quite to his shoulders, but that’s the style now days.  He was wearing lanky cargos shorts and a tight half t-shirt that showed off the beginnings of his washboard stomach.  The logo of the swim team him and Jonny swim on was  emblazoned across his chest.  Rounding out his look was a pair of flip flops that showed off his beautiful teen boy feet.

     “Hi dad!” he said cheerfully.  He then turned and waved at the van parked out in the street, it quickly drove off after receiving the OK from Ben.  I grabbed the over sized bag with all his sports gear in it as he walked into the house with his suitcase.

     “How was the camp?  Did you like playing lacrosse?” I asked him.

     “Oh hell yeah dad!  I learned so much at that camp!” Ben said enthusiastically. “I might try out for it when I start high school this year.” he added as we moved his bags into the foyer.

     “Well, just to let you know, I hired someone to look after you and Bryan while you where away at camp.” I piped up.

     “What?!” Ben’s demeanor instantly changed.  “I don’t need a babysitter or a nanny anymore dad! I can look out for myself!” Ben said defensively with a bit of anger in his voice.

     “HEY!” I shouted back at him.  “Wow, I do have a backbone?” I thought to myself.

     “He’s here mainly for Bryan, you don’t have to listen to him if you don’t want to.” I said in a firm tone.  Ben huffed at that re-mark.  Then he paused.

     “You said him?” Ben said with an inquisitive look on his face.

     “Yes, I said him.” I replied in a came voice. “He’s worked security for a lot of high profile people and he gets along with Bryan really well.” I said to Ben.  I thought to myself, “If only he knew what those two have really been up to.”  “

     “You might like him?” I added.  Just then we both heard yelling and laughing going on out in the backyard.

     “What’s going on out there?” Ben said with a bemused look on his face.  Right as he said that I could hear Bryan barge through the back door on his way to the kitchen wearing nothing but his white Speedos, which at this point are practically see through from being wet.

     “Hey BEN! He says in an excited tone as he spots Ben.  He runs full tilt at Ben and jumps up into his big brothers arms and gives him a big hug.

     “ I missed you!” Bryan says to Ben.  He looks up at his big brother and plants a big kiss on Ben’s lips.  I see Bryan try and French kiss his brother.

     “Hey!?” Ben say’s as  he pulls back from Bryan’s kiss looking confused. “You little horn dog!”  Bryan just giggles and slides out of Ben’s arms and pulls him towards the backyard as he starts to talk a mile a minute.

     “Jamal and I planned a surprise for you out back.  But you have to be surprised!  Jamal and I planned the whole thing!  You’ll like Jamal. We do everything together!  Can’t wait for you to meet him!” as Ben is pulled out back.  I quickly follow them out into the backyard.  There was so much boy skin on display my cock instantly hardened up.  Some boys were in more conventional board shorts, but a lot of them were wearing Speedo’s.  I spotted Jamal in the pool, tossing boys in the air while other boys splashed and played around him.  Uncle Dee was in front of a big grill cooking massive amounts of food.  Some of the boys where waiting around the grill with hot dog buns in their hands.  Other boys where lounging around on the deck chairs or kicking around a soccer ball out on the lawn.  Bryan cleared his voice and yelled out.

     A big cheer goes up from all the boys scattered around the backyard as they applaud Ben’s arrival.  Ben smiles and slightly blushes from all the attention as he walks out into the backyard.  He is quickly surrounded by Jonny and the rest of his friends as they discuss his time at camp.

     I see Jamal come out of the pool with Jeffy, laughing as he squirms on top of Jamal’s shoulders.  He walks up to Ben, along with Jonny and some of the other boys, all of them dripping wet.  He introduces himself with a huge smile, as he firmly shakes Ben‘s hand.

     “Hi Ben, I’m Jamal.  It‘s an honor to finally meet you.” He says in his deep voice, the smile gets as he shakes hands with my oldest boy.  I can see Ben is in awe of this hunk of a man.  I think I even caught him check out Jamal‘s crotch briefly.  Not that you couldn’t miss it in the tight wet boxer trunks he was wearing.   I think Jamal was also semi hard too.

     “Bryan has told me so much about you.” He says with a wink and a smile.  Ben blushes again and smiles back at Jamal.

     “Hi Jamal, it’s nice to meet you.” Ben say’s shyly.

     “Hi Ben!” said the giggling Jeffy, still draped over Jamal’s shoulders.  His cute baby blue covered boy butt sticking up behind Jamal’s head.

     “What are you doing?” piped up Jonny.

     “Jamal’s all mine now.” Jeffy says as he clings to Jamal’s body and sticks his tongue out at his brother.

     “We’ll see about that.” Jonny says with a smile.

     “It was nice meeting you Ben, I better get wild boy here, back in the pool.” as he turns and heads back to the pool.

     “No, I want to go in the spa Jamal.” Jeffy squeaks out as he points Jamal in the direction of the bubbling spa.

     I see Jonny watch Jamal walk away and gives his hardening, Speedo covered cock a subtle rub with his hand.  My fantasy boy is definitely fantasying about Jamal.  I couldn’t tell if Ben was getting hard.

     “He’s so cool, you’ll like him.” Jonny says to Ben still watching them as the boy and Jamal jump into the spa.

     I swear I thought I saw all three boys sigh at the same time as they watched Jeffy sit on Jamal’s lap and both of them sink down into the spa together.  I realized all four of us where mesmerized by Jamal.

     “You should change and jump into the pool”  Jonny said to Ben as I headed back into the house.

     “Yeah, go change and swim.” Bryan said enthusiastically to Ben as he and Jonny turned, those damn skimpy Speedos hugging their cute boy asses as they ran and jumped into the pool with the other boys.  Ben followed me into the house and headed upstairs to change.

     I grabbed Ben’s suitcase and headed out to the detached two car garage where the washer and dryer were located.  After getting Ben’s laundry started I pulled out a ladder and climbed up into the rafters to retrieve Bryan’s suitcase for the trip tomorrow.  Just as I got up there I heard the side door to the garage open.  I watched a wet Jonny quickly entered the garage followed by an equally wet Jamal.  Jonny quickly closed the door peeking out the window.

     “I don’t think anyone saw us.” Jonny said breathlessly.  Jamal came up behind the boy, grabbed him by the hips and started to grind his large man bulge into Jonny’s tight, wet, Speedo covered boy ass.  Jonny braced himself against the door and moaned out as he looked back over his shoulder at Jamal.  A look of lust clearly written all over that boy’s face.  My cock became instantly hard as I could easily see everything that Jamal was doing to my fantasy boy from my vantage point high up in the rafters.

     “You’ve been eye-ballin my cock since we first met.  Now it’s time for you to meet my pet.” Jamal said huskily as he continued to grind his straining swim suit against Jonny’s wet ass.  Jamal grabbed the boy from behind and carried him over to the washing machine where he bent the boy forward over the noisy machine.  Jamal kneeled down behind the boy, pulling down the boy’s baby blue Speedos.  Jamal wasn’t gentle with it either, I could hear the fabric of his suit tearing as he exposed Jonny’s tight 14 year old ass.

     Jamal then jammed his face between those perfectly tan orbs as he forced tongue into the boy’s tight sphincter.  He did it with such force that Jonny’s feet left the ground, forcing the boy‘s back to arch.  Jonny was hanging on to the washer for dear life, his eyes tightly shut, his mouth wide open in a silent wail as Jamal‘s tongue assaulted the boy‘s ass.  My cock was throbbing in my sweat pants as I watched Jamal eat out Jonny’s ass like there was no tomorrow.

     Jamal quickly stood up and pulled out a small plastic container then pushed down his swim suit.  His thick eight inch cock sprang up from it’s release.  Jamal popped open the container and tapped out one of those white nuggets in his hand.  He then placed the white crystal like rock against the boys ass and pushed it in.  The bent over boy squirmed at the intrusion, but then let out a long moan as Jamal jammed his thick index finger into the boys rectum.  Burying it to the hilt and pushing the nugget of fun further up the boy‘s colon.

     “Uuuugh…Jamal…it burns a bit….FUCK!”  Jonny protested as Jamal continued to work his finger around the inside of Jonny’s warm teen boy ass as the nugget melted inside him.  Thankfully the noise from the washing machine was drowning out most of the sounds Jonny was making.

     Jamal’s finger play lasted a few more minutes as the burning sensations started to subside and an overwhelming urge to fuck came over Jonny.  Jamal could feel Jonny start to push back on his finger.

     “You ready for me now boy?”  Jamal growled.  Jonny could only let out a low boyish moan as I watched Jamal’s hand start to rotate.  Jonny had braced himself holding onto the washing machine as he pushed back against Jamal’s  probing finger.  Jamal leaned over the boy, I could just make out what he was saying to Jonny over the noise from the washing machine

     “Your brother Jeffy just earned his pair of white Speedos.  I took his ass in the spa just now.  How does that make you feel boy?”  Jamal asked as he continued moving his finger inside the moaning Jonny.  Jonny didn’t answer right away.

     “Answer me boy!”  Jamal said with authority as he jammed a second finger in.

     “AAAAAGH!  Uuuunnng!  I want a pair too sir!”  Jonny blurted out.

     “Oh, you do boy?  Well, you’ll have to earn it like a man.  Like your younger brother did.” Jamal growled as he quickly removed his fingers from the boy’s ass.  He then started to rub his thick cock up and down the teen’s perfect crack.  Trails of Jamal’s pre-cum leaving sticky wet spots up and down the boys ass.

     “Stick your finger in you ass boy.” Jamal commanded.  Jonny reached back with one of his hands and felt around his abused hole.  He then slowly pushed in one of his fingers, Jamal watched as it easily slipped in.

     “More.” commanded Jamal.  Jonny moaned as he slipped a second finger inside.

     “Now work your hole, get it ready for me.” Jamal grunted out.  We both watched the boy work his ass with his two fingers, stretching and manipulating it.  Such a sight, to see a teen boy work his ass.  Jamal was really getting the boy worked up good.

     “You want my cock?” asked Jamal as he started to slap his hard cock against the boy’s tan cheeks.

     “Yeees!” replied the fingering Jonny.

     “You promise to do anything I ask boy?” Jamal said as he continued to slap his hard cock against those delicious boy buns.

     “Yeees!  Anything you want! Jonny pleaded.

     “Show me your hole boy!”  Jamal says in an excited tone, I watch as Jonny removes his fingers from his dilated hole.  Then he brings back his other hand and obscenely spreads his ass showing Jamal his inflamed 14 year old boy sphincter as he rests his upper body on the vibrating washing machine.

     “Anything?” Jamal emphasizes as he nudges his bulbous cock head against the constricting boy sphincter.  The sight of Jamal’s plumb sized head pressing against Jonny’s tight entrance is impressive.  Jamal’s pre-cum has Jonny’s ass crack nice and gooey.

      “I promise Jamal!  Anything!  I want it so bad!”  Jonny begs, as he looks back over his shoulder.  Jamal smiles as he applies some pressure against Jonny’s sphincter.

     “You will help me fuck Ben.”  Jamal say’s in low lusty tone.

     “Yessss… I’ll help you!  Fuck, I want him too!” Jonny blurts out.  Hearing that surprises me, I guess Ben and Jonny never have done anything together.  But it also means that Jamal has eyes for Ben too.

     “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Jonny screams out as Jamal thrusts his thick eight inch cock into Jonny without warning.

     “Yeah take my cock boy!”

     “OH FUCK!…SO DAMN…..BIG!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!     UUUuuuuuuuungh!  Mmmmmaaaaaaah!”

     Jamal doesn’t even wait for Jonny to get use to his massive member and starts to thrust in and out of the teen boy with out mercy.  Jonny is moaning uncontrollably from the fucking that Jamal is giving him.  I watch in amazement as more and more of Jamal’s thickness is fucked into the boy until Jamal’s crotch and heavy balls are slapping against the boy’s ass.

     “Buried deep in you now boy!”  Jamal says huskily.

     “Aaaaaaaagh!   Oh god!   Aaaagggh!  Jonny can only grunt and moan in response as he’s slammed against the washing machine.

     “Wanted to fuck your nice teen ass ever since I first saw you in the tight blue Speedo.”  Jamal said to the panting teen as he continues his assault on the boy.  “I knew you wanted me when I fingered your ass in the pool that night.”

     “You didn’t mind, did you boy?” as Jamal started to make long deep thrusts into and out of the boy.

       “OOOH FUCK JAMAL!  I WANTED YOUR COCK SO BAD!”  Jonny blurts out as he arches his ass up.

     “Yeah you like my black cock don’t you boy?”  as Jamal thrusts forward and keeps his cock buried to the hilt inside the 14 year old’s ass.  His black body contrasting against Jonny’s tan skin as Jamal grinds his hips up against the boy‘s butt.

     “You like that booty bump don’t you?” as Jamal makes little jabs in and out.

     “FUCK YEAH!  I want you to fuck me so hard.”  Jonny whimpers.

     Suddenly the washing machine clicks off and the room is silent as Jamal and Jonny stop, joined at the hips with eight inches of Jamal cock buried deep inside the 14 year old teen neighbor.

     But the silence is brief as the washing machine starts up again with the spin cycle.  Jamal starts to make small fucking motions in the boy.  Jonny’s moans start up again.

     “Yeah, want you to help me fuck your friend.  You’d like that wouldn’t you boy?”  Jamal says to the moaning Jonny.

     “Oooh yyyeah, Jamal.  I wanna help…mmmmmm!”

     “Call me daddy from now on boy!  I’m your daddy!”  Jamal says as he picks up the pace of his thrusts.

     “Fuck…yes daaadddy!  Anything for you daddy!”  Jonny immediately replies.

     “Good son!” as Jamal starts to pummel the boy’s ass.  The sound of slapping flesh, grunt, moans and wet squishy noises mixed in with the sounds of the washing machine fill the garage.

     “Oh SHIT!  aaaaaagh!… aaaAAAGH!…..AAAAAGH!” Jonny moans out louder and louder as Jamal hips become a rapid blur.

   Then I see Jamal’s head fling back as he slams balls deep into the boy letting out a loud grunt as he starts to empty his seed into the shaky teen.

     “Take it boy!  Take my love frosting boy!”  Jamal pants out as he continues to pump his load into the boy.

     “That was great son.  I think you earned your Speedo.”  Jamal said to Jonny as he leaned down and kissed the bent over boy.

     Jamal let the boy up and I could see where Jonny had cum on the washing machine, without even touching himself.

     “Look no hands!”  the wobbly teen said to Jamal pointing at the puddle of cum on the washing machine.

     Jamal slowly slid out of the boy making Jonny grunt.  He turned the boy around and they shared a passionate kiss together as Jamal ran his hands up and down the boy.

     “We better get back to the party, they might start to wonder what happen to us.” Jamal said with a laugh.

     “What am I going to wear now?”  Jonny said as he picked up his torn baby blue Speedos.

     “You could wear nothing at all, but some boys out there might not be ready for that yet, but soon.” snickered Jamal.

     “Take this towel and wrap it around yourself and meet me in my bedroom upstairs.  I’ll give you your white Speedo that you earned so well.”  Jamal said lustfully to the boy.  They kissed one last time, with tongue’s dueling, then Jonny wrapped the beach towel around his waist and then exited the garage.

     Jamal stood there and watched the boy exit.  Then he said out loud.

     “I hope you enjoyed the show.  I’ll soon have all your boys.” Jamal then glanced up to where I was hiding ,smiled and left the garage.  I was so overcharged with lust that all I could do was collapse on my back and furiously jack off to all the images I had just seen as Jamal fucked my fantasy boy right in front of me.

     And he was going to go after Ben too?  That got me even harder for some reason.  I think I wanted it to happen now.  I think I wanted to see Ben get fucked.  And how was Jonny going to fit into all this.

“Oh Shit!”  I thought as I ejaculated all over myself.

Watching The Boys - part 6

     I laid there in the hot confines of the garage rafters recovering from the ejaculation I had while I watched Jamal and Jonny, a boy I’d fantasized about for so long, get fucked on the washing machine.  And the worst part about it is that the boy begged for Jamal to fuck him.  My mind swirled with the comments I heard during the fucking.  Jamal was going to go after Ben!  And his best friend Jonny was going to help him!

     I grabbed Bryan’s suitcase, what I originally came up to get, and dropped it down to the garage floor.  I slowly climbed down from my perch, grabbed a rag to clean up the cum that was all over my belly.  I pulled up my sweat pants and headed out of the garage.  With suitcase in hand, I headed back to the main house.

     Upon exiting the garage I was immediately overwhelmed at the display of young boy and teen flesh filling the backyard.  Ben and Bryan’s friends cavorting around the backyard and in the pool.  Some boys wore nothing more than Speedos while others were wearing board shorts.   As I made my way across the lawn towards the main house, I stayed focused on the sliding glass door so I wouldn’t get distracted and start to perv out.  I’d just cum watching Jonny get fucked, but I didn’t want to risk getting hard again.

     I finally made it inside the house closing the patio door behind me.

     “Safe.  Head upstairs, drop off Bryan‘s suitcase and finish preparing for this weekend’s trip.“  I thought to myself trying to stay focused.

     I headed upstairs to Bryan’s room and made it to the top of the landing when I spotted the towel.  It was the same towel that Jonny had used to cover himself laying in the hallway in front of Jamal‘s room further down the hallway.  His bedroom door was partially open as I stopped in front of Bryan’s room.

     Bryan’s bedroom door was the first door on my right and I was about to enter the room when I heard the distinct sounds of a boy moaning on the other side.  I could also hear the muffled sounds of flesh slapping along with a deep voice murmuring in the background.   I couldn’t make out what was being said.  I gently tried the door knob but the it was locked.  I could only stand there and imagine who was fucking Bryan in his own bed, making a mess of his Sponge Bob sheets.  No doubt it was Uncle Dee.  I left the suitcase outside Bryan’s door still hearing the low moans of fucking mixed in with an occasional high pitched yelp coming from behind the closed door.

     Just as I started down the hallway Jonny came out of Jamal’s room wearing a pair of white Speedo’s that I’d seen Bryan wearing.  The sight of him in just those skimpy white Speedo’s took my breath away.  He was also sporting a nice erection that stretched the material to the limit.  His cock angled snuggly to the left in the suit’s tight confines, a noticeable wet spot near the head of his penis made the mushroom head clearly visible.  The only other thing he was wearing was a big smile across his face as he walked past me like it was a normal thing.

     “Hi Frank.” Jonny said as he quickly passed me in the hallway heading back downstairs.  I watched him walk away, his teen ass cheeks looked so delicious as they bounced out of sight in those tight white Speedos.  I also noticed a wet spot on his ass where Jamal’s cum had leaked out.  My head was starting to spin as I braced myself against the wall.  The sight of Jonny’s cute bubble butt in those white Speedos was too much for me.

     As I paused in the hallway trying to regain my composure, I heard giggling coming from Jamal’s room.  It couldn’t be Bryan, he was getting fucked in his bedroom by Uncle Dee.  It was definitely the sound of a young boy.  Jamal’s bedroom door was ajar so I quietly crept closer and peeked inside.

     It was Jeffy.  His back was to me, standing at the foot of the bed between Jamal‘s large muscular thighs.  Jeffy was also wearing a pair of those tight white Speedos.

     “What’s with those white Speedos?” I thought to myself as I watched Jamal’s large black hands slowly encircle, then caress Jeffy’s smooth back.  His manly hands contrasted against Jeffy’s smooth white skin.

     “Mmmmmm…”  I could hear Jeffy moan out as Jamal’s hands lowered until both hands where massaging the boy’s spandex covered ass.  It was such a sight to see as Jamal work those small boy cheeks, like a master at work.  And Jeffy sounded like he was enjoying Jamal’s manipulations too.

     “You like that baby boy?” I heard Jamal say as he hooked his fingers into the sides of Jeffy’s white Speedo’s.  worked them down his smooth boy legs, until the white suit dropped to his feet, exposing Jeffy’s amazing boy ass to me.  Then I noticed Jamal’s body shift as he did something I couldn’t see.  I then heard a slurping noise and Jeffy’s body stiffen followed by a loud grunt.

     “Uuuuuugh…yeah daddy J, suck me!” Jeffy gasped.  The slurping noises continued for a few more moments as Jeffy’s butt flexed forward under Jamal’a hands.  Suddenly Jamal pulled off the boy.

     “At this rate, your never gonna get to wear your new Speedos my little boy slut.”  I heard Jamal say as I watched his fingers start to dig into Jeffy’s boy crack searching for the boy’s sphincter.  Jeffy arched his back, opening his ass up for Jamal’s probing digits.  Soon, the boy grunted as one of the fingers found it’s target.  I watched in amazement as Jamal’s thick finger sank easily into the boy, his hole being already stretched out from their previous encounter in the spa earlier that day.  

     “Uuuuungh”  grunted little Jeffy, as he felt Jamal work a second finger into the boy.  As Jamal did this I noticed a clear liquid start to leak out around Jamal’s fingers.  Then it became thicker with a bit of white mixed in as he continued to finger fuck the boy.  Then it hit me, it was Jamal’s own cum that was leaking out of him.

     As Jamal worked the boy’s ass with one hand, he reached back with his other hand and was fiddling with something on the bed.  Then his other hand returned with something in it.

     “I wasn’t able ta give ya a bump in the spa, but I think you’ve earned it now boy.”  Jamal quickly removed his two fingers then popped the white nugget inside the boy’s loosened asshole, quickly re-inserting his two thick fingers.   Shoving the nugget deep into the boy’s colon.  Jeffy let out a loud boyish squeak at the sudden intrusion as Jamal worked his fingers around inside the boy, getting the nugget to dissolve in his ass.

     “AAAAAAAAH!  IT BURNS J!!!”  Jeffy yelled out as he squirmed on Jamal’s thick fingers.  The burning feeling of the dissolving nugget of T had Jeffy‘s ass clenching and unclenching on Jamal’s large digits as the boy’s body tensed up with the overwhelming sensations rippling through him.

     “UUUNGHAAAGH!  BURNS!  Mmmmmaaagh!”  I could see Jeffy’s chest breathing heavy as his body trembled from the continued discomfort.

     “Your doing good my little slut boy.  ” Jamal said reassuringly as I watched him start to slowly finger fuck in and out of Jeffy’s ass.  More of Jamal’s cum, mixed in with the boy’s natural ass juices started to trickle down Jamal’s hand and wrist.

     “Trust me, It’ll get better.” I heard Jamal murmur as he easily slipped in a third finger.  Jeffy could only answer with a grunt as his ass was stretched even further.

     “Uuuuuuungh….” Jeffy panted as Jamal’s three fingers really started to work on the nine year olds stretched out ass.  From my vantage point I could see the boy lean forward against Jamal as he tried to steady himself from the sensations he was receiving from Jamal’s three thick fingers pushing in and out of him.  The boy’s legs grew weak as the sensations over took him.

     “You want my cock boy?’  I heard Jamal murmur in Jeffy’s ear.  A low grunt came from Jeffy.

     “I can’t hear you boy.” Jamal said with a bit more force in his voice followed by him burying and twisting his three fingers deep into the boy’s dripping ass.

     “Uuuugh!”  Jeffy moaned out as Jamal twisted his fingers again.

     “Y…Yeah!”  Jeffy stuttered again as Jamal continued to twist inside the boy.  

     “I want your cock daddy J!”  Jeffy finally said lustfully as he started to force himself down on Jamal’s twisting hand.

     “Yeah, you want daddy’s cock don’t you boy?”  I could hear Jamal say to the boy gyrating lustfully on his fingers.  It looked so hot to see the nine year old neighbor boy lost in lust as Jamal manipulated him with his fingers from the inside.

     “F…f…fuck me daddy J  F…f…fuck me.”  I heard Jeffy plead.

     “Go ahead boy, show daddy how much you want his cock.”  Said Jamal as he removed his fingers from Jeffy’s sloppy hole.  I was amazed to see the boy’s sphincter stay open for a bit then slowly close up.  Jamal leaned back on the bed as Jeffy climbed up on top of Jamal.  I could now see Jamal’s thick muscular thighs spread wide before me, his hard cock and balls now completely displayed in front of me as laid back on the bed.  I spotted a thick cock ring around the base of Jamal’s cock, no doubt so he could stay hard for a long periods of time.

     Jeffy took Jamal’s thick eight inch’s of flesh in his hand and guided it to his small boy entrance as Jeffy squatted down over Jamal’s waist.  Jeffy paused as he nudged the large head against his small sloppy boy hole.  It looked impossible for that thick piece of meat to fit into Jeffy’s tiny entrance.  All of sudden, Jeffy jammed himself down on that thick piece of cock flesh.  His hole resisted for a few seconds, then I watched in amazement as Jamal’s cock started to slowly disappear into the boy’s tight colon.

     “UUUUGH!” Jeffy moaned out with a sound of desperation in his voice.

     “MMMMPH!  AAAAAGH!  NNNYEAH!” Jeffy moaned out with each downward push as he used his weight to cram more and more of Jamal’s thick eight inches into his tight boy ass.  Three, then four, then six inches slipped inside Jeffy’s ass as he continued to relax his boy ass and work his way down.   The thick black member pushing Jeffy’s insides apart as it slide into the boy.

     I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again so quickly after watching Jamal fuck Jonny in the garage.  But watching nine year old Jeffy work that eight inch tube into him was even hotter.

     “AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO  GAWD!” I heard Jeffy yell out as the muscles in his ass finally fully relaxed from the T bump.  Jeffy slide down completely as he became fully impaled on Jamal‘s cock.  The boy collapsed forward onto Jamal’s body as Jeffy experienced the fullness of having Jamal’s cock up his boy hole for a second time that day.

     I could see Jeffy’s hole spasm around the base of Jamal’s cock as I had a clear view of where the reclining man and boy were now fully connected.  I could hear little whimpers coming from Jeffy as he started to make small movements with his ass, working an inch of Jamal’s cock in and out of his sloppy ass.  How Jeffy was able to get the massive cock into his small body was beyond me.  But it was hot as fuck to see it happen right before my eyes.

     “Fuck yeah Jeffy.” I heard Jamal mumble as Jeffy picked up speed.


     The squatting boy really started to get into fucking himself on Jamal’s fuck stick.  The grunts and groans from young Jeffy mixed in with the sounds of sloppy, slapping wet flesh increased as he started to work his ass up and down Jamal’s glistening black shaft.  The boy had a lustful rhythm going as he impaled himself on that thick black cock with each downward thrust.

     “Fuck boy!  Work my cock!” Jamal moaned out as the boy continued his assault.  I could see Jamal’s balls start to tighten up as he got closer to shooting his “love frosting” into Jeffy for the second time today.  I then noticed Jamal’s hands grip the boy’s waist.  He took over Jeffy’s movements and really started to pound the boy down on his cock.

      “UUUNGH!”…slurp, slurp, slurp…“AAAAHH!“…slap, slurp, slap…“MMMGGAAGH!”…slorp, slorp, slorp…

     Jamal effortlessly power fucked the nine year old, Jeffy’s arms and legs flailed limply as Jamal’s cock pounded the boy’s colon.   Jeffy looked like a boy sized flesh tube as Jamal was now fucking his entire length into and out of the boy.  Loud sucking and squelching noises filled the bedroom as Jamal’s full eight inches fucked easily in and out of the boy.

    “MMMmmmMMMmmmMMMghhaaahhhWWWD!…” Jeffy and Jamal were reduced to a series of long endless grunts and groans, the ability to form words was now beyond them as they fucked in a drug induced frenzy.

     Jeffy’s ass was a sloppy mess as Jamal jack hammered in and out of the boy.  A mixture of Jamal’s previous load mixed in with Jeffy’s ass juices coated Jamal’s tight ball sack as it dripped off and made a small wet spot on the bed beneath them.

     I couldn’t resist massaging my cock in my sweat pants as I continued to spy on them from the hallway.  The sounds of sex echoing through the second floor hallway as Jamal and Jeffy’s wild fuck session continued to intensify.

     Then, Jamal thrust up into the boy, pulling Jeffy down on his cock, fully impaling the boy with all eight inches of his thick hard cock.  Jeffy arched backwards as he let out a loud groan, then he dropped forward followed by the sounds of passionate kissing.  I could imagine Jamal’s large tongue jammed into the boy’s mouth as they dueled tongues together.

     Jamal then quickly rolled the boy over onto his back and started to really hammer into the pinned boy on the bed.  Jeffy’s coltish boy legs wrapped around Jamal’s wildly thrusting hips as he pounded the boy’s ass.

     All I could hear where muffled moans and slurping noises, no words were spoken as I watched Jamal’s ass buck and flex as he fucked Jeffy with wild abandon.  His hard black cock was a blur as I watched it piston in and out of the nine year old.  I could barely see Jeffy under Jamal as the large man pummeled the boy faster and faster as he got closer and closer to shooting his load.

     “AAAAAAAUUUUUUUNNNAAAAGH!” I heard Jamal roar out as his butt muscles tensed jamming his cock fully into young Jeffy.  I could see his balls contract as he injected the boy with his “love frosting”.  The only visible signs of the boy where his slim legs still clinging around Jamal’s hips.

     I backed away from the door, my cock now fully hard and tenting my sweat pants.  Jamal had taken both Jonny and Jeffy in the same day, and both boy’s looked like they enjoyed it.  They also looked like they were no strangers to man/boy sex.  Where did they learn such stuff?  Thank goodness Ben hadn’t come upstairs and seen any of this.

     I quickly retreated to the safety of my bedroom.  I collapsed on the bed, whipped out my hard dripping cock, and started to furiously jack off to the recent images of both Jonny and Jeffy getting taken by Jamal.  And who knows what was happening in Bryan‘s room with Uncle Dee.  I continued to stroke myself off, I couldn’t help fantasies about what could happen to Ben while I’ll be gone.  It was now a question of when, rather than if, Jamal was going to take Ben’s ass.  Especially with Jonny’s pledge to help Jamal get Ben’s ass.

     Before I knew it, my cock erupted all over my stomach, again!  For the third time in one day!   A few shots even made it up onto my chest.  I haven’t done that since before I was married.  In fact, I almost felt like a teenager again with the amount of erections and ejaculations I’ve had in one day.  After this last climax I quickly nodded off and fell asleep.  My body needed recharging and I couldn’t resist the sleep my body craved.

     I woke up later feeling fantastic, the best I’d felt in a long time.  I headed out of my master bedroom and down the hall.  All the bedroom doors where now open and no one was around.  I guess everyone had moved outside to the backyard again.  Thank goodness for that I thought.  I made my way downstairs and out into the warm evening air, the sun had set and the tiki lamps where lit all around the pool.  All of Ben’s and Bryan’s friends where still having a blast as they roughhoused in the pool and around the grassy area.  Everyone was having a good time but I also noticed that all the boys where wearing white Speedos.

     “That’s odd?”  I though to myself.  “When did Jamal hand out all these Speedos and how did he get some of the more shy boys to wear them?”

     Then I noticed Jamal, wearing just a pair of board shorts, standing in the grassy area as the boys played around him.  He was staring directly at me with a huge grin on his face, his muscles glistening.  I thought it was odd the way he was looking at me.  Then he did something I didn’t expect.  He slid his hands into his loose board shorts and started to rub his crotch in plain sight of the boys, just massaging his groin with both hands while continuing to stare at me with that grin on his face.  Then he hooked his fingers into the sides of his shorts, pushed them down, then kicked them off with one of his feet.

     Jamal was now standing completely naked as the boys played around him in their white Speedos, seemingly oblivious to what he was doing.  Jamal continued to stroke his cock it started to harden in his hands.  It quickly reached it’s eight inch girth but to my shock it continued to grow larger and thicker.  The boys playing around him finally notice this amazing sight and I thought for sure they where going to run in terror.

     But the boys gathered around the cock as it continued to inflate, growing freely in Jamal’s hands.  His member grew with each pulse of Jamal’s heart beat as the boys whispering amongst themselves watching the growing beast extend in both length and girth.

     Then the boys started to touch and rub his cock.  Jamal continued to smile directly at me the whole time, closing his eyes momentarily when the sensations of the rubbing boys overwhelmed him.  I noticed Bryan, Jeffy, and Jonny, all wearing their white Speedos, right in there rubbing away along with all their friends.

     The boys worshipped his cock as it now had grown to a mammoth size.  It must have been over six feet long and at least four feet around.  And it was still growing!

     More boys from the pool joined in to rub Jamal’s monster cock.  Soon, all the boys had gathered around his massive member as it now extended a mammoth eight feet out from Jamal’s body.  I was shocked at what I was seeing!

     “How can this happen?!  What the hell is going on?!” I thought as I watched the boys flock around Jamal and his massive penis.  I saw Bryan hop up on it like it was a horse as he started to hump the massive member in just his white Speedo.  Jeffy soon followed Bryan’s lead and hopped up behind him.  Jamal’s cock responded by becoming rock hard and emitting a massive amount of pre-cum from it’s slit.  That’s when I noticed that Jamal’s balls had grown to a massive size as well behind him.

     “Daddy needs you.”  Jamal finally spoke to the Speedo wearing boys as he continued to stare at me, like he could see right through me.  Bryan reacted first and hopped down from his position and stood in front of the massive oozing cock head.  Bryan looked over his shoulder at me with a devious smile, then turned back to the massive cock.  I then watched in horror as my youngest son stuck his hands into the wet piss slit and pushed, arms first, into the cock.  He quickly wiggled his head in, followed by his shoulders, then his torso.  Then the cock took over and slurped the rest of him in like a piece of spaghetti.

     Then the boys let out a loud cheer and they all moved to the front of Jamal’s cock and started to push themselves in.  One by one, the Speedo clad boy’s forced themselves into Jamal’s massive piss slit.  Each one getting gobbled up as they pushed into the snake like beast.  Jamal’s balls where growing to a massive size as his hungry cock swallowed up boy after boy.

     Soon all the boys where in Jamal’s balls, I could see them wriggling around inside.  Then I noticed a boy run past me towards Jamal’s cock.  It was my Ben!  He ran up to the cock and stopped in front of it.  Ben, then turned and looked at me.  Unfastened his board shorts and pushed them down revealing him wearing a pair of those same white Speedos the other boys where wearing.  He smiled that same devious smile Bryan did, then turned to the cock and dove in head first, jamming his body into the dripping cum slit.  Jamal grunted and started to flex his cock as he swallowed Ben up in less just a few seconds.

     Then Jamal flexed his cock upward as I watched the bulge of Ben’s body slide down his shaft and deposited into Jamal’s warping balls.

     “Their all mine now Frank.”  Jamal says breathlessly to me as he starts to stroke his massive cock as it towers over him.  I watch Jamal’s balls grow tight squeezing the boys inside into cum as he strokes furiously to a massive orgasm.  I can see Jamal’s balls working the boys, making them his cum!  My boys are in there!  The neighbor boys!  My boys team mates!  Jamal continues to stroke at a fever pace until he let’s out a humungous grunt.

     “YYYEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!”  Jamal yells out as massive amounts of cum and multiple pairs of white Speedo’s go flying all over the backyard leaving everything coated in a layer of cum.

     I screamed out “NNNNNOOOO!” as I sat up with a fright.  Then I realized I was still in my bedroom dripping with sweat.  What the hell did I just dream?  I slowly got up and made my way to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face.  Even my dreams where torturing me.

     It looked like the sun was about to set as I glanced out the bathroom window.  I needed to make sure Bryan packed his suitcase for tomorrow.  The upstairs hallway was quiet and all the doors to the bedrooms where open, it felt eerie after the dream I just had.  I glanced into Jamal’s room, there was a noticeable wet spot still on the bed where I witnessed Jamal and young Jeffy fuck like wild animals a few hours earlier.

     Bryan’s room was now open and his suitcase was open and on his bed, some of his clothes where already packed inside.  But I couldn’t tell what had happened between Uncle Dee and him from the surroundings.  Everything looked normal.

     I headed downstairs and out to the backyard to see who was still here.  As I stepped out onto the patio, I spotted a few heads in the spa, and two boys in the pool floating around.  All of the other boys had already headed home as the sun set behind the Santa Monica mountains.  It looked like Uncle Dee had packed up and left, his grill was gone but there was plenty of food still out on the patio table.

     I spotted Bryan, Jeffy and Jamal in the spa and surprisingly they were just sitting there in the bubbles relaxing from all the stimulation they‘d shared over the last few hours.  For once they were too tired to do anything.  They ignored me as they soaked in the hot tub.  In the pool I spotted Jonny and Ben floating on some pool rafts.  Seeing everyone finally spent I headed back inside to the kitchen, made myself a plate of food and went to my office to finish up some paper work for the big weekend meeting.

     As I wrapped up my work it was now dark outside, I heard the boys come in from the backyard and attack the kitchen like a bunch of hungry wolves.  I called Bryan into the office from the kitchen and reminded him not to forget to finish packing for the trip tomorrow.

     “Sure thing Frank.”  Bryan said in a rather flippant tone.

     “Hey?!  What’s with all the attitude young man?”  I said in a firmly.

     “I do what MY daddy tells me to do.”  Bryan replied defiantly.

     “Well I'm your father young man and you will treat me with more respect!”  I boomed.

     “I think my new daddy will have something to say about that…frank.”  Bryan said with a sneer on his face.  Now Bryan was really pissing me off.

     “All right you little shit!  Get back here!” I growled as I started after him.  Bryan face changed from a look of defiance to fear as he knew he had crossed the line and quickly disappeared into the kitchen, then I could hear him run out the back door.  I was his father and he needed to be reminded of this fact.

     As I stormed through the kitchen in hot pursuit of Bryan, I quickly past Ben, Jonny, and Jeffy eating at the kitchen counter. They all had a look of confusion as to what was going on.

     “Uh oh, Bryan did something again.”  Ben said quietly to Jonny and Jeffy in an amused big brother tone.  I was glad I was leaving with him tomorrow morning.  The sooner I get him away from Jamal the better.

     As I approached the backdoor I saw Bryan return with Jamal behind him.  Jamal had a smirk on his face that made me feel very uncomfortable.  But surprisingly, Bryan looked a bit humble.  I was about to tear into both of them when Jamal said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

     “I think you need to apologize to your father.”  He said in a stern tone to Bry.

     “I’m sorry…f…father.”  Bryan says in a sad tone.

     “You need to show better manners to Frank.”  Jamal continued.

     “I’m his father.” I corrected Jamal.

     “Of course, his father.”  Jamal said looking up at me with a grin.

     “yes, I will”  Bryan said in a defeated tone.

     “Now go upstairs and finish packing like a good boy.”  Jamal said to the sulking boy.  I was suspicious of Jamal’s reasons for backing me up.  But at least he helped me out with Bryan.  I heard snickering from the kitchen as Ben, Jonny, and Jeffy watched from the kitchen.

     “You got busted!”  I heard one of them say.

     “Shut up!”  Bryan mumbled back as he slowly walked upstairs like he was being sent to the gallows.

     “All right boy’s enough.”  Jamal piped up.

     “AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!“  Jonny screamed as he leapt out of his chair startling everybody in the room.

     “Sorry, the vibrate mode was on.”  Jonny said with an embarrassed look on his face as he pulled his iphone out of his white Speedos and answered the phone.

     Jeffy and Ben started to laugh uncontrollably, and so did Jamal and I.

     “God he looks good in those Speedos.” I thought to myself.

     “OK Jeffy, mom said you have to come home now.”   Jonny says to his little brother as he ended the call.

     “Alright.”  Jeffy said sadly as he stepped into his flip flops and headed for the front door.  “Just wish I could spend the night like Jonny.”  Jeffy continued in his dejected tone.  I head back to my office to get my brief case ready as Jamal walked with Jeffy to the front door.

     “You want me to walk you back little boy?’  I hear Jamal say to Jeffy.  I can’t help myself as I spy on what Jamal might do around these hot boys.  I listen in from inside my office door at the conversation happening in the foyer.
     “I’m big boy now.”  Jeffy says with a giggle proudly.  Then I hear him whisper to Jamal.  “I took your pee pee inside me twice today.”  Followed by another boyish giggle.  Then it got quiet for a moment, I couldn’t hear anything going on, but I knew something was happening in the foyer.

     I peaked out my office door and saw Jeffy in Jamal’s arms as they passionately kissed each other.  His small boyish legs wrapped around Jamal’s waist as their tongue’s dueled franticly.  Jamal’s hands were massaging Jeffy’s nine year old ass inside his new pair of white Speedos as he supported the boy in their passionate embrace.  The boy would grunt and moan from what I think was Jamal’s finger fucked the boy inside his white suit.

     Jamal pulled back and let the boy slide down over his hard thick bulging cock that was noticeable in his board shorts.  Jeffy’s cute little boy cock was tenting his Speedo now.

     “OK you, get your cute boy ass home and I’ll see you later.”  Jamal said to the little nymph as he slapped the boy on the ass.  Jeffy let out a yelp and a giggle as he headed home in just a pair of white Speedo’s and his flip flops.  I ducked back into my office as Jamal headed back to the Kitchen.  I heard Jamal and the boys chatting it up in the kitchen as they finished eating.  As I listened in on the conversation  the boys where discussing which film to watch down in the basement screening room.  Jonny wanted to watch a comedy and Ben wanted to watch an action flick.

     “READY!”  I heard Bryan yell out as he announced himself from the top of the stairs.  Then I heard the standard ‘THUMP’ ‘THUMP’ ‘THUMP’ ‘THUMP’ as he ran down the stairs.

     As I sat at my desk I could see the door leading down to the basement where the screening room and weight room where.  I could hear commotion in the kitchen as Bryan joined the boys and Jamal who where now heading for the basement.  As the boys gathered around the basement door I spoke up from the office.

     “Don’t stay up too late Bry, remember the airport shuttle get’s here early in the morning.”  I said to Bryan from the office.

     “Yeah, I will.”  Bry said with a smile, he was definitely in a better mood than just a few minutes ago.

I watched each boy go down the stairs, Jonny and Bryan where still wearing those damn sexy white Speedos.  Ben had on his board shorts, the same with Jamal.

     Just as Jamal was about to head down, he stopped and we made eye contact.  He smiled that damn smile at me again then continued to head down.  The chattering of the boys grew muffled then silent as I watched the door close, then I heard it lock.  Why would Jamal lock the door?  For some reason the clicking of the lock made my cock hard.  He wasn’t going to do something with all those boys was he?  With my Ben?  I knew he already had his way with the other two boys.

     But then I remembered what Jonny had said to Jamal in the garage.  And Bryan was down there too.  Three against one.

     “Oh Shit!”  I thought to myself.

Watching The Boys - part 7

     BEEP!  BEEP!  BEEP!  BEEP!  SLAM!  I hit my alarm clock shutting it off.  It was way too early to be up.  I slowly tried to wake up and get ready for the Airport Shuttle, which would be here in about 45 minutes.  I grabbed my robe and shuffled down to Bryan’s room to wake him up.  As I approached Bryan’s bed I noticed he was naked as his covers were half way down his body, exposing his gorgeous butt cheeks.  I rubbed his smooth bare bottom as I became hypnotized by the sleeping boy’s beautiful ass.
     I remembered going to bed last night and noticed the door to the basement was still closed.  I hadn’t heard a peep out of them since I watched Jamal and the boys head downstairs to watch a movie.  I wonder what they’d gotten up to last night.  Bryan seemed pretty out of it as he lay dead asleep in his bed.  

     My cock hardened as I slide my finger up and down his boy crack.  Then I pushed down into his warm crevasse, feeling for his boy hole.  But as I did this, I immediately felt a wetness as I located his pucker.  Wow, the outer lips of his boy hole felt puffy.  Bryan didn’t stir as I continued to rub his irritated sphincter.  Something clear and wet was slowly leaking out as I rubbed my finger around the outer edges of his boy hole.  

     My hard cock popped out through the front of my robe as I continued to explore my boy’s ass.  My heart raced as I slowly inserted my finger into his loose entrance.  Bryn never stirred as I buried my adult sized finger easily into my nine year olds colon.  I could feel Bryan’s sphincter muscles try and clamp down but they were too stretched to keep my finger out.  The smell of fresh cum filled the air as more liquid escaped as I kept pumping Bry’s ass with my finger.  Bry’s body started to react to my stimulation as he started to arch his back; making his cheeks part just a bit.  Like he was presenting  it to me like a prize.

     I couldn’t resist sliding a second finger in as his ass opened up.  This time I made a low groan as his cute boy hole easily swallowed another of my adult sized digits.  My cock ached as I worked my two fingers deep into my boy’s loose hole.  Squishy sounds filled the room as my two fingers located my boy’s tiny prostate muscle. 

     “Mmmmmmmm”  Bryan lightly moaned out.  He was still asleep but he clearly was enjoying my finger play.  

     I couldn’t take it anymore.  I pulled my fingers out of his hole making Bry grunt.  The temptation was there to climb on top of my boy and fuck the shit out of him.  But the Airport shuttle would be here soon and I needed to get Bry up and ready.

     “Come on, Bry.  Time to get up,”  I said as I leaned down close to Bry’s head and gently rubbed his body to get him to wake up.  Bryan just moaned and rolled over.  Well this was going to be fun.

     I needed to get ready myself so I headed back to my room.  Once dressed, I could concentrate on getting Bry up and ready.  As I came out of Bryan’s room Jamal came out of his.  

     “I guess you need help getting Bry going this morning?”  Jamal said grinning with a bit of droop in his eyes.

     “Yeah, shuttle will be here in about 45 minutes.”  I said groggily as I passed Jamal.  As I glanced into his room I could see a part of Jamal’s bed and noticed a pair of naked butt cheeks sticking out from the sheets.  The first thing that came to mind was Jonny had spent the night in Jamal’s bed.  But after all that I’d seen the last couple of days nothing really surprised me anymore.  Jamal went into Bryan’s room to get him up and ready as I hurried into my room to take a shower.

     Once I completed my shit, shower, and shave I was ready for the plane.  As I put my suitcase out in the hallway Bryan came out of his room, dressed and looking surprisingly awake with a smile on his face.  Jamal followed him with Bryan’s suitcase in his hand.  Then I got the biggest surprise as Ben walked out of Jamal’s room wearing nothing more than a pair of those damn white Speedos.  

     “Morning Ben.”  Bryan said in a chipper tone.  

     “Morning squirt.“ Ben replied as he walked groggily with Bryan downstairs.  I noticed how hot Ben looked in those tight nothings he was wearing.  His ass looked so hot.  Jamal came over and grabbed my suitcase; he winked at me as he noticed me staring at Ben’s ass.  

     “Your boy will be in good hands while you’re gone.”  Jamal said as he winked at me then turned and followed the boys downstairs.  I was weak in the knees as to what happened down in that basement last night.  As I passed Jamal’s open bedroom door I could still see Jonny sleeping in Jamal’s bed.  

     “Damn!  He had both Jonny and my son in his bed last night?”  I thought to myself as my cock started to chub up again.  The honk of the airport shuttle snapped me out of my sexual day dreaming.  

     I made my way downstairs as I headed for my office to get the tickets and my laptop; Jamal took the luggage to the shuttle.  I didn’t bother turning the lights on since I knew where everything was.  Then I caught sight of the boys from my darkened office as they stopped in the foyer to say goodbye.  Bryan was wearing his favorite jacket and a t-shirt and a pair of those loose silky basketball shorts that goes down to the knees.  He also wore a pair of flip flops, his cute boy feet were on display as well as the Puka shell anklet Jamal gave him,  probably so he didn’t have to remove his shoes when going through security.  

     Ben and Bryan stood in front of each other with smiles on their faces.  Then I noticed Bryan reach out and lightly rub the tip of Ben’s cock as it started to tent in his Speedo.  Bryan then ran his hand against his big brothers growing member, his small boy hand softly squeezing the cock as he held it in his boyish hand.  

     “Glad I could help you earn your Speedo last night.”  Bryan said gazing into Ben’s eyes.  Ben took his finger and scooped up a dab of cum that I hadn’t noticed off of Bryan’s cheek.

     “Looks like you already had breakfast, one of Jamal’s protein shakes?”  Ben said quietly as he smirked.  

     “Uh huh, we call it love frosting.“  Bryan smiled as he licked it off then sucked on Ben‘s finger for moment.  Then I heard the sound of a squishy muffled fart echo through the foyer.  

     “BRrrrrnnnttt!” both boys giggled at the sound.

     “Ooops”  Ben said rather sheepishly as Bryan continued to giggle.  I watched stunned from my office,  as Bryan’s right hand reached around and slide down inside the back of Ben’s  white Speedo.  I watched the bulge of Bry’s small nine year old hand almost disappear down in between the older boy’s butt cheeks.  Ben grunted and leaned against his younger brother to steady himself.  I swore I saw Ben try and spread his legs slightly.

     “You’re still really loose.”  I heard Bryan say breathlessly as they leaned against each other, I then lost all sight of the bulge of Bryan’s hand in the back of Ben‘s Speedo.  Whatever Bryan was doing back there made his older brother emit a stifled moan.  

     Then Bryan pulled his hand out of Ben’s Speedo making his brother grunt.  Bryan’s hand looked wet and coated with cum and Ben’s ass juices.  Bryan raised his hand to his mouth a started to lick his cum covered hand like a lollipop.  He then offered his hand to Ben who started to lick Bry’s hand like it was cotton candy.  Bryan lowered his hand as Ben continued to lick at it, then both boys where cleaning Bry’s hand as they stared into each other’s eyes.

     As Ben and Bryan gazed into each others eyes, Bry lowered his hand leaving smeared cum all over their mouths and faces.  My boys heads slowly leaned towards one another, pausing just as their lips where about to touch, then started slowly exploring each others mouths lovingly. They embraced each other as my oldest son ground his hard cock against his younger brother.  I could hear them start to moan as their passion rose and their kissing increased, their mouths now locked together, as their tongues dueled like there was no tomorrow.  This was a far cry from the kiss they had yesterday.  

     The sound of the airport shuttle’s horn snapped all three of us out of the moment.  Ben and Bryan held each other as they smiled like lovers.

     “Better get your cute butt in the van,”  Ben said to Bryan.

     “I love you bro.”  Bryan said quietly as they kissed each other quickly one last time, then Bry darted for the front door while trying to readjust his hard little boy nail in his shorts.  Ben was fully hard in his white Speedo as he turned and headed back upstairs.  The rear of his tight Speedos were showing a wet spot where cum had leaked out of his ass.

     I had to readjust my hard on as I made my way out of my office to the front door.  Just as I came out of my office I spotted Ben watching me from the second floor landing.  He was smiling and rubbing his erection that was bulging out his Speedo.  

     “Bye Frank.”  He said smiling with the most lust filled look I had ever seen on his face.  Did he know I was watching from my office?  

     “Bye son, do whatever Jamal says.  I’ll be back in a few days.”  I said quickly as I noticed Ben’s other hand was now behind him, it looked like he had his hand shoved down the back of his Speedo.  

     “Mmmm,  yes Frank.”  Ben said as a glassy look came over him.  Was he fingering his hole and rubbing himself?

     I got even harder with the thought that they knew I was watching as I hurried out the front door to the waiting shuttle van.  Jamal was waiting at the van; Bryan was already in the back with his seatbelt on and plugged into his iPad.  

     “Take care of Ben while I’m gone.”  I said to Jamal as I hopped into the van.

     “He’ll be well taken care of.”  Jamal said with a smile as he slid the side door closed.  Then van took off to LAX as we raced down the 101 to the 405.  

     I stared out the window as the van raced down the freeway headed towards LAX, thinking about the past events and what it would mean for me and my relationship with my boys.  I bet Jamal and the boys where doing some serious fucking right about now back at the house.  I had to try and put these images out of my head.  My cock had been hard ever since Jamal started working for me.

     I glanced over at Bryan, he had shucked off his flip flops as he kicked his legs back and forth as he squirmed in his seat.  He had such beautiful legs, and the sexiest feet a boy could have.  The white Puka anklet contrasted well against his smooth darkly tan skin.  I adjusted my hard cock as I took in my gorgeous boy sitting next to me.  Bryan continued to fidget in his seat, completely absorbed in whatever he was watching on his iPad.  I just wanted to run my hands up his legs, up into his loose fitting shorts until they reached his groin.  Feeling his smooth boy cock and balls in my hand as I stroked his boy nail ‘til it was hard and throbbing in my hand.  

     “Damn it!  Stop perving on your own son!”  I thought to myself as tried to refocus my attention out the window.

     We finally reached the airport and made it to the ticket window to check in our luggage.  As we were checking in, I learned that our seat assignments had been changed and Bryan and I wouldn’t be sitting together.  I was upset and raised a stink but there was little that I could do since the plane was overbooked.  

     “I’ll be all right dad.  I can handle it.”  Bryan said to me without taking his eyes off his iPad.  I was shocked!  He called me dad!  The first time he’d called me that since I got back from my last trip and all this nonsense had started with Jamal.  His response totally defused my anger, and we headed for the security gate.  

     Waiting for the security gate is always a chore.  Bags to be checked, shoes to be taken off and put back on, taking stuff out and all that crap.  It can be a process.  But one can usually get through quickly if instructions are followed.  I grabbed one of the plastic bins and put my shoes and all my metal objects into it, followed by my laptop which I had to open and turn on.  

     Bryan was behind me and he took a plastic bin and put his iPad and his flip slops in.  I was motioned through the metal detector and thankfully nothing went off.  Bryan was motioned through and the detector went off.  Bryan didn’t look effected by this and followed instructions as he raised his hands as a wand was passed over him.  Nothing happened until the wand got below his waist.  

     “That’s strange; those shorts don’t have any pockets?”   I thought to myself as I started to put my shoes on and gather my things.

     The TSA agent padded down Bryan but nothing was found.  The wand was passed over him again and it still went off.  Now I was really concerned as to what the problem was. 

     “Sorry sir, is he your son?”  The TSA agent asked.  

     “Ye…yes.”  I stammered, not quite sure what was going to happen.

     “We need to do a search of your son, won’t take too long.” the TSA agent said as he escorted Bryan into a cubicle off to the side.  I followed the two inside with the door closing behind me.  I was still holding all our stuff as I sat down in the plain grey room.  The only thing in the room besides some chairs was a wide metal table.  From where I was sitting, I had a clear profile view of the TSA agent and Bryan.  The TSA agent was big black gentlemen that towered over Bryan as my boy stood before him barefoot.  

     “Let’s take your shirt off.”  The TSA agent said as he helped  Bryan remove his light jacket.  The TSA agent then slid his hands underneath Bryan’s shirt and moved his hands up Bryan’s sides pushing the shirt up revealing my boy’s tight body.  I swear the TSA agent was enjoying the feeling of my boy’s smooth skin as his hands lingered on my boy while lifting the shirt up.   My boy raised his arms up as the TSA agent finally lifted Bry’s shirt off.  But after he did this he ran his hand down the front of my boy’s chest and stomach, his large black hand feeling up my boy like a fine sculpture.  I noticed Bryan close his eyes and relax with a hint of a smile on his face.

     “You have a fine boy sir.”  I swear I thought the TSA agent licked his lips as he said it.  “Looks like nothing concealed under his shirt.” continued the Agent.

     “I’m going to remove your shorts.”  The Agent said to Bryan.  The reaction from my son was interesting, he wasn’t nervous about this at all, almost anticipating something.  I on the other hand, I was nervous as hell as to where this was all leading too.

     The agent hooked his fingers into my boy’s shorts and lowered them down, and then Bryan braced himself on the TSA agent as he lifted up each leg so he could step out of them.  The TSA agent put the shorts with Bryan’s coat and shirt on the large table behind him.  Bryan was now standing in just his Superman underwear and his white Puka shell anklet as he waited for further instructions.  The large “S” on the front of my boy’s underwear look a bit distorted, was my boy hard?

     The Agent grabbed the wand and did a sweep over Bryan’s body, and wouldn’t you know it, the wand went off when it went over his underwear.  Specifically when it went near his ass.

     “OK, son.  We’re going to have to take off your underwear too.”  The TSA Agent said huskily.  Bryan just nodded silently as the Agent slid his hands into the sides of Bryan’s underwear and started to slid them down my boy’s thighs.  But he did it slowly, almost like a strip tease.  Bryan’s underwear got hung up briefly then finally gave way as Bryan’s little boy cock popped out and stood hard and erect out in front of him.

     The TSA agent finally lowered Bryan’s underwear all the way down, but not after feeling up my boys legs as he did it.  The agent tossed Bryan’s underwear on top of the pile of clothes on the table.  Bryan was now completely naked, except for the anklet.  The TSA agent did a visual inspection of my naked nine year old son as he had Bry to a slow turn.  The agent brought out the wand and did another sweep over Bryan’s naked body and it went off again near his cute boy ass.  I was really confused and concerned as to what could possibly be causing the metal detector to go off.  

     “Looks like I’ll have to examine you deeper.”  Smiled the agent.  Did Bryan smile back?

     “Over to the table, bend over and we‘ll have a look.”  The TSA agent said to my naked son.  Bryan went over to the table and bent over, laying his upper body on the table and displaying his perfect boy butt for me and the agent to see.  I thought the agent would put on some gloves but he kneeled down in front of Bryan’s ass and pulled the checks apart, exposing Bry’s recently used boy hole.

     “Looks like your butt is a bit irritated son.”  The TSA agent stated.  “Is there something up there I should know about?”  He said as he continued his visual inspection.  

     “No sir.”  I heard Bryan say in a shaky voice.  My cock was now hard.  All the stuff on my lap concealed my excitement as I watched the agent inspect my boy.

     The agent grabbed the metal detector and waved it in front of Bry’s ass, sure enough, it went off.  

     “Well, something is up there.”  As he grabbed a cheek with one hand and stuck the index finger of his other hand into his mouth and got it wet.  He then started to rub the wet finger over Bryan’s hole.  Bryan grunted as he felt the thick digit rub against his boy entrance.  I watched in stunned silence as the TSA agent slowly applied pressure and his finger fully sunk into Bryan’s hole. 

     “MMMmmmmmmaaaaaaagh.”  I heard Bry moan out in a low, raspy boyish pitch as his ass accepted the large black finger.  The TSA agent held his finger deep in Bry as he felt around inside.

     “Hmmm, I feel something in there, but I’ll have to loosen you up to get it out.”  The TSA agent said as he twisted his finger around in Bry‘s ass.  The agent then added second finger, stretching my boy’s ass even further.  Bryan’s body was wiggling and twisting as he held onto the table.  His legs muscles strained as he pushed back on the agents fingers.  Bry was clearly enjoying this.

     “Uugh, excuse me sir?”  I said cautiously as the TSA agent continued to finger my boy.

     “Don’t worry sir, this is standard procedure.”  The TSA agent said to me without breaking his focus as he pulled out his fingers leaving Bryan’s hole gaped open.  A mixture of cum and Bryan’s ass juices started to leak out of his loosened boy ass.

     “Looks like you’ve been busy.”  The agent said as he held up his fingers and looking at the cum for a moment, before he then licked his fingers clean.

     “And to think I skipped breakfast this morning.”  Smirked the TSA agent.

     Then he spread Bryan’s ass cheeks with both hands and shoved his face into my boy’s leaking gaped open ass.  

     “UUUnnngh!’  Bryan moaned out as he felt the agents tongue slip in.  I was so hard watching Bryan moaning like a bitch in heat as the TSA agent give my son such a thorough tongue lashing.  I noticed the TSA agent undoing his pants and while my mind said stop him, my erection wouldn’t let me. It was as if I was watching a movie of me watching the man about to fuck my son.   Then I spotted the agents cock, and what a massive piece of flesh it was.  Must have been 8 inches and was still growing.  The head looked like a giant angry plumb.

     My nine year old boy, draped over a table as this Security official ate out my boy while stroking his scary looking cock.  The sight was so obscene.  This was getting out of control, this was a government official eating out my boy’s ass in a major international airport getting ready to fuck him.  

     While the agent continued to tongue my boy, he added his two fingers into the boy and continued to stretch Bryan’s hole wider as cum continued to leak out.  The TSA agent then pulled back with his two fingers still inside the boy’s gaping hole.

     “OK boy, push out like you’re taking a shit.”  He said to Bryan.

     I could hear Bryan grunt a bit as his ass contracted,  I could see something shiny and metal start to appear in the entrance of his boy hole.  

     “What the hell is that?”  I thought to myself as I watched a large egg shaped object start to emerge from Bryan’s hole.  I started to hear the humming of the egg like shape as it stretched Bryan’s hole for moment, then with a final grunt from my boy it popped out with a wet fart into the TSA agent’s hand.

     “Well, that’s what set off the detector.” as the agent placed the wet egg shaped vibrator on the table.  The cum soaked egg continued to shudder and vibrate as it sat next to Bryans laid out body.  The agent took the wand and waved it over Bryan’s ass and it didn’t go off this time.

     “OK, just to make sure nothing else is up there I’ll have to do a final check.”  The TSA agent said as he stood up with his now 9 inch erect monster sticking out of his pants.  He left Bryan and walked over to me and stood in front of me with his cock pointing right at my face.

     “Get it wet.”  The agent said in a commanding tone.  I glanced at Bryan as he lay out on the table looking right at me with a smirk on his face.  

     “It will be easier for your boy if you get it wet first sir.”  The agent said as he smiled down at me, his cock in my face.  It was a beautiful cock and after all that had happened over the past few days a rush washed over me and I leaned in and sucked the large head into my mouth.  

     “Yeah, daddy knows his place.  Get that cock ready for your boy.”  The agent cooed as he urged me on.  His cock was so big I had problems just getting it into my mouth, let alone trying to swallow any of it.  How was Bryan going to fit this thing in his ass?  Jamal was big, but this guy seemed way thicker.  After a minute or two of this the agent pulled back and walked over to Bryan.  

     “Now let’s see if there’s anything else up there.”  As the TSA agent slapped his huge black cock against my son’s leaking ass.  He placed the plumb sized head at Bryan’s entrance and pushed.  Nothing happened for a good minute or two as the agent applied steady pressure to Bry’s hole.

     “Push back for me baby boy, push like your shitting again.”  The agent said in a reassuring tone.  Bryan grunted then let out a sharp yelp, his eyes grew wide, as he gripped the table as the plumb sized head popped in.  Bryan started breathing heavy as he tried to accept the sheer size of the TSA agents cock into his little nine year old body.  My boy was pushed to his limit as the TSA agents thick cock slowly started to sink into Bryan’s stretched colon.  

     “Yeah, that’s it boy…open up for me.”  The agent cooed as he rubbed Bryan’s back.  His thick cock slowly sinking further and further into my boy as Bryan relaxed his ass muscles.  I watched Bryan’s face go through a series of emotions, pain, lust, and determination at various moments.

     “Mmmmm…you like my cock don’t you boy?”  The TSA agent continued to coo as he started to make gentle thrusts into my boy.  Then Bryan let out a gasp and whimpered as the Agent’s cock suddenly sank almost all the way in to Bryan.  Cum began to steadily drip out around the Agents cock as it displaced the cum buried deep inside my boy.

     “Oh fuck yeah. That’s right boy.  Relax those ass muscles for me.”  The Agent said gasping as he gripped Bryan‘s hips to steady himself.  I could now only see an inch of the Agents nine inch cock, the rest was snuggly lodged up in my boy’s spasming colon.  Bryan eyes and mouth were wide open as he gasped for breath, waiting for his body to calm down.  He’d never felt anything so long, thick, and hard in him before.

     “Oh fuck baby boy, you have such a good hole.  Just a bit more, need to make sure you don’t have anything else in you.”  The TSA agent groaned out as he paused for Bryan to get use to him.  Then slowly, the agent’s hips closed the distance as his cock slid into my boy and disappeared from my view.  His hips were now flat against Bryan’s butt as both man and boy moaned in satisfaction.  Bryan’s eyes were now closed as a look of pain and lust spread across his face.  I could only imagine the sensations he was feeling.

     The TSA agent bent down on top of my boy and started whispering into my boy’s ear.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I noticed the agents hips start to make little pulsing movements into Bryan.  I could hear Bryan whimper and squirm under the uniformed man as the TSA agents cock probed deep into my boy.  A puddle was starting to form under where the large black man had mounted my son.  The table creaked in protest as the gentle movements started to increase into harsher jabs.

     The TSA agent continued to whisper into my boy’s ear as he grabbed the far side of the table alongside where my son was hanging on and started to really hammer his hips into Bry.  I could hardly see Bryan now as the TSA agent had completely draped himself over my boy.  The sound of his keys swinging and banging along with a mixture of Bryan and the Agent’s moans and groans filled the room.

     The agent pulled off Bryan and took hold of his hips and really started to pound my boy as I watched his large tube piston in and out of my boy’s fine ass.  The sucking slurping sounds of his massive cock moving in and out of such a tight orifice mixed in with Bryan’s increased moaning and groaning filled the room.

     "MMMMMPHHHH!  OH!  UHHH....MMMMPHHH!  OH, GOD!"  Bryan was being thoroughly fucked now.  

     “That’s right boy, yell out.”  Grunted the agent as he kept up his assault on my boy‘s ass.  “This room is sound proof so you can make all the noise you want.”  The agent continued as he glanced at me and winked.  “No one is going to bother us.”  Not missing a beat as he fucked deeply into Bryan. 

      My boy had a determined look of lust and need as he pushed back against the agents thrusts.  Then the agent thrust forward and impaled Bryan fully on his cock, eliciting a low moan from my boy.  He then leaned down over my boy and whispered into his ear.

     “Let's check a little deeper…”  The TSA agent said grinning as he pulled his hard, angry looking, nine inch cock out of Bryan’s gaping, sloppy ass.  He flipped Bryan on his back with a loud bang as my boy landed on the inspection table.  The muscular black TSA agent pushed Bryan legs back towards his ears as he exposed my young nine year old boy's gaping open, stretched sphincter for me to see his work.  He held Bryan’s legs back as he began to smoothly slide his thick rock hard glistening cock back home inside the boy.

     ”MMMMAAAAAAAAHHH  GAAAWD!  Bryan squeaked out in a boyish tone as he felt the TSA agent’s large plumb sized head push deep into him until the agent’s hips where mashed against his butt.  The agent leaned down over Bryan as he shifted slightly to let Bryan get use to the new position.  Then the agent started to fuck, small movements at first but increasing as he went.  Bryan elicited little mewing sounds as the agent pumped the boy with his monster cock.

     “Just to make sure you're not hiding any more devices…”    The TSA agent said breathlessly as he leaned down on my boy as his hips picked up speed.  The agent was really working his cock deep inside my boy. 

     “Wanna make sure…oh fuck.”  The agent gasped as he started to take long thrusts into Bry.  “Uh… the rest of the passengers are safe from hot sexy boys like you.”  

     I noticed Bryan and the TSA agent staring into each other’s eyes as they connected emotionally while they fucked each other.  Then the agent leaned down and the two started to kiss passionately.  The smell of sex was strong as the sounds of man and boy sharing themselves filled the room.  As they got more into it I could barely see my boy as the TSA agent enveloped him.  At one point all I could see of Bryan where his two feet sticking up as they bobbed back and forth with each thrust.  

     The grunting and moaning increased as the fucking became more intense.  I noticed Bryan’s arms wrap around the agents shoulders.  His feet desperately trying to pull the agents body closer.  The agent released Bry’s legs which allowed Bry to quickly wrap his legs around the TSA agent’s waist.  Then the agent picked up the boy and was now standing as he fucked my boy on his cock, his large black hands gripped Bryan‘s waist, as my boy’s legs clung to the muscular man‘s body.

     Bryan and the TSA agent where lip locked as their bodies mashed together, his thick black cock rubbed the walls of Bryan’s snug colon as they clung to each other in the center of the room.  The sounds of grunting and heavy breathing through noses filled the room as man and boy stayed lip locked.  The agent backed up against the wall,  Bryan was now fucking the agent as much as the agent was fucking my boy.  It almost looked like Bryan was now the aggressor.

     The TSA agent had nowhere to go as my boy held on tightly to the muscular black man as he was overpowered by Bryan’s milking ass.  Bryan started to rapid fuck himself on the thick black cock, fully impaling himself on each down thrust.   The agent slowly slumped to his knees as Bryan continued to assault his cock as they stayed  entwined in each other’s arms.  

     Bryan was now rapid fucking himself on the kneeling agent as the agent leaned back against the wall.  The TSA agent pulled back from the kissing as Bryan started to suck on his neck.  The agent’s eyes were closed, a look of pure bliss on his face, his mouth open as he groaned out.

     “Ooooohhh  fuuuuck!!!   Such a hot ass boy!”  Moaned the agent as he held onto the bobbing boy.

     “MUTHA FUCKA!!!”  The agent hollered out as he grabbed Bryan’s hips and jammed his cock as hard as he could into Bryan as I watched his balls contract.  He must have cum in Bryan for over a minute as they both shuddered with each shot of cum.  After all the commotion of the last few minutes the room was still, the two spent bodies lay in a heap against the wall.  Bryan and the agent lay still for a few more moments until the agent regained his composure.

     “Oh baby boy, you were wonderful.”  The TSA agent said to Bryan as he brushed back my boy’s sweat covered hair.  They smiled at each other as they started to kiss lovingly, their tongues touched lightly as they came down from their sexual high.  The TSA agent wobbly got to his feet, with Bryan still fully impaled on his cock and stepped over to the inspection table placing Bryan next to his pile of clothes.  

     The egg shaped vibrator was still humming as the TSA agent grabbed it.  He quickly pulled his cock out and popped the egg back in making sure the agent’s cum didn’t leak out.  Bryan grunted loudly from the fast insertion.  Then the TSA agent leaned down and licked Bryan’s ass clean.  My boy moaned in satisfaction from the agent’s attention to his ass.

     “You can get dressed now kiddo.  Inspection is all finished“  The TSA agent said as he patted Bryan’s ass then stood up and stuffed his deflating cock back in his pants.  Bryan started getting dressed as I stood up with the bags covering my painful erection in my pants.  The agent pulled out a note from his shirt pocket and handed it to me.

     “Sorry, your boy has to wear that medical device in his ass according to the note left with the airline.”  The TSA agent said to me with a smile.  “Doctor’s orders.”

     “Just  show the note next time and your son won’t have to go through inspection next time.”  The agent said to me as he adjusted his semi hard cock in his pants.  Bryan was finished dressing, looking a bit disheveled but smiling.  The agent leaned down as Bryan and the TSA agent tenderly kissed one last time.  

     “Thanks little bro, you were the best I’ve had.”  The agent said appreciatively making Bryan’s face beam with pride.  As we walked out the door of the inspection room the TSA agent made one last comment to us as we headed to our gate.  

     “Jamal says have safe trip.”  As we both stood there for a moment.  Bryan had a contented smile on his face and I had a look of confusion as we watched the door to the inspection room close.  Jamal had set this up?  I wondered what else Jamal had planned for Bryan and myself.

     “Oh shit!” I thought to myself.

Watching The Boys - part 8

     Bryan was walking funny and a bit more slowly than usual as we walked down the concourse to our gate.  Once we found the gate I looked around for somewhere to eat.  I was starving and I know Bryan could use some breakfast especially after all we had been through with security.  There was a McDonald’s across from our gate, so we slowly wobbled over and order some sausage McMuffins and sat down in a booth inside the restaurant.  I watched Bryan quickly wolf down one of the breakfast sandwich’s in no time flat.  Bryan slowed down on the second McMuffin.  

     As I watched him eat, I couldn’t help but marvel at the nine year old boy sitting next to me.  The sight of him taking on such a massive cock and owning it.  He really had come into his own.  

     “You doing OK….?”  I said to Bryan as I gently hugged the boy then leaned in and whispered into Bryan’s ear.  “After taking such a big cock.”

     “Yyyeeeaaahhh, a little sore, but I’ll be OK.”  Bryan said exhaling; I think the egg was vibrating against his prostate as he squirmed a bit on the padded booth seat.  Then Bry grabbed my hand I was hugging him with and placed it on his rock hard boy nail.  He briefly looked up at me and smiled as I started to squeeze him through his shorts.

     “Was that the biggest one you’ve had Bry?”  I asked curiously as my mouth started to go dry.  I had to know, this was the perfect time to finally get a peek into Bryan’s new world.

     “I’ve had lots of guys that size.”  Bryan said between bites on his sandwich.  “But that officer was the thickest.”  He said with a giggle.  

     “It was a lot of fun.”  Bryan said after he swallowed another bite as he looked at me with beaming smile.  I looked at him stunned and wondered how many other ’guys’ besides Jamal and Uncle Dee he's done, since they were roughly about the same size or thickness.  Then I remembered the end of the Superman video with Bryan taking on all those black men.  A sexual shudder went through me remembering that scene. 

     Bryan then lightly moaned and wiggled some more in his seat as I slipped my hand down into his shorts and underwear and stroked his bare, hard boy cock.  Bryan leaned into me as he nibbled on his food as I stroked my boy in the middle of a busy McDonalds.

       Bryan started to make light moaning sounds as I gently teased and stroked his hard boy flesh as the metal egg vibrated away on his over stimulated prostate.

     Bry turned his head into my chest as he muffled the sounds of his climax into my shirt.  I then felt his cock start to contract with a dry orgasm.  His little body shook as each wave of pleasure washed over him.  The sounds faded from his buried head as Bryan came down from his climax.  But the vibrating egg was still stimulating his prostate which made his cock stay hard.  Bryan kept his face buried in my chest as we sat there and I snacked on my breakfast.  Then I realized he’d fallen asleep, I felt like such a dad at that moment.  

     I wonder if other travelers knew what was going on at our table just steps away.  It just looked like father and son where sharing a moment before their flight.

     I loved my boys very much but I’d been so busy with work that I never really connected with them on a deep level.  I’ve always been emotionally awkward around them.  And my sexual fetishes didn’t help me any.  But maybe now we could find some connection together.  Maybe introducing Jamal into the family wasn’t so bad after all as my youngest boy slept peacefully in my arms?

     We stayed like that ‘til about 30 minutes before boarding time.  I gently woke Bryan up, noticing his cock had gone down somewhat.  The groggy boy and myself slowly walked across the concourse to our gate and waited for the boarding to begin.  A crowd of people started to gather around the gate entrance as boarding time neared.  Some were tourists, others looked like well traveled business people use to long hours in airports.  

     Bryan and I were able to get on the plane first due to Bryan’s age.  We had seats in business class, with really wide leather chairs and lots of space.  Better than flying coach.  We found our seats, Bryan was sitting on the right side of the plane next to the window.  I was in the same row but on the opposite side of the plane next to the window.  The seating arrangements wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as I could clearly see Bryan from where I was sitting.

     I began to finally relax as I watched the people file onto the plane and pass by me.  There was a seat next to me, the center section had two seats and then the two seats on the far side.  Bryan looked like he was ready to pass out, most likely from what happened in security combined with having to wake up so early.  Soon the plane was nearly full and the last few stragglers were coming on to the plan, all of them heading to the coach section behind us.

     I had a middle aged business man sitting next to me, I looked down our row to where Bryan was sitting and the seat next to him was still empty.  

     “Cool, I could move over there if no one else sits there.”  I thought to myself.  Just as the stewardess was closing the door one more passenger quickly ran onto the plane.  He was a very tall, good looking, muscular black kid and he looked like he was in college and played football.  He was dressed nicely wearing his UCLA jersey over a collared shirt with a medium sized duffle slung over his shoulder.  The number was 23 emblazoned on his chest.

     He scanned for his seat as he strode down the aisle re-checking his ticket, then stopped next to the empty seat next to the sleeping Bryan.  I watched him look up at the seat number on the overhead compartment then glanced down to the empty seat then at my sleeping boy.  He smiled briefly as I noticed him adjust his crotch then he popped his duffel bag in the overhead and sat down.  During all that I swore I saw the outline of his package become more noticeable.  

     “But if I saw a cute boy like Bryan I’d bone up too.”  I thought to myself as I watched the football player sit down and put his seatbelt on.  The name on the back of his jersey read Franklin.  Looked like he could be a running back.  

     After Franklin sat down the stewardess went through their pre-flight ramble about what to do if the plane were to have any problems and noting where the exits are.  The usual stuff as the plane started to rev up it’s engines and we backed away from the gate.  As we taxied down the runway, I thought back to the moment that Bry and I shared during breakfast.  I loved feeling my boy fall asleep in my arms, taking care of his needs.  I’d do anything for him.

     My mind drifted about my sons and their friends, Jamal and the urges I felt when I watched them.  I started to harden up as I felt the plane lift off the ground.  I watched the ground fall away as I tried to focus on something else besides images of watching the boys in my life getting wildly fucked.  

     My daydreaming was broken by the ping noise inside the cabin notifying the passengers that the seatbelt light had been turned off.  As I unfastened my belt I looked over to where Bryan was sitting.  My boy was asleep, his little flip flops where on the ground as he had curled up into the corner of the seat.  ‘Franklin’ had a pair of headphones on and was watching something on the small monitor on the back of the seat.

     “Looks like this will be a normal flight, might as well get some work done.”  I thought to myself as I pulled my laptop bag out from under my seat.  I brought down the fold down tray and set up my laptop and powered it up.  As I was digging through the outer pocket, pulling out my ear buds, I felt something unusual.  I pulled it out and it was a small box wrapped like a birthday present with a little red bow on top.

     “What the hell?”  I thought as I inspected the strange box.  I opened it up and inside was a red USB computer stick.  Now I was completely stumped.  So I stuck it the computer and opened up the USB file.  The only file on the disk was one labeled “Ben There, Done That“.  As soon as I read the title of the file I quickly looked around thinking someone was watching me and my heart started to beat faster.  I also noticed my cock instantly hardened and my mouth went dry as I opened the file.

     The file opens and a single video file is inside, labeled with the same title “Ben There, Done That“.  The business man next to me was working on his laptop with headphones on.  I was dying to see this, so I angle my computer screen towards me and away from prying eyes and plugged my headphones into my computer’s audio jack.  I then click play on the “Ben There, Done That? file, the video player popped up on my laptop screen. I minimized it so no one else could see.

     A title reading “Ben There, Done That!“ comes up in red, my palms start to sweat with anticipation.  The video fades in with a wide shot of my basement man cave.  Specifically the black leather couches in the middle of the Dark screening room in front of the giant theatre screen.  Sitting on the wide couches were Jonny, Ben, Bryan and Jamal.  Jonny and Bryan were laying back in their white Speedos, Ben and Jamal were also sprawled out wearing their board shorts.  

     They look like they’re all watching something on the screen, but not intently as they talked randomly amongst themselves.  There was a lull in the conversation when Jonny looked over at the other boys and finally piped up.

     “So when are ya going to break out your pipe Ben?”  Jonny blurts out with a shit eating grin.  Ben immediately shot Jonny a dirty look.  But I noticed Bryan and Jamal clearly were in on the joke.  If Ben only knew he was in a room full of sharks.

     “Shut up Jonny!”  Ben said under his breath.  

     “Whaaaat?!”  Jonny said mockingly.  “Jamal doesn’t mind if we smoke some weed, right Jamal?”  As Ben and Jonny both looked over at Jamal.  But the expressions on the boys faces were completely different.  Ben had a worried look on his face but Jonny was smiling like a Cheshire cat.  Ben paused as he looked unsure about breaking out his stuff in front of this adult and his younger brother.  

     “But my little brother is here.”  Ben shoots back at Jonny.  Bryan then rolled his eyes.

     “Oh please Ben, don’t be such a doof.”  piped up his younger brother, impatient with his older brother‘s stalling.  
“I know you smoke pot.”  He said matter-of-factly.  

     “I’ve smoked weed too.”  Bryan stated proudly.  

     “When did you smoke weed?”  Ben said looking shocked at his little brother.

     “Come on Ben, just break out the pipe.”  Jonny said, now getting irritated with Ben’s stalling.  “This isn’t an after school special.”

     “You don’t mind then?”  He says meekly to Jamal still unsure.

     “Only if you don’t mind sharing.”  Jamal smiled as he slowly stretched out his muscular body like a cat, putting his muscular frame on display for the boys, then exhaled .  His large cock wasn’t completely hard but it looked like it was starting to awake inside his loose board shorts.

     “O.K., fine”  Ben said in a defeated tone as he reached into the pocket of his board shorts and pulled out a small metal pipe and a small zip lock bag of weed.  “You guys are going to smoke all my weed.” he grumbled as Ben placed his pipe and the weed on the coffee table in front of him.  The other boys got excited as they watch Ben load the pipe like an expert.  Jamal just sat back and watched with a smile on his face, subtly rubbing his hardening beast in his shorts.

     Ben finished packing the pipe and handed it to Jonny who quickly blazed up, coughing as he exhaled his boy sized hit.  Ben was next as he expertly inhaled a big hit and held it in like a pro inside his lungs but then started to cough a bit as he exhaled while giggling.  Bryan was next as he took the pipe and toked it up like he’d been dong it all his life.  Ben watched his nine year old brother in amazement as Bryan blew out a generous hit for a boy his size.  And he didn’t even cough!

     “Wow little bro, when did you learn how to smoke?”  Ben asks with a stoned smile on his face.

     “Wouldn’t you like to know.”  Bryan replied with a glazed happy look on his face as he passed the pipe to Jamal which he quickly cleared in one big hit.
     “It’s out.”  Jamal stated to the boys placing the spent pipe on the coffee table.  “That was some good weed Ben, thanks bro.”  Jamal said to the now relaxed Ben.  

     “I have some weed of my own you boys might like to try.”  Jamal said to the group.  “And you haven’t met The Snake yet.”  He said with a devious smile.  

     “The Snake?” they all said at the same time, then the boys looked at each other and start laughing uncontrollably as Jamal smiled and left the frame for minute.  The boys continue their little giggle fit until Jamal returned with an assortment of stuff on a tray.

     “O.K. little bros, meet The Snake,”  Jamal said proudly as he placed a huge glass bong in the middle of the coffee table.  The boys gasped at the sight of the impressively large water pipe in the shape of a snake.  He also placed a tray down on the coffee table next to the bong.  On it was a small round metal container and a small wooden box as well as a pitcher of fruit punch and some plastic cups.  

     “Damn, that’s a big one!”  Ben said in a shocked tone as he admired “The Snake”.  There was a brief pause, then the boys broke out into another giggle fit at Ben’s silly double entendre.  Little did Ben know what Jonny and Bryan were really laughing about as Jamal unscrewed the metal container and started to pack some shredded weed into the Snake’s large bowl.  

     “Wow, that’s some stinky stuff.”  Jonny stated as the strong smell of weed filled the room.  Jamal finished packing the bowl and slid The Snake across the coffee table to Jonny.  Jonny scooted forward on the couch, he looked naked wearing just those white Speedos as he leaned forward grasped the glass bong.  Jonny leaned in and put his lips on the mouth of the phallic looking pipe, lighted the bowl and started to suck the smoke into the long clear chamber.  He then pulled the bowl out and sucked the smoke into his lungs.  Jonny paused as he tried to keep the smoke in as long as he could then blew out an insane amount of smoke as he started to cough uncontrollably falling back into the couch clutching himself.

     “Here Jonny, drink this, it’ll help your throat.”  Jamal said to the coughing boy as he poured him a glass of the red fruit punch.  Jonny quickly grabbed it and took a few gulps.  Jonny coughed one more time and then relaxed.

     “Wow, that’s some strong shit Jamal.”  As Jonny sank back into the leather couch with a glazed happy look on his face.  Jamal poured three more cups for the rest of the boys.  

     “You guys will need this when it’s your turn with the Snake.“  As he places the cups of fruit punch in front of the rest of the boys.  He then slides the bong to Ben, who now has a serious look of concern on his face as he stares at the phallic looking pipe in front of him.  

     “O.K. Let’s do this.”  Ben says to himself as he leaned in and started to take a big pull on The Snake.  He quickly sucked in the smoke and held it in a bit longer than Jonny, but he too started to cough like crazy as he expelled the smoke out of this lungs.  Grabbing for his cup of juice, Ben slumped back into the couch, then drank big gulps of  the juice as his coughing clamed down.  Jamal then slid the bong in front of Bryan who now looked really intimidated by this giant glass bong.

     “C…can you help me daddy J?”  Bryan said with big puppy dog eyes to Jamal.

     “Sure son, come sit on my lap and I’ll help you.”  Jamal said to Bryan as my boy smiled and hoped up onto Jamal’s lap facing him.  Jamal prepared Bryan by handing Bry his cup of juice as Bryan got comfortable wrapping his thighs around Jamal‘s waist. Their skin glowed from the reflected light coming from the giant projector screen.  Seeing my boy’s white bare skin highlighted against Jamal’s beautiful black muscular body made me harden up even more.  

     “Take a few big gulps of your juice first.”  Jamal told Bryan as my boy took a few gulps of his drink.  He then handed his cup back to Jamal as Jamal held the Snake between them and got ready to light the bowl.

     “Now I’m gonna do a smaller hit for you.  O.K.?”  Jamal explained to the boy, reassuring him.  “After I inhale the smoke, lean in and open your mouth and I’ll blow the smoke in.  When I do that, inhale the smoke.  Got it son?”  Bryan nodded yes.

     After those final instructions, Jamal fired up the bowl with Jonny and Ben watching intently on the couch.  Jamal filled the chamber up with smoke but not as much as the boys did, he then quickly removed the bowl, as he sucked the smoke into his lungs.  On cue, Bryan leaned in holding on to Jamal’s shoulders to steady himself.  His mouth open as Jamal leaned forward and blew the smoke into my boy’s open mouth as Jamal placed the Snake back on the coffee table.  Bryan inhaled the smoke as he slid closer to Jamal until they were rubbing up against each other.  Then Bry returned the smoke back to Jamal.

     Their lips were so close they could’ve been kissing, wait, suddenly I realized they were kissing!  Bryan and Jamal were lip locked together as they shared a passionate kiss.  Bryan quickly wrapped his arms around Jamal’s head and shoulders as Jamal hugged Bryan tightly as their kiss intensified.  Smoke leaked out of each others noses and between their lips as they tried to exchange the smoke while they kissed.

     Ben and Jonny watched them kiss, each boy showing a different reaction.  Jonny let out a low moan as his hand started to rub the growing erection in his white Speedo and Ben, with a slightly stunned but turned on look, slowly started to rub his own stiffening bulge in his board shorts.

     “Fuuuuck that’s hot.”  Jonny mumbled under his breath as he watched man and boy duel tongues.  

     “Y y yeah.”  Ben hesitantly said in a breathless tone as he rubbed harder against his stiff cock.  Both boys now had raging boners as they watched Jamal and Ben lean back into the couch as they continued to kiss wildly.

     Jonny and Ben were now actively rubbing their swollen crotches as they watched the hot display of man/boy love going on just a few feet from them.  Jonny hesitantly moved his hand onto Ben’s thigh, not knowing how his best friend would react to his advances.  Ben felt his best friend’s hand on his thigh and glanced over at Jonny.   They smiled at each other as the two boys finally crossed a line they’ve both wanted to cross.  Ben automatically spread his legs wider at the feel of his best friends hand as he turned his attention back to his little brother and Jamal.

     Bryan and Jamal continued to make out as Jonny’s hand continued to travel up Ben’s leg and into Ben’s loose board shorts.  Jonny moved closer to Ben as the two boys watched Jamal and Bryan.  Then I noticed Jonny’s hand slip up inside Ben’s loose shorts and cup Ben’s erection inside his board shorts.  Ben’s head tilted back as he closed his eyes and let out a low moan.  I could see Jonny’s hand manipulating Ben’s hard cock in his board shorts, his arm disappearing up Ben‘s board shorts.  Ben smiled and looked over at Jonny as he spread his legs wider for his best friend.  

     “I…I wanna try that with you Ben.”  Jonny said huskily to his best friend.  Ben gently put his hand on top of Jonny’s hand that was groping him.  

     “I’d love to.”  Ben lustfully groaned as Jonny squeezed Ben’s cock.

     “But take off those board shorts first, I know your wearing your Speedo underneath.”  Jonny said with a lustful smile.  “I can feel it.” As he rubbed Ben a bit longer before pulling his hand out of Ben’s shorts.  Jonny reached for the Snake as Ben stood up and wiggled out of his board shorts revealing his old red worn out competition Speedo that showed off  his hard boy cock wonderfully.  

     Jonny packed the Snake as Ben sat back down on the edge of the couch next to Jonny.  They both took a few sips of their fruit juice to wet their throats then Jonny took the Snake and took a long deep hit from the glass bong.  He turned to Ben and leaned in as Ben opened his mouth.  Their lips where almost touching as Jonny started to blow the smoke into Ben’s lungs.  Jonny blew the last of the smoke into Ben’s lungs ‘til his lips were brushing against Ben’s lips.

     Ben exhaled the smoke back into Jonny’s lungs as Ben started to push back against Jonny’s lips.  Like a switch being turned on, both boys start to feel and stroke each others bodies as the exchange of smoke turned into a passionate kiss.  All the years of secretly lusting after each other was finally being released as the two boys fell back onto the couch as the continued to let out all the pent up sexual longing they had for each other.

     The camera captured the two young teen Speedo encased hard-on’s grind against one another as their passion filled lust increased.  Jonny and Ben both reached down at the same moment and jammed their hands into the front of each others Speedos as they started to vigorously stroke each other.  This seemed to inflame them even more than before.  I was surprised they didn’t rip their Speedos apart as they stretched out the fronts of the suits trying to pull their dripping teen cocks out.  They couldn’t get enough of each other.  

     Bryan and Jamal stopped kissing and looked over at Jonny and Ben.  They both smiled as they watched the two teen boys make out.

     “I think it’s time to get naked my boy.”  Jamal said to his horny nine year old boy toy.  Bryan nodded yes with a big lustful smile as he slowly slid down Jamal’s body like a cat in heat.  Rubbing himself all over Jamal’s black muscular frame until my boy was crouched in between Jamal’s thighs looking up at the massive cock that was straining to be released out Jamal’s board shorts.  Bryan quickly stood up and stretched , like an awakening sexual Phoenix, his little boy cock tenting his tight white Speedos as he felt up his own body.

     “Ooooh Jamal, I feel so good.”  Bryan said as he continued to feel himself all over until he centered all his attention on his raging boy tool in his tight swim suit.  Jamal sat up and started to run his large black hands all over Bryan’s cute nine year old body.  Bryan tilted his head back and let out a long low moan as he lifted his arms above his head.

     “Mmmmm, your rolling good now my son.”  As Jamal stroked my boy.  Bryan made little gasping sounds as the sensations of Jamal’s stroking washed over him.  One of Jamal’s hands slowly slid down and cupped Bryan’s hard boy cock.  Bryan groaned and held on to Jamal’s shoulders as the large black hand manipulated his boy nail through his white Speedo.  Jamal slid his hands into the sides of Bryan’s white suit and slid them down his thighs.  Bryan’s cock popped free and stood at attention as Jamal pushed the boy’s suit all the way down his coltish boy legs.  Bryan stepped out of the Speedo and stood completely naked in front of Jamal.  

     Jamal continued to caress my boy, feeling up his smooth naked flesh but avoiding Bryan’s stiff boy cock.  Jamal held Bry’s hips as he leaned in and started to gently suck on Bryan’s boy nail.  My boy made a small satisfying groan as he held on to Jamal’s shoulders.  Bry watched with a look of pure lust as the man suck his boy sized cock, as well as his  balls, completely engulfing Bry’s crotch inside Jamal’s adult mouth.  All I could see were Jamal’s mouth and lips moving as they manipulated and sucked on Bryan’s genitals.  Bryan’s eyes were closed and his knees became wobbly as small gasping sounds emanated from his gasping mouth.  Jamal grabbed Bryan by the hips and pulled him back onto the couch as he continued his oral assault on my boy.

     Bryan’s body was now hunched over Jamal’s head, his legs straddling Jamal’s chest as Bryan humped his groin into Jamal’s face.  The camera caught Jamal’s hands caressing Bry’s boyish legs as they moved up to cup my boy’s flexing ass.  As Jamal continued to suck and mouth my boy’s groin he started to slid his finger into Bryan’s ass searching for his well used boy hole.  Bry gasped out as Jamal found his target and slowly buried his adult sized finger into my boy‘s twitching hole.  I also noticed Jamal push one of those white nuggets I saw him use on Bryan in one of the earlier videos.

     Jonny and Ben came up for air after hearing Bryan gasp out, the boys watched as Jamal slipped in a second finger and then really started to finger fuck Bryan with increasing speed as he intensified his sucking of the boy.  Bryan moaned as the sensations of the dissolving kryptonite suppository washed over him.

     “Fuck that’s hot.”  Ben whispered under his breath as he watched his younger brother loose himself as he was being simultaneously sucked and finger fucked at the same time.  Jonny smiled then turned his attention back to Ben, gently kissing and nuzzling Ben’s neck as both boys continued to stroke each others hard cocks.

     “I think we should get naked too.”  Jonny purred to Ben as the horny teen lifted himself up and quickly shimmied down his white Speedos.  Ben started to grab his Speedo but became too distracted between looking at his best friend’s throbbing boy cock up close and watching his little brother getting a mouthwatering blow job from Jamal while at the same time having his tight ass fingered.  

     Jonny decided to help Ben with his decision by grabbing a hold of Ben’s worn out red  practice suit and ripping them open.  Ben gasped at Jonny’s forcefulness as his hard cock flopped out from his torn Speedo.  Jonny didn’t want to wait any longer as he got a hold of Ben’s cock.

     “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this to you Ben,”  Jonny said looking lustfully up into Ben's stoned eyes before lowering his mouth end engulfing Ben’s dick.

     “OH GOD!!!”  Moaned Ben as he began to receive his very first blow job from his best friend.  

     “I wish we had done this sooner bro.  It feels so good.”  Ben continued to moan as he stretched his smooth legs wider giving his best friend access to more of his handsome teen body as he ran his hands through Jonny’s dirty blonde hair and smooth skin.

     Jamal and Bryan glanced over at the two teen boys as Ben’s moans grew louder and more intense. 

     “Hmmmm, let’s give your brother a show.”  Jamal said to Bryan as he gave a final twist of his two fingers, then pulled them out of Bry, making my boy emit a slight gasp followed by a smile.  Bryan slid down Jamal’s body as Jamal lifted his hips, letting Bry pull off his board shorts releasing Jamal’s hard eight inch cock in the process.  

     The sound of Jamal’s cock slapping against his stomach as it was released from it confines caught Ben’s attention.  I could see my older boy’s eyes grow wide as he finally saw Jamal’s amazing cock in all it’s hard glory.  Bryan moved back up, took hold of Jamal’s cock, then started sucking and tonguing the purple head like a lollipop.  

     Ben looked like he was in sensory overload as he watched his little brother suck on the massive eight inch black cock while he was getting blown by his best friend.  Bryan sucked on the head long enough to get it wet, then he hopped up onto the couch and straddled Jamal as the nine year old took hold of the massive cock and lowered him self onto Jamal’s throbbing member.  Ben watched with a look of stunned shock on his face as Bryan let out a grunt and forced the purple head past his tight sphincter muscles.  Bryan and Jamal groaned at the same time as Bry held the tip of Jamal’s head inside his tight boy hole.  Then, like a magic trick, Bryan lowered himself almost effortlessly down the full length of Jamal’s penis until he was sitting on Jamal’s lap, but with eight inches of large black cock stuffed inside him.  I swore it only took a minute, maybe less for all this to happen.

     The visual image of his little nine year old brother fully engulfing Jamal’s thick cock with his impossibly small boy ass was too much for Ben as he started to thrust his cock up into his best friend’s throat until he unloaded his seed into Jonny’s milking mouth.  Jonny didn’t let one drop of Ben’s cum escape as he greedily swallowed all of Ben’s load.  

     Bryan was now slowly moving his ass up and down on the lower three inches of Jamal’s cock as he and Ben  lustfully stared at each other while Ben finished unloading his seed into Jonny’s mouth.  Jonny gently cleaned Ben’s  sensitive boy cock as Ben and Bryan continued to lewdly gaze into each other‘s eyes.  

     Ben felt so turned on and relaxed that he let Jonny slid his legs back to his shoulders.  Ben turned his attention back to Jonny as he braced his legs on Jonny’s shoulders.  Jonny slid his hands down the back of Ben’s smooth thighs to Ben’s perfectly shaped teen ass.  The same cute ass he’d been after since they were 10.  Jonny caressed Ben’s Speedo encased ass before he ripped open another hole in the back of Ben’s old swim suit, exposing Ben’s tight boy hole.  Jonny let out a small gasp as he finally laid eyes on what he’d sought for so many years.  He dove down and started to eat out Ben’s twitching teen pucker like a starved boy.  

     “Ooooffffffuuuuucckkkk!!!“  Ben moaned out loudly as Jonny licked and stabbed his best friend’s loosening sphincter.  The sensations Jonny’s tongue where giving him were overwhelming.  The strong weed caused Ben to loosen up fast and gave Jonny the opportunity to slide a finger into Ben and rub his prostate causing young Ben’s grunts and groans to intensify.  I also noticed his cock was harder than ever and was leaking pre-cum as he enjoyed the fingering he was receiving from his best friend.  Ben’s eyes where closed with a look of pure pleasure on his young teen face.  If Ben’s eyes were open, he would have noticed Bryan slip off Jamal’s cock.

     “O.K. my son.  Time to bump your bro.  Go grab the special lube.“  Jamal said to Bryan as they both smiled lewdly at each other.  I could see Bryan’s wet ass come right at the camera as he slid off Jamal’s lap and quickly moved out of frame, he then reappeared on the left side of Jonny and Ben holding a plastic bottle.  Jamal stood up, his cock still hard and wet from Bryan’s ass, grabbed the small wooden box off the coffee table and kneeled down behind the boys.  I noticed Jonny was really loosening Ben’s ass as he now had two fingers easily moving in and out of his best friend.  

     Ben was completely out of it, his head tilted back against the couch with his mouth open as he gasped and moaned from the overwhelming sensations emanating from his ass.  I then noticed Bryan lean in with the bottle of lube and pour some of it onto Jonny’s fingers as he fucked the lube into Ben.  It looked like Ben flinched a bit as the lube started to absorb into the walls of his colon.  Ben moaned a bit as if the lube had stung slightly but it didn’t last long as Jonny continued to work more of the lube into the teen.  Then it seemed Ben got his second wind as a look came over his face.  A look of desire and unbridled lust.  

     “Oooooh fuck Jonny!  Work my ass!”  Ben begged in a pleading tone.  I could actually see his hole relax a bit more as he said that.  Jonny smiled and slid a third finger into Ben’s hole, twisting them around making my older son groan out.

     “O.K. Bry, time to bump your brother.”  Jamal said to Bry as he held the open wooden box in front of the boy.  Bryan set down the bottle of lube and took one of those white “Kryptonite” crystalline looking nuggets out of the box and got ready near Ben’s ass.  Jonny shoved his fingers in deep and kept them there making Ben gasp.

     “Ready little Bry?”  Jonny said with a smirk to the kneeling nine year old waiting with anticipation next to him.  

     “Yeah, ready.”  Bryan said breathlessly, holding the small white nugget Jamal gave him as he waited for Jonny to remove his fingers.  Jonny gave one final twist and pulled his fingers out in one steady movement leaving Ben’s virgin ass wide open.  Bryan quickly popped the white nugget into Ben’s gapping teen hole followed by two of his fingers as he pushed the nugget as deep as he could into Ben’s colon.  

     Bry felt his big brother’s ass clamp down on his fingers just as Ben sucked in some air as he felt the nugget started to emit a warm burning sensation.  Bryan kept his fingers buried deep in his brother while Jonny moved up along side Ben, who was moaning a bit as the sensations of the dissolving bump washed over him.  Jonny continued to hold his legs back and began kissing Ben.  Jamal watched the boys keep Ben busy as he kneeled before the splayed out teen in front of him, his hard black cock aching to take my oldest son’s cherry.  Jamal was using the special lube to stroke his cock with, giving the hard flesh a nice glistening look to it.

     Bryan continued to finger his brother as Jonny passionately kissed Ben.  Jamal was now in position, his hot spear ready to penetrate the horny teen boy reclining in front of him.  Bryan was really getting into fingering his big brother as he worked in a third, then a fourth finger.  Ben moaned into Jonny’s mouth as he tried to relax his ass muscles to get even more of Bryan‘s fingers in him.  He had the strongest urge to tell his little brother to jam his small nine year old hand up his ass.  Ben broke off his kissing as the lustful urges he was feeling overwhelmed him.

     “Oh fuck Jonny!  I need it soooo baaad!”  Ben whimpered to Jonny in a desperate tone.

     “I think your ready for Jamal.”  Jonny said with a grin as the two boys gazed at each other then Ben followed Jonny’s eyes as they both looked down to where Bryan and Jamal were kneeling.  Ben’s eyes grew wide at the sight of Bryan’s hand almost completely lodged inside him.  Then he gasped a second time when he caught sight of Jamal and his hard eight inches as it bobbed obscenely in front of his exposed ass.  I couldn’t tell if Ben was scared or wanting?  Maybe a bit of both.  But his actions sealed the deal as he grabbed his legs and spread them wide, his quivering stretched hole framed by the torn open old red Speedo he was still wearing as he looked at Jamal with a pleading lust filled look. 

     “You want this boy?”  Jamal grinned to the supercharged teen as he slowly stroked his cock.  “You want my hard cock in you don’t you Ben?”  Jamal continued, enticing the lust filled boy with his hard eight inches.  Bryan smiled and removed his fingers leaving Ben’s hole wide open as Jamal started to tap the fat purple head against Ben’s flinching hole.

     “Yy y yeah, sooo need you in me Jamal.”  Ben said in a pleading voice, his brow furrowed as Jamal placed his engorged head against Ben’s wide open sphincter and nudged it gently forward.  Jamal didn’t penetrate Ben, just teased his lubed up gland against the teen’s dilated hole.

     “Put it in me Jamal!”  Ben said a bit more intensely as he became impatient trying to wiggle himself closer to Jamal.  The boys helped hold Ben’s legs steady as Jamal continued to tease Ben’s wanting hole.

     “You gotta ask me better than that boy.”  Jamal said with a grin as he pushed his hard cock into the boy’s hole just enough to make Ben feel the pressure then pulled back.

     “Pleeeease, Jamal!  I need your cock!”  The teen boy whimpered as Jamal continued to tease Ben’s dilated hole with his hard cock as the teen squirmed under Jonny and Bryan’s restraint.

     “That’s daddy to you boy!  You call me daddy from now on!”  Jamal said with more authority as he pushed his aching cock head harder and deeper against Ben’s hole, almost penetrating, before pulling back.  Ben gasped at the sensation of his hole being stretched wide.  His ass ached for stimulation.  He needed that thick fat cock in him more than ever.

     “Daaaaddy.”  Ben groaned out.  “Fuuuck me daddy.”  Ben pleaded breathlessly as Jamal teased my oldest boy’s hole with the tip of his cock.

     “You can do betta than that son.”   Jamal mumbled as he made a small jab forward with his thick cock, jamming it in snuggly into Ben’s hole.  Making Ben grunt.

     Daddy pleeeease fuck meee!  I need your cock daddy!  I waaant it so badly!”  Ben was on the edge of loosing his mind as he started to babble out what he thought Jamal wanted to hear.  The lust was finally starting to show on Jamal’s face as he started to lean forward over Ben.  Johnny and Bryan let go of Ben’s legs and watched Jamal slide his hands up the back of Ben’s smooth teen thighs up to the back of his knees ‘til he pinned Ben’s legs back against his shoulders.  His black cock was now pressing against Ben‘s hole.  Jamal looked like a Jaguar ready to pounce on his prey.

     “Tell daddy what you want son.” Jamal said huskily to Ben as his muscular black body was poised to thrust inside my boy.  Their eyes locked on one another, both lost in their own world of impending passion.  Ben now had a slight look of fear in his eyes as he felt helpless under Jamal.

     “Fuck me daddy.”  Ben said, almost in a whisper.  Jamal gave a small push with his hips as he applied pressure against Ben’s dilated sphincter.

     “I can’t hear you son.”  Jamal responded as he stared lustfully into Ben’s eyes.  I noticed Ben place his hands on Jamal’s upper thighs in anticipation of Jamal’s eminent penetration. 

     “F…f…fuck me daddy!”  Ben said pleading as Jamal and Ben’s faces were now inches from each other.  

     “Still can’t hear you boy.”  I could see Jamal’s butt and thigh muscles start to tighten as he applied more pressure against Ben’s hole.

     “FUCK ME DAAAAAAHHH!”  Ben didn’t get to finish his response as Jamal pushed his plumb sized cock head past Ben’s straining entrance.  Ben let out a yelp and then a long continuous moan as Jamal slowly humped his hips forward, fucking his hard shaft deeper and deeper into Ben.  

     “AAAAAAHHHH!  OH!  UHHH....MMMMPHHH!  OH, GOD!"  My boy’s body tensed up as he tried to push his hands against Jamal’s thighs trying to keep the large invading black cock out his teen ass.

     “Yeah, you like daddy’s cock don’t cha boy?!”  Ben could only moan in response as I watched Jamal hump more of his cock into Ben.  His teen ass felt stretched beyond anything he’d felt before.  Jamal’s black muscular hips got closer and closer to Ben’s ass as Ben’s colon relaxed and took in more and more of Jamal’s eight inches.  

     “Fuck your tight.“  Jamal said in a husky voice as Jamal’s cock pushed in deeper and deeper into my older son’s ass, disappearing into the ripped open hole in Ben‘s Speedo.  Then to my surprise Ben tried to grab Jamal’s ass and pull him forward.

     “MMMMM YEAH, GIVE IT TO ME DADDY!”  Ben blurted out in a pleading tone as Ben turned into a bitch in heat.  Jamal took that as a cue to pick up the pace, his body closing in on Ben’s body with each hump.

     “Yeah, take your new daddies cock boy.”    Jamal growled as Jamal’s hips started slapping and grinding against Ben’s smooth teen ass as he bottomed out with each thrust into my boy.  The deed was done, and my older boy was now being claimed by Jamal’s thick cock.  Every time Jamal slammed against him I heard a Ben let out a gasping  “UHHH!”

     “You like that black dick?”  Jamal grunted as he really started to pound away at Ben‘s loosening ass.

     “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK!"  Ben started to moan over and over again, his eyes closed tightly as Jamal’s cock massaged his teen insides.  Jamal suddenly slammed his cock balls deep into Ben and kept it buried to the hilt inside my boy.  From where the camera was, it looked like Ben was still wearing his red Speedo, but now he had eight inches of thick black cock in him.  Ben let out a long moan, his coltish teen legs straining against Jamal’s shoulders as he relished the feel of the black cock fully stuffed inside him.

     “Look at me!”  Jamal said in a commanding tone.  Ben slowly opened his eyes and locked with Jamal’s

     “You like this huh son?"  Jamal said.  

     “Oh g…god yes, keep doing it , keep pounding my ass daddy!” Ben pleaded as he squirmed under Jamal, pinned down by the muscular man’s long cock.  Jamal smiled and kept doing it just like he asked.  

     “AAAH!  UHHH….MMMMPHHH!  AAAAHHH!!“ Jamal showed no mercy as he started to pound hard and fast down into Ben.  The teen’s legs and feet flopping back and forth above Jamal’s shoulders as my son wrapped his arms around Jamal’s neck and held on as the pounding continued at a frantic pace.  Ben was awash in ecstasy, making sounds I’d never heard him make before as he hung on to Jamal‘s thrusting body.  He really loved getting fucked by that huge cock, I could tell.

     Bryan and Jonny just watched in awe, as they sat back and slowly stroked themselves on either side of Jamal and Ben.  The boys lost in their own thoughts as they watched the lustful spectacle before them.  

     The hunched over Jamal never stopped undulating his hips as he moved like a fine oiled machine pumping his thick cock in and out of my oldest son‘s no longer virgin ass.  Both man and boy worked up a good sweat as they equally fucked each other back.  Without missing a beat, the humping Jamal glanced over to Jonny.

     “Get the Snake loaded.”  Jamal said breathlessly as he continued to fuck the moaning Ben.  Jonny quickly grabbed the serpent shaped bong off the coffee table and re-loaded the bowl.  Jonny then sucked a load into the chamber and presented the Snake to Jamal who never broke his rhythm as he sucked a large hit into his lungs.  Jamal leaned down and shot gunned the hit into Ben, which quickly turned into a passionate kiss.  Smoke leaked out of their noses and between their lips as Jamal and Ben‘s tongues dueled.  Both man and boy moaned with lustful abandon as the weed pushed them even higher as they continued their frantic fucking.

     “Excuse me sir?”  I quickly paused the video and minimized the video player on my laptop.  The whine of the cabin noise blared in my ears as I took off my ear plugs.  I glanced up to see who it was.  

     “Sorry sir, what would you like to drink?”  Smiled the perky flight attendant with the drink cart.  

     “Rum and coke, make it a double.”  I replied with a slightly raspy voice.  I hadn’t realized my throat was so dry.  The gentlemen sitting next to me was busy typing something on his laptop completely oblivious to what I was doing thank goodness.  He wasn’t aware I was watching my oldest son lose his cherry.  I glanced across the plane and noticed Bryan had woken up and was chatting with the football player as they were served their drinks.  His Puka shell anklet standing out as my boy swung his bare feet back and forth as he chatted openly with the hunky black college boy.  

     The flight attendant handed me my drink and proceeded to the next row of seats.  My cock was so hard in my pants, so glad the fold down tray hid it fairly well.  I put my headphone pods back in my ears and slammed my drink.  I felt my body shudder as the rum warmed my throat and stomach.  I brought up the video player, the frozen image of Jamal fucking Ben on the black leather couch in my basement man cave came up.  I hit play.

     Jamal’s fucking continued.  The moaning from both Ben and Jamal increasing with each bump and grind.  The sight of Jamal’s adult muscular hips pounding into my oldest boy’s ripped red Speedo covered ass was hypnotic.  The sounds of their fucking was so erotic as it echoed through the basement.  The sloppy wet sounds of Jamal’s big black cock slamming in and out of Ben’s now well used teen ass.  Ben’s arms and legs held onto Jamal’s flexing body as the verbal exchange between the man and boy increased.

     “….mmmm….yeah Ben“  
     “take it!…nuugh!”
     “Take my cock!”  
    Everything went still as Jamal made one final thrust into Ben, keeping his cock buried deep inside my boy.  Jamal and Ben marveled at each other, sharing the sensations of being one with each other. 

     “You want daddy’s seed?”  Jamal finally said to the gasping Ben.

     “Yeah….fuck me daddy.”  Ben breathed out.

     “You want my love frosting?”  As Jamal moved his cock out a bit then shoved it back in.

     “UUUUHHH!…UUUHHH!….YEEEEAH!”  Ben moaned out as Jamal made a few more determined deep thrusts into the 14 year old boy.  

     “You want it son?”  Jamal asked as he pulled his cock almost completely out of Ben, just keeping his bulbous cock head in. 

     “YEAH, FUCK ME DADDY!”  Ben begged. 

     “I don’t think you mean it son?”  As Jamal held his cock in place. 


     “You mean like this?“  Jamal grunted, thrusting his cock back into Ben, making my boy moan out.  “Time for me to breed you son!”  The now sweaty Jamal said to Ben as he started to rabbit fuck the boy hard and deep

“OOOH…DAAA….DDDEEEE….UUUH….DAAAADDY!….UGH….UGH….MMMM….FUUUCK….UUUGH….DAAAD!“  Ben found it hard to speak as Jamal fucked him ferociously.  

     “YEAH TAKE IT BEN!  YOU’RE MY BOY NOW!” Jamal moaned out as the sounds of loud slapping skin mixed in with Ben’s boyish moans filled the room.  

     “AAAAGGGHHHH!” Ben’s body arched up slightly as his rock hard cock came into view between  their stomachs just as it started to spasm and ejaculate.  Jamal’s relentless fucking pushed Ben to new heights as he experienced his first hands free climax coating them both with Ben‘s boy seed.  

     Jamal never slowed his fucking though as Ben’s ass clenched around Jamal’s thrusting cock.  But even Jamal couldn’t resist the milking that Ben’s tight hole was giving his cock as it pushed him over the edge.

     “FUUUUUUUCK!”  Jamal roared as he gave one final lunge, thrusting his full eight inches deep into Ben.  His black muscular hips pressed tightly against the white boy’s butt as Jamal’s balls unleashed it’s load into Ben’s 14 year old ass.  Jamal’s hips kept humping and flexing against Ben’s torn up, red Speedo covered ass as he unloaded shot after shot of his seed deep into Ben‘s colon.  

     Jamal’s black muscular body continued to pump for a few more moments into the small white teen then everything became still.  The only movements where from Jonny and Bryan as they continued to stroke their incredibly hard cocks as they watched the scene before them.  Jamal and Ben remained still, their bodies still heaving as they both came down from their climaxes.

     “You were wonderful son.”  Jamal cooed to Ben then give the boy a long tender kiss as Ben rubbed his arms and legs up and down Jamal’s hips and shoulders.   They finally broke off the kiss and Jamal and Ben unwrapped themselves from each other.  The camera caught the amazing image of Jamal’s eight inch cock completely pulling out of Ben’s well fucked ass framed by the tattered edges of Ben’s ripped red practice Speedo.  It made a long sucking sound followed by a wet popping noise as Jamal‘s bulbous head pulled free.  

     “Show the boys your new hole my son.”  Jamal grinned as he stood up.  Ben held his legs back to let Bryan and Jonny see his cock’s handy work.

     Bryan and Jonny quickly moved down and around to see Ben’s popped boy hole. Ben’s hole stayed obscenely wide open as he continued to hold his legs back.  The edges of his torn Speedo wet with sweat and ass juices.  Jamal had shot his cum so deep into Ben that only a little bit of cum could be seen leaking out onto the black leather couch.  

     Jonny immediately scrambled between Ben’s legs.  His hard five inch cock bounced with excitement as he leaned over his best friend’s splayed out body.  Placing his arms on either side of Ben’s body, Jonny guided his cock to Ben’s open hole and slowly pushed his cock balls deep into the loose boy.  Both Jonny and Ben let out a stifled groan, Jonny had to pause, the sensations of his cock being enveloped by his best friend’s ass almost made him pop right there.  Ben welcomed his best friend into him as their bodies became intertwined.  Ben’s arms and legs wrapped around Jonny as they started to passionately kiss.  I could see their tongues dueling as they mashed their mouths together.  Years of pent up lust was being released before my eyes on the video.

     “Mmmm…I’ve always wanted you Ben.  Watching you on the pool deck in your sexy red Speedo.”  Jonny groaned as he nuzzled Ben’s neck with light kisses.  His hips started to thrust as he started to move his cock in and out of Ben.  

     “Can’t believe I’m finally in you.”  Jonny whispered breathlessly.

     “Uuugh.. I wish we’d done this earlier.”  Ben responded to Jonny as they looked at each other for a moment then resumed their amazingly hot tongue duel.  Jonny really started fucking Ben now as they both moaned into each others mouths.  Their sweaty teen bodies locked tightly together as they made up for the years they secretly lusted after each other.  

     As Bryan watched his older brother and his best friend fuck like there was no tomorrow he slid back behind them, kneeling behind the two boys with a clear view of Jonny’s flexing ass.  I could see him grab the small wooden box and pull another white nugget shard from it.  Bryan then prepared to insert the white shard into Jonny’s bucking ass as he dribbled some lube on the undulating target.

     Jonny let out a long moan and slowed his fucking as he felt Bryan’s small boy fingers penetrate his ass.  The nine year old boy easily inserted two fingers into the older boy’s experienced ass.  Bryan wasn’t gentle with it either as he really worked Jonny’s ass with his two fingers as the older teen continued to fuck his big brother below him.  Then Bryan slipped in a third finger causing Jonny to moan out.  

     “UUUGH!  God I love your little brother’s fingers.”  Jonny half laughed and groaned to Ben as they smiled at each other.

     The naked Jamal plopped down on the couch next to the three boys, his cock now deflated as he packed another load into the Snake’s bowl.  Bryan was really getting into fingering Jonny, I could see my boy really twisting his three fingers around inside Jonny’s loosening hole.  Bryan quickly withdrew his fingers and took the large white nugget and popped it inside Jonny’s gaping hole followed be his three fingers, pushing it in as deep as he could.  

     Jonny paused for a moment as he felt Bryan’s fingers pop out then back in again.  Then, the hot burning sensation of the dissolving “Kryptonite” made him moan out as Bryan continued to push it into his colon.

     “Fucck thaaat’s hot!”  Jonny moaned as he squirmed on Bryan’s fingers.  He then started to moan a bit as the sensations of the Kryptonite washed over him.  Bryan held his fingers in Jonny for a few minutes as the nugget dissolved.  Jonny picked up his fucking as the sensations of the T washed over him.  

     “Uh fuck I feel so horny!”  Jonny grunted as he hammered in and out of Ben’s sloppy ass.  Bryan kept pushing his fingers against the bucking teen’s ass.  From where the camera was I could see Jonny’s ass start to loosen up even more.  Bryan slid in a fourth finger as Jonny’s ass continued to relax.  

     Bryan’s thumb was now the only digit he had free.  But that didn’t last long as Bryan shaped his hand so that his thumb was now grouped with the rest of his fingers as he pushed against Jonny’s opening.

     “FUCK BRY!  PUSH IT IN!”  Jonny moaned as he arched his ass and made smaller thrusts into Ben.  Bryan concentrated twisting his hand back and forth, working his hand slowly deeper into Jonny’s stretching ring.  I watched in amazement as Bryan’s hand suddenly popped in and completely disappeared into Jonny’s hole.  Jonny froze at the sudden fullness the Bryan’s nine year old hand brought.  

     “AAAAAAGGGH!  FUUUCK YEAH!”  Jonny shouted out as Bryan held his hand still in the teen’s upturned ass.  Bryan had a glazed over look in his eyes as he marveled at the sight of his hand totally enveloped inside the 14 year old boy‘s ass.  

     “Fuck!  Your little bro really knows how to work my ass.“  Jonny groaned to Ben as they lip locked again.  All three boys where now getting into a rhythm as each boy shared themselves with each other.

     “Wow that’s fuckin hot Bry.”  Jamal piped up.  “Hold on a sec.”  Jamal said to the group as he lit up the bowl and sucked in a hit as all three boys continued to fuck as one.  He leaned in to the slow fucking Jonny and shot gunned a hit into his mouth followed by some hot kissing to finish it off.  Jamal repeated the same thing with Ben as he also shot gunned a hit with the well fucked boy on his back.  Jamal moved off the couch next to Bryan and fired up one last hit, shot gunning it with the boy with plenty of kissing mixed in.  Jamal then took a cup of the fruit punch and had each boy take a few gulps from it.  

     “Yeah, you boys will be really rolling good now.”  Jamal said as he observed the boys like a professor presiding over his students.  The boys were so high now as they started to increase the intensity of their unique coupling.  Bryan was really twisting his hand inside Jonny as Jonny continued to fuck his cock in and out of Ben as he moaned out from the stimulation his cock was receiving from the two brothers.  

     “FUCK YEAH!  MMMM….GAWD…UUGH…CAN”T HOLD OUT MUCH LOOONGER…..MMMM!”  Jonny wailed with excitement as he was brought to the edge of climaxing.

     Bryan’s knuckles were undoubtedly rubbing against Jonny’s prostate.  Jamal grabbed the bottle of lube and started to drip it all over Bryan’s forearm.  I watched in amazement as Bry’s wrist started to disappear into Jonny‘s hole, followed by his forearm, as it slipped half way in.  The sudden intrusion of Bry’s arm pushed Jonny over the edge as his balls pulled up and started to contract.

     “AAAAGH!  CUUUMMING!!  AAAGH  NNUGHAA!!!  Jonny cried out as his climax washed over him.  His ass pumping his load into his best friend as his little brother’s hand massaged Jonny’s colon and prostate from the inside.  Jonny slowed his contractions into Ben as he came down from his sexual peak.  Bryan started to pull himself out of Jonny when the teen piped up.

     “Oh Bry, stay in me…feels so good.”  Jonny mumbled incoherently as he started to push back on Bryan’s hand causing his still hard cock to pop out of Ben’s well stretched hole.  Jonny and Ben stayed locked together as they continued to kiss and make out.  

     I noticed Jamal lean down to Bryan and whisper something in his ear.  Bryan grinned and he held out his other hand as Jamal dribbled the T laced lube all over it.  The nine year old then started to finger Ben’s hole with his free lubed up hand.

     Bry easily inserted three of his boy sized fingers into Ben, working them around, quickly adding his pinky finger, then his thumb.  Before I knew it he had the entire thick part of his hand pressing against Ben’s anal ring.   Bryan twisted his left hand back and forth, working it in, until it easily popped inside causing Ben’s legs to tighten around Jonny’s waist as Ben let out a loud moan as he squirmed underneath Jonny.  

     “MMMMMMmmm….MMMMmmmmmm!”  Was all the boys could utter as they stayed lip locked.  Bryan had a hypnotic stare on his face as he concentrated on working both teen holes with his fists.  Jonny and Ben were so worked up now, they didn’t notice Jamal leave for a minute then return with two large black butt plugs in his hand.

     “O.K. Bry, time to plug’em for later.”  Jamal said as he kneeled down next to the double fisting nine year old.  Bryan made a few more twists in each boy and then held still as Jamal positioned both butt plugs next to Bryan’s still deeply inserted hands.  I could see his little boy cock standing erect as he kneeled behind the two entwined teens laying back on the couch.  The two teens where completely oblivious to what was happening behind them as they continued to make out with each other.

     “Ready?”  Jamal grinned.  Bryan nodded in acknowledgement, not taking his eyes off his inserted hands.  

     “O.K. Take’em out.”  Bryan slowly pulled both his hands out at the same time.  Making simultaneous wet sucking sounds followed by low moans from both boys, but it didn’t interrupt their hot kissing session.  Bryan and Jamal giggled as Jamal brought the large butt plugs up to both the boy’s well stretched holes.  And without warning, shoved them in fast.  

     “AAAAAA  FUUUUUUUUUCCK!”   “SHIIT THAAATSS   AAAAAAWWW”  Both boys hollered out as the sudden insertion of the plugs brought them out of there lip lock session.  But it didn’t look like they were in any pain as they both started to push back against Jamal’s hands as he held the plugs in place.

     “OOOOOOOO GAAAWD THAT FEEEELS SOOO GOOOOD!”  Jonny groaned out as he pushed back on Jamal’s hand as he flopped over on his back and laid next to Ben on the couch.  Ben gasped at the sensation of his ass being filled so quickly.  The “kryptonite” made both of their teens asses want more.  

     “SHIT THAT FEEEELS AMAAAAZING!” As Ben’s ass started to orgasm around the solid butt plug.  His cock became hard as steel as he felt the plug grind hard against his prostate gland.  Jonny and Ben continued to moan as Jamal twisted the butt plugs back and forth inside the sprawled out boys.  They’re legs high in the air as they offered their asses to their new daddy.

     Bryan grinned at Jamal before suddenly climbing on top of Ben‘s still heaving chest.  Ben looked surprised as Bryan‘s hard boy cock jutted out right in front of his face.

     “I’ve got a special treat for you big bro,“  Bryan said smirking at Ben.  Ben leaned forward ready to engulf his little brothers hard boy nail, but Bry backed away from my eldest’s straining mouth.  I was thinking along the same lines as Ben must have been thinking as Bryan climbed on top of his older brother, but we were both wrong.  

     Bryan threw a quick glance over his shoulder directly at the camera, but reached back and grabbed Ben’s cock instead.  He raised himself up a little further before scooting back over his brother’s throbbing teen meat.  Suddenly, quicker than his little ass had swallowed Jamal’s eight inches, he was impaled on Ben’s boy spike.  Ben groaned, his eyes rolled back in his head as he felt his baby brother’s ass engulfing him for the very first time in his young life.  I almost shot my load at the incredible sight of my two boys joined together in the most intimate embrace two people could enjoy.  Bryan leaned forward and kissed his brother passionately as he started to fuck himself on Ben’s cock.  

     Jonny was stroking himself furiously as he watched in awe at the sight of the brothers fucking right next to him.  Jamal moved over between Jonny’s legs, pushed the boy’s hands out of the way and started sucking on Jonny’s hardness.  I also noticed Jamal was pushing and pulling on the large black butt plug while blowing the teen.  Jonny placed his feet on Jamal’s shoulders, his thighs on either side of Jamal’s head as he pumped his cock in and out of Jamal’s sucking mouth.

     Ben was now bracing his legs against the edge of the coffee table as he thrust up into Bryan as the brothers pounded against each other, the sound of slapping skin and boyish muffled moans echoed throughout the basement man cave as they lost themselves in their lustful brotherly kiss.  

     My cock was painfully hard as I sat in my seat watching the video of the three boys losing themselves in the throes of sex on our black leather couch.  The sounds of the boys’ passion rose amongst the group as the two fourteen year olds’ and the nine year old ravaged one another as if they would never have sex again.  Jamal playing the part of the pied piper as he led and conducted the boys into the depths of pure lust.

     “UUUGH….FUUUCK….AAAGH…..YEEEAH…..BENNN…FUUUCK MEEE…AAAAHH!”  Bryan cried out as Ben grabbed a hold of Bry’s hips and was now rapidly fucking upward into Bryan as he licked and sucked on his younger brother’s neck.  Bryan had a look of pure bliss on his face as he enjoyed the incestuous fucking his big brother was giving him.  

     Jonny had a glazed look in his eyes as he watched the scene next to him.  Jamal’s expert tongue bringing the neighbor boy closer to climaxing.


     “AAAAAAAAAAAGH!  AAAAAAAAAGH!“  Ben cried out as he made three more short hard thrusts up into Bryan and then held the smaller boy’s hips down as Ben’s balls contracted.  

     “MMMM….UUUGH…..UUUUGH….GAAWD” Ben grunted as he unloaded his seed into his baby brother.  

     Jonny couldn’t hold out any longer either, watching Ben climax pushed him over the top as he clutched the couch, moaning as he unloaded into Jamal’s sucking mouth.

     Jamal milked Jonny dry as he twisted the butt plug against the teen’s prostate causing more cum to be released down Jamal’s throat.  All three boys gyrated and moaned as they all experienced the peek of sexual euphoria all at once.  Then the moans and groans in the room slowly became silent as they came down from their sexual highs.  But the boys were probably still flying from all the party favors Jamal had pumped into them.

     Jamal finished licking clean the teen’s still impossibly hard cock.  Jonny would occasionally jump as Jamal’s tongue touched his still sensitive cock head.  Ben and Bry were lovingly embracing each other as they gently kissed and stroked each others bodies, enjoying their post orgasmic moment.  

     “You ready to take this upstairs?”  Jamal asked the smiling teen reclining in front of him.  Jonny could only nod with a contented look on his face.  

     “Grab the Snake and the other stuff and take it up to my room.  And don’t forget the X punch.”  Jamal said with a grin as he gave Jonny’s butt plug one last twist making the boy grunt.  Jonny awkwardly stood up and placed everything that was on the coffee table on the serving tray.  The butt plug made him walk wobbly out of frame as he carried the serving tray with everything on it up to Jamal‘s room.

     “O.K. Boys time to head upstairs.”  Jamal said to the two lip locked brothers as he stood up.

     “Bry, unhook yourself from your brother, you have to get up early for your flight.”  Chuckled Jamal as he gave Bryan’s upturned ass a playful slap.  Bryan let out a yelp then giggled as he dismounted his older brothers cock, letting it slip out with a wet slap against Ben’s stomach.  Amazingly, Ben was still hard!  Bryan hopped off the couch and bounded out of frame.  Jamal kneeled down in front of the sprawled out Ben, his cock was amazingly hard again!  Jamal must live on Viagra pills.

     “Stay where you are Ben, I’ll carry you up to my room.”  Jamal said in a lustful tone.

      Jamal took a hold of the butt plug still buried in Ben’s ass and with a pulling twist, popped it out, leaving Ben’s ass a gaping, leaking mess.  Ben let out a groan as the fullness of the plug left him feeling empty.  But the emptiness was quickly replaced as Jamal slid his cock back in, balls deep, into the teen boy.  

     “AAAAaaaagh fuck Jamal.  Damn your cock feels so good.”  Ben hissed as Jamal’s cock stretched his hole again.

Ben’s ass juices and previous cum loads leaked out around Jamal’s cock as the large black cock displaced the accumulated loads.  But his groaned in pleasure again as his legs wrapped tightly around Jamal’s waist. 

     “I have so much more to show you.”  Jamal whispered to Ben as he leaned down and kissed the boy.  Ben wrapped his arms around Jamal’s shoulders and pulled the man tighter to him.  Jamal easily held the boy as he straightened back up, then stood up with Ben impaled on his eight inch tool.  Ben clung to the muscular black man as Jamal carried Ben out of frame.  Passionately kissing as they did so.  Then a title card came up “The End?”  

     “Why the question mark?”  I thought to myself?  

     I snapped back to where I was, still sitting on a plane heading to Miami.  Thankfully, the fold down tray my laptop was sitting on was hiding my painfully hard erection.  I needed to relieve myself so badly after watching what happened down in my basement man cave.  

     Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement.  I glanced over in time to see Bryan, still barefoot, get up and head towards the rear lavatories.  I also noticed the black football player sitting next to him watch Bryan walk by.  He then glanced around suspiciously , seeing if anyone was paying attention.  I glanced down for a moment so he wouldn‘t notice me.  Once he was sure no one was paying attention he unhooked his seatbelt and also walked back to the rear lavatories.    

     My mind went into overdrive as I suddenly realized my son might become a member of the mile high club.  I was so worked up from the video that the urge to follow them became overwhelming.  I quickly popped up out of my seat, the man sitting next to me grumbling as he moved out of the way to allow me by.  I could still see the football player just as he reached the lavatories.

     I headed back to the lavatories as he disappeared around the corner.  Stopping short of the lavatories on the opposite side, I pretended to look at one of the diagrams of the plane that was on the wall.  I slowly peaked around the corner into the lavatory area.  

     My jaw dropped as I saw the black football player, his jersey emblazoned with the number 23 on the back, entering one of the lavatories.  But what shocked me was seeing my son already in the lavatory the football player was going into.  His naked boy ass arched up, positioned doggie style on the toilet seat.  As the black college player closed the door Bryan looked over his shoulder and made eye contact with me, smiling defiantly as the door closed shut.  

     I could feel my cock so painfully hard and leaking from all the stimulation I’d had every since the airport this morning.  The incident during the airport security screening, watching the video of Bryan loose his cherry, and now this.  I quickly entered the adjacent lavatory and whipped out my leaking cock and started to stroke my aching cock.  I pressed my ear against the thin lavatory wall to see if I could hear something.  

     It was hard to make out what was being said over the noise of the Lavatory vent fan and the engine hum.  I heard a deep muffled voice speaking followed by a high pitched boyish moan followed by some shuffling and some light thumps against the wall.  There was a brief period of calm.  I could hear the football player say something else to Bryan, then quiet again.  Then, over the load hum of the plane’s engines, came the distinct high pitched moan only a boy could make as something large was entering him.

     “You like that black dick don’t you boy?”  I heard the college boy say over the airplane noise.

     “UUUH  UUUH….MMMMPHHH!  AAAAAAAAGH  YYEEEAH!”  I could hear Bryan moan out as the football player wasted no time in fucking his undoubtedly large cock into the boy.  The noises came fast and furious after that, as well as rhythmic thumping noises against the wall.  

     Here I was, a grown man with my ear pressed against the Lavatory wall listening to my son getting fucked into the mile high club.  It sounded like the college boy was really getting into it with Bryan as the banging against the wall intensified...rougher...harder...THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!  A volley of muffled voices became clearer as I pushed my ear harder to the wall.

     “You like this black dick?”  “Ooo yeeeah!  AAAAGH!”  “Yeah take all of it boy!”   “UUUNGH!”

     I jacked off in rhythm to the exiting sounds of my young son getting his ass willingly fucked...again.  The sounds of a rough, unrelenting fuck could be clearly heard coming from the other side of the wall.  Then the plane started shaking then took a sudden dip.  The seat belt sign went on as I heard Bryan moan out as the plane hit some more  turbulence.  I braced myself against the other side of the lavatory wall as I continued stroking to the loud moans cause by the rough air.  

     “AAAAGH!   Mmmmph ….aaaAAAAH! ….shit shit aaaaAAAAGH!”  The turbulence made him fuck irregularly into my boy.  Bry began to yelp at erratic moments.  I pictured the college boy’s big dick slamming in and out, in and out, in and out of Bryan’s small nine year old butt.  College boy couldn’t hold out any longer, and neither could I.  The plane made a few more lunges with an accompanying boyish moans from next door then I heard three hard thumps then college boy let out a long groan then silence.  Knowing my youngest son was receiving a load just on the other side of the wall from me sent me over the edge.  I started shooing the biggest load I’d ever felt all over the lavatory sink.  

     Strangely enough, as soon as we had climaxed the turbulence ended.  I wonder if all that fucking had upset the plane.  I giggled at the thought.

     I waited for Bryan and the college boy to clean up and exit their lavatory, letting them return to their seats before me.  Plus I had a lot of cum to clean up.  After tidying up, made my way back to my seat.  I glanced over to Bryan and the college boy and they were happily engaged in a nice wholesome game of Uno.  If only the other passengers knew what just happened between them a few minutes ago.

     The rest of the flight was uneventful thank goodness.  We landed without incident five hours after we had left Los Angeles.  Since we were in business class, first class and business class got off first.  I gathered my stuff and I noticed college boy helping Bryan get his bag out of the overhead compartment.  We then slowly made our way up the aisles exiting onto the gangway like cattle.  

     I met up with Bryan and the college boy just as we got to the outer door leading to the walkway up to the airport terminal.

     “Hey dad, this is Jonathan.  He plays for UCLA.”  Bryan said excitedly.  I shook his hand as we continued to shuffle off the plane.  

     “You have a friendly boy Mister…?  Jonathan said as we walked up the gangway.

     “Frank, you can call me Frank.” I replied.

     Bryan sped ahead up the gangway like most boys do leaving College boy and I walking together.  We watched Bryan dodging in and out of the other passengers as he made his way up the walkway.  

     “He certainly knows how to please.  And he’s quite an experienced player.”  Said Jonathan.  I glanced at him and he smiled and said.  “Uno..“  But from the smile on his face and probably the look on my face, we both knew we were hinting at something completely different.

     “Oh, and your boy dropped this.”  Said the college boy as he reached into his pants pocket, pulled something out  and held out his hand.  I held out my hand and he dropped the metallic vibrating egg into my hand.  A look of shock washed over my face.  He leaned in closer to me as he whispered.

     “Actually he pushed it out.  But I think he wore the batteries down.”  Jonathan whispered with a chuckle as we exited the gangway and were now walking down the main concourse.

     I was shocked that Jonathan was so direct with me about having fucked my 9 year old son.  No doubt Bryan must have told him I was okay with him being fucked by strange black men.  I realized now what the look he had given me before the bathroom door had been shut really meant, Bryan was just getting started on his fun.

     “He certainly made the trip go by faster,” he said nudging me on the shoulder.  “I never figured I would see one of Jamal's boys on the flight.  I'll tell you this, your boy is one of the most talented ones I've ever tried.  You oughta be really proud of him for being so experienced at such a young age,” Jonathan said with a grin. 

     “What did you do?  Break him in at 6 or 7, because he's seriously good at what he does.  He wanted another ride before we landed, but we'd been in there still,” he chuckled.

     I didn't know whether to be proud, or more shocked at the fact he was telling me what a hot fuck my son was, or the fact he thought Bryan, my seemingly innocent son, was a seriously experienced boy toy for men. All I could think to say was, "Thanks."

     “I'll be sure to hit him up again for a longer session back in Cali when I get back after signing my contract with the Dolphins,” he said slapping me on the back. “Thanks again Frank for sharing,” he said as we reached the terminal, seeing his limo driver holding up his name. 

     "Later!" Jonathan called back to me and Bryan who was now standing next to me waving at his newest admirer.

     Did Jonathan say he wanted to have sex with my son again?  And how many boys does Jamal have under his spell?  

     “Oh shit!” I thought to myself

End of Chapter Eight of Watching the Boys

Watching The Boys - part 9

     After parting company with Jonathan we walked down the terminal concourse to the baggage claim area.  I noticed Bryan was walking funny again.  No doubt from what had happened in the airplane lavatory earlier.  I had to admit I felt a bit spent from blowing a load listening to my boy getting plowed in the lavatory next to me.

     As we came out of the exit area we were greeted by the usual mix of families and limo drivers waiting for their loved ones and clients to come out of the terminal.  It was then that I noticed one of the limo drivers holding a sign with Frank Thompson printed on it.

     “I don’t remember them talking about a limo?”  I thought to myself.  Bryan followed behind me as I made my way through the crowd to the good looking young Latino man holding the sign.  He was dressed nicely in a suit and tie and looked very professional.

     “Are you looking for Frank Thompson?”  I said to the driver.  He smiled and put out his hand as I shook it.

     “Yes, my name is Angel and I am here to take you to your accommodations compliments of Mr. Gross.” Smiled the handsome Latin man.  “He welcomes you both to Miami.”  As the driver also smiled down at Bryan and shook my boy’s hand.  The hand shake lingered a bit between the driver and my son as the limo driver’s eyes roamed over Bryan.

     “Yes, he will definitely enjoy your company.”  He said under his breath leering at my boy then redirected his attention back to me.

     “Follow me to the baggage area and we will get your luggage Mr. Thompson, then I will take you and your son to the resort.”  As he gestured to the baggage claim area.

     The three of us gathered with the other weary passengers from our flight around our designated carriage return waiting for the machine to start and the bags to come tumbling down the chute.  Angel stood beside me as we made small talk waiting for the bags to appear.  How the flight was, what it was like to live in California, small talk.  Bryan was standing on the other side of Angel listening in to our conversation.  Angel then glanced down at Bryan standing next to him.

     “You have a good tan Chico, you look like your ready for the beach.” Angel said to Bryan.

     “This is my first time in Miami.”  Bryan replied

     “No worries Chico, Mr. Gross’s house has his own private beach.  And I’m sure your first trip to Miami will be a memorable one.”  Angel said with a warm smile.

     “I see your wearing a white anklet Chico.“  Angel smiled as he glanced down to my boy‘s foot.  “You must be good friends with Jamal.  He’s a good friend of my master.”  Bryan blushed a bit from Angel‘s comment as Angel stroked the top of Bryan’s head.

     “You must be a special boy to be wearing a coveted anklet Chico.“  Angel said with a lustful smile.   He then slowly caressed his hand down until he was slowly stroking up and down Bryan’s back.
    The two smiled at each other, almost as if an unspoken signal had been sent between them.  I noticed Angel quickly adjust something  that was running down his pant leg  .Suddenly the carriage return started to move and bags started to slide out of the chute.  Angel and I moved up to the edge of the return snatching our luggage when they appeared.  After gathering all our bags on a baggage cart we headed out of the terminal.

     “I’ll be right back with the car Mr. Thompson .”  As Angel quickly walked off towards the parking garage.  The air felt nice and warm, with a slight feeling of humidity to it.  The weather was actually perfect for this time of year in Miami.

     After a few minutes an impressive stretch limo pulled up in front of us.   Angel got out and came around the limo and opened the door for me.

     “This is a car?”  I stated somewhat overwhelmed by the treatment.

     “Oh yes Mr. Thompson.  Mr. Gross wants his future clients to be treated the best way possible.”    Angel said to me then smiled at Bryan, who blushed again.  Angel then took the baggage cart to the back and loaded our luggage into the trunk.  Bryan and I climbed into the back of the limo and took in the large and spacious leather bound space.  Very swanky.  Angel popped his head in after closing the trunk.

     “O.K.  Mr. Thompson, I will now be taking you to the hotel.”  Angel said with a friendly smile.  Suddenly, Bryan piped up.

     “Dad, can I sit up front with Angel?”  He said with a hopeful look.  Bryan called me dad again!

     “Do you mind Angel?”  I asked the limo driver.

     “I would love the company, you can sit shotgun up front with me Chico.”  Angel beamed as he backed out of the way so  Bryan could climb out of the back.  Angel said with a smile as he closed the door sealing me in the back.  I swore I saw him adjust something big running down inside his pant leg again.


     The glass privacy divider was up but I could see the top of Bryan’s head as he strapped himself into the passenger seat.  Then Angel got in on the drivers side, started up the engine and slowly pulled away from the terminal.  My smart phone beeped saying I had an incoming message.  It was from Jamal, and it looked like he sent me a small video file.

     The file was labeled “Ben again (shrtclp)”.  My chubbed up cock started to fully harden as my mind started to race as to what it could possibly be.  I double tapped on the file and started to download it to my phone.

     “It shouldn’t take too long Mr. Thompson.”  The sound of Angel’s voice over the limo intercom broke me out of my anticipation of this new video clip.  Angel made eye contact with me just as I noticed Bryan’s head slowly tilt to the left towards Angel and out of sight.  Then I noticed a funny look come across Angel’s eyes.

     “aaagh,  We should be there in about 30 minutes.”  Then Angel’s shoulders started to adjust.   Was Bryan getting ready to suck off the limo driver?

     “I’ll close the divider so you have some privacy Mr. Thompson uungh”  Angel almost gasped out as the intercom clicked off.

     Just as my curiosity peeked as to what was going on in the front seat the solid privacy divider started to close.  The last image I had was Angel’s eyes going soft with a look of ecstasy in them.  Then the privacy divider closed completely and I was sealed off from what was going on the front seat.  I couldn’t help it any more.  I whipped out my hard cock and started to stroke it knowing my boy was blowing the attractive limo driver while I was sitting in the back.

     Then my phone chimed that the download was complete.  I hit play and the phone’s view screen was filled with a close up of Ben’s face.  His face was sideways as he laid on a bed.  I think it was Jamal’s bed..  Ben had a look of pure lust on his face.  His eye lids half closed as he moaned into the camera.  Then the camera pulled out a bit as it traveled up his sweaty heaving body, The camera pulled back even further revealing his ass positioned high in the air.  His puffy, well used boy hole completely exposed for the camera to see.  His hole glistened with a light mixture of cum and his ass juices.

     “Yeah, Ben.  You have a beautiful ass.”   I heard Jamal say in the background as his finger came into the shot and started rubbing around the outer ring of Ben’s puffy sphincter.  Jamal’s finger then centered itself directly in the center of Ben’s hole and slowly pushed in.  I stroked my aching cock as I watched Jamal’s large digit sink fully into my boy’s used asshole.  I could hear Ben moan off camera as Jamal twisted his finger around.  Then easily added a second finger along side his first.

     “Your pussy is amazing.”  Jamal groaned as he continued his fingering of Ben‘s stretched hole.  “Your just as gifted as your younger brother.”  Jamal purred as he worked his fingers deep into my boy’s upturned ass, slowly twisting and pushing his thick fingers all the way down until Jamal’s knuckles where pressed between Ben‘s upturned boy cheeks.  I could hear Ben continue to moan in the background as Jamal kept up his massaging of Ben’s insides.

     “I think Ben has something for you Jonny.”  I heard Jamal say off camera.  Then Jonny’s face came into the shot, his face right next to where Jamal’s fingers where snuggly lodged into Ben’s ass.  His eyes transfixed on the action before him.

     “You ready boy?”  Jamal asked the mesmerized teen boy.  All Jonny could do was nod yes as he watched Jamal’s fingers twist back and forth.  Then Jamal suddenly pulled his fingers out leaving Ben’s hole wide open.  A long string of cum stayed connected to Jamal’s fingers as he pulled his hand back.

     “Push out Ben, Jonny wants your creamy center.”  Jamal said behind the camera just as Jonny closed in on Ben’s wide open hole.  Jamal pushed in with the camera as I caught a glimpse of a large amount of cum suddenly come pouring out.  But then Jonny dived in, like the cum starved boy he was and started sucking like a fend on Ben’s stretched open ass.

     Jonny’s face was completely buried in Ben’s ass as he sucked out every last drop of cum that Ben could push out.  Wet slurping sounds mixed in with Ben’s moans spilled out from the tiny speaker on my iPhone.  I stroked my cock like a mad man as I watched Jonny and my son submit to pure debauchery on my phone.  I was so close.

     Then Jonny pulled back, his face covered in a layer of ass and cum juices as he gasped for air.  Then he dove back down and jammed his tongue as deep as he could into Ben’s colon.  Like a boy trying to lick every last bit of pudding from a mixing bowl.  Jonny had his head jammed so tightly against Ben‘s butt that he would’ve pushed it up inside Ben if he could.

     As Jonny’s unrelenting tongue fucking continued, I thought of all the events that had played out over the last few days in my head.  I stroked my achingly hard cock as I thought how my life had changed for both me and my boys since Jamal had entered into it.  My boys were now becoming full blown cock sluts.  And  I loved watching them blossom into their roles.  I stretched out on the leather couch as the limo continued on as I furiously jacked off watching Ben get his ass eaten out.

     “Fuck yeah Jonny, jam that tongue in there!  Suck all that love frosting out of Ben!”  I heard Jamal say in a lustful tone as Jonny intensified his tongue assault on Ben.  My cock wanted to pop so bad as the sounds of slurping and moaning spilled out from my iPhone.

     Then the camera got jerky as Jamal tried to keep the camera focused on Jonny while he repositioned himself.

     “O.K. Jonny.”  I heard Jamal say off camera as Jonny took his cue and pulled back from Ben’s ass revealing his gaping hole.  Then Jamal’s hard cock came into the shot and plunged down fast and hard into Ben’s fully relaxed sphincter, burying his hard eight inches completely into my oldest son.

     “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!   FUUCK  YYYEAAAH!“  I could hear Ben moan like the bitch he was becoming as Jamal ground his hips hard against my boy’s smooth teen ass.

     “Yeah, you love my cock don’t cha bitch?”  Jamal moaned as he pulled out until the head was just resting inside Ben’s sphincter ring then plunged it back in deep again causing Ben to elicit more moans.  Jamal then started to deep fuck my boy’s ass as the wet sounds of the fucking mixed in with his boyish teen moans and groans filled the back of the limo.  The camera coming in close to capture the pulling and pushing of Ben’s stretched ass lips as they got worked by the enormous black cock.

     “Your going to be a good slut for me aren’t cha boy?”  Jamal grunted as he really started to pound into my boy.

     “YYYEEE…..UUUNGH….YYYYESSS  SIRRR!  AAAAAAGH….HHUUGH….AAAAAGH  FUCK”  My teen boy moaned out as Jamal rearranged Ben’s insides with his eight inch fuck stick.

     The sights and sounds of Ben getting wildly deep fucked sent me over the edge as I started shooting my pent up load all over myself and the black leather couch of the limo.  I must have shot six or seven times.  It felt like the best ejaculation I’ve had since I learned Jonny had been lusting after Ben, while Jamal fucked my dream boy against the washing machine in the garage.

     I felt completely relaxed but exhausted after that amazing ejaculation.  The low hum of the limo driving down the street mixed in with the sounds of Jamal and my boy fucking coming from my phone had me dozing off in no time.  I didn’t even bother to pull up my pants as I slipped into a nice sleep.

     My mind filled with an image of Ben and Bryan playing in the our backyard pool, while Jamal sat soaking in the spa.  They smiled at him as they climbed out the pool naked and smiling as they walked over to him.  Their mutual hard-ons led the way to the spa where Jamal sat loading the snake.

     “That’s right my boys come over here to daddy,” Jamal said lustfully as Bryan and Ben climbed down into the spa on either side of his glistening ebony body.

        Jamal handed the snake first to Ben who took a massive hit, before passing it back to Jamal who then handed it to Bryan who also took a massive hit.  While Bryan was taking his hit Ben leaned into Jamal and began to share his hit with his new daddy.  Once he had shared the hit with his daddy Ben pulled back and watched Jamal blow the smoke out his lips.

        Jamal leaned down as Bryan stretched up to share his shotgun with his black daddy.  The two were soon engaged in a passionate kiss, while Ben leaned in and began sucking on Jamal’s nipples.  Jamal reached out with one of his muscular arms and held Ben’s head firmly against his powerful chest.  Finally Bryan pulled back from his kiss and smiled adoringly up at his black daddy.

       Releasing Ben from his grip, Jamal moved up out of the spa and sat on the edge of the deck.  Both my sons looked at one another and grinned.  They knelt up on their seats and leaned in to begin pleasuring their new daddy’s thick eight inch ebony meat.  They would alternate between one sucking on Jamal’s large purple cock head and licking and sucking up and down on his beautiful veiny shaft, while they both played with his big cum laden balls.

       Finally my boys pulled away from Jamal’s now glistening cock. Ben climbed out of the spa and straddled Jamal’s body, positioned his tight ass over Jamal’s bulbous cock head.  Ben lowered himself down onto Jamal’s thick cock as it spread wide Ben’s ass lips as my boy slid down Jamal’s cock until he was sliding against the curly thick pubes surrounding the base of Jamal’s thick fuck meat.

     My oldest boy moaned in pleasure as he was filled with his daddy’s cock.  Once he was mounted Bryan climbed up facing his older brother and quickly slid down on Ben’s fourteen year old cock.  They quickly began kissing as my two sons fucked one another while Jamal fucked Ben which in turn caused Ben to fuck harder into his little nine year old brother.  Jamal wrapped his big arms around both my boys in a hug as he enjoyed the feeling of my son’s pleasuring each other on his lap.

        Suddenly the three were surrounded by Jonny and Jeffy and all the rest of the boys in the neighborhood.  They were all fucking and sucking one another.  Older brothers were fucking their younger brothers, while other neighborhood boys were doing each other.  Jeffy’s girlish voice called out begging Jonny to fuck him harder, which caused the other boys to moan and beg as well to be pounded harder.

       “That’s right my sons!  Fuck each other!  Share yourselves!” Jamal called out to all the boys fucking around him  as he continued to wildly fuck my sons in his arms.

       Suddenly, all about the neighborhood boys were an equal number of handsome well-endowed black men.  They all started mounting the neighborhood boys and soon all the young boys where being fucked by the well endowed black men. The boys seemed to be begging to be used for the older black men’s pleasure.
        “That’s right bro’s enjoy my sons,” Jamal grinned as he prepared to fire his load deep into my oldest boy, who seemed ready to plant his seed deep inside my youngest.  “Soon your uncles and cousins will share their love frosting with all of you!” moaned Jamal as he started to get closer and closer to cumming.

     “Fuck with me bros!”  Cried out Jamal as he intensified his fucking into Ben and Bryan.  The other black men did the same as they started to rapid fuck their long hard cocks into all the under age boys surrounding Jamal and my boys.  The sounds of men moaning and boys groaning filled the air as the fuck fest intensified.

     “FUCK!  FUUUCK! FUUUUUCK!”  Jamal chanted as he rammed up into my boys and the other men followed suit.  “CUMMMING  AAAAAAGH!”

     I woke with a start, my cock as hard as a rock again.  I was in a daze.  Then I realized I was still sitting in the back of the limo and the car wasn’t moving anymore.  Fuck my cock was hard from that dream.  I glanced out the window and noticed the tops of palm trees, blue sky, and birds flying by.  I think we were parked at the top of a parking garage.

     But then I noticed the car was moving, but not from the engine.  I could also hear subtle noises coming from the front seat.    Then the rocking of the car intensified then stopped.  I moved up to the solid privacy divider and tried to listen to what was going on.

     My pants where still around my ankles as I tried the doors but they were all locked and I didn’t see any way to unlock them.  I could see other cars parked around us and clouds and sky beyond.  We must have been high up on the roof of a parking garage.

     I moved back to the closed privacy divider and pressed my ear against it to try and hear what was going on.  I could still only hear movement and an occasional thump every now and then from the front seat compartment.  Then I heard a click and could hear heavy breathing and what sounded like kissing  and sucking sounds coming over the intercom system.  Someone had accidentally turned on the intercom from the front seat.

     “Mmmm yeeeeesss chico, suck my cock little panchito.”  I heard Angel’s voice say followed by more slurping sounds.  “Such a gifted cock sucker you are Chico.  My master will not be disappointed.”  The sucking sounds continued on for a minute or two then I heard Bryan let out a muffled grunt.

     “Yeees Chico, you have such a nice chocho.”  Angel said in a lustful tone.

     “MMMMMMMMmmmmph!” I heard Bryan let out a long muffled moan around Angel’s cock.

     “And it looks like you’ve been busy lately,  I think you need Angel to take you to heaven Chico.”  Angel said to Bryan followed by the sounds of moving bodies.  Then the privacy divider lowered spastically until it was down a couple of inches.  Enough for me to peek over the top and into the front seat compartment.

     I could see the back of Angel’s head right in front of me, he was seated in the middle of the bench seat.  I caught brief glimpses of Bryan’s arms and head as he removed his clothes while he sat facing Angel on his lap.  Then Bryan’s upper body came into full view as he stood up and straddled over Angel‘s lap. His back flat against the roof of the front seat area as he looked down between him and Angel.  I think he was lining up Angel’s cock.  I then noticed Bryan’s body slowly lower.

     “uuuuuuuungh!“  I could hear Bryan slowly let out a long boyish groan as his body paused briefly.  Then my nine year old son slowly raised his head up, his eyes half closed, his mouth open in a silent wail as his body continued to slowly lower down onto Angel’s lap.

     Bryan had a far away look in his eyes as he stared off into space.  Angel’s cock was undoubtedly filling up my boy.  He then slumped forward, his chin resting on Angel’s shoulder right in front of my face.  He was breathing heavy as Bryan paused as he rested on Angel.

     ‘uuuuuuuuuungh…”  Bryan let out another low, boyish, guttural moan as he started to lower down again.  His ass was probably relaxing, allowing Angel’s cock to penetrate deeper into Bryan.  The previous deposits of cum making Angel’s penetration easier.  And from what I saw growing down Angel’s pant leg at the airport earlier, his cock was probably filling my boy nice and deep.

     My son’s lust filled face now slipping off Angel’s shoulder as I watched Angel cup Bryan’s face and pull him into a passionate kiss.  Both man and boy mashing their mouths against each other.  Bryan wrapped his arms around Angel’s shoulders as my boy enjoyed Angel’s love making.  The sounds of boyish moans and wet kissing sounds poured over the intercom. Angel then kissed his way down to Bryan’s neck, the whole time I could hear Angel talking dirty to my boy as Bryan sat back on Angel’s lap.

     “You like my cock Chico?”  Angel said breathlessly.

     “aaaaagh…..mmmm….yyyaaahh.”  Bryan whimpered as his body accommodated Angel‘s large cock.  The wanting look on my boy’s face spoke volumes.

     “Let Angel take you to heaven mejo.” Angel groaned out between kisses, holding on to Bryan firmly as he started to make slow gentle thrusts up into my boy.  Bryan’s head bobbed up and down with each thrust as our Latin limo driver started to slowly fuck Bryan.

     “mmmmmmm…..uuuuuugh……..hhuuuuh“  Bryan closed his eyes as he moaned in approval of Angel‘s cock massaged his insides.  His long, slow sensual thrusts slowly loosened Bryan’s colon helped along by the previous loads of cum still in my boy.  Angel continued his sucking and kissing on my boy’s neck, surely there would be sign’s of hickies if Angel wasn’t careful.

     “My god my boy loves cock in him!”  I though to myself as I started to furiously stroke my own rock hard cock again.  I was really enjoying the show Angel was putting on for me as he fucked my boy mere inches from me.  My face pressed against the glass partition as I peered through the two inch gap of the slightly lowered privacy divider.  Watching my boy in the throws of ecstasy again for the second time today.

     “That’s right mejo!”  Angel grunted out as he held on tighter to Bryan.  “Feel me deep in you chico!”  As Angel accelerating his fucking.

     “mmmmMMM……UUUUUUAAAGH………..HHHHYYYEAH!”  Bryan moaned out louder with each thrust.

     I noticed the up and down movement of my boy’s head pick up speed with each undulation of Angel‘s hips.  Bryan eyes were now shut tight as looks of both pleasure and pain washed across it.  His mouth open, little gasps of air being forced out with each thrust as the intensity of the fucking increased even more.

     “Fuck, my master is going to love you mejo.”  I heard Angel say in a low tone.

     Bryan couldn’t even form words any more.  His eyes were closed as the sensations coming from his ass washed over him.

     “Now it’s time to breed you mejo.”  As Angel laid Bryan down across the passenger seat while still impaled in my boy.  All I could see where Angel’s gorgeous Latin ass and Bryan’s coltish boy legs sticking out.  I noticed Bryan’s puka shell anklet contrasting against his tan skin as he braced his feet against the roof of the front seat compartment.  Then Angel’s ass started to pump up and down as the sounds of my boy grunting and groaning started and then increased over the intercom.

     “MMMMMMPH!…. UUUUUUUNGH! ….. AAAAAAAAGH!……”  The sounds of fucking echoed over the intercom as I furiously stroked myself in time with the Angel’s pace.

     UUUUUNNNGH! …..GGGAAAWDD! …….  AAAmmmmmph…..“  Bryan’s moans became muffled as Angel probably started kissing him again.  The wet, squelchy, sucking sounds of Angel’s long cock sliding in and out of Bryan’s nine year old ass took over.  From the sounds of it, Angel was really giving my boy a good fucking.  

     I watched Bryan’s legs fall from their braced position against the ceiling and wrap tightly around Angel’s thrusting waist.  Bryan clutched tightly onto Angel’s frame as he received the pounding our limo driver was giving him.  His anklet bracelet jiggling with each thrust.

     “MMmmmmph…”  SLURP!  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLURP!  “Uuuuumph!”  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAP!  The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh grew louder.  Heavy moans and breathing through noses intensified as Angel probably had his tongue deeply imbedded down my boy’s throat as he fucked away at my boy‘s well used hole.  His thrusts were now making the limo rock back and forth now.

     Fuck! I was so hard at that moment.  I watched Angel’s ass clench and unclench as his undulating body concealed my boy beneath him.  I stroked along with Angel’s thrusts.  I so wanted to cum with them.

     Suddenly the grunting from Angel increased as did the speed of his thrusting ass.  Bryan’s broke away from the kissing as he started gasping for air, the sensations from the furious fucking he was receiving was overwhelming my boy.

     “AAAAAAGH!  AAAAAAGH!  AAAAAAGH!  AAAAAAGH!”  The boyish sounds of Bryan’s moans drove both Angel and I closer to the edge of ecstasy.  

     “Fuck mejo!”  Angel started to grunt with each thrust as his ass clinched harder and harder.  “Such a good little boy pussy mejo!“  Each stab of Angel’s cock more purposeful with each thrust as he held them longer and longer inside my boy.  Angel couldn’t hold out anymore.  With one final loud grunt Angel unloaded into my boy.

         “UUUUUUNGH!   AAAAAAAAGH!  Take my seed mijo!”  As Angel made on final lunge of his hips, his ass clenched tight as his balls released their Latin seed deep inside my boy.  I could see Bryan’s legs wrapped tightly around Angel’s waist

     “I’m breeding you mejo!”  I heard him say in a low tone over the intercom as he made small intermittent thrusts into Bryan as he finished pumping his load into my boy.

     With my face pressed against the glass partition, I unloaded a second load of cum all over the leather seats. I slumped back against the leather couch as I tried to catch my breath.

     My boy was such a cock whore now.  He loved getting fucked.  Fuck I loved watching him get taken.

     I could hear gasping and low soothing post fuck cooing coming over the intercom.  I couldn’t quite make out what Angel was saying but I’m sure they were enjoying the moment.  Then I heard the intercom click off and the privacy partition slowly close up again.  I tried to clean myself up as best I could with the box of Kleenex that I found in one of the compartments.  I heard shuffling and movement coming from the front seat then I heard the engine start up.

     “We’ll be at the resort soon Mr. Thompson.”  I heard Angel say across the intercom as the car started to move again.  I bet Bryan was in the same state I was, completely satisfied as we were shuttled off to the resort.

     It was only a few minutes before the limo pulled up in front of the resort.  It looked like a very nice high end boutique hotel situated right on the beach with all the bells and whistles.

     “We have arrived Mr. Thompson.”  Angel said with Bryan standing next to him as he opened the door to let me out of the limo.  Both Angel and Bryan looked a bit disheveled but both were smiling with a satisfied look on their faces.  Bryan and I smiled at each other knowing both of us got what we wanted.

     “You have a very special boy Mr. Thompson”  Angel said with a smile as he ruffled Bryan’s hair.

     “Yes, he is.”  I said with a smile and with a sense of new found pride.

     “Welcome to the Palisades.”  Said a good looking, Latin boy wearing a form fitting bellhop uniform.  Behind him he was pulling a shiny brass luggage cart behind him.

     “I’ll take care of your luggage sir.”   Continued the hot young man as the bellhop give my boy a subtle quick approving once over then headed to the trunk of the limo with his baggage cart.

     As the bellhop busied himself with gathering our luggage we made our way inside the plush hotel lobby to check in.  The hotel accommodations were set up by my new client, the mysterious Mr. Gross so I didn’t know what to expect.  But from what I could see so far from the various sports cars parked out front in the valet, this place was definitely a pricy place to stay.

     “Welcome to the Palisades.”  Said the smartly dressed hotel clerk as we approached the front desk.

     “This is Mr. Thompson and his son checking in.  They are guests of Mr. Gross.”  Angel said with a smile to the hotel desk clerk.  As soon as Angel mentioned his bosses name the hotel clerk snapped to attention and became even more attentive to us.

     “Aaah yes, Mr. Thompson.  Everything is ready for you.  We have you and your son staying in one of the Pool House villas.”  The hotel clerk pulled out a map of the resort and highlighted where the villas were located.

     “The three villas are here and surround their own private pool.  Only the three villas have access to this pool.  The regular hotel guests have another pool located over here.”  The hotel clerk pointed to pool located on  the other side of the complex.

     “Mr. Gross has rented out all three villas for the weekend, so the other two villas are also guests of Mr. Gross.  The bellhop will show you to your villa and get you settled in.”  The hotel clerk said as he handed the keys to the bellhop.

     “If you’re ready, please follow me and I will show you to your villa.”  Said the handsome bell hop.

     “I’ll give you a call tomorrow before I head over and pick you up Mr. Thompson.”  Angel said to me as we shook hands before he departed.  “And I’ll see you later my little mejo.”  As Angel ruffled Bryan’s hair and gave him a wink.  Bryan smiled and blushed a bit responding with a quiet “Uh hu.”

     I think the long day was getting to both of us as we dragged behind the bell hop as we followed him down the hallway.  We then exited the building out into a lovely, lush garden.  We approached a two story Mediterranean style house and the bell hop quickly opened the front door.  I think Bryan and I were both in awe as we walked into this beautiful villa.  It looked like someone’s house.

     “Welcome to Villa Sonora.” Said the bellhop as the Latin boy pulled the luggage cart to the side. Let me show you around.”  He continued as he proceeded to give us the full tour of the spacious villa.  “The ground floor has your living room a full kitchen and bathroom.”

      “You have full internet access and free wi-fi.” As we followed the bellhop through the living room. “You can also view the internet on any flat screen in the villa.”  Continued the bellhop as we stopped at the large sliding glass doors at the back of the room.  The bellhop slid open one of the large sliding glass doors revealing a large gorgeous pool surrounded by deck chairs and tables, it was just turning dusk so the pool lights were on making the water look so inviting.

     “The pool is always open and only the three villas surrounding the pool have access to it.  There are fresh beach towels in the ground floor bathroom to use if you want to have a swim.”  As the bellhop made his way back to the front door and the luggage cart.  Grabbing our bags, the bellhop started up the stairs.

     We followed the bellhop up the stairs, dropping off our luggage in each room as we continued the tour of the two large bedrooms on the second floor. Both bedrooms had great views looking down on the pool area.  The bedrooms also shared a very large bathroom with a glass encased shower that you could easily fit several people in.  The bathroom also had a toilet with a separate bidet next to it.  Bryan immediately noticed the bidet.

     “What’s that for?”  Bryan said with a funny look on his face as he pointed at the odd shaped bowl next to the toilet..

     “It’s called a bidet, it’s for washing your butt and genital areas.”  Our Latin bellhop said frankly with a smile.

     “Oh.” Bryan replied quietly, his face blushing as he looked away shyly eyeing the new contraption.

     “If you have any questions about how to use it contact the front desk and I’d be glad to show you how to use it.” Our bellhop said with a wider grin as he looked at Bryan.

     I then noticed that both the bellhop and Bryan where starting to chub up a bit.  Bryan may have just gotten fucked less than 15 minutes earlier but he looked like he could go another round with our handsome bellhop if he really wanted too.

     “Thank you very much for showing us around…?”  I said as I handed him a 20 dollar bill for his troubles as I glanced at his name badge.  “…Paolo.”
     “Always a pleasure sir.”  Paolo said with a smile as he tucked the 20 in his pocket.  “If there’s anything you need just call the front desk.”  As Paolo boldly adjusted his hardening crotch in front of both me and Bryan with a smile.  He then turned and headed back downstairs and out the door.

     Amazingly, Bryan was hard again.  I’m sure the wheels in his head were turning as to what he wanted to do with our bellhop, Paolo.  Then like a switch Bryan’s lack of rest caught up to him and he looked really tired.

     “Do you need to lie down now?”  I asked my tired boy.  He responded with a low.  “yeah…”

     I guided him to one of the bedrooms and pulled back the covers on the bed as he quickly took off his clothes and crawled into the bed naked.  He was out in less than 30 seconds.

     “Wish I could fall asleep that fast.”  I thought to myself as watched him for a few moments.  I then leaned down and kissed him on the head then headed downstairs and made myself a drink from the fully stocked wet bar next to the kitchen.  I then slumped on the couch and finally relaxed.  I slowly sipped from my glass of scotch as I went over the moments of the day.

     “What a day.” I thought as I slowly nodded off.

     SPLASH!  The sound of something large hitting the water in the pool woke me up.  The living room was dark but the reflection of water from the lights in the pool shimmered off the ceiling made the room glow.  I looked at my watch and it was an hour and a half since I fell asleep.  The sliding glass doors were wide open as the sounds of boys playing and splashing filled the room.  I groggily  made my way to the open doors peered outside into the pool area.

     There I noticed Bryan’s head bobbing around in the water as he happily played with three other boys.  Where did these other boys come from?  Then the boys made there way to the side of the pool and pulled themselves out.  I got a good look at the boys as they lined up for another round of cannonballs.

     Two of the boys looked just like each other, identical twins maybe?  They looked a year older than Bryan, both with platinum blonde hair with flawless tans?

     The other boy looked older, maybe 12.  He was a bit taller and had a bit more muscle definition to him,  His hair was raven black, and his skin was perfectly smooth and pale.  All sexy looking boys, my son included.

     But what really caught my attention was the fact that they were all wearing the same thing.  A pair of those white Speedos, and each boy had one of those puka shell ankle bracelets around one of  their ankles just like Bryan.  As they all jumped into the pool at the same time with a joyous yell my mind was reeling as to why they were all wearing the same outfit.  What was the significance of these….uniforms?  What was my boy a part of?  And what was in store for him when he finally meets this mysterious Mister Gross?

     “Oh shit.”  I thought.

Watching the Boys - Part 10

     I still couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched these hot Speedo wearing boys happily frolicking with my son under the warm Miami night sky.  The other boys must have been from the other two condos that lined the outside of the private pool area.

     As I stepped out onto the patio I noticed two large muscular Latin looking men sitting at a patio table in front of the middle condo watching the boys playing in the pool.  They were only wearing loose board shorts with the rest of their impressive muscular bodies clearly on display. Why were two Latino men watching these white boys and my son playing in the pool?  They noticed me and waved me over with a smile.

     “Hello.” One of the gentlemen said in a slightly Latin accent as they both stood up to greet me.

     “I’m Leonardo, but you can call me Leo for short.” The first man said as I shook his hand. “And this fine Gentlemen is Jack.”  Leo said as I shook the other muscular man’s hand next to him.

     “Nice ta meet cha.”  Jack replied with a warm smile.

     “Please, have a seat Frank.”  Leo gestured as we all sat down around the patio table.  How did he know my name?

     “You must have a million questions.”  Leo said with a wide smile.

     “Yes, I actually do.  Are you with the boys in the pool?” I must have had a confused look on my face.  Leo nodded with an understanding and reassuring smile.

     “Yes, my boys are the twins, Caleb and Jacob.” Leo replied with a look of pride on his face.

     “And my boy’s name is Hunter.”  Jack piped up.  “And your boy’s name is Bryan, right?”  Jack added.

     “Uh, yeah.”  I replied hesitantly.

     “You’re a guest of our gracious host Mr. Gross, but his close friends call him Grossa.”  Leo said with a wink.

     “I have a meeting with him tomorrow.  How are you associated with him?”  I asked.

     “We are business associates of Grossa, I mean Mr. Gross.  And we’re aware of our group possibly investing into your company.”

     “Jamal has spoken very highly of your son.”  Leo continued.  “Both your boys are very entertaining to watch.”  My ears perked up after hearing that comment but I wasn’t able to pursue an answer as Bryan ran up soaking wet with the other boys right behind him up to the table.

     “Hey dad, this is Caleb, Jacob and Hunter!”  Bryan said excitedly as all four boys stood dripping in front of us.  Their wet, almost see through, skimpy white Speedos clinging to their cute boy cocks making them all look almost naked.

     “Nice to meet you boys.”  I said with a leering eye, my cock started to get hard as I took in all the wet boy flesh on display in front of me.  One of the twins stepped up to me, his wet leg making contact with mine.

     “Hi, I’m Jacob.”  The blond cherub boldly stated to me with a boyish grin on his face.  Then before either of us knew what was going on two boy sized hands grabbed the sides of his wet Speedo and pulled them down completely leaving Jacob’s hairless boy cock on display just inches from me.  Everyone started to laugh uncontrollably.  Jacob looked shocked then blushed but didn’t bother to cover up.  In fact I noticed his cock start to chub up a bit.

     “I’LL GET YOU FOR THAT CALEB!”  Jacob half yelled and laughed as he spun around stepping out of his Speedo.  I watched his cute, tan, bubble butt sprint after his twin who had just de-suited him.  I could see Caleb dive into the pool as his naked twin dove in after him.  The other boys followed laughing hysterically as the dove into the pool.  The pool quickly erupted into chaotic scene of boys laughing and splashing.

     “Boys, what can you do?”  Leo shrugged, which got us all laughing.  Then a boy sized Speedo came flying out of the pool landing right next to us with a wet plop.

     “Now you don’t have one too!”  Shouted one of the boys which was quickly followed by more splashing. “Ha Ha!  You’re naked too!”  Then two more wet Speedos where thrown out of the pool landing right next to the other two discarded Speedo.  Then more commotion erupted as the boys really started to splash and grab at each other.  Who knows what was really being grabbed at under the surface but the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves.

     “Mr. Gross wanted me to give this to you.”  Leo said as he handed me a white envelope with Bryan and my name hand printed beautifully on it.  The envelope was sealed with wax in the shape of the letter “G”.

     “This is your invitation.  Open it together with your son.  Make sure you bring the invitation with you to the meeting tomorrow otherwise they won‘t let you in.”  Leo said in a serious tone, but then added.  “Your son must be especially gifted to be invited to Mr. Gross’s house.  ”  Leo said with a wink.

     “I thought the meeting was just between Mr. Gross and me?”  I questioned.

     “No, Grossao wants to meet your son.  Consider him collateral to join the group.  If he makes a good impression on Mr. G then all the assets of our company  will be at your service.”  Leo said with a smile, he then glanced at his watch.

     “Well, we all have a long day tomorrow and it‘s getting late.  It was nice to meet you Frank.”  Leo said as he stood up from the patio table.  Jack and I stood up as well.

     O.K. boys!  Time to get ready for bed!”  He said in a firm but friendly tone.  Caleb and Jacob let out a disappointing “awwww” as the rough housing came to a halt and all four naked boys pulled themselves out of the pool.  The interesting part was that non of them bothered with putting their Speedos back on.  Each boy headed to their respective condos.  Even Bryan surprised me by doing the same thing and heading inside as if he’d been taking orders from Leo for years.   Leo shook his head as he noticed all the boys forgetting their white Speedos too.

     “Boys, what are you going to do?”  He said with a shrug of his shoulders followed by a quick laugh as he grabbed the twins suits.  Jack and I did the same thing then we each headed towards our own condos.

     “It was nice meeting you, and I hope we meet again.”  Jack said as we shook hands and then parted company as he followed Hunter into his condo.  I followed my naked boy inside as the other men and boys disappeared back into their condos for the evening.

     “God my son has an amazing ass.”  I thought to myself as I followed my sexy nine year old son back inside.

     “Hey Bry hold up, I have something to show you.”  As I stared at my sons sexy boy ass in front of me.  Bryan stopped and pivoted quickly in a way that only boys can do, breaking my stare at his ass.  He stood naked in front of me as I handed the white sealed envelope to him.

     “It’s addressed to both of us.  Go ahead and open it up.”  I continued as he took the envelope and flopped down on the couch to read it.  Bryan popped the seal and pulled out a white card with the words “Welcome” hand printed  in cursive on the front.  He opened the card and read it out loud to me.

     “Welcome Frank and Bryan

                                                                   Thank you for coming to Miami.
     You and your son are cordially invited for the day to my estate, Espólio de Prazer.
My driver, Angel, will be there to pick the both of you up in the morning at 10 o'clock sharp.
Expect to spend the day at my place while we enjoy my house and my private beach and we get to know each other better.
Dress is casual and your son may feel free to dress in his swim wear.
Looking forward to meeting you both.

Mister G. Grossa

     “WOW!  This sounds cool!”  Bryan said as he perked up on the couch as he re-read it again to himself.  I was pleased at how happy Bryan felt towards this meeting.  But I had reservations, and was feeling a bit nervous about the whole situation I was in.  I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat and pour myself a drink, cause I really needed it at this point.  Suddenly there was a knock on the back glass patio door and Bryan hopped off the couch to answer it.  Bryan slid open the door and Jacob was standing there with a small white box in his hand.  Of course he was still naked, I also noticed his boy cock was rock hard as well.

     “We forgot to give you this to you.”  Jacob said slightly giggling as he handed over the box to Bryan.  “It’s for your meeting tomorrow.  The instructions are inside.  Open it when your alone.”  He said with a smile, then leaned in and whispered into Bryan‘s ear.  “I think you’ll like it.”  Jacob then kissed Bryan on the lips.  The two boys where suddenly full on making out.  I noticed Bryan’s cock got instantly hard at that point.  Suddenly, Jacob pulled back from the kiss with a big smirk on his face.  “Gotta go, see you tomorrow.”  As he darted back into the evening darkness.  Bryan looked a bit stunned and extremely turned on as he slide the door closed and walked back to where I was in the kitchen holding the small white box.  His hard boy cock leading the way.

     “You O.K. kiddo?”  I asked him.

     “Uh huh.”  He replied with a slightly glazed look on his face.  I felt bold as I reached down and lightly stroked his hardness with my hand.  He closed his eyes and let out a slight whimper.   I gripped his boy cock a bit firmer and twisted.  My boy moaned louder as he grabbed the side of the kitchen counter to steady himself.   I leaned down and whispered in his ear.

     “Better get ready for bed kiddo.  Sounds like you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”  He then smiled at me and pushed my hand away from his throbbing cock.

     “Only for Jamal . . . Daddy.” Bryan said with a devious grin then he turned and darted for the stairs giggling all the way.  I felt denied but my cock hardened up fast as I watched his cute naked ass head for the stairs.  Images of that same cute ass stuffed with thick black cock filled my mind.  His white mystery box tucked in under his arm as his hard boy cock bobbed up and down, my son giggling all the way as he ran up the stairs to his own room.  I heard him close the door to his bedroom and get ready for bed. Was I forbidden to touch my own son now?  I think Bryan liked denying me his cock.

     I stayed downstairs and poured myself a glass of Scotch as I tried to gather my thoughts.  My cock was painfully hard as I slumped back on the couch rubbing my hardness through my pants while sipping my drink.  So many questions were going through my head at that moment.  I was really starting to enjoy watching my sons getting off as they blossomed into sexual creatures, learning the joys and lust for black cock.  I’ve always had a secret lust for young boys and teens, but now I got to see the real thing and it was so much better than I could’ve ever imagined.

     But the big question on my mind, what was going to happen at this meeting tomorrow.  This Mister Grossa guaranteed that his investment into my company would help transform it from a U.S. based company into an international power house.  My biggest fear would be losing control of my own company to gain access to an unlimited supply of investment capital to push my business to the next level.  Would I want to risk it all?  What would I have to sacrifice on my end?  These thoughts killed my erection as I finished my drink and headed to bed.

     I peeked into Bryan’s room to check on him, the little horn dog was already fast asleep, lying naked on the bed. He’d already kicked the sheets off him on this warm Miami night.  His young boyish body glowed as he was illuminated in moonlight.  The white box Jacob had given him sitting on the night stand next to him.  I wondered what could possibly be in that box.  But I’m sure I’d find out tomorrow.

     “Good night, my sexy boy.”  I whispered as I quietly closed the door to his guest room then headed to my own bedroom.  I powered up my laptop computer while I used the bathroom.  A message popped up on my screen alerting me that my computer had detected the condo’s wi-fi system asking if I wanted to connect.  I accepted and after a few moments another notice popped up saying I had one new message in my inbox.  My cock instantly hardened up again as I noticed it was from Jamal.  I wondered how things were going with Ben?

     I quickly stripped off my clothes and grabbed a bottle of Wet lube from my bag then got comfortable on my bed to see what Jamal had sent me.  I opened the email but noticed there wasn’t a video file attached.

     “That’s strange?”  I thought to myself as I opened the email.

     Hi Frank

     Hope your enjoying Miami.
     Click on the link below and type in the password.
     Ben has some new tricks to show you.
     Password: 9iNcHeS9


     I clicked on the link and a browser window popped up with instructions to input the password.  After typing in the password and clicking enter a video chat window popped up.  What I heard and saw on my laptop screen took my breath away and made my cock ache.  The screen was filled with a close up of a mouth stretched as wide as it could possibly stretch.  A thick black cock was buried deep into the mouth, the sounds of heavy breathing mixed in with gurgling, choking sounds spilled out from the laptop’s speakers.  Then I heard boyish throaty moans come from the one trying to swallow the cock.

     “Yeah boy, suck that cock..“  A deep commanding voice said off camera.   “Swallow it down yo throat boy.”  As the boyish mouth strained and drooled to swallow it.  The image panned from his mouth down to his throat, showing it trying to swallow and accept the thick cock.  Then I noticed a necklace the straining throat was wearing.  It looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place it.

     Then it hit me!  I was watching my oldest, my pride and joy being used as a fuck toy live for the world to see.  I’d seen that necklace everyday for the last four years.  A fish bone and wood necklace now tight on my boy’s growing neck.  It was a gift to Ben from me on a family vacation we took to Ensenada when he was ten.  He’d worn it every day since then and it was now getting too tight for him to wear, but he refused to take it off.

     I oozed pre-cum like crazy as I realized I had a front seat view of what was happening to my son. It was even hotter knowing this was being broadcast live to others who were enjoying my flesh and blood being used as a play thing for black men.  Then I heard a few more dings in the background that told me I wasn’t the only one watching this.

     “Looks like some more of my bros want to see more of your sexy body boy,” Jamal’s voice chuckled. “Oh and we also have an extra special viewer watching who just signed in from the east coast.  I’m sure you’ll continue to make him proud as can be.”

     Jamal zoomed the camera back and panned up to get a side view of Ben’s face and throat as he continued to try and swallow the massively thick black cock.  Whoever it belonged to was going to make sure it went completely down his fourteen year old throat no matter what.  The dick would pull out slightly only to be forced deeper with each thrust forward.  I was rock hard as I watched Ben’s throat trying to take this thick black cock. Jamal had definitely been busy with Ben since I had been gone. I wonder if this had been going on all day.

     It looked as if Ben was straining to breath as his nose flared out as he tried to breath.  The camera pulled back slowly exposing my oldest boy’s sweat drenched body that looked as if it had been well used as a sexy toy.  I realized at last it was Dee who was attached to the large cock shoved down my boy’s throat.  He looked as if he still had another couple of inches to go before Ben had it all buried balls deep in his tight teen throat.  Ben’s necklace looked as if it was ready to break from the strain.

     Then, almost as if in slow motion, as Ben tried to swallow again. Dee gave a quick thrust forward causing the last few inches to disappear down my oldest sons throat which caused Ben’s necklace to finally break against the strain.  Ben started to gag as the thick meat stretched his throat wide.

     “Touchdown!  Crowd goes wild!”  Dee groaned out as he kept his cock buried down Ben’s throat grinding his crotch against my boy‘s face.

     “My cock belongs in your throat boy.”  As Dee held on tightly to the back of Ben’s head  keeping him from moving as Dee caressed and stroked Ben’s distended throat with the other.  It looked like Dee was stroking his cock through Ben’s neck.  My boy looked like he was about to pass out as his eyes started to water.

     I furiously stroked my cock as I watched Dee’s enormous cock finally slide out of Ben’s throat letting it return to normal size, giving my boy a chance to breath as he coughed and gasped for air.
     “Here bitch, take a few good huffs before I slide my meat back in.”  Dee chuckled, opening some poppers as Ben inhaled five or six times before Dee slide his thick nine inch cock all the way back down into my boy’s throat balls deep.  This time without any trouble.

     “Ya bitch, thats better now, show my fuck meat how much you love it,” Dee moaned as he humped his cock into and out of Ben’s throat slamming his heavy wet balls against Ben’s chin with continuous slaps.

     “Get it nice and lubed for me.  Gonna fuck you good so your pussy is nice and ready for the next group.”  Ben’s lips were now obscenely wrapped around the base of Dee’s cock as Dee pistoned in and out of Ben‘s mouth.  He zoomed in on Ben’s throat showing it bulging from the thick black cock fucked to the root down the 14 year olds throat.  All I heard from Ben was an occasional gag or slurping noise as he tried to keep his throat relaxed.

     Another ding sounded and Jamal announced, “One of the bros from this morn wants to see that pussy of yours again to see how it’s doing now,” he laughed as the camera shook briefly as Jamal repositioned the camera then stabilized.  No doubt Jamal put the camera on a tripod from the new angle and then zoomed in on Ben’s tight teen muscular ass.  Before he zoomed in I realized this was being filmed in my back yard.  It looked like they were right next to the pool on the deck.

     Jamal’s hands massaged Ben’s smooth perfect teen ass which glowed under the late afternoon sun.  It also caused Ben to let out a loud, lust filled, muffled moan around Dee’s thick cock which was now again buried completely down my older son’s throat.  Jamal’s dark hands gripped Ben’s golden tanned ass spreading his cheeks wide exposing a puffy red well used ass.  Jamal’s fingers opened Ben’s no longer tight hole and I watched in amazement as cum flowed continuously out of his ass.

    “Baby boy you sure have a lot of cum in that pussy of yours.”  It looked like Ben had been fucked constantly since I left that morning if that was even possible.  How many times had my boy been fucked today since I left him in Jamal’s care.  Who else besides Jamal and no doubt Dee had fucked him?  Using my boy as their play thing letting others watch as my no longer innocent fourteen year old boy is turned into a slut for black cock.

     I remembered from the earlier video Jonny had cleaned Ben’s ass out like the good cum slut he was, but there had to be countless loads flowing out of him now.  Then I wondered where Jonny was, and almost on cue Jamal spoke.

     “You’ve got even more in ya than Jonny and Jeffy had in theirs before they left don’t you?”  Jamal said smacking Ben’s ass hard causing him to moan in pleasure around Dee’s thick nine inches which was now buried to the base in his mouth.  My boy was really getting into it as he arched his ass back wanting more.

     Jamal began working two, then three fingers into my boy’s ass, opening him up as Dee face fucked him like he was an inflatable doll.  Dee didn’t even bother stopping his relentless fucking of the teen, or even a hint of slowing down as he feed Ben more poppers.  He just held the bottle against Ben’s nose as he hammered in and out of my boy’s throat.  It didn’t seem to matter to Ben what they did to him only as long as they continued doing it.  He was theirs, and seemed to accept his role as nothing more than a play thing for them to use.

     Pre-cum poured out of my dick as I furiously stroked it watching my oldest used like a ten dollar whore.  I couldn’t believe how turned on I was at that moment.  I wanted to see them use him for their pleasure; no I needed to see this.  What Jamal was doing to my sons was so much better than any of my porn I had watched for years.

     As Jamal continued to finger Ben’s cum lubed boy hole he leaned down to Ben’s ear asking, “What would yo daddy think if he saw you like this boy?”

     “MMMmmmmMMMM!“  Moaned my boy as that question seemed to make Ben go wild as he tried to fuck his ass back on Jamal’s pistoning fingers.  The thought of what I would think of him being used as a fuck toy by these black men seemed to really turn Ben on.  This only made me jack off faster thinking of my son sexually excited by the thought of me knowing he was a slut.

     “I think it’s time to give him some fresh lube for the next round,” Jamal laughed, slapping Ben’s ass hard enough to leave a red hand print.

     “Mmmmmmmmph!”  Ben moaned out followed by him gagging and slurping as he pushed his ass back up as if wanting Jamal to spank him again.  I’d never thought my son would get into being spanked.  My late wife and I never believed in corporal punishment.  I started to wonder what might have happened if I had had spanked Ben.  I was seeing my oldest son in a whole new light.

     Dee yanked his thick black nine inch cock out Ben’s mouth.  It was dripping with spit from being buried in my fourteen year old son’s well fucked mouth.  Ben coughed and gasped as he reached up and rubbed his throat as he was finally able to breathe freely for the first time in who knows how long.  Dee fed him more poppers, before picking him up and plopping him on one of the reclining lounges around the pool.

     Jamal dropped the back of the recliner completely down as he grabbed Ben’s arms and restrained them tightly back above his head, so his arms were stretched out and couldn’t move them.  Once Ben’s arms were restrained Dee then grabbed a hold of Ben’s legs, pushing them back hard causing him to grunt.  Jamal grabbed his small, now familiar wooden box off the table next to the recliner.  He pulled out one of the increasingly familiar white kryptonite rocks.

     Dee grabbed a hold of Ben’s legs spreading them wider than I ever thought possible.  He pushed them down and back until Ben could have easily leaned forward and sucked his own dick.  His ass was so gaped open that it looked like Bryan had been fisting Ben repeatedly for most of the day, but it was really caused by thick black cocks.  Jamal climbed over Ben, straddling my boy’s face, seeming to tower over him as he looked down into the gaping hole displayed before him.  He looked up and grinned at Dee, who returned it.

     “I think it’s time to power up again before the next group shows up boy,” Jamal said lustfully looking down on Ben.  Dee grinned with approval as he positioned his cock right at the edge my son’s open hole.  My boy’s ass was wide open as Jamal dropped the small white rock into Ben’s gaping hole.

     “uuungh…”  Ben whimper slightly as Dee pushed four of his fingers into my boy forcing the white rock deeper into his ass.

     “This will keep you goin’ bitch.”  Dee grunted as he twisted his fingers into the teen.  “Like the fuckin Energizer bunny, bitch!” he laughed.  He then pulled his fingers out as Ben’s hole, which stayed obscenely open, and spread the rest of the cum on his fingers onto his dick.  Dee then lined up his hard nine inches with Ben’s quivering hole before slamming it balls deep into Ben.

     “AAAAAGH  FF…FUUCK…MMMMMPH!”  Ben tried to scream out but then got muffled as Dee’s downward thrust caused Ben’s own hard cock to enter his own mouth.  I could hear Ben’s loud muffled moans quickly turn to pleasure as Dee’s heavy wet balls slapped against his smooth teen ass.

     “FUCK YES!!! POUND MY ASS!!!! GOD I LOVE YOUR BLACK COCK!!!”  Ben cried out as soon as Dee pulled back far enough to allow his teen hard-on to leave his mouth.  Dee took that as his cue and really started to jackhammer into Ben’s fourteen year old cunt like it belonged to a thirty-something porn star, which had started fucking at twelve.

     “AAAGH!!!  *slap*  *slap*  *slap*  FFFUCK!!!  *slap*  *slap*  *slap*  “YYYEAH!!! *slap*  *slap*  *slap* Mmmmaaah!!!”  I watched in amazement as my son took the brutal fucking like the practiced whore he was becoming for black men.

     “Huuungh!!!  *slap*  *slap*  *slap*  “FUCK  MEEEEE  DEE!!!”  *slap*  *slap*  *slap*  “AAAAGHH!!”  I almost came as I heard Ben moan and beg in pleasure as Dee began to use my pride and joy for the whole world to see.  He was being used as a willing fuck toy just like so other many boys I had watched over the years in videos and pictures.  This though was different though, this was my own son doing it live.  This somehow made it even hotter than watching the DVD of Bryan’s first gangbang in my bedroom.

     As I watched my boy get used I also noticed the comments of other viewers scrolling by quickly.  Some commenting about what a lucky slut he was, and that this fuck was definitely one of better poundings he’d taken during the day.  How many times had my boy been fucked today?  Some of the viewers mentioned eight or nine other names that they thought were just as good as the show Ben was putting on.  I even saw Bryan’s name mentioned in that list.

     Then some viewers though Ben was giving a better performance than his younger brother.  Then others suggested a head to head competition with the brothers taking dick together to see who could outlast who.

     One or two viewers said they had been there at earlier points during the day and that his ass was unbelievable and would recommend the others try it out.  The more they fucked it the better it got, the slut loved black dick even better than his lil’ bro.  Which seemed to bring up a chorus of cheers from other viewers about what a prime piece of ass that was to feel and watch.

     This same thing had happened to my innocent boy sleeping next door to me?  I was harder than I could believe at that thought, but wondered if I would have felt the same way as I did now watching my oldest take Dee’s dick.  I felt conflicted, but my darker side was on the rise and I couldn’t fight it.

     The sounds of Ben’s moans and screams of pleasure brought me back from my brief daydream.  Watching Dee slam that thick nine inch black fuck stick in his ass was driving me crazy.  Then Dee began to smack my boy’s ass as he fucked in and out of it.

     “UUUNGH!!!  HARDER DEE!!!“  *slurp*  *slurp*  *slurp*

     “TAKE IT SLUT!!!”  *slurp*  *slurp*  * slurp*

     “YEAH!   SLAP MY ASS DEE!!!“  *slurp*  *slurp*  * slurp*    The moans mixed with the sounds of wet fucking and begging from Ben encouraging Dee to do it harder almost drove me to climax.

     My wife and I had never believed in corporal punishment, so neither of our boys had ever been spanked.  From his response to Dee’s smacks on his ass and how they seemed to excite him even more, maybe I should’ve done that to Ben when he was younger?

     “YOU LIKE THA BOY?!!!“  *slurp*  *slurp*  *slurp*

     “MMMMPH!!  YEAH,  UH GAWD YES!!!”  *slurp*  *slurp*  * slurp*

     “YEAH!   SLAP MY ASS DEE!!!“  *slurp*  *slurp*  * slurp*  


     “TAKE IT ALL BOY!!!“  *slurp*  *slurp*  * slurp*

Ben looked like he couldn’t get enough of Dee’s black fuck stick or Dee’s hand slapping every inch of his butt.  Ben really loved it when Dee pulled completely out of Ben and slapped his gaping hole, which caused it to tighten before Dee slammed back in.  Ben’s pushed back legs dangling helplessly along side his head.

     Without thinking I reached out for my keyboard and started typing in a message.  My head pounded with excitement in time with my heart as I watched and listened to my handsome masculine teen son beg to be repeatedly slapped and mercilessly fucked by Dee’s black clock.  My hands were sweating and my head pounding like a drum as I hit enter.  I was panting in anticipated excitement as pre-cum poured out coating my dick, not believing what I had just done.  A ding sounded in the back ground indicating my message had been received.  Then I saw it appear on the screen.  A whole bunch of the viewers agreed and started request the same thing.  I heard a chuckle come from off camera from Jamal and knew he had read my message.  What had I done?

     “Somebody really special wants see his baby boy up close as he takes a big black cock up his lil’ pussy,” he said as he took the camera off the tripod and moved up close behind Dee’s plunging cock.  I now had an up close view of Dee’s cock pounding in and out of my fourteen year old boy’s no longer tight hole. The sounds of wet sucking and slurping noises filled my hotel bedroom as the microphone on the camera picked up the action just inches away from it.  I had never been so turned on as I was at that moment.

     Every few thrusts Dee would pull completely out giving me a bird’s eye view of the red frothy interior of Ben’s obviously well used fuck tunnel.

     “DON”T STOP DEE!  I NEED YOUR COCK!!!”  Ben whimpered in desire to have it back inside him.


     “WHAT DO YOU NEED BOY?!!!”  Dee teased.




     “FUCK!  PUT IT IN MEEEEE DEE!  I NEED YOUR COCK SO BAD!!!”  Ben whimpered again.  Dee paused and plunged his cock down to the hilt.  I got the feeling Dee loved teasing Ben.
     Each time before he was allowed to feel the hard black meat buried once again in its new home, Dee continued to smack his ass hard.  I loved watching Dee’s large black hand smacking Ben’s no longer tiny hole.  The moans of pleasure and desire following each slap turned me on something awful.  Ben finally couldn’t take it anymore.  He pulled his legs free of Dee’s grip and wrapped them around Dee’s waist to no doubt keep him inside him.  Dee bent over and braced himself, like he was doing push ups and merely sped up like a horse being spurred on by it’s rider.


     “aaaaaaagh! … Uuuuungh! … Fuuuuuuu! … mmmmmuugh”


     Dee took total control as he grabbed Ben’s legs and pried them off his waist.  He then pushed Ben’s legs back and really started to rabbit punch Ben with his thick nine inches.  I watched in excitement as the camera caught his balls began to draw up in preparation of filling my son’s ass with another load of black jizz.  I needed to see Dee fill Ben, nothing else mattered to me.  I was pumping my cock like there was now tomorrow.

     “Fuck bitch, yo got a better pussy than yo bro, an’ his is damn near fuck’n perfect,” he mumbled.  Dee was working up quite a sweat as he pulled completely out before slamming in to Ben so hard that it knocked the air out of Ben.  I could tell Dee was ready to give my son his gift of black seed.

     “TAKE IT BOY!!!”  Dee howled out as he lunged back and buried his man spike deep inside Ben again.

      “TAKE MY MUTHA FUCK’N LOAD BITCH!!!”  Dee cried out.  I was panting as I watched those heavy balls pulse and contract as they injected my boy with creamy man goodness.  I was in awe as some of the load began to escape from around the buried black meat in the no longer tight hole of my slutty oldest son.

     Dee was panting hard as he slowly pulled out of Ben.  The camera giving me the most beautiful view of Ben’s cum filled boy pussy which was now oozing out Dee’s love frosting.  I wished I was there so I could dive in and begin to clean my son’s ass of it and then feed it to him.

     The camera then pulled back slowly panning up and down my sweaty, well breed son showing a side view of my sweat covered fourteen year old boy with Dee still holding his knees pushed back almost to his ears. The next thing I noticed was Jamal putting restraints on Ben’s ankles, keeping him in that position with his knees back next to his ears.  Ben’s ass was on display for everyone online to see.

     If he had wanted to, Ben could’ve easily sucked off his magnificent dripping teen cock it was so close to his mouth.  The camera hovered down and zoomed in on his mouth watering five inches as it came into view.  It was jutting out at an obscene angle begging to be used. A thick string of pre-cum hung from the tip touching his lips.  His tongue would slip out and taste the nectar from his dripping cock.  Yummy sounds flowed from him, as if he was eating the most delicious meal ever.

     I was pounding my cock like crazy. I was so close to cumming, but I wanted to see one thing before I came.  I let go of my raging hard-on and once again began to type with sticky fingers on my laptop.  A loud ding sounded indicating my message had again been received before it popped up on my screen.  Again, a bunch of viewers clamored for Jamal to let it happen.  While I waited with the others for Jamal to make a decision I noticed the viewer count.  There were now well over two thousand viewers watching my son, my pride and joy being used as a slut for black men.

     I could see a part of Jamal’s hard naked body as he turned towards his laptop.  I heard a loud laugh as he read my request.  Would he do it or would he once again leave me deprived as he had in the past with Bryan.  I watched as he brought the laptop in view and set it on the table next to Ben, making sure he could see the screen.  His mouth was busy licking up the pre-cum flowing from his dick, slurping it like it was his favorite treat.

     “Our special east coast visitor has another request, that I know you will really enjoy.” he chuckled. “You’re gonna cum now before the next round starts.” he said directing my boy’s gaze to the laptop screen.  Ben let out a lust filled moan as I noticed he could see me in the chat window.  I looked to the top of my laptop screen and the green light was now on showing I was being watched by Ben.

     “Fuck!  Ben can see me!  And he can see me stroking my cock as I watch him?!”  I thought as my mind did back flips.  I started to really stroke my dick now.  I knew I wasn’t very far from shooting my load, but I wanted to try and hold off so I could to be able to climax with my son.

     Ben looked off camera and smiled wildly and moaned loudly as I watched Dee enter the screen again this time carrying a large thick black dildo. It was designed unlike anything I’d ever seen.  The sides were raised into thick ridged squares and it was really impressively long and thick.

     “Yo 14 inch best friend here wants to help you out slut, think you can take more than ten this time?  An inch for each year of yo young life boy.”  Dee smiled as he slapped the thick head on my son’s still gaping hole.  Each time he raised it up I could see it covered in more and more of Dee’s cum oozing from Ben.

     “Help you get broken in for later.” Dee laughed, smacking Ben’s ass hard with his hand causing him to moan in pleasure.

     “Let’s show daddy what yo can do bitch, make him pop his load,” he chucked looking at me through the laptop’s screen.

     “Was I going to watch my boy try and cum hands free as Dee fucked him with that dildo?”  Shit!  I almost came at the thought of Ben taking ten inches; would he be able to take more?  If so, how much more would Dee force into his no longer virgin hole?  My heart was pounding in excitement at the scene unfolding on my laptop.

     Dee began to grease up the dildo, then lined up the alien looking toy with Ben’s distended hole.  He then started to slowly insert the black dildo into Ben’s loose sphincter as my boy moaned out.  Once the large head was in Dee started filling Ben’s hungry ass with it.  We were both moaning and jerking together as it sank deeper and deeper into my precious boy.

     “Fuck Ben, take that cock.”  I moaned out automatically.

     “Uuuugh fuck dad, I feel so full.”  Ben said in response.  Oh shit!  He can hear me!  Fuck it I didn’t care anymore!

     “That’s right Ben, come on take it,”  I panted watching Dee regularly pumping eight inches of the thick dildo in and out.

     “Aaaah fuck!  Daaad!  It’s so big!”  Ben moaned out.

     “Yes son do it,” I panted as I watched nine and soon ten inches enter his fuck hole.

     “Fuck you’re so beautiful baby.”  I moaned out as I took in watching his teen meat throb as Dee begin to work another inch inside him.  I could tell he was beginning feel the pressure as it sank deeper into his boy pussy.

     “Oh daddy,” he moaned so sexually as he watched me on the laptop screen.

     This drove me wild as he watched  me jerking off while getting fucked by the massive black dildo.  I wanted him to take it all, to show these men watching online what a good slut he was for black dick.  I couldn’t believe what was coming over me.  I wanted the world to see and know my fourteen year old pride and joy was perfect slut for these men to use.

     “Yes baby,” I moaned as Dee was now working twelve inches easily in and out of my boy as he begged for more, showing his daddy what a good boy he was.  I was getting so close from watching him take more and more of it.

     “Fuck Ben do it,” I moaned. “Take it all like a good bitch slut,” I almost howled as I watched almost all of the black alien-like dildo work in and out of his ass like a piston in an engine.

     “SHIT DADDY!!! GONNA CUM!!!”  Ben screamed   “SHOOT!!! PLEASE SHOOT WITH ME!!!”  As I watched my oldest let out a gasp and a long moan as the last inch of the dildo sunk in.

     “Fuck J, the bitch took it all, wants to show his daddy what a good slut he is!!” Dee called out in excitement.

     “FUCK!!!!!” I screamed out. “CUMMING BEN!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL BEN!!!” As I began firing my load like a geyser.

     Ben’s eyes were wide watching me as he yelled, “YES DADDY CUM WITH ME!!!!!” His face then contorted into a cross between pain and extreme pleasure as Ben’s cock began to fire shot after shot of cum from his pulsing five inch teen cock.  His face was soon plastered with five thick wads of teen jizz.  It had to be one of the sexists sites I had ever seen. My oldest boy’s face covered with his on cum after being fucked to climax with a fourteen inch thick black dildo.  And he never touched his cock once.

     Before he was even finished I heard applause from behind the camera.  The camera quickly spun around showing a group of ten or twelve naked, gorgeous, imposing black men all hard walking over to where Ben still lay restrained on the recliner lounge.  All of the men had very impressive cocks that looked as if they were ready to use them on Ben.

     The camera swung back around showing a smiling Ben looking directly at the camera. “Thank you daddy for cumming with me. I’d love to talk to you more, but I’ve got more training to do.  Hope you and lil’ Bry are having fun in Florida, because I’m certainly having a lot of fun here.”  He said with a huge cummy grin as a tall thin black man appeared standing grinning over Ben’s cum covered face.

     “I love yommmmph”  I watched stunned as the thick black nine and half inch cock, with a wicked curve cut Ben off as it buried itself down into my boy’s mouth until it was buried balls deep.  A loud moan tried to force its way out of Ben’s throat as I spotted the dildo being yanked out of his ass only to be replaced with a beer can sized ten inches of black fuck meat.

     “Night Frank, Ben really enjoyed your show as much as you enjoyed his. Have fun there in Florida,” Jamal laughed as the screen went dark.

     I laid of the bed in total complete shock.  Ben had been able to see me jerking off and hear me saying those things to him as Dee fucked his ass with that dildo.  He had gotten off to the knowledge I had been encouraging him to take it as we both beat off.  What did that make me now?  What would he think of me when Bry and I returned?

     And I still had that meeting with Mr Grossa tomorrow.  I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

     “Oh shit.”  I thought.

Watching the Boys - Part 11

I couldn’t believe I just jacked off with my oldest boy while he was also being fucked by a 14 inch dildo. As I laid there in bed covered in my own cum I felt conflicted. But not as much as I thought I’d feel. I wanted to see more, and my dark side was quickly overpowering my good side. I imagined what was being done to my oldest son right now as a large group of black men ravaged his 14 year old body 3000 miles away. But the long day quickly caught up to me as I drifted off to sleep covered in cum as I lay, splayed out on the bed.

The sensation of flying filled my head as I found myself standing in front of my house. It was like I was floating as my point of view entered the front door. It felt so real as I floated up the stairs and down the hall to the closed door of his room. I could hear moaning and grunts coming from behind it. The door slowly swung open and I saw my oldest boy lying naked on his bed surround by men. The men were different races and colors but all of them had enormous hard cocks jutting out from their crotches. I found myself slowly floating over Ben’s bed as he was framed by the large, dripping, hard cocks surrounding him. The cocks were all different shapes, sizes, and colors and seemed to dwarf Ben. He had an eager look on his face as he took in all the cocks around him.

The leaky cocks lowered and started to rub him all over smearing him with pre-cum. My boy moaned as the cocks caressed him from head to toe leaving him glistening with a layer of clear sticky goo. I noticed the cocks had grown larger too, about the size of large pillows as Ben hugged two of them in his arms as he lapped up the discharge coming from their engorged slits. All the cocks were getting harder and angrier as they produced more and more pre-cum. Then I notice a thick slinky cock start to enter Ben’s teen hole.

“Aaaaagh yeah!” Ben moaned out as the thick tentacle like cock wormed itself inside my boy. Ben opened his legs wider to allow the cock easier penetration. Two of the larger cocks sucked each of his legs down their shafts pulling his legs spread wide like a V. They swallowed themselves down his legs until they were pressed up against his hips. Both of Ben’s legs were now fully being sucked on by the two cocks. The two cocks he was hugging sucked in his hands and pulled them completely inside the shafts. Ben was now stretched out, his limbs buried in huge cocks with a tentacle like cock buried up his ass. He looked so hot covered in pre-cum as these monstrous cocks had their way with him.

Then I noticed the tentacle cock was starting to pump Ben full of seamen. Big globs of cum could be seen working it’s way up the thick shaft. The first shot caused my boy to flinch and moan out. The cocks on his arms and legs pulled tight to keep him in place. Each shot made my boy moan out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he received more and more cum inside him.

“Fuuuuck! Fill me up!” Ben said as he started to profusely sweat. More cocks came in from the sides as I hovered above the bed. They started rubbing against the sides of my oldest boy.

“Mmmmm…mmmmm, so hot!” Ben moaned out as the cocks pressed harder into him. All I could see of Ben was just his pre-cum covered torso as the cocks sucked and fucked him inside and out. Ben had a distant lustful look on his face as the moment overwhelmed him.

“Oh fuck….so fff ffull.” Ben panted as his stomach started to bulge. But then I also noticed his skin was becoming lighter and he was really starting to sweat up a storm. I watched in amazement as my boy started to change right in front of me. Ben then made eye contact with me and smiled the warmest smile.

Oooh daddy, I love them so much.” Ben said gasping for air as the thick tentacle like penis continued to pump semen into my boy. “Thanks for all these cocks dad.” Ben continued with a glazed look in his eyes. Then all of a sudden, Ben’s body locked up, his breathing quickened, he clenched his teeth, his eyes rolled back into his head as he started shooting cum out in a steady stream.

“Ooooh GODguurggle!”

Ben tried to yell out but instead of a yell, all that came out was cum as the rest of his body started to liquefy into a puddle of semen. Ben sank steadily into the forming puddle beneath him as if he were laying in quicksand. Like a feeding frenzy, the cocks moved in and started sucking up what use to be my boy off his bed. Then I heard the doorbell ring.

I was stirred from my dream as I heard a noise coming from downstairs. As I slowly woke up I noticed it was already morning. I heard the noise again, it sounded like the doorbell to the front door of the condo.

“Who could that be?” I wondered as I slowly sat up in bed. Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of little feet running down the hall and down the stairs.

“Bryan must be up.” As I collapsed back down on the bed too tired to move at that moment. I listened to the faint sound of the front door opening up and heard the voice of the bell hop. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but then I heard the door close and two pairs of footsteps heading back up the stairs. Their voices got louder and more distinct as they came into the hallway.

“So you have a special day today with Mr. Grossa, yes? “ I heard the Bell Hop ask Bryan.

“Shhhh, my dad’s till sleeping.” Bryan said to the Bell Hop in low whisper. “Yeah, the note inside the box said to call you to get me ready. “ Bryan said matter-of-factually as the low voices of Bryan and the Bell hop continued into the connecting bathroom.

“Ah yes, I shall help you sexy boy.” Juan said with a suggestive undertone. “First we must clean you out, nice and good, no?” He said with a giggle. Bryan giggled too as they both seemed like little boys playing a naughty game. Their conversation woke me right up as my cock hardened at the thought of what I was possibly about to witness.

I got up quietly and made my way to the connecting door and slowly pulled it open. Peeking inside I could see the Bell Hop kneeling in front of my boy in the middle of the modernistic looking bathroom. They were both in profile to me and Bryan was in a white hotel bathrobe that looked just bit too big for him

“O.K. mejo, time to prepare.” Paolo said with a devilish grin as he undid the fabric belt. Paolo and I both gasped as Paolo pushed Bryan’s robe off my boy.

God he looked so sexy standing there in all his natural beauty. Bryan’s long coltish legs, his amazing boy ass, and his tight little body with his hard little cock standing straight up waiting for attention. He was the ideal nine year old boy. Paolo eyes looked like they’d glazed over as he knelt before this sexy boy god.

“You are so beautiful mejo.” Paolo cooed as he ran his hands all over Bryan’s smooth nine year old body. My cock hardened as Bryan closed his eyes and let out a small gasp as the bell hop felt up my naked boy. I noticed a significant bulge start to grow in the bell boy’s pants as he did this. I watched the bell boy’s hands slowly center all their attention on Bry’s hard boy cock. He gently caressed and stroked with feathery touches Bryan’s throbbing boy toy making my boy moan even louder. Then Paolo stopped and gently held Bry’s hips.

“O.K., turn around for me.” Paolo said in a low, lust filled whisper. Bryan slowly turned as I watched his cute ass come into view and then face the bell hop. Paolo whimpered, griped Bryan’s ass cheeks in his hands, spread them open then slowly leaned in and buried his face between Bry’s ass cheeks.

“Uuuugh!’ Bryan gasped out as he braced himself against the sink in front of him. I could see Bryan’s body melt as a look of pleasure raced across his face. He arched his ass up and stood on his tip toes to allow Paolo greater access to his boy hole. The bell hop took advantage and really started to force his face against Bryan’s butt.

“Mmmmm….yyeah…….uuuooh……gaaawd……yyyessss!” My son moaned out as the sounds of slurping noises filled the room. Paolo finally pulled back as Bryan gasped for air.

“Oh mejo, I would love to take you right now but you’ve been chosen by Mr Grossa.” Paolo said with a look of defeat. “Step over to the shower and I’ll help you clean out.” The bell hop continued as he stood with a noticeable bulge in his black slacks. Bryan smiled at the young man’s erection as he turned and made his way to the large, glass encased shower. Paolo followed him with his hands on Bryan’s shoulders as he guided the naked nine-year old behind the glass partition.

Before Paolo stepped into the shower he quickly kicked off his penny loafers, followed by the rest of his clothes as his seven inch erection popped free. I marveled at his thin but muscular body. His skin looked so smooth and tan with no signs of a tan line anywhere on his body. This perfect Latin boy stood behind my son and leaned around him turning the shower on. As the shower drenched them in water I could see Paolo’s hard cock poking into Bryan’s lower back. Paolo gently pulled Bryan back into him as they enjoyed a sensual embrace. The slippery wetness of their skin rubbing against each other as the Bell boy’s hands worked their way down to Bryan’s cock and slowly stroked it.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” I could hear Bryan moan as Paolo slowly stroked my boy. Paola then leaned forward and grabbed a long silver nozzle from the wall that was connected by a Stainless Steel Hose to the shower fixture. It looked like one of those shower shot devices.

“O.K. Chico, lean forward for me.” As Paolo prepared to insert the wand he squatted down behind my boy and gently pushed Bryan forward. My boy braced himself against the tile wall as he spread he coltish legs and thrust his ass out even more for the bell hop. Paolo sprayed the boy’s smooth ass cheeks with the long phallic looking nozzle as he started to close in on his target. He nudged the nozzle between Bry’s smooth buns, gently working it deeper.

“aaagh.” Bryan gasped slightly as the gentle spray of water hit his boy pucker.

“That’s right Chico, relax and let it in.” As I watched the nozzle slowly enter his hole.

“Mmmmmmm!” Bryan moaned out, arching his back even more as the nozzle slipped in deeper and started to fill his small boy colon with warm water.

“That’s it Chico, let it in.” Paolo cooed as he rubbed and caressed Bryan’s back soothingly.

“ummgh.....aaagh.....it’s......so fffull...” My boy groaned out as he started as he started to get that full feeling inside his stomach.

“Just a bit more Chico, let it go deep into you.” Paolo said in a lust filled tone as started stroking his own hard cock with his free hand.

“AAAAGH!.....Pppaolo!.....I NEEEED!.....AAAAGH!....TO LET IT OUT!” Bryan groaned out as his body shivered from the sensation of his full colon. Paolo grinned then pulled out the nozzle.

“Quick, go sit on the toilet Chico.” Paolo said to the moaning boy. A dripping wet Bryan quickly darted out of the shower and did a funny walk over to the toilet. As soon as he sat down I could hear water being forced into the toilet bowl followed by a few splashes. My wet boy had a look of contentment as he emptied himself. Paolo continued to stroke his hard Latin cock as he watched Bryan empty his bowls. Eventually it stopped and after a few more minutes Bryan got off the toilet and went back into the shower and assumed the same position he was in before.

Paolo gave my boy two more enemas just to be safe making sure my boy was clean. Both of them stayed hard through the whole thing. And so did I, as I watched them through the cracked opened bathroom door.

“O.K. Chico, now I show you the pleasures of the bidet.” Paolo smiled as he turned off the shower and guided my slightly dazed boy over to the oval fixture next to the toilet. Paolo leaned over and turned on the faucets of the bidet, adjusting the water temperature so it would be comfortable for Bryan. My boy looked on curiously, slowly stroking his boy tool as he watched Paolo get the bidet ready for him

“Now straddle the bowl facing the wall, just like you’re sitting on a pony Chico.” Paolo said as he helped Bryan mount the bidet. Bryan got comfortable as he straddled the large bowl looking curiously at the knobs in front of him.

“You see the handle in the middle?” Paolo said as he pointed it out to my boy. Bryan nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Turn it slowly and you should start to feel it clean you.” Paolo said smiling down at my boy as he slowly straddled the bidet in front of Bryan until his hard cock was right in my boy’s face.

“Go ahead, slowly turn it.” Paolo continued as he stroked the back of Bryan’s head. Bryan was hypnotized by the phallic piece of hard flesh before him as he slowly turned the middle lever. The water flowing out of the bidet faucet started to transfer to the nozzle pointing up at the bottom of the basin. I could see the water shoot up and start spraying Bryan’s boy ass.

“AAAAAAgghhmmmmmmph!” Was all Bryan could get out as Paolo slid his cock into Bryan’s gasping mouth, stifling Bryan‘s cry of surprise.

“MMMMMPH!” Bryan moaned around Paolo’s cock, taking more of it down his throat as the water splashed up against his sphincter. As Bryan began to swallow Paolo’s cock I also noticed he was slowly increasing the intensity of the water spraying against his boy hole. And he also was lowering his ass to get it closer to the nozzle head.

“Fuck yeah Chico, such a good little cocksucker.” Paolo cooed out as he slid his cock deeper down my nine year old son’s throat.

I let out a soft moan as I slowly stroked myself watching my boy sucking Paolo’s hot Latin cock while he straddled the bidet. Bryan was now leaning forward, bracing himself on his hands as started to literally hump his ass up and down on the stream of water. The spray of the water was splashing all over the bathroom as Bryan frantically moved his ass around on it. But Bryan wanted more.

“Mmmmph!”. . .Slurp. . .“mmmmm!”. . .Slurp. The noises of Bryan sucking Paolo’s cock deeper and deeper down his throat echoed throughout the bathroom. He also had lowered his ass even further as the stream pierced his relaxed sphincter and filled his boy colon up with warm water again. Paolo moved off the wall and took hold of Bryan’s head and started to slowly throat fuck my boy.

“Ooooooh fffuck....My master is so very lucky. . .mmmmmm. . . to be getting a boy. . . .ooooogh. . .of your skills Chico.” Paolo cooed as he stroked his fingers through Bryan’s hair as he bottomed out in my boy while still humping my nine year old's face. Bryan occasionally gagged but held it together swallowing with each thrust as Paolo ground his crotch against my boy’s face. It looked like my boy was now an extension of Paolo’s groin as the young man continued to bottom out in Bryan’s throat.

Bry had his ass so low in the bowl I couldn’t see the stream, his ass almost completely down on the nozzle in the bidet. He also had it going full blast as he humped the stream like a watery dildo. Paolo stepped forward again, keeping his cock buried deep in my boy’s throat as Bryan sat down completely in the bidet. I stood to see what my boy was doing as I peaked in on them. Bryan was now grinding himself down completely on top of the spray nozzle.

“MMMMmmmmmmmph!” I heard my boy moan out as the jet forced water deep into him as he fucked another enema out of the bidet.
“Oh fuck! You so sexy Chico!” As Paolo firmly grasped Bryan’s head with both hands and started to Rabbit fuck his throat. Bottoming out with every thrust, using my boy’s throat like a human flesh light. Bryan was getting fucked by the bidet while he got throat fucked by Paolo, our sexy Bell hop. I was stroking so fast and hard as I watch them lose themselves in lust.

“AAAGH! FFFUCK! SSSHIT! SSSUCK IT CHICO!” Paolo’s hips were a blur as Paolo’s groin slammed repeatedly against Bryan’s face. When suddenly Paolo let out a large groan and jammed his cock hard down Bryan’s throat as he pulled Bryan’s head firmly against his crotch. My son’s mouth stretched tight around the base of this young Latin boy’s cock.

“TOMAR MI SEMILLA!” Paolo moaned out loudly, as I watched his swollen balls pull up and start to pump shot after shot down Bryan’s throat.

“ME LA LECHE PERRA EN SECO!” Paolo’s body tensed as he continued to fire shot after shot of his cum down my boy’s throat, holding my boy’s head firmly against his groin. I watched Bryan’s limp body start to shake as his ass start to push out the water that was fighting to get in.

“My boy’s ass is in full orgasm mode!” I thought to myself as Bryan braced himself against the bowl of the bidet as his body tightened up under Paolo’s grip.

“MMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!” My boy let out another long muffled moan around Paolo’s convulsing cock as his ass continued to contract against the stream. Paolo finally slowed his thrusting down as Bryan gingerly reached forward and turned off the jet of water, letting his ass drain as he continued to moan around the young Latin boy‘s cock.

“You are one gifted boy Chico.” Paolo cooed, stroking my boy’s head as he slowly pulled his cock out of my boy’s throat. Bryan had a dazed smile on his face as he proudly listened to Paolo’s glowing accolades while he licked and cleaned the Latin boy‘s deflating cock. Bryan suddenly closed his eyes and his mouth fell open.

“UUUuuuuuuuugggghhh!” My boy groaned, letting out a long boyish gasp as his whole body shuddered. Then his ass suddenly shot out another large load of clear water out into the bowl of the bidet.

“Yeeeesss my sexy Chico. Let it out. Be clean for my master.” Paolo said, as he pushed his now inflating cock into Bryan’s face. My boy started to lick and clean Paolo’s cock as the last of the water emptied from him. Paolo let my son clean his cock as they waited for the rest of the water to be expelled from that hot nine year old ass. They stayed like that with Bryan squatted over the bowl for a few more minutes as his boy colon calmed down.

“Now to prepare.” Paolo said with a smile as he reached over and grabbed the white box that was on the top of the toilet next to them. It was the same white box that was given to Bryan the night before. Paolo opened it and pulled out a small plastic pill case and took out one of those “Kryptonite” crystals I’d seen before. He then leaned forward over Bryan’s smaller hunched over body and with one hand, spread Bryan’s ass open and easily pushed the white rock into Bryan’s hole with one finger.0 I watched him sink his finger deep into my boy, burying it to the hilt.

“MMMMmmmmmmaaaaaaaaAAGGGHH! Bryan moaned out as he felt the rock push deep into him. I also noticed his boy cock hardened and started to bounce with his heart beat as the sensations flooded his body. Paolo quickly removed his finger causing my boy to whimper slightly. He then reached over and pulled out what looked like a plastic syringe. Paolo quickly leaned forward again and inserted the rounded tip into my son’s ass and injected the contents into him. Bryan moaned out again as he was filled up with this mystery fluid.

“O.K.Chico. You’re all lubed up and ready for my master.” Paolo said with pride as he straightened up and slapped my boy’s ass hard making Bryan moan. Bryan stood up and gingerly stepped back from the bidet, his little boy cock was pulsing with the beat of his heart. Bryan looked energized and ready for his big meeting with the mysterious figure only known as Mister Grossa.

Paolo stepped forward and stood in front of my boy. They stared at each other for a moment with wide grins; it was like they were sharing a thought. Then Paolo leaned down and passionately kissed my nine year old son, making my boy moan. It was a wild and sloppy kiss too as both young man and boy embraced each other like they were trying to pull each other into themselves. It looked like Paolo wanted to eat my boy, the lust that was pouring out of him. My cock ached as I watched this open display of lust as the hot Latin boy felt my boy all over as they continued to kiss. Bryan really started to moan as Paolo reached down between them and lightly stroked my boy’s painfully hard penis.

Suddenly Paolo stopped and pulled back from his wild tongue assault with a wicked grin on his face. Bryan looked so dazed. Paolo reached over and grabbed the white box and handed it to Bryan.

“Ok, Chico. Now go put on your special outfit.” Bryan smiled as he took the white box from Paolo and stumbled out the door to his guest bedroom. His excited little boy cock leading the way.

“Don’t forget to take you special vitamin pill?” Paolo added just as Bryan was leaving the bathroom. As I watched my boy head to his room the phone in my room rang, snapping me out of my foggy sexual haze. I stumbled over to the night stand and answered in a weak voice.


“Good morning Mister Thompson.” It was Angel our friendly limo driver.

“The car is downstairs and is waiting for you and your son to take you to Mister Grossa’s place.” Angel said in a sexy tone. “Come down and we will go.”

“Uh, yeah...be right down.” I said in a daze as I hung up.

Here I was, standing naked with my leaking cock in my hand after watching my boy receive a thorough cleaning. Now I had 30 seconds to throw something on and look presentable for whatever was in store for me and my boy. I quickly scrambled through my clothes throwing on a pair of tan slacks and a standard vacation dress shirt. I didn’t even bother putting on underwear I was in such a rush. Slipped into my leather deck shoes barefoot, grabbed my briefcase and quickly headed out of the bedroom.

I looked into Bryan’s bedroom but didn’t find him there so I quickly headed downstairs still buttoning up my shirt while trying to hold on to my briefcase. I found him waiting for me sitting at the dining room table dressed in a white collared polo shirt and his standard pair of white cargo pants and a pair of white flip slops on his cute boyish feet. But as I came into the room I noticed him taking a pill with a glass of water as he waited for me. After Bryan finished drinking down his water he noticed me and smiled an eager smile as he hopped up and gave me a big hug.

“He sure looks like he was looking forward to this.” I thought to myself. “I wonder where this ‘Special’ outfit was that Paolo mentioned back in the bathroom.” As I enjoyed the hug my son was giving me. I thought I felt him grind his crotch against me. Then I realized he was rock hard!

“You ready for this?” I asked as my smiling boy looking up at me.

“He he,yeah! Bryan giggled as he took a few more unconscious thrusts against my hip. He had a wild look in his eyes that I’d only seen previously in those videos I’d seen him in. My boy was so sexually amped up and ready for whatever was going to happen. And I had to admit so was I.

We headed out of the condo and back into the main building heading for the front of the resort. As we walked through the Main lobby I spotted Paolo, now fully dressed back in his uniform. He noticed us and gave as a smile and a wink as we exited through the sliding glass doors.

Angel was waiting for us with a smile on his face standing by the sleek looking black stretch limo with the back door open for us.

“Welcome Mister Thompson, there’s some breakfast goodies for you to munch on in the back if you and Bryan are hungry.” He said as we both climbed into the back of the limo. Angel leaned in as we got seated.

“It should take us about 20 minutes to get there.” Angel said with a smile and shut the door. I glanced over at my son and I noticed he was slightly sweating and lightly rubbing his crotch, like he couldn’t help it. He looked so wired.

“Are you hungry Bry?” I asked him. He didn’t answer right away but just shook his head no. Then, as if remembering something he quickly mumbled with a far off distant smile.

“I had something earlier this morning.” Bryan said as his smile widened thinking about something. I think he was remembering eating Paolo’s load this morning.

“The things boys think are a meal.” I chuckled to myself as I felt the limo start to move.

We drove south out of downtown Miami, where we were going I had no idea. Bryan seemed fidgety as we headed down the freeway, like he couldn’t keep his hands off himself. Suddenly he kicked off his flip flops and turned to me with a weird look on his face.

“I’m hot. I gotta take off my shirt dad.” Bryan announced in a pleading voice. He didn’t even wait for my response as he quickly peeled off his polo shirt tossing it across the limo. Then he collapsed back into the leather seat and started feeling himself up. His eyes closed with his mouth partly open as he caressed himself with his own hands.

“Mmmmmmm...” My boy moaned out as he got more and more into feeling himself up. Then I noticed he’d started to obscenely rub his growing boy bulge in his shorts. Bryan looked over at me with a heavy drugged up look of pure lust in his eyes.

Here I was sitting in the back of limo as my nine year old son was writhing in a sexual drugged up frenzy. I spotted Angel looking back at us in the rear view mirror. His eyes with a look of lustful approval as he watched Bryan’s undulating body while he tried to drive. I was starting to chub up myself as my boy’s sexual display started to affect me. Bryan spread his legs wide, touching my leg as he really started to go to town on the outline of his hard boy nail in his shorts.

“We are here Mister Thompson.” Angel said over the intercom as I felt the limo slow down and make a turn into a drive way and stop. We had pulled up in front of a massive white security gate. Angel punched a few buttons into the access panel and the gates slowly opened.

“Bem-vindo à casa do Senhor Grosso.” I heard Angel say over the intercom as the limo entered the huge compound. The house must have been set back a ways from the house as it took awhile to get to the main house. Bryan had stopped his self groping as and I both looked out at the vast estate of this Mister Grossa. We finally pulled up in front of a massive white house. But this house was completely modern looking with sweeping lines and minimal details. The house was a perfect example of modern architecture, if you could call it a house. This place was huge.

Angel opened the limo door for us as Bryan stepped out first. He was still shirtless and barefoot. I quickly scanned the inside of the limo but didn’t see his flip flops so I quickly grabbed his shirt and my briefcase and got out of the limo behind him. We both slowly walked up to the intimidating front door ahead of us. I could tell even Bryan felt a bit intimidated as he grabbed my hand and held it. It was a massive wooden door at least eight feet wide and the only part of the house that wasn’t white. We approached the door and rang the buzzer. There was a brief pause that seemed to last forever but I’m sure was shorter than we thought.

Finally we heard a click and the massive door slowly swung out. The door was so big we had to step back to make room for it as it slowly swung opened. What greeted us surprised both Bryan and me. Standing there was a boy, a blonde boy, he looked like he was no older than 15. He was dressed in only a pair of white board shorts and a welcoming smile. He had a beautiful, flawless tan and sun bleached hair.

“Hi, you must be Frank and Bryan?” He said in a cheerful teen voice that sounded like it was just on the edge of breaking.
“My name is Leif, like on a tree.” He smiled. “Come in please and I’ll take you to my master.” We entered through the massive front door and into, what reminded me of an M.C. Escher drawing with stairs and levels going in every direction. And everything was white.

We followed Leif through the main entryway into a large living room with an extremely high ceiling that had a fantastic view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. There was a large white leather sectional that encircled the center of the room complete with white carpeting covering every inch of the massive room.

“Wait here and my master will be with you shortly.” The polite, sexy blond boy said to us as he exited down one of the hallways. I looked down at Bryan; his was looking around in awe at this huge mansion he was now in. I quickly handed him his shirt.

“Put this back on. You should look presentable for Mister Grossa.” I said in a panic. Bryan looked at me like I was crazy as he slowly took it out of my hands but didn’t put it on.

“Well? Put it on. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see you like this.” I continued.

“He looks fine.” A deep booming voice spoke from across the room. Bryan and I looked in the direction of the voice approaching us. He was a tall muscular man with chiseled good looks and a dark tan. He was wearing a white silk shirt with the front unbuttoned half way down that showed off his fabulous set of abs and slightly hairy, muscular chest. Completing his look was a pair of loose cotton pants. He was also barefoot just like his servant boy Leif who was following closely behind him.

“Hello Mister Thompson, I am Mister Grossa and welcome to my home.” He said as he reached out and shook my hand in a firm masculine hand shake. He then glanced down at Bryan who looked up in awe at the imposing man in front of him. He stepped closer to Bryan and caressed the side of his face as Bryan melted into Mister Grossa’s hand like a cat wanting to be stroked.

“You must be the Bryan I’ve heard so much about.” He said in a low tone to Bryan as he watched my boy react to his touch. He then took his other hand and ran it through Bryan’s dark hair. My boy closed his eyes as enjoyed the sensations Mister Grossa was giving him. I never thought stroking someone’s head could be so sexual. Mister Grossa stopped and brought Bryan’s face up so they were now staring deeply into each others eyes.

“You look fine without a shirt my handsome boy.” Said the handsome man as Bryan looked on like he was in love. They held their stare for a moment longer before Mister Grossa stood back up and grabbed the polo shirt out of my boy’s hand.

“You won’t need this here.” Said Mister Grossa as he held out his other hand as Bryan gladly accepted it. Then he led Bryan into the living room where the large white leather square shaped sectional was. I followed behind them with Leif right behind me.

“Mister Thompson you have a handsome boy here.” The tall masculine man continued as I followed Mister Grossa as he escorted my boy to the U shaped white leather sectional.

“Please, have a seat and we will discuss business.” Mister Grossa said as he gestured for Bryan and me to have a seat. Bryan and I sat on one side of the sectional as Mister Grossa sat opposite us with Leif standing dutifully to the side of the sectional waiting for a command.

“It was certainly nice for you to come out to Miami on such short notice Mister Thompson, may I call you Frank?” Mister Grossa said with a warm smile as he reclined back on the white leather sectional. Then he subtly adjusted himself which drew both Bryan and my attention to a large bulge running down the inside leg of his white pants. I hadn’t noticed it before because his pants were loose. Bryan sat up straight and his eyes got really wide as he stared right at it.

“As you know I am seriously considering investing a large amount of capital into your business. But I need to know my money is going to be well invested in your firm.” As Mister Grossa said this he was lightly rubbing the top of his thigh, the tips of his fingers where lightly brushing the top of the bulge in his pants. And I noticed it start to grow. I grew flustered for a minute as I cleared my throat.

“Of course Mister Grossa, I have a complete business plan printed out for you detailing our future growth.” I said in my best business tone as I pulled up and got ready to open my brief case. Grossa held up his hand and shook his head no then smiled.

“No, no, no. That is all well and good, but I need something to show that you are committed to me and what I have to offer.” Mister Grossa smiled sitting back on the couch as I noticed his bulge had expanded a bit further down his leg.

“I see, well what would you like to see that would seal the deal?” I said in a weak voice, clutching my briefcase, as I watched the bulge in his pants get longer and longer. Damn, whatever was in his pants was huge and it was making me chub up. I’m sure Bryan was noticing this to at this point.

“I would like to see you add something personal, a gesture of good faith so to speak.” The tan Brazilian said in a firm gentle tone.

“I would like to see you add something to show that you are really committed to this deal...I’m sure you can think of something that would guarantee your total loyalty to it and to me.”

I started to sweat, as I sat there for a moment as Mister Grossa stared directly at me with a smile on his face as he rubbed his monster bulge now fully hard running down the inside of his pant leg. I looked at my son sitting next to me, his eyes fully locked onto what Mister Grossa was doing. Then I weakly said his name.

“B…Bryan?” I could barely speak as my heart raced a million miles a minute. Bryan broke off his stare and looked at me with a glazed lust filled look. My boy had such a pleading wanton look in his eyes. He wanted that cock so bad. He stared at me for what seemed like an eternity then Bryan weakly smiled and slowly rose and stood up.

“Are you sure son?” not believing what I was saying as Bryan stood in front of me.

“Yes daddy, I want to do this for you.” my lust filled son said as he looked down at me with such eager eyes. He leaned forward to kiss me as I leaned in to give him a caste kiss, but was surprised to feel his tongue penetrate my mouth in a passionate kiss. I started to kiss back.

“Shit! I’m kissing my son! God I love it!” My brain screamed out as Bryan and I made out like long lost lovers. Bryan then pulled back suddenly with a deviant look in his eyes.

“I love you daddy.” He said as he turned around in front of me to face Mister Grossa. I held onto my boy’s waist to steady him, I could feel him tremble in lust and desire for the handsome powerful man sitting across from him.

“I would like to see your son.” Mister Grossa said without missing a beat as he laid his hand down firmly on his rock hard cock; which was now completely hard running down his pant leg. Bryan and I watched as he started to stroke it openly in front of both of us. Leif smiled as he watched his master’s open display of sexual excitement.

“Present him to me.” He said as he squeezed his cock through his white cotton pants.

“Show me your son.” Mister Grossa grinned with a leering smile. It felt like my heart was in my head as it pounded with excitement. I felt possessed as I rubbed the smooth silky sides of my boy, running my hands forward around to his flat tummy.

“Wow, why haven’t I done this before?” I thought to myself as I ran my hands up and down his boyishly muscular tummy then slid my hands down into the front of his shorts. Hooking the thumbs in, I slowly pulled my son’s white shorts down. I felt his warm smooth skin as I slowly pulled his shorts down and his sexy coltish legs. As I leaned forward I felt like I had received an electric shock as the side of my face brushed against the side of his bare butt cheek. I continued pushed Bryan’s shorts completely down and had him step out of them. When I sat back up my son’s flawless bare ass was right in front of me. I’d never seen it this close before, and it was Beautiful. Then as I studied it more I realized Bryan was wearing a thong.

“Where did he get the thong from?” I thought to myself, a bit shocked but still turned on.

“Do you like your little gift my boy?” Mister Grossa asked my horned up boy. Bryan just nodded his head yes, he was still in awe of Mister Grossa and whatever was hidden in the Latin god’s white pants.

‘Show your father your gift.” Mister Grossa said with pride. I watched in stunned silence as my boy slowly turned around with a smile on his face. He was wearing a Thong, but on the front of the pouch was the Superman letter “S” shield. But what set this apart was that the “S” was inlaid with sequence and made his crotch sparkle. The “S” was distorted by Bryan’s raging hard boy nail. I couldn’t help myself as I reached out and lightly stroked his sparkly boy sex. Bryan shuddered under my touch.

I felt drunk with lust as I continued to lightly stroke his hardness. Bryan suddenly stepped back, out of the reach of my hand as he grinned at me mischievously. He continued to slowly back away from me then two large tan hands came around his torso and started to pull him back. Bryan’s face completely relaxed, like he was being enveloped in something warm as he melted into the arms that were encircling him.

Bryan was now lying back against the chest of this sexy Brazilian man as I watched his large tan hands rub up and down my boy’s silky smooth nine year old torso. Mister Grossa had his legs spread wide as Bryan was sitting back in-between his splayed out legs. Bryan looked like he was ready to start purring.

“I think this will be adequate compensation to guarantee my support.” Mister Grossa said as he stared directly at me with a look of pure lust in his eyes as he slowly caressed my boy’s body. My cock throbbed as I watched one of his hands caress down Bryan’s body and cup my boy’s hardness. He firmly cupped it and lifted Bryan up until Bryan’s face was next to Grossa’s face.

Mister Grossa and Bryan looked at each other, losing themselves in each others eyes as they held each other tightly. Then slowly their heads moved closer until their lips were about to touch. Bryan sucked in some air as he felt his lips make contact with Mister Grossa’s. I watched as they’re lips opened and both man and boy paused as they felt each others breaths. They were right on the edge of desire. Then Bryan relaxed as his mouth met Grossa’s mouth. They both moaned as they started to kiss passionately. They didn’t break the lip lock to even come up for air as their tongues dueled. Mister Grossa slid his hand a bit further down between my boy’s legs, his fingers disappearing underneath Bryan as he still cupped my boy’s hardness.

“UUUUMMMPH” Bryan moaned out as his body arched up under Grossa’s embrace. Then it hit me, Mister Grossa had slipped a finger into my boy’s ass. Grossa lifted Bryan up a bit and I could see he had two of his thick fingers up inside my boy.

“MMMMPH! UUUUMMPH! MMMMMPH!” Bryan started gyrating his hips as the sensations of the Brazilian man’s thick fingers loosened him up. It looked like Mister Grossa was playing a musical instrument, only my boy was the one being played, and being played well by all the moaning Bryan was making.

Mister Grossa finally broke off from his kissing. Both man and boy panting for air as they stared at each other with lust filled eyes.

“Você é um menino tão bonito.” Mister Grossa murmured to Bryan as Grossa continued to make little thrusting movements in between Bryan’s legs with his fingers.

“You have a fine boy here Mister Thompson.” He said to me, not breaking eye contact with Bryan as he continued to lift up Bryan while sliding his fingers deeper into my boy. Bryan moaned again then hungrily shoved his mouth back down on Grossa’s mouth. Bryan’s little boy cock was straining against the top of the g-sting pouch as he arched his back opening himself to Grossa. Sucking and muffled moans echoed through the large living room. Even Leif had tented out his white board shorts as he tried to stay calm as he stood next to his master waiting patiently for his next command. Mister Grossa pulled back from the kissing, they stared into each others eyes like long lost lovers.

“Are you ready to meet minha besta?” Mister Grossa grunted to my horny boy. Bryan had no idea what “minha besta” meant but he had a pretty good idea he was probably going to like it as he nodded his head yes.

“Then I shall have you meet him.” Grossa continued as he slowly lowered my boy down until he was standing again and eased his fingers from Bryan’s ass. Grossa then stood up and turned my boy around so he was facing the tall Brazilian man. Mister Grossa then pulled the tails of his loose shirt out of his white cotton pants and slowly removed it showing off his large muscular chest. Mister Grossa also had a nice layer of hair on his well defined chest.

“Now my little one, you may unwrapped minha besta.” Mister Grossa said as he turned himself and Bryan until they were both in profile to me. I could see a large long pronounced bulge slightly tenting one of Mister Grossa’s pant legs. Bryan looked hypnotized by it.

“Go ahead.” Grossa said looking down at my boy as he stroked my boy’s hair. “Release minha besta.” He continued in a seductive tone as Bryan gingerly reached out and took a hold of the draw strings to Mister Grossa’s pants and pulled. The knot came undone and the top of the pants loosened and slipped down a bit but got hung up on Grossa’s huge dangling cock. Bryan reached out and lightly touched the impressive bulge still covered by the loose fitting coverings. Grossa grunted as my boy ran his hand over the Brazilian man’s cloth covered cock. Bryan seemed fascinated by it.

Bryan continued running his hands up over Mister Grossa’s pubes and up over his hard stomach and chest, his eyes following where his hands were exploring. I watched as my son’s hands then caressed the sides of the Brazilian man’s dark smooth skin sliding down to the man’s hips and slowly pushing the loose pants off Grossa’s hips making them finally fall to the floor. Bryan’s eyes got wide and he slowly knelt in front of it as he finally got to see “the Beast” for the first time. Bryan looked like he was kneeling before his new god.

Grossa wasn’t even hard and it was at least 8 inches long, and looked thick and heavy. Bryan had such a wanting look as he gingerly reached out and finally touched the impressive cock petting it like an animal. The Beast flinched under my boy’s hands and started to come to life. Bryan got more assertive and gently grasped it in both of his hands. It looked large in his small boyish hands as he slowly stroked and worked its length. It quickly responded to his touch and started to grow even larger.

“Yeeeesss, he likes you my sexy boy.” Mister Grossa hissed as he ran his fingers through my boy’s hair. Bryan was mesmerized as he watched the Beast grow in his hands. The large cock was now almost fully erect and was right in Bryan’s face. Its large purplish head was filling out and plumping up right before Bryan’s eyes. I could sense Bryan’s mouth start to water; he wanted to suck on it so bad, to taste the beast inches from his mouth.

“Go ahead my sexy boy, taste minha besta.” Mister Grossa said in a low sexy voice. Bryan’s face changed to a look of pure want as I watched him slowly lean in, his mouth starting to open. Grossa had his hand on the back of Bryan’s nine year old head as he slowly guided Bryan in. I watched the head rub against Bryan’s partly open lips leaving a trail of pre-cum on them. The big purple head looked so big next to my boy’s mouth. I then noticed the tip of Bryan’s tongue poke out between his partly open lips. My son’s tongue gathered some of the clear sticky goo on the tip and it retreated back into his mouth as the head continued to tease his lips. Bryan’s lips closed as he tasted it.

“Yeeesss, you like the taste of minha besta.” Mister Grossa purred as Bryan looked up at him with lust filled eyes.

“You may taste minha besta.” The lusty Brazilian said breathlessly.

Bryan and Grossa didn’t break eye contact as Grossa took Bryan’s head and slowly guided the bulbous tip of his now 10 inch hard beast to Bryan’s opening mouth. It looked like Bryan was receiving communion from Mister Grossa’s Beast as Bryan knelt with his mouth open and Grossa laid his cock on my boy’s tongue. My cock was aching as I watched Mister Grossa push that thick head into Bryan’s mouth, filling it.

“Mmmm, provar a minha besta.” Mister Grossa grunted lustfully as he and Bryan watched each other as Bryan started to suck on the end of the beast. Then Bryan took hold of it with both hands as he started to suck more of the beast into his mouth. Grossa’s beast swelled a bit from Bryan’s assertiveness as the boy tried to take more of the huge cock into his small boyish mouth.

“Yeeesss, try to swallow minha besta sexy boy.” Mister Grossa groaned as he started to pull the boy’s head forward pushing more of the beast towards the back of my son’s mouth. Bryan fought back the urge to gag he felt the huge cock head push against the entrance to his throat.

“Swallow for me boy.” Grossa moaned as Bryan concentrated on relaxing his throat. I watched Bryan swallow as the large head started to enter his esophagus. He gagged a bit but pulled it together as he continued to push forward, determined to get the beast down his throat. Bryan was pushing while Grossa was pulling as they both worked to get Grossa’s cock down my nine-year old’s throat.

“Good my pet. Swallow minha besta.” The Brazilian man groaned as he pulled Bryan’s head further down on his monster cock. Bryan continued to strain as he tried to fight back the urge to gag. I watched in amazement as Bryan’s throat started to give and bulge out as Grossa’s cock slowly slid down my nine year old's throat. I could hear Bryan desperately sucking in air through his nose as he tried to accept the Brazilian man’s massive piece of man meat. My cock was aching as I watched this amazing site unfold before me.

Suddenly Bryan’s body convulsed and contracted as he spit out Mister Grossa’s cock, gagging and coughing trying to catch his breath. Grossa held my boy’s head as Bryan recovered and caught his breath.

“You did well my pet...you far exceeded my expectations.” Mister Grossa said with a proud lust filled smile on his face as he stroked my boy’s head.

“You took far more than any other boy your age has before.” Bryan smiled with pride as he gazed up at The Brazilian man.

“I'm sure you will be able to enjoy more of my beast before you leave. Now open your mouth.” Mister Grossa said to Bryan who immediately opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He then took his monster cock and rubbed the tip of it against Bryan’s out stretched tongue and mouth getting his cock head nice and wet. Then Bryan took the initiative and started sucking on the head of Grossa’s monster 11 inch cock.
“I think it is time my pet.” Mister Grossa said to my boy as he took my boy’s hands and raised Bryan up so they were standing and facing each other now. Mister Grossa then turned with Bryan and stood facing me as they held hands. His little boy cock was poking out of the top of his special sparkly Superman logo g-string while Grossa’s enormously large cock was bobbing with excitement in front of him.

“This is where we part company Mister Thompson. Your son is only required for what will happen next.” He said with a wicked grin as he hugged my boy into him.

“Leif has refreshments set up in the next room. Feel free to make yourself comfortable, my home is your home.” Mister Grossa said with a friendly bow and wave of his hand.

“Once my transaction with your boy is complete I will send over the finalized contracts to your hotel suite.” Mister Grossa then bowed again.

“Thank you for the hospitality of your son.” He then turned and headed off to the far side of the living room towards two big tall white doors that stretched all the way up to the ceiling with my almost naked son in tow. Bryan turned one last time and we made eye contact. He had a look of pure joy and lust in them as he smiled one last time at me as he was led through a large white door into the next room.

I sat there stunned in a cold sweat. My cock was hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy. I just handed off my son off to this hunky Brazilian man and have god knows what happen to him.

“If you’d like to follow me Mister Thompson?” Leif’s voice broke me out of my haze. I dumbly looked up at Leif and nodded yes. He smiled and gestured for me to follow him. He led me back out of the living room and down a long white hallway. He stopped at one of the nondescript doors and opened it. He then gestured me to enter.

It was a brightly lit, simple white room, with a large comfortable looking white chair and end table in the middle of it. On the table was a pitcher of water and a drinking glass. But the weird part was that the chair was facing a curtain that covered the entire far wall. I looked at Leif with a confused look.

“Please have a seat Mister Thompson.” He said with a smile as he closed the door and gestured towards the white chair for me to sit. I was still confused but walked over and sat down. The bare chested boy came over and stood in front of me holding a white computer pad in his hand. God this boy was sexy.

“My master thought you’d like to see this.” Leif said with a smile and tapped his pad a few time. Then the lights in the room dimmed and the curtain opened up, revealing another large room behind a pane of glass. But this room was different. It was circular in shape, with a large raised area in the middle. On the circular platform was what looked like a extremely large round bed with blood red velvet sheets covering it. The bed was big enough to fit five or six people comfortably. Also on top of this bed was what looked like a cape, all laid out on top. But the cape looked like it had been soiled with stains all over it. Something about that cape looked familiar.

As I looked around the room I noticed it had no windows, with huge columns spaced apart around the outside. The top of each column alternating between strange carvings of leaf like faces, and large phallic looking antlers. Following the columns up to the ceiling, I noticed over the bed, was a circular shape. It looked like the Ying and Yang symbol, but the circles inside it were the sun and the moon. Behind that was a strange red triangle that pointed to the right with a star at the top of it.

Then I suddenly noticed people standing all along the back of the room all spaced against the wall. Wearing white cloaks with hoods, their identities hidden by the masks they had on. The figures were of various heights standing around the outside of the room. Some adult sized and others smaller, kid sized. They’re outfits where so white I didn’t notice them at first. They blended well into the white background.

The lights in the room dimmed as wall sconces started to glow with a soft blue light. The Yin and Yang symbol over the bed started to change. The Moon symbol got brighter and bathed the round bed in a blue moonlight spot light, while the Sun symbol faded to black. The room now appear as if it was at night and the round bed glowed with the Moonlight casting down on it.

A spot light slowly lit up the doors and one of the cloaked figures standing next to it on the left of the circular room. Was he holding a sword? The doors opened revealing my son, still wearing his Superman g-string, with a naked and hard Mister Grossa right next to him. Bryan looked all shiny, like they had rubbed him down with baby oil. Bryan was wide eyed with amazement as he looked around the impressive space. Bryan looked up at Mister Grossa and he nodded to my boy. They took one step together into the room. The cloaked figure then held up his sword to Bryan’s chest blocking entry for Bryan into the room Bryan was startled and had a slight look of concern as the sharp cold looking blade touched his chest.

“Who comes?” said the cloaked figure with a large booming voice. The room must have been wired for sound as his voices came over speakers somewhere in the room I was sitting in.

“I Kether ....I bring one who knows the ancient ones and offers service to them.” Replied Mister Grossa.

“Who is this you bring before us?” The cloaked figure boomed as he still held the sword to Bryan’s chest.

“I bring Seere.” Stated Mister Grossa proudly. “He offers himself freely and with his father's blessing in service to us.“ Grossa’s hard cock flexing as he spoke. There was a pause, then the hooded figure lowered his sword.

“Enter freely and with much joy to our service. Bright blessings upon you.” The cloaked figure said to Bryan and Mister Grossa as he resumed his position against the wall.

Mister Grossa then escorted Bryan across the room and up onto the platform until they were standing at the foot of the round red bed. The figures in white remained motionless. Bryan looked at the bed, noticing the cloth lying out across the bed. I fidgeted in my seat as I started to feel a bit uneasy about this ceremony for some reason.

“Hey, that’s my Superman cape?” Bryan whispered to Mister Grossa with a surprised happy tone.

“I thought you might want to see something familiar to remind you of your first time.” Mister G whispered in response. I noticed Bryan start to rub his hard cock through his Superman thong as he gazed down at his Superman cape, remembering that night he made the video. But then Grossa added. “It was the first time I ever saw you and desired to introduce you to my beast.” They shared a dirty smile as Mister Grossa reached down and caressed Bryan‘s perfect boy ass.

Two of the smaller cloaked figures now approached where Bryan was standing. I think Bryan watched them with an eye of concern as if hoping they didn’t have any more swords. The two figures stopped on either side of Bryan and brought their hands up and started pulling down Bryan’s g-string. Bryan had a look of surprise as the figures removed his tiny garment, his cute little 3 inch erection popping up hard as steel. The two small cloaked figures took the g-string and placed it above the cape at the top of the bed. Then stepped back and faded into the darkened room. Bry was now standing hard and naked in the center of some kind of ceremony.

“What the hell did I get my son into?” I thought to myself as I started to feel a bit of apprehension come over me about all this.

Mister Grossa moved behind my boy and placed his hands on Bry’s shoulders and started to speak.
“I present Seere, who seeks to serve and presents himself to prove his worthiness to us...he offers his body freely and dedicates it to our service and purpose once that is done.”

“Darksome night and shining moon, east,” As Mister Grossa spoke he started to turn my boy to his right until he was facing away me, his cute boyish ass on display for me.

“Then south,” Bryan was turned so he was facing the huge red bed. His little cock arched up in perfect profile.

“Then west,” Once again turning my son to the right so he was now facing me. Bryan couldn’t see me but I swore he looked right at me with a smile.

“Then north,” as he moved Bryan so he was now facing Grossa again, with his back to the huge red bed. Grossa and Bryan stared deeply into each others eyes as they held hands. I also noticed Grossa’s cock start to stiffen as he spoke the words to my son.

“Hearken to our ancient rune; here I come to call thee forth. Earth and water, air and fire, wand and pentacle and sword,” Mister Grossa took Bryan’s hands and placed them on his hard cock.

“Work ye unto my desire, hearken ye unto my word.” Grossa said as Bryan started to stroke the Brazilian man’s hard 11 inches.
“Cords and censer, scourge and knife, powers of sacred blade -- waken all ye to life. Come ye as the charm is made queen of heaven, queen of hell.” Grossa continued.

“Horned hunter of the night, lend your power unto my spell and work my will by magic rite.” Grossa grunted as he slowly worked his cock up and down in Bryan’s grasp.

“By all the power of land and sea, by all the might of moon and sun as I do will, so mote it be; chant the spell and it will be done.” Bryan let go of Grossa’s now dripping erection and turned and faced the bed. There was a pause and then a bell rang out somewhere in the room. Mister Grossa then raised his hands up above him.

“All hail, the circle is now complete and perfect, we dedicate Seere now to the service of the ancient ones, as it has been, so and will forever be. All hail Seere, who is presented and prepares to freely join our service. Bright blessings upon him.” Mister Grossa bowed his head momentarily then raised it up. My mind was racing as I watched my boy being indoctrinated into whatever this group was.

“What have I done?” I thought to myself as I looked on in shock. My fatherly instincts told me to go in there and grab my son and go home, let the chips fall where they may. I started to stand up but Leif put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it to comfort me. I looked up at him with a worried look but he smiled a warm comforting smile. I tried to relax but I felt like I was on pins and needles sitting in that chair.

The two smaller cloaked figures from earlier approached again out of the darkness and helped Bryan up onto the bed, laying him down on his back on top of his stained Superman cape. Then one of the cloaked figures pushed Bryan’s legs bag as the other one produced a crystal looking jar. The second cloaked figure lifted off the top and began to scoop out what appeared to be a thick lube and started to apply it all over Bryan’s hole, slipping some fingers in, really working the lube in.

I still got hard hearing my son moan out as he finally felt his ass being played with. Pushing his ass up and spreading his held back legs wider so the second cloaked figure better access to his boy hole. After a minute of fingering and lubing both cloaked figures retreated again leaving my boy and the fancy looking jar with lube in it laying on the bed on top of his Superman cape. His legs bent and spread open as he waited for what was to happen next. Another cloaked figure, about the same height as the two before walked up and stood at the edge of the bed at Ben’s feet. A soft red spot light slowly dimmed up and highlighted the figure at the foot of the bed.

“It's time to bond with you, as we share our seed with you, and you become forever part of us.” Mister Grossa chanted over the two of them.

“What were they going to do to my son?” I gasped out as I heard Mister Grossa chant.

“You should be honored, few boys are granted such a privilege Mister Thompson.” Leif said in a comforting tone as he rubbed my shoulder. “Bryan is a special boy and will now become even more special.” Leif had me on that one, my boy was special. I sunk back in the chair, a bit defeated, as I continued to watch this spectacle continue to unfold before me.

The cloaked figure gazed down onto my son. He lifted his hands up and took off his mask, but the hood blocked his face from me. I did notice Bryan smile warmly at the same time his cock started to harden up. Whoever it was really got my son excited. But I didn’t have long to wait as the mysterious figure pulled his hood off. It was one of the blond cherub twins Jacob, the same boy that gave Bryan the white box yesterday and a really hot make out session too. The sexy 5 foot, 2 inch tall 13 year old Jacob shrugged off his cape, letting it fall to the floor and stood there naked and hard, in all his boyish glory. My cock betrayed me and stiffened up at the sight of his boyishly smooth body right on the edge of manhood.

Bryan and Jacob just gazed at each other with lusty looks, both of their boy cocks bobbin up and down to their excited heart beats. My cock started to ache as I watched these two boys eye fuck each other. Then Jacob, not breaking eye contact with Bryan, climbed up and over Bryan like a cat hunting his prey, until he was hovering over my boy. They were breathing heavy with excitement as they felt each others warmth, their lusty energy mixing. The pause was unbearable for both boys as Bryan started to rub his legs against Jacob’s sides. Jacob couldn’t hold out anymore and pounced on my boy.

They kissed madly as their arms and legs immediately began intertwining with each others, hands grabbing, Jacob’s perfect 13-year-old body, grinding and humping against my son’s hot 9 year old body. It was Lust in its purest form, released right before my eyes as the boys kissed, humped, and rubbed each other in wild abandon.

Jacob suddenly pulled back with a wild look in his eyes. He sat all the ways back on his knees, Bryan’s legs were wide open and laying on the outside of Jacob’s legs. Jacob reached over and grabbed the crystal jar and scoped up some lube, then started to stroke his hard teen cock while both boys grinned like Cheshire cats at each other. Jacob stopped stroking his thick, 4 inch cock and leaned back as Mister Grossa stepped up with a small ornate box. Then he took a pinch of something from the box and sprinkled it on Jacob’s boy cock.

“Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of want.” Mister Grossa chanted as he sprinkled Jacob‘s lubed up cock with the mysterious white powder. The Brazilian took a few steps back as Jacob leaned forward and Bryan pulled his legs back, spreading them so Jacob had better access. Lining up his cock with my boy’s sphincter, Jacob closed the gap. He snugly pushed his little boy cock against my boy’s hole as both boys kept eye contact with each other. Jacob slowly pushed forward.

“Mmmmmmm…“ Bryan moaned out, his eyes got wide as he felt the sexy blonde boy enter him. Then Jacob bottomed out, his soft boyish hips firmly pushing against Bryan’s smooth boy ass. Jacob paused briefly, but then his hips started to pump, and Jacob started to make small high pitched grunts as he started to fuck.

“Aaaaaaagh…Yeeesss!” Bryan moaned out as the young boy fucked him. They looked lost in each other’s eyes as Jacob picked up his pace, slamming his little hips into Bry’s nine year old ass.

“Ohhhh, fuck me J!…uuungh fuck me gooood!“ Bryan whimpered as Jacob fucked harder. Bryan wrapped his skinny, smooth coltish legs around Jacob’s waist to keep him close as Jacob got closer to the edge. It was as if Bryan was turned into a wild animal and couldn’t get enough of Jacob’s cock or his fucking. Jacob started to gasp as both boys got a look of pure desperation on their faces, Bryan clawed at Jacob as the urge to cum was so close for the older boy.

“AAAAAAGH UUUUUNGH I LLLOVE YOU BRY!” Jacob moaned out breathlessly, as he stared into Bryan’s eyes. His ass slammed one more time as his flexed into Bryan, unloading his young boy seed into my son. Jacob and Bryan started to kiss tenderly and passionately as they enjoyed the last moments of their joining. Jacob then smiled at Bryan and kissed him one last time.

“Welcome to the group, you’re going to like the next one.” I heard Jacob whisper to Bryan before he slowly pulled out and stepped back from the bed. His cock still wet from the load he buried up Bryan’s ass. Jacob looked a bit wobbly as he tried to stand. He smiled and bowed to Bryan then grabbed his robe and mask and stepped down off the Alter.

My body betrayed me as I rubbed my aching cock straining in my pants. My resolve to get him out of there was fading fast. I felt conflicted, horny and guilty all at the same time. Leif notice my conflicted look and poured me a glass of water.

“Here, drink this.” Leif said to me as he handed me the glass. “It will help you relax.” He said with a smile. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was as I took a few big gulps. It tasted like it had a twist of lemon in it as I finished off the glass. As I handed Leif my empty glass I noticed an adult sized cloaked figure move into the shaft of soft red light at the foot of the bed. He too removed his mask revealing himself to Bryan first. Bry smiled as he recognized the person’s face.

The figure then spread open his robe, I could see his 8 inch cock spring out as it pointed directly at my out stretched boy. I wondered if it was one of the Latino men I meet yesterday at the pool. He said Caleb and Jacob were his boys and I couldn't imagine the boy there all by himself there. Leo, if I remembered his name correctly, had a nice all over tan and smooth muscular legs. Bryan’s eyes got wide as he smiled widely at the impressive cock bobbing in front of him.
Did this mean Leo and maybe even Jack let their boys have sex with other men? Was I really not that alone in what was happening to my boys? Did this mean then all the men in the other room were freely sharing their own sons with the others? Holy shit! Did this also mean then they were also having sex with their own fathers? My hard-on was now leaking at the thought of Jack and Leo fucking their hot boys. What had I stumbled into?

Mister Grossa approached the mysterious cloaked figure and took the crystal container of lube off the bed and proceeded to lube up the hard 8 inch cock. The figure moaned and hunched forward a bit when Grossa made a nice pull on it. Grossa then picked up the small snuff box and took a few pinches of what was inside and sprinkled the white powder all up and down the strangers hard 8 inches.

“Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of desire.” Mister Grossa chanted as he sprinkled the hard cock with the mysterious white powder. Once Mister Grossa was finished he retreated back into the shadows.

The hooded figure, with his arms still holding out his robe, climbed onto the bed and laid down over Bryan, the robe covering them both. I could still see the outline of Bryan’s knees under the robe on either side as of the mysterious cloaked figure’s ass. I could see the ass moving around as if lining up his cock for penetration into my son. The hooded figure and my son wear looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Then the hood lowered down and my son’s face disappeared as the mysterious figure started to kiss him. Then I heard it as I watched the ass between Bryan’s legs thrust forward.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHH!” Was all heard come from my son. His face hidden from view under the hood of the robe as the mystery man kissed Bryan. The ass pressed forward as Bryan’s legs clamped against the sides of the mystery man.

“MMMMMMMM!…….MMMMMMMMM!…….MMMMMMMMM!” The muffled sounds of my boy in ecstasy were all I heard as I watched that ass move forcefully up and down between my boy’s legs under the robe. That hard 8 inch cock I just saw a moment ago was now fully inside my boy, pounding away at his hole, nice and deep.

“Fuck! He’s really giving it to my son!” I thought to myself as I grabbed and squeezed my painfully hard cock through my pants. I felt like I was getting more and more hot and horny watching my boy. What had come over me?

“Mmmmmph! MMMMMPH! Mmmmmmmm! MMMMMPH!” The stranger was now alternating his thrusts from hard jabs to slow thrusts. Then Bryan’s moans became clearer as the hooded lover pulled back from kissing him but was still hidden by the hood. I could hear the man grunting with each thrust as he fucked my boy good. The robe covering them rippled with the man’s fluid humping. It was so beautiful to watch mixed in with the sounds of my nine-year moaning in lust.


The robed man pulled up off Bryan and braced himself over my boy as he started to make slow humping motions, working his cock deep inside my boy, pushing open the deepest parts of his boy colon. Bryan moaned with each push of the man’s hips as his thighs rubbed the stranger’s sides under the robe. The mystery man thrust forward one more time deep into Bryan, causing my boy to moan out as he locked his legs around the man’s waist under the robe.

The mystery man then sat upright with Bryan still attached to him around his waist. The man finally slipped back his hood revealing the smiling Leonardo. My guess was right, it was the hot Latin dad I had met the previous night by the pool. He was all hot and sweaty as he slowly took off his robe while kneeling in front of my boy. Leo and Bryan where locked together, the man’s impressive 8 inch cock buried deep into my boy as Leonardo tossed the robe off and onto the floor. He then grabbed my boy’s hips and started to thrust into and out of Bryan’s hole, using him like his only personal flesh toy. Leonard’s muscular body flexed and strained as he fucked wildly into Bryan.


Leo was a man possessed as he fucked my boy. His nine year old body bounced and heaved as Leo slammed his hard cock deeply in and out of my boy. But it also looked like Bryan was fucking back as much as Leo was fucking him. Gripping Leo with his coltish boy legs as they started grunting loudly as he and Bryan fucked against each other. The unrelenting beat of this man and boy as they fucked their brains out.

“Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh!
“Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh!
“Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh!
“Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh!

Suddenly Leo grabbed Bryan’s legs, pried them from his hips, and pushed then all the way back to his head as he leaned forward, keeping his cock in my boy the whole time. He leaned down and smothered my boy’s mouth, jamming his tongue into Bryan’s mouth.


They sloppily made out as Leo started humping his 8 inch cock deep into my boy, keeping his hips pressed against my boy’s upturned ass. Bryan looked like a human pretzel the way he was bent back as Leo continued to hump into him.


Bryan finally let out a loud moan as Leo stopped kissing and slammed deep into Bryan, holding his cock deep in my son. He leaned down to Bryan’s face and said in a low tone.

“I bet Cali boy tastes good?” Leo said to Bryan. He then quickly shifted his body down, pulling his cock out completely, keeping Bry’s legs pinned back as he shoved his face into Bryan’s loose boy hole. Leo did it so quick it surprised Bryan.

“OOOOoo GWWAAAAD! UUUUNNGH!” Bryan moaned out, tilting his head back with his mouth open as he felt Leo jam his tongue into his boy hole and started tongue fucking him. Leo pushed his face deeper into Bry’s ass as he began licking and probing the boy’s insides. Bryan gasped as the sensations of Leo’s tongue drove him crazy, his body straining against Leo‘s firm grip. Bryan started pushing his ass up against Leo’s slurping mouth as he became a total slut for the man.

Suddenly, Leo moved up over Bryan’s body and hovered over my boy. His hard dripping 8 inches bobbing with the beat of his heart as he lined up with Bryan’s stretched boy hole. Leo pressed forward gently, nuzzling the head of his hard cock against Bryan’s puffy ass lips. Leo looked like he was getting ready to do push ups over my boy as Bryan‘s legs rested on Leo‘s shoulders. Leo grinned at Bryan as he started to tease my boy’s hole with the tip of his cock.

“What do you want boy?” As Leo pushed in just a bit, teasing Bryan’s hole with the tip of his cock then pulled back.

“MMmmmmm…..mmmore.” Bryan moaned.

“What do you want?” Leo asked with a wide smile on his face, pushing forward again. This time pushing in a bit further into Bry’s sphincter then retreating again.

“Oh god I neeeed your cock.” Pleaded the transformed, sex craved nine year old.

“I don’t think you want it?” Leo teased with a wide grin as he pushed forward again, this time making the crown of his hard cock penetrate Bryan, stretching his sensitive hole, and then pulled out.
“MMMmmmmm…..aaaaaghh gwaaad….pp..ppleassse…… yy…your cock.” Bryan gasped out with a look of frustration on his face.

“You want...THIS!”

“AAAAaaaaaaggghhh!” Bryan let out a loud moan as Leo punctuating his last word by thrusting the head of his cock past Bryan’s tender boy hole, then pulling it just outside the entrance not breaking contact.

“YYyyyeaaah...uuuuungh...I neeed your cock!” Bryan finally moaned out, his bent back body straining against Leo’s hold as the Latin man grinned at how his cock was making my boy react. My boy wanted that cock so bad. I felt so horny watching this as I rubbed my hard cock through my pants.

“I don’t think you want it?” Leo said taunting my boy as Bryan looked up at Leo with pleading eyes.

“I don’t think you want...THIS!”

“UUuuuuuuuuuungh! UH! FUCK I WANT IT!” Bryan finally moaned out as Leo thrust into the boy again and pulled out.

“You want THIS?!” Leo grunted as he started to push in and out of my boy. But he was only pushing his thick cock head in and out of Bryan’s hole. Mercilessly ridge fucking it in and out of Bryan’s quivering sphincter.

“UUUUUNGH! GGGAWD! FFFUCK MMME! UUUUUNGH! AAAAAGH!” Bryan loudly moaned uncontrollably as Leo ridge fucked my boy with the large purple head of his eight inch cock.

“FFFUCK MMMEE! AAAAAGHH! GGGAWWD! FFFUCK MEE!!” Bryan clawed at Leo’s body begging for more But Leo didn’t give my boy the satisfaction of his whole cock yet. He just kept teasing my boy unrelentingly with his bulbous tip making Bryan writher and squirm for more under Leo’s firm hold.

“You want this?” Leo gasped as he finally started showing signs of getting close as he continued to ridge fuck my bent back boy then stopped with his head firmly lodged inside.
“You want my cock?” Leo moaned as his sensitive head started to betray him.

“FFFUCK MMME!” The nine year old whimpered with pleading eyes as he continued to claw at Leo’s arms and torso for more.

Leo’s face faded to a look of lust as he leaned down and passionately kissed Bryan while still keeping his cock head lodged just inside my boy’s entrance. Then as Bryan started to relax into the Leo’s kissing the man hunched his hips forward burying half his cock into Bryan, and making my boy groan.

“You like that slut?” Leo gasped, pulling back from kissing Bry as he continued to fuck the rest of his hard eight inches into my boy.

“UUUNGH! YYYEAH! UUUUNNGH! FFFUCK ME! AAAAGH!” Bryan howled as Leo started to long dick him. The wet sloppy sounds of Bryan’s ass being brutally fucked by Leo’s hard stick flowed out over the speakers making my cock leak.

“FFFUCK ME! FFFUCK ME!! FUCCK MMmmmmmmmmmph!” Bryan’s voice grew muffled as Leo began to kiss my son again. Leo started to really grunt as his body fully humped back and forth, his muscular ass flexing and pumping, getting ready to breed my boy. Their grunts and groans increased as Leo and Bryan fucked each other faster and faster, as they became one in their own sea of lust.

“MMMMMPH!! MMMMMMPH!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Leo’s grunts and thrusts became longer and more deliberate until Leo jammed his hips forward with an awesome grunt, lifting himself up slightly as he ground his hips into my boy’s ass. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as Leo unloaded deep into my boy.

“Uuuungh!...Your such a hot boy Bryan.” Leo whimpered as his hips slowed down as his cock continued to pump his seed into Bryan.

“Welcome to our family my sexy boy.” He said with a warm smile as he leaned down and kissed Bryan gently on the lips. Bryan and Leo stayed like that, locked together, as they enjoyed the sensations of being bound to one another.

My cock ached as I watched them locked together in their post fucking bliss. Leo gave Bryan one last kiss on his lips then slowly let go of Bryan’s legs. He gently pulled out his deflated eight inch cock and climbed off my boy. He then stood at the foot of the bed and bowed to Bryan, who was now laid out with his arms and legs spread eagle across the red round bed. Bryan had a look of pure love on his face as Leo winked at Bry then turned and steeped down off the bed alter and receded back into the darkness of the room.

Mister Grossa stepped up to the bed, he was still naked but now his eleven inch cock was firm and hard, and oh so impressive. He smiled down on Bryan, as my boy smiled up at Mister Grossa eying the Brazilian man’s erect cock like he was drunk with lust. Mister Grossa opened his arms wide as he started to speak.

“Welcome my son. Welcome to us.” Grossa said as he gestured to the other cloaked figures against the wall. “You are now ready for the final step.”

“After this, you will be officially a part of our family, and you will be my son, my filho. As are all the boys you’ve meet since you got here, they are my sons and soon you will be too.” Grossa said with a warm smile. Bryan smiled excitedly as he rubbed his hard cock unconsciously.

Mister Grossa then climbed up onto the bed as Bryan made room for him. Grossa sat with his legs crossed in the middle of the round bed, his hard 11 inch cock standing erect against his stomach. Grossa also grabbed the fancy crystal lube jar and the small pouch he used earlier for Jacob and Leo and placed it next to him on the bed. Bryan was sitting next to him in awe of the monster cock sprouting from Mister Grossa’s lap.

“Come sit on my lap meu filho.” Mister Grossa said to Bryan, who quickly climbed up on the Brazilian man’s lap facing him. Grossa’s hard cock was rubbing against Bryan’s stomach and chest as Bryan felt the hot, hard flesh touch him.

“You are so beautiful my boy.” Grossa said, as Bryan finally looked up into Grossa’s eyes as the man brushed back some of Bry’s matted sweaty hair from his face. They both paused, the look of anticipation on both their faces was overwhelming as they slowly leaned into each other sandwiching Grossa’s hard cock between their bodies. They were so close to kissing as they savored the moment right before their lips touched.

“I want you Bryan Thompson; I want you to be my son.”  Grossa groaned with such need and lust just before pulling my boy against him as they finally kissed passionately, Grossa’s thick cock rolling between their bodies. He then pulled back still holding my boy in his arms.

    “For you to be truly my son,” Grossa said smiling at Bryan, pausing as he gazed into my son's lust filled eyes. “And part of our family,” he said stretching out his arm indicating all the people in the room. “You must demonstrate how much you truly want to be part of our family.“

It seemed to take a minute before Bryan's lust filled brain processed what Grossa was saying. My young boy's face suddenly burst into a massive grin. I had only seen that face a couple of times before, when I had given him a Christmas present that he had been begging and longing for almost the entire year. It was the look of total complete happiness and pleasure at receiving his heart's desire. Grossa continued.

“To become part of our family, you must face a challenge, to prove your worthiness.” Grossa said with a serious look on his face.

“You must give yourself willingly to minha besta.” Grossa said as he glanced down at his hard cock then back up to Bryan.

“You must conquer minha besta.” He said with a smile. “Become one with minha besta” He paused and then leaned in and kissed Bryan on the lips. “…and with me.” He whispered with a smile.

“I accept the challenge.” Bryan said breathlessly with a focused look and a hint of excitement in his voice.

“Good my boy. Once you willingly submit to minha besta you will be my son.” Grossa said with a grin as he lightly rubbed the side of Bryan’s face. Bryan leaned into his touch like a cat again, wanting to be petted.

“Now, my boy. You must prepare minha besta.” Grossa said as he took the crystal jar next to him on the bed and gave it to Bryan. Bryan looked at it for a second, tilted his head slightly and smiled a dirty smile as he scooped up some lube and then started applying it to minha besta. Bryan slowly stroked that thick 11 inch cock up and down with his one hand, like a boy discovering something for the first time, causing Mister Grossa to grunt and moan.

“MMMmmm. . .Yyyyesss my boy. Your doing well.” Grossa moaned out. Bryan set the jar down and scooped up more lube in both hands and started to really stroke Grossa’s besta. Bryan looked like a boy possessed as he concentrated on coating every part of that throbbing cock with lube. Grossa regained his composure and focused on Bryan as he spoke.

“Now my boy…mmmmmm…..take the bag…..ooooogh………next to you on the bed.” Grossa grunted as he tried to control his feelings. Bryan reached down with his lube covered hands and picked up the pouch.

“Take some of the powder and sprinkle it on minha besta.” Bryan reached in and took a generous pinch of it and started to sprinkle it on top of Grossa’s besta. As Bryan did this Grossa started chanting.

“Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of desire.” Bryan finished sprinkling the white powder on the lubed up cock but it was way more than what Grossa had put on before.

“Minha besta is ready.” Grossa said breathlessly as leaned back on his hands, his hard 11 inch cock now bobbing with his heart beat.

“Give yourself to minha besta, show you want to belong to our family.” Grossa said with a lusty smile. Bryan grinned and then stood up on the bed standing over Grossa. My boy then stepped over the man, straddling his waist with that huge cock now pointing right at my boy’s small ass.

“How in the hell is Bryan going to get that huge monster in him?” I thought to myself as the anticipation of seeing this got me more and more excited.

Bryan reached back and gently guided minha besta between his ass checks as he slowly sat down on it. The head slowly pushed into Bryan’s boy cheeks slowly disappearing until it stopped.

“UUUnnnnnnn!” Bryan moaned in a bit of pain at his first try. He quickly pulled off. Even though Bryan had been well fucked by Leo, the head of the besta was thicker than my boy had thought. But Bryan wasn’t finished yet as he reached back and pushed in three of his fingers, loosening his boy hole and spreading his ass juices and cum all over his entrance. As he did this he guided the besta back to his hole while still keeping three fingers in. Then Bryan pushed the tip into his hole while quickly removing his fingers. The amazing sight of the besta entering Bryan unfolded before my eyes as the head finally squeezed into my nine year old boy.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH! UUUngh! SSSOO BBBIIG!” Both Grossa and Bryan moaned out as the head of the besta was now lodged inside my boy. Bryan’s legs strained as the feeling of having this huge cock in him sent shock waves through his system.

“OOOHH! It kinda stings!“ Bryan grimaced as he braced himself on Grossa’s shoulders pausing to catch his breath.

“Yeees, your doing well my boy. Relax and let minha besta.” Mister Grossa moaned out as he carefully watched Bryan’s expressions. Bryan held his standing position for moment longer then he started to push back on the thick meat.

“Uuuuuuuungh….” Bryan moaned out as two more inches slowly disappeared inside him.

“Yes my boy, show your daddy how good you are.” Grossa said with a far off look in his eyes as he watched my determined son slowly fuck himself further down onto his thick eleven inch cock. I could see ass juices leaking out from Bryan’s ass as his boy hole opened up even more to accept the besta.

“Yyyeeesss, let minha besta inside you. Open up for him my boy.” Grossa moaned as he watched Bryan start to intensify his pushing back on that eleven inch cock. My boy’s legs bending more and more as the huge flesh tube starts to slip inside him.

“Aaaaaaagh Fffuuck! ….huuuungh ssso big.” Bryan groaned as he was now half way down the thick shaft. His boy hole looking obscenely strained as he continued to fuck himself down on it.

“I want you so bad daddy.“ Bryan whimpered as he leaned forward and sloppily kissed Grossa as the massive cock continued to slip inside my nine year old. Bryan using the term daddy with Grossa caused a twinge of jealousy inside me. But my cock was overruling my sense of judgment as I rubbed it in my pants watching the debauchery my son was now a part of unfolding before my eyes.

“Yyyyeeeesssss let it in my boy, so close to being a part of us.” Grossa moaned breathlessly to Bryan as they broke from kissing.

“Uuuuuuuuugh! Mmmmmmmm FFFuuuck!” Bryan continued to groan as that hard thick cock continued to push deeper up into my boy, rearranging his insides as it did so. He now had more than half of it in him, and Bryan started to slowly fuck up and down on it, working it in deeper and deeper.

Aaaaaaaaagh gwwaaadd! Soooo bbbig! Mmmmmmmmgh!” Bryan was being pushed to his limit as the massive cock slipped further and further inside him. Grossa had a lust crazed look as he watched this nine year old boy willingly fuck himself down on his cock.

“Yeeeesss my boy, your doing well.” Grossa purred as Bryan squatted over him with more than half his cock lodged in the boy. Bryan was defiantly being pushed to his limits, I’d seen my boy take large cocks before but nothing like this.

“MMMMmmgh! FUUUUCK! AAAAAAAAGH!” Bryan really started to grunt and moan, like a switch had been flipped, as he started to force fuck the rest of Grossa’s thick cock into him. My boy was fucking like a crazed animal. Grinding his ass down then pulling back up then forcing his ass back down again.

“Yyeeees my boy! Your feeeeling Aonghus‘s powder…..uuuuummm…….how he works his magic!” Grossa panted out as Bryan was now doing deep knee bends up and down on Grossa’s cock while moaning out the whole time.

“AAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAGH!” Bryan was a boy possessed as the “power” kicked in slamming himself down on Grossa’s cock harder and harder, fucking it deeper into him with each downward plunge. Bryan still couldn’t get down to the base, he still had two inches of that massive cock he just couldn’t quite get into him.

“UUUUUUNGH! GOTTA GET IT ALL! UUUUUUMMM!” Bryan groaned in pain as he tried to sit on it all the way. But those last two inches just wouldn’t slip inside him. My boy tried a few more times but then just sat on Grossa’s cock, slumping forward resting his head on Grossa’s chest as he breathed hard trying to recover. My poor boy needed to rest. Grossa tilted up Bryan’s face so they were looking at each other, he then kissed Bryan tenderly opening Bryan’s mouth with his tongue. Their kissing grew more passionate as Bryan regained his composure. Grossa then pulled back, my boy looked so out of it at that point. So turned on and desperate to have that besta in him.

“You are doing well my boy. I think it’s time for me to take you the rest of the way.” Mister Grossa said with a smile as he kissed my boy one last time. Bryan smiled weakly as the man held my boy and laid him on his back on the round red bed. My boy’s legs spread wide with his ass pointing up with that thick Brazilian cock still fully lodged inside my boy. Mister Grossa leaning over my boy, ready to push those last two inches into Bry.

“Time for your to become one with minah besta.” Mister Grossa said with a lusty tone as he started to push forward with his hips.

“aaaaaAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!” Bryan’s moans turned into cries as Grossa slowly pushed his besta deeper into my boy, slowly fucking the last two inches into my nine year old son.

“Yeeeesss, relax my son. Take daddy’s cock. Feel me inside you.” As Grossa started to thrust harder, jamming his cock deeper. Spreading Bryan’s tight colon muscles deep inside him., pushing Bry to his limit

“AAAAAAGH!”….pant….pant….pant…. “AAAAAAAGH!”….pant….pant….pant…. “AAAAAAAGH!” Bryan panted mixed with cries of pain as Grossa force fucked his hard cock deeper.

“Shit! I had to stop this! He’s raping my boy!” I thought to myself, but I was to turned on, a part of me deep down wanted to see this. I was so damn hard and leaking watching my boy get taken like this.

Grossa took my boy and held him by the shoulders, his body dwarfing my son’s small nine year old body, and really started to push minah besta hard into my boy,

“SSOOO BBBBIIGGUUUUUUUUGH!! FUUUUCK!!! AAAAAAAAAGGH!!!” Screamed Bryan, as Grossa worked the last two inches into his small nine year old body. Bryan’s legs clamped around Grossa’s waist as his hands clawed at Grossa’s back. Grossa then started fucking Bryan with wild hard thrusts, just pounding into my boy. Bryan was experiencing pure unrelentingly fucking from an eleven inch cock.

“AAAAAAAGGGHHH!! FUUUUUUCCCKKK!! AAAAAAAGGGHHH!!” Bryan continued to scream as I watched the Brazilian man hump forward, pushing the last inch of Grossa’s cock up into Bryan’s ass until he finally bottomed out. .

“UUUUUUUNNNNNGH!! HHHHUUUUUGGGHH!“ Bryan started to pant heavily, his eyes wide in disbelief as he tried to comprehend what had just happened to him. Grossa’s hips were now mashed up against Bryan’s ass as my boy‘s body clawed and strained under the Brazilian man‘s body.

“You have all of mina besta now.” Grossa said in low grunting tone as he started to slowly fuck the last two inches in and out of Bryan. Bryan tried to smile but could only groan as the large blunt flesh rearranged his insides, making him feel the fullest he’d ever been in his young life. Grossa increased his speed as he fucked hard into Bryan. Then, as if a switch had been flipped, Bryan’s tone changed.

“AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAGH! FFFFUUUCK MMMMEEEE?” Bryan loudly moaned out as Grossa kept a steady rhythm fucking him. Bottoming out and pulling back, as the man humped his 11 inch cock into and out of my 9 year old boy.

“Whoo doo yyyou waaanntt to ffffuck yoou?” Grossa asked Bryan breathlessly as he humped my boy.

“YUUOOOU! MMMMMMPPPHH!” Bryan replied as the sensations of overwhelming pleasure started to take over Bryan.

“I am…uuuungh….. your daddy now….mmmmm ….who do you want fucking you?” Grossa asked Bryan.

“MMmmmmmm…..yoooou daaadddy……mmmmmmm!” Bryan panted, as his whole body seemed to want that cock now. Grossa smiled then leaned down and kissed my boy hard on the lips, it was a hard passionate kiss as Grossa continued to plow my boy deep. Grossa pulled back finally.

“Yeeeessss, to be my son I need to breed you my boy.” Grossa said with a wild look in his eyes. “Share my seed with you.” The man started to hunch forward, making Bryan’s wide spread legs bounce up and down.

“Who do you want boy?” Grossa said as he fucked harder into Bryan.

“UUUUMMMM! YYYYOU DDDAAADY!” Bryan said in a pleading tone as the huge cock stretched and probed the deepest parts of my boy. Grossa then started to long dick Bryan. Pulling out five inches then pushing back in. Grossa was unrelenting as his hips looked like a perfect fucking machine, his ass flexing and humping into my boy. Mister Grossa started to whisper to my boy as they fucked staring into each other’s eyes, their mouths almost touching.

“Your mine now.”
“MMmmmm….yes daddy!” Bryan said breathlessly, his face all sweaty.

“You belong to me now boy.”

“Yeeesss, you’re my daddy nooow.” Bryan cooed

“Yes, we are now one.”

“Uuuuungh…..fffuck meee daaddeee.” Bryan groaned with lust.

“Your such a good boy, I’d be honored to be your daddy.” Grossa grunted as he started to show signs of getting close.

“Fuuuck meeee daddy! Fuuuck me haaard!” I heard Bryan whisper to Grossa desperately.

“As you wish my son.” Grossa said to Bryan as he increased his fucking. Long dicking my boy hard and deep.

FFFFFUUUUCK YYYEAAH DDDAADY! FFFFFUCK MMEEEE DDDAAADDY!!!” The sounds of Bryan’s desperate moans, mixed with the sounds of Mister Grossa’s hips slapping against Bryan’s small ass filled the room and spilled out from the speakers.

“Yeah you like minah besta don’t you son?” Grossa grunted as he increased his speed, slamming his hips hard against Bryan’s ass.

“AAAAAAAGH!! DDAAAADDDY FFFUUUUCCKKK MMMMEEEE!!“ Bryan hissed, his little body in the throws of ecstasy as he gripped Grossa’s humping torso.

“Yeeessssss, o meu filho agora, you belong to besta.” Grossa grunted as he pushed harder and more desperately into Bryan.

“OOoooooo…ddaaaadddy fffffuuuucckkk mmmeeee!“ Bryan mumbled endlessly over and over again as Grossa was starting to look like he was getting close to breeding my boy.

“Yyyyeeeesss my sexy boy….uuuuungh…..work daddies cock with your ass…….yyyyeaah!!” Grossa suddenly groaned and paused, with his cock buried balls deep in my boy with a dazed, lust filled look on his face. He leaned down and slopply kissed Bryan, as he began to take powerful thrusts into my boy. Grossa didn’t pull back either, he kept his hips pushed hard against Bryan’s ass, thrust his cock as deep as it would go. Bryan‘s legs were forced back and flopped loosely as Grossa fucked them into their own lust filled world. Just the two of them gazing at each other as they felt themselves become one. Grossa stared deeply into Bryan’s eyes, brushing his lips gently against Bryan’s lips, both feeling each others breath as they fucked.

“I love you soooooo muuuuuch my son. . . .uuuuuuuungh. . . . . . . I waaaant yooou aaaas my son.” Grossa whimpered out as he slowed his thrusting and kissed Bryan again. Grossa suddenly grunted and arched his head back.

“UUUUUUUUUUNNGGGGHHHH!!!” The Brazilian man groaned out loudly as his ass hunched forward and pressed down onto Bryan’s body. Grossa’s ass clenching, as he pumped his seed deep into my boy. I was hypnotized by Grossa’s ass pumping as he continued to shoot wad after wad into my boy. The humping slowed as Grossa came down from his climax. Bryan and Grossa where now tightly hugging and kissing each other as Grossa kept himself fully inside Bryan. They actually looked like one tight ball of flesh. They had become one.

“You are now my son Bryan. You belong to me now.” Grossa purred, Bryan smiled with a happy tired look as man and boy kissed.

Watching them joined like that I felt jealous, but also angry and a bit sad with myself for not being there for my son. I wished I could have shared that moment with him. To be joined like that, together, with him. Sitting there watching them made me realize this for the first time. I sat there defeated, and a few tears fell from my eyes as I realized how I missed out on being with my son. Leif’s voice brought me back to the present.

“He has learned to share himself and will now be able to share himself with some important men. And you frank, will gain so much now.” Leif said as he rubbed my shoulders for support.

“But he’s my son and he shouldn’t have to go through all this just for my benefit. I sold my son just to secure a business deal. What type of father am I to do this.”

"You are a good father Frank, not many fathers would offer such freedom as you have given Bryan. He now knows he is part of something greater," Leif said giving me a smile as I turned back to the room.

Bryan and Grossa continued to stay locked together as the other members of the group finally started moving towards the big round red bed. As they did they all started dropping their robes, revealing the tall figures as men and the smaller cloaked figures as boys. But they all kept their half-masks on as they approached the round red bed from all sides.

I was shocked at the amount of men and boys that approached the bed. I thought there was only a few but it looked like their were at least twenty men and boys now climbing on the bed. I quickly lost site of Grossa and Bryan as they converged on the two of them. Then the curtains began to close, the last image was a pile of men and boys groping and stroking on that huge red bed. I looked at Leif as the curtains finally sealed off the room.

“I‘m to escort you back to the resort, the limo is waiting outside.” Leif said with a smile as he gestured to the door. I must have had a sad look on my face as Leif started to look concerned.

"Bryan is now my brother just like all of those in there with him. I wasn't fortunate enough to have a father like you to do this for me. I was an orphan who Mr. Grossa found and honored me by allowing me to join and share with him." Leif then knelt in front of me.

"Come with me and let me share with you what Bryan has experienced," With that Leif stood taking my hand in his and guided me out of the room. The sounds of pleasure were left behind as the door to viewing area shut behind us sealing off the sound. We quietly walked down the bare hallway, out past the living room we first met Mister Grossa.

I was in a daze as Leif escorted me through the huge front door as we left the imposing white house. I couldn’t believe I was leaving my son behind in the middle of that orgy. Was I gong to see my boy again? What was happening to him right now? My heart raced as my mind filled with impossible images of my nine year old in a sea of sex happening in the house I just left.

“Oh shit.” I thought.